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Private/Closed Sinnoh - Three Years Later (RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Blxckwolf, Apr 22, 2019.


    The day where new trainers would receive their Pokédex and some even their first Pokémon had finally arrived. Today, a few fortunate trainers would embark on a journey that would change their life forever. One of those trainers is James Quinn.

    "James, downstairs! I'm not asking again!" could be heard from downstairs.

    A muffled "coming." was the reply from James, who was still tucked under his blanket. With the usual struggles and yawns he forced himself out of bed and changed into his usual attire.

    When he got downstairs, Thomas was already dressed in his sharp suit and ready to leave, Lucario standing proudly by him. The announcement that he was the new captain of the Police Station was just yesterday, but it seemed Thomas had already adapted to his new role.

    "Professors Dawn and Lucas are expecting you at 9 A.M. sharp. Don't be late." were Thomas' last words before heading off to work. He seemed stern, but Thomas was a man of discipline and punctuality. "Swing by if you can."

    When Thomas closed the door behind him, James helped himself to a breakfast consisting of a poffin and grabbed his gear, swinging his backpack over his shoulder and making his way to Sandgem Town.

    James knew which paths would avoid tall grass, and reached Sandgem Town in a jiffy through Eterna Forest and Floaroma, all the way to Jubilife and eventually Sandgem. Once there, James gathered himself in front of the lab, finding the courage to go in and claim his Pokédex and Pokémon, a moment he had been waiting for for years.
  2. The day had arrived for Jet to finally plan his leave from Sandgem Town and begin his journey. He was eager to receive a Pokedex, and stayed up all night long thinking about it. He planned out how his journey would begin, and where he would travel to first. Jubilife was his first idea since he had never been to the big city before. The thought of it scared him. Jet quickly backed his bags; he took a canister of water, some berries, a few sandwiches, and his old rod.

    Heading through the forest of Aipo’s home, Jet quickly rushed to the professors, dodging the occasional Burmy or Spinarak. It was a lengthy run, but the thought of exploring the region pushed Jet to keep running. He stopped by to get a quick drink after moving so fast, and Aipo continued to push Jet to move.

    Finally, he made it to the Professors’s laboratory, out of breath. And gathered the last bits of energy and all his courage to knock on the door. His family never tried to associate with the two Professors, so Jet didn’t know what to expect. Aipo lazily lolled on Jet’s puffy hair, and headed closer to the door, entering inside the research facility.

    Jet was astonished by all the Pokémon he saw. It didn’t seem like a lab to him, but he felt more intrigued by his surroundings, almost losing track of his goal. To get a Pokedex and some Pokeballs. Aipo hopped off Jet’s head, and curled up on a chair without any permission, if he even needed it.
  3. It was a very sudden jolt as Marx Neem jumped from his bed. Him stubbing his foot from hitting the side causes him to almost holler if he didn't remember how early it was. He went downstairs of the apartment room and saw his dad watching tv with the volume turned on. at the side of the door was a small and slightly old blue Pokedex.

    "Hey, dad is it cool if I take it with me?" Marx asked. His father said nothing except slightly nodding. Marx quietly pocketed the dex and started to head out. before he left Marx said. "I'll come back" his dad was still silent and Marx exited the building.

    The tiny Pokeball in his other pocket was rustling as a Ducklett was begging to be released. Once Marx left the bustle of the city he whipped out the ball and out released his blue feathered friend.

    "Alright listen up Lacy, do you know what day it is?" the Ducklett tilted her head in confusion.

    "Todays the day we stop wasting around. Todays the day travel the unknown. The mark of my journey to become a World renown Professor!" Hearing this Lacy jumped and clapped her wings with a round of applause. Marx took a moment to smile and pose for a moment before continuing his talk.

    "Glad you understand girl. When I told dad he didn't sound all that happy about it. He just doesn't understand." he looked away for a moment then returned composure. "But that's whatever. watch as we climb this place and make breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough after-" Lacy splashed him in the face with a quick spurt of water gun. Marx blinked through the water and widely.

    "Right, no more time talking. Now we need to take action." He quickly scooped the mildly sized Duckllet in his arms. "Onwards to humble beginnings" he cried out as he began to jog his way to Sandgem town.
  4. It was another wonderful day in Sandgem Town. Professor's Dawn and Lucas were hosting something special for all the trainers new and old to come by and get started in their journey in Sinnoh. Two such people, already pretty experienced, were going to appear in the vast crowd of hopeful trainers.

    One, in particular, was a short lady in a black dress and tap dancing shoes. When she walked into the lab, her shoes could be heard over conversations. Her Zorua, as a mute boy walking alongside her and holding her hand, was looking about with an expression of excitement. So many new people and smells and a new adventure to go on! It was exciting for the little kit, almost overwhelming him to the point of his illusion fading a bit before he regained his focus. Chuckling, the young lady practically weaved through the crowd like wind brushing around trees. Her movements were ghost-like as she gracefully moved between people to get to the front. Here, she could obtain a Pokedex and some PokeBalls for her journey.

    Way up in the sky was a man about to touch down in Sandgem. Riding atop his ferocious orange dragon, he swooped quickly down to the entrance of the lab, startling a few people as the overly large Charizard stopped her descent quickly and landed with a soft thud. Her trainer slipped off of her saddle and he patted her neck in a manner of conveying gratitude. Making a purr, she bent her head down to lick his cheek before waddling off to the side of the lab and waiting for him to come out.

    This man was a little less graceful than the lady who had walked in. He simply attempted to weave in and out and hoped people would see him and move out of the way. Some didn't and he apologized for bumping into them. He found his way to the front finally and stood by the short lady and the mute boy, waiting for the event to start. Even though he already had a Pokemon, he was hoping he could get a Chimchar from here. If he couldn't, he knew they were very rare to find in forests, like the one near Eterna City, but hopefully he could get one here. If not, it was no biggie for him.
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  5. Sandgem Town, a place of happenings and home to the famous scientists Dawn and Lucas. Danielle had never been more bored in her life. The young girl did not often leave her hometown, and never had she been anywhere quite as far as this. The sand irritated her legs when she kicked it up and walked through it, and the amount of people just sort of waiting around was incredibly annoying. Dani groaned as she tensed her shoulders, squeezing them against her ears to make herself smaller. She shrank into the crowd, pushing her way through with unnecessary effort. Above her head, Barmy floated nonchalantly in circles and seemed to hum to himself.
    Just outside the door, a couple of trainers were talking about their newly acquired pokedex and pokemon. Danielle, feeling a competitive streak, made sure Barmy was following. Would she be able to battle anyone while they were here? Most of these trainers were just beginners, so new and incompetent. Dani scoffed, as if she, herself, was not just a novice. But, alas, Danielle did not care for such labels as amateur and expert- all she knew was that she and her partner were ready for whatever was going to come next.
    Pushing her way through the large, glass doors- Dani entered the building with a sigh. It seemed that most people were just waiting around for something to start. Slowly, the interior of the facility grew more and more crowded, eventually Danielle took Barmy in her arms- out of fear she would lose him among the wave of trainers. The small creature gladly obliged to being tucked between his companion's arms, "Not too much longer, buddy." Dani whispered to her pokemon.
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  6. Professors Dawn and Lucas seemed overran by the large crowd that had gathered in their lab, handing Pokédexes to most of them. Receiving a starter wasn't for everyone, only for those who had been selected after multiple personality tests and questionnaires. To separate those trainers from the others, Professor Lucas hopped on the lab's table and began his speech.

    "Attention, future trainers of Sinnoh. As some of you know, my name is Professor Lucas. The reason you're all here today is so that you can receive a Pokédex, some of you even a Pokémon, to help us register the many Pokémon to be found in Sinnoh. To make our jobs a little easier, please divide yourselves into two queues. The ones who are to receive a Pokémon, you can queue up on the left with my collegue, Dawn. As for the others, I will deal with you. Thanks in advance."

    James entered the lab right as Lucas gave the instructions where the trainers should queue up for a starter, and managed to pass a few confused trainers to sneak to the front. "James. James Quinn." He stated, flashing Professor Lucas a warm smile while sliding his Trainer Card across the table.

    "Ah, James. Good morning. In front of you are three Pokéballs. These contain rare Pokémon that are exclusively found in the Sinnoh region. One of those will become your first Pokémon." Lucas began his explanation in a more serious tone than his speech from before. "To your left, you can find Chimchar, the Fire-type Pokémon. In the middle, there's Piplup which is a Water-type. Last but not least there's the Grass-type Turtwig. Each of these Pokémon have the potential to become your lifelong partner in training and battling. Please choose wisely." He finished before taking a step back, giving James a moment to pick out the starter he wanted.

    After a slight moment of hesitation, James reached for the left Pokéball, choosing Chimchar. "I'll take this one." he said, looking at the Pokéball in his hand. Even though he had dreamt of this moment for years, he still couldn't prepare himself for the rush he felt when picking up a Pokéball for the first time. He was handed a Pokédex and left the lab, allowing for another trainer to receive their first Pokémon.
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  7. The large man was just about to leave due to his impatience and mingle with the other people before Professor Lucas made an announcement to everyone. The flaming-haired man didn't know he had to do a questionnaire to receive a Pokemon, but nobody really made him aware of that step to begin with. He just stepped in line as quick as he could for Lucas, while the lady with the mute boy took her space in line with Dawn. She didn't want any other Pokemon that wasn't Dark or Fairy, and she heard that none of the Starter Pokemon were Dark or Fairy in the first place. She just wanted a Pokedex and a few PokeBalls to start her journey. She probably heard the instructions wrong anyway however, and so she just stayed in line until the Professor there corrected her.

    It was then that the young lady was next up for Dawn and she took out her trainer card from her purse and handed Dawn the ID. On it, was her full name, Angelia Shayton. The birthplace listed was Laverre City, Kalos and her blood type was O+, as well as listing her height, weight and her birthday. It also showed that she had a Zorua with her. The mute boy couldn't help but snicker and he lost his illusion a bit before regaining it again, this time his jacket around his waist disappearing and a black tail could be seen. Angel just raised an eyebrow at her companion and chuckled, muttering something under her breath to the extent of "silly Zorro". This ID was a nice little piece of technology that showed the current Pokemon in the trainer's team after the capture of one. If there were more than six Pokemon at a time, the Pokemon will be listed on the back of the card.

    The fiery man was up next in his line for Lucas. He gave him his Trainer ID, which wasn't as robust as Angel's. Yes, it still had the technology to add Pokemon he caught and still had the list at the back, but it was an older model, and the card had to be placed over the PokeBall after capture or the Pokemon had to be manually inserted. The expiration date for a new one was due in about a year, and the man liked to do it at the last second, as he hated the process of going through it. His name was Pyroshu Rastrixen Darastrix, his blood type was A-, it showed his height, weight, and birthday, and his birthplace listed was Cocona Village, Oblivia. It also showed he had a Charizard with him, but he quickly said to Lucas about that little detail before he went on any further. "I was wondering if I could have a Chimchar, and if there were any steps I needed to take. The Charizard is there to give me a ride if I need her, and she doesn't want to part ways with me when I go on an adventure, so it is an almost fresh start for me."
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  8. Inside the building, a girl with dark hair waited patiently in line to receive a Pokedex. The Chatot on her shoulder, however, was less so. Technically, she didn't even have to be doing this, and her partner knew this. Melody's parents had already given her the go-ahead, both having been on journeys themselves when they were kids, and Mel had been quite excited for it. But she figured if she was going to be roaming around Sinnoh and challenging the gyms, she might as well help map out the known Pokemon. Geez, this was just like the way Red had started out his journey! Mel had watched some old VCR tapes of the young trainer Red challenging gyms when she was a child, and it was from that moment that she was hooked on Pokemon battling!
    Let's see... The first gym in Sinnoh is Roark, but he specializes in Rock types. That won't be good for Allegro, which means I might want to get a water Pokemon or something... But ground beats rock too, right? Melody pondered, already thinking ahead to her first gym battle.

    However, unlike his trainer Allegro, wasn't super pleased. The Chatot was tired of being cooped up in this room with a bunch of people.
    "Move your butt, ya Slowpoke!" Allegro squawked at the man in front of them. Melody snapped out of her thoughts and stared at her Pokemon in shock.
    "Allegro!" Melody hissed, her face turning red. She tried to grab at her Pokemon's beak, but the Chatot just let out a startled squawk and flapped its wings aggressively.
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  9. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Light filtered through the window as the sun came up. Lura, being a light sleeper, was woken up by this. Sparky and Sunny were sleeping at the foot of the bed. Lura crawled over to them "Sparky, Sunny, wake up. Today we are going on an adventure." She said, shaking them awake.
    They both yawned. Lura smiled at her two pokemon. "I'm going to get dressed, you two look for any last minute things," Lura told her pets.
    Sparky stopped helping Sunny after two minutes. Lura shook her head and started to help out her fox-like pokemon. She spotted her medicine case next to Sparky. "Sparky, can you please hand me that bag next to you, yes that one." Sparky picked up the case and handed it to his trainer, then went back to playing. Lura searched around her room one more time. "I think that is everything. Sparky, Sunny return." Lura recalled her two pokemon, picked up her bag, then walked down the stairs. "I'm ready." She told her parents. Her mother nodded.
    "We'll go outside then I'll have Fearless ready to fly you to Sandgem." Her mother said as she hugged her. "We're really going to miss you
    "Both of us will." Her father said in his gentle, but gruff voice.
    Lura, finished with the hug, went outside. There Fearless stood ready to carry her to Sandgem.
    "Be careful dear. and don't forget-"
    "Honey, she can't hear you anymore. She is too far up."
    Lura couldn't wait to reach Sandgem town to get her very own pokedex and pokeballs!
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  10. "H-hello. Angelia, is it." Dawn timidly started. Lucas had completely adapted to his role as Pokémon Professor, contrary to Dawn. She was usually behind the scenes and let Lucas do most of the talking, but with today's giveaway, she had no choice but to assist trainers to get their journey going. "Here you go." She said as she slid a brand new Pokédex across the table to Angelia. "Don't forget to come by the lab to show us your progress!" She finished, waving off Angelia and welcoming the next trainer.

    Meanwhile, Lucas had his hands full with the queue in front of him, especially with an impatient Chatot waiting in line. "Pyroshu Rastr- You." He struggled after reading the trainer card, quickly sliding it back across the table. "I didn't see your name on my list of trainers who are to receive a starter. But seeing as you came all the way from Oblivia, I might still be able to give you a Chimchar. If you could just fill out this questionnaire, you'll be all set." Lucas instructed, handing the fiery-haired trainer the paper. It was just an evaluation, meant to screen all new trainers on their approach to Pokémon.

    While Pyros filled out his questionnaire, Lucas called over the trainer behind him, a dark-haired girl with a Chatot on her shoulder. "You must be Melody, correct?" He smiled, motioning for her to come closer.
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  11. Jet seemed to be last in line, and comfortably waited as the line began to grow shorter. His stomach bubbled with excitement at the thought of getting a Pokédex and some Pokeballs, but he needed a trainer ID before he could begin his quest. His Aipom hopped off the chair it was curled up on, and leaped on Jet’s head.

    The line began to grow shorter. Jet’s excitement grew and grew as time went on; however, his Aipom fidgeted irritably and was ready to leaving the lab, slamming his tail against the ground in an annoying manner.

    “Aipo, cut it out! We’ll be gone soon, just need to grab some Pokeballs, and a Pokedex, and we’ll get registered at the PC. Then we can have tons of battles! How’s that sound?” Aipo rolled his eyes, and lolled on the floor, rolling over a few times, before Jet picked him up and held him in his arms.

    “I know you are bored, but please, settle down and we’ll get our stuff soon! Ok?” Aipo reluctantly agreed, and waited.
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  12. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Lura felt sick from being so high up. "When I'm a trainer, I won't be flying on my pokemon." She thought as she saw the buildings of Sandgem from above. "Fearless, are we at-" she swallowed some of her breakfast from earlier "Sandgem?"
    "Then land, please. I want to get off." She told the huge black bird. Fearless landed near the center. "Thanks, Fearless. But you can return to mom now." She told Fearless. "And stay with her. No more flying." She thought. As Fearless took off to return home, Lura looked around her. "I wonder where the lab is at?" she mumbled.
    Lura wandered around, lost. She didn't dare to have her pokemon help her. Sunny would be too scared, and Sparky would get into trouble. She had to find the lab on her own.
  13. Angel nodded as Dawn started talking. She took the Pokedex from Dawn and smiled happily and gratefully. She nodded and waved goodbye to Dawn before walking and dragging her mute companion along with her. She pocketed her Pokedex and left the building, but right as she left, it started beeping. Confused, she looked at the Pokedex, and it had collected some information about the surrounding Pokemon around her. Seemingly interested, she began to look through it after finding a bench they could sit at and she began looking. It seemed like it only had information on the species of Pokemon and their average height, weight, and the possible abilities they may have and the explanation for them. She noticed that the entries for Zorua included the explanation for the ability and the moves her Zorua knew. Finding it useful, she pocketed her device.
    Charizard. The Fire- and Flying-Type Flame Pokemon. It is the last stage evolution of Charmander, the Fire-Type Starter of the Kanto Region. It also evolved from Charmeleon due to age and experience. It spits fire that is hot enough to burn/melt almost everything, including boulders and 10,000 ton glaciers. Its flames are generally really painful. Spewing flames and gaining experience also intensifies the flame at the tip of its tail. When furious, the tip of its tail becomes whitish blue. It is also known to cause unintentional forest fires. Charizard flies high up in the sky in search of powerful opponents, but will never fight opponents they deem too weak or too unworthy. A Charizard's wings can get them to the altitude of 4,600 feet or 1,400 meters. It is capable of Mega Evolving into two different forms. Charizards are usually found in mountain ranges, but they are exceptionally rare. It was founded in the Kanto Region by Professor Oak.

    Charizard may have the Abilities Blaze or Solar Power, which is very rare. Blaze powers up their Fire-Type moves when their stamina is low. Solar Power increases their elemental attacks when under harsh sunlight, but the sunlight boosting their power will gradually harm them.

    It is adept at spewing flames, flying, and using their sharp claws to rend their opponents apart.
    Aipom. The Normal-Type Long Tail Pokemon. It evolves into Ambipom when it learns and gains experience using Double Hit. It was founded in the Johto Region by Professor Elm. It lives atop tall trees and hangs, leaps, and swings from one branch to another, using its tail for balance and momentum to leap larger gaps. In fact, its tail is so strong, it can lift its entire body weight after grabbing on to something. The tail has appendages that is very similar to a hand and can be cleverly manipulated. However, its real hands have become clumsy because it uses its tail so much. To sleep, it wraps its tail around trees to keep itself from falling off. Aipom tend to eat berries, but won't be afraid to go after Bounsweet and will pounce them when given the chance.

    Aipom may have the Abilities Run Away, Pickup, or Skill Link, which is very rare. Run Away aids in the retreat from a Pokemon in a battle. Pickup is an Ability where the Pokemon is more likely to find items laying around, especially after a battle. Skill Link allows the Pokemon to have better accuracy at hitting the target the max amount of times with a multi-strike move.

    It is adept at using its tail, general flexibility, and charm for attacks.
    Turtwig. The Grass-Type Tiny Leaf Pokemon. It evolves into Grotle through age and experience and once again into Torterra through age and experience. It is the Grass-Type Starter of the Sinnoh region. Its shell is made from soil and it hardens when it drinks water. If it is thirsty, its leaf wilts. If the Turtwig is healthy, the shell should feel moist. It undertakes photosynthesis when under the sun to create oxygen. It was founded by Professor Rowan in the Sinnoh Region. It is commonly found around lakes, but it is very rare to find one.

    Turtwig may have the Abilities Overgrow or Shell Armor, which is rare. Overgrow powers up its Grass-Type moves when its stamina is low. Shell Armor protects the Pokemon from critical hits.

    Turtwig is adept at using its shell to protect itself and its body and leaf attacks.
    Chimchar. The Fire-Type Chimp Pokemon. It evolves into Monferno through age and experience, and again into Infernape through age and experience. It is the Fire-Type Starter of the Sinnoh Region, and was founded by Professor Rowan. It is very agile and climbs atop trees and craggy mountains, which is where they usually live. It will put its fire out when going to sleep to avoid burning its surroundings. Its rear is fueled by gas made in its belly, so even rain can't put it out. If it is sick, the fire burns weakly.

    Chimchar may have the Abilities Blaze or Iron Fist. Blaze powers up its Fire-Type moves when its stamina is low. Iron Fist powers up its punching moves.

    Chimchar is very adept at fighting physically and confusing opponents with its speed.
    Piplup. The Water-Type Penguin Pokemon. It evolves into Prinplup through age and experience, and again into Empoleon with more age and experience. It is the Water-Type Starter of the Sinnoh region, and was founded by Professor Rowan. It is a very proud Pokemon and generally doesn't like to take food from others or accept help, even from their own trainer and it is usually difficult to take care of them. Due to its pride, even if it falls due to it being a clumsy walker it will still have the confidence to keep walking. It's thick down guards it from the cold where it lives. They usually live in cold regions, and they dive underwater for over 10 minutes to hunt as they skillfully swim.

    Piplup may have the Abilities Torrent or Defiant, which is rare. Torrent raises its Water-Type attacks power when its stamina is low. Defiant raises its physical power sharply when their defenses, speed, power, accuracy, or evasion are lowered.

    Piplup are adept at swimming and using their elemental powers and attacks.
    Staraptor. The Normal- and Flying-Type Predator Pokemon. It is the final evolution of Starly, and it evolved from Staravia due to age and experience. They generally have a savage nature, leaving its flock after evolving to become a solo bird of prey. It courageously challenges foes who are much larger and never stops attacking, even when injured. Its wings and legs are quite strong, allowing them to fly and grip struggling prey without dropping or deviating from their flight path. Despite this behavior, it also fusses over the shape of its comb. It was founded in the Sinnoh Region by Professor Rowan. They tend to live in forests or grasslands, but they roam and are very rare to find out in the wild.

    Staraptor may have the Abilities Intimidate or Reckless, which is rare. Intimidate lowers the opponent's physical attack by scaring them. Reckless throws caution to the wind and powers up the attacks that have recoil, but also does more recoil damage due to the power boost.

    Staraptor is adept at using physical attacks and flying.
    Chatot. The Normal- and Flying-Type Music Note Pokemon. It is not known to evolve into or from any Pokemon. It can learn and speak human words due to its tongue being shaped like a human's. They tend to learn from each other as much as they do with other humans and Pokemon. It uses the Pokemon's cries against them by making them think the Chatot is one of their kind to aid in protection. It keeps rhythm by flicking its tail back and forth, making them great companions for musicians. It was founded in the Sinnoh Region by Professor Rowan. They tend to live in forests or urban areas.

    Chatot may have the Abilities Keen Eye, Tangled Feet, or Big Pecks, which is rare. Keen Eye keeps the Pokemon's accuracy from lowering by protecting their eyes with a clear film. Tangled Feet increases their speed when they are confused. Big Pecks keeps the Pokemon's physical power from lowering, as they are too proud of their power to really let an attack like that affect them.

    Chatot is adept at using their voice to mimic others, their elemental and vocal attacks, and flying.
    Zorua. The Dark-Type Tricky Fox Pokemon. It evolves into Zoroark through age and experience. It changes into the forms of others to surprise them and other onlookers. It often transforms into a silent child. They do this often to protect their identities. As such, they are quite rare. They can be found in urban areas, blending in, or in forests. They also use this power to trick their predators and leave when they have the chance. They usually have a cowardly disposition when they aren't with their friends, causing them to change into a certain form to hide themselves. There were rumors and tales about children being taken by Zorua and being replaced, and the parents question why their "child" is acting strange and not speaking.

    Zorua has the Ability Illusion, which copies the look of some Pokemon and people to hide itself. When it evolves, this ability can extend to the surroundings around it.

    Zorua is adept at tricking the opponent and fighting back dirty. Your Zorua knows the moves Scratch, Leer, Pursuit, Fake Tears, Fury Swipes, Feint Attack, Scary Face, Dark Pulse, and Sucker Punch.
    Inkay. The Dark- and Psychic-Type Revolving Pokemon. It evolves into Malamar through age and experience. Once it gets enough experience, it will need a new shift in how it views the world, and it will evolve. When opponents stare at the flashing lights it emits, it makes them dazed and decreases their will to fight. It takes this opportunity to scuttle away and hide. It also uses its flashing lights to draw prey near, and then they wrap them up with their tentacles to hold them in place. It also communicates with others of its kind by flashing their lights in a complex rhythm. They were founded by Professor Sycamore in the Kalos Region. They tend to live where there's rugged terrain or where there is water.

    Inkay may have the Abilities Suction Cups, Contrary, or Infiltrator, which is rare. Suction Cups keeps the item on the Pokemon, and keeps them from being knocked back by moves such as Roar, Whirlwind, or Dragon Tail. Contrary reverses the changes to its body and power (ie, Leer will raise its physical defenses instead of lowering it, and Swagger will lower its physical attack instead of raising it). Infiltrator aids the Pokemon in going behind protections, like Safeguard, Light Screen, Reflect, Aurora Veil, Mist, and Substitute.

    Inkay is adept at using its psychic powers and causing the opponent difficulty in attacking back.
    Meanwhile, Pyros just chuckled as the man couldn't get his name. He just replied with "It's alright, it's a difficult name. Just call me Pyros," before being handed the questionnaire. Confused, he then realized he needed to do a questionnaire to get the Starter Pokemon. He smiled before finding a pen and sitting down somewhere to start writing. He found a swivel chair and began writing down answers at one of the work desks. He saw that the questionnaire was quite simple, really. If there were any trick questions, then that would be Pyros' downfall, but it all seemed quite easy. All the questionnaire's questions were about how to help care for Pokemon and if they had the qualifications to do so. There were also questions about the Pokemon at his family's residence and what Pokemon, if any, did he have. He sighed, as it would be a lot to answer and write down, but he got ready. He tried to remember them all, but it was just difficult as there were a lot. He started with the Pokemon he took care of in his family's ranch through chores, how he took care of them in short phrases, and then went on to the Pokemon he has. Including Charizard, he had quite a bit from the last three regions he had been to. He listed off as many as he could remember.
    Name: Pyroshu "Pyros" Rastrixen Darastrix

    Multiple Choice Questions

    Question 1: Do you have any Pokemon?
    • Yes _X_
    • No ___
    • My parent(s)/legal guardian(s) do ___
    Question 2: Are your Pokemon healthy and strong under your care?
    • Yes _X_
    • Sometimes ___
    • No ___
    • I don't know what to do sometimes, usually leaving the care to someone else ___
    Question 3: How are your Pokemon towards you? Check all that apply.
    • Loyal to me/They listen to me _X_
    • Friendly to me _X_
    • Indifferent towards me ___
    • Standoffish towards me ___
    • Loving to me _X_
    • Wary of me ___
    • Scared of me ___
    Question 4: If you can rate your understanding of your Pokemon from 0-10, what would it be? _10_

    Question 5: If you can rate your love and friendliness towards your Pokemon from 0-10, what would it be? _10_

    Short Answer Questions

    Question 1: How do you take care of a sick Pokemon? How do you know if the Pokemon is sick?
    It depends on what they have and the species. Usually, lots of rest and plenty of nutrition and water tend to work. If it's an Electric-Type, it may be from storing too much or not having enough electricity stored in their pouches. If that is the case, either let them have a friendly battle to release all that pent up energy, or recharge them with a battery or with a weak electrical move. Usually you can tell if Electric-Types are sick by their lethargy and a fever. Fire-Types tend to get cold and start spewing out smoke when sick. Other Pokemon tend to show they're ill in other ways, with some Pokemon like Miltank never showing it until they get close to a coma or near death, or when you notice their milk tastes bad.

    Question 2: Do you bathe your Pokemon regularly?
    Fire-Types are harder to bathe. You have to have scalding hot water, and you can only have a towelette that is damp with this hot water and wash their bodies with that. Fire-Types don't need to be bathed on a regular basis, anyway. It is usually a once a month thing. Dragon-Types are a little easier to bathe and don't require scalding water or a damp towelette. Washing them is just like washing any other Pokemon, you just have to be mindful of all the chinks underneath their scales if they have any.

    Question 3: What is your education background?
    I was raised by my parents and was homeschooled for 6 years by my mother, who was a retired school teacher. She taught my siblings and I how to take care of Pokemon and the fundamentals of care and battle. When we turned 11, we were eligible to go to a public Kanto High School, due to our mother teaching us what the curriculum in Elementary and Middle School already covered. It was tough being there, but we managed to graduate early. We have been bouncing from one High School to another from different regions, learning all of what we could of that Region we were in and the other Pokemon there. I never really took college, but I have a lot of knowledge regardless.

    Question 4: What are the Pokemon you own, if any?
    I have a Charizard, who is my Birth Pokemon. I also have a Ninetales, an Arcanine, a Rapidash, a Magmortar, a Flareon, a Dragonite, a Typhlosion, an Ampharos, a Magcargo, a Houndoom, a Kingdra, a Sceptile, a Blaziken, a Camerupt, a Torkoal, a Flygon, an Altaria, a Castform, and a Salamence back at home. My family is taking care of them now.

    Question 5: What Pokemon do you have at home, if any, and how do you take care of them, if you do?
    We have all the Pokemon my mother has been collecting for the past 50 years, and my dad's own team of tough Pokemon. We have Milly the Miltank, which I usually tend to. I clean her stall, clean her, let her roam around in the field, put a blanket on her if it gets too cold, feed her a specially made grain with berries we plant, and I milk her every day. I also take care of my siblings Pokemon. Right now, we have over 50 Pokemon either in our ranch or around it. When we can't take care of them, we teach them how to protect themselves from trainers and other Wild Pokemon and teach them how to forage and hunt for food. Once they are able to be set back in the wild, we put a tracker on them to make sure they are alright.

    Final Question
    Do you think you are capable of taking care of the Pokemon you are going to be given? Absolutely yes.
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    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Lura saw a girl in a black dress and holding a pokedex. She should know where the lab is at. Lura worked up the courage to talk to this lady. "Um, do you know where the lab is at?" Lura mumbled to the lady. She hoped that she could hear her, although she was unsure. Lura didn't make eye contact. She fidgeted with Sunny's pokeball, although she didn't know it. Lura felt like the whole world was staring at her, she felt like everyone was watching her. Why did she ask for help from a random stranger?
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  15. "Um... Yeah." Melody said sheepishly, moving forward. Allegro was calming down, and even better the man he had squawked at hadn't seemed to have noticed. She managed to give Lucas a bright smile.
    "Let's get this show on the road!" Allegro squawked irritably.
    "Uh, I'm just here to pick up a Pokedex..." Melody said. An hopefully some Pokeballs...
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  16. Angel looked up to see a young girl, who looked quite unsure. Smiling, Angel pointed over to the large grey lab over on the west side of town. In fact, the bench was only a good few paces away. "The lab is in there. Dawn will give you a Pokedex if you have a Pokemon, and if you had gotten a questionnaire filled out, you can talk to Lucas and get your starter." She smiled sweetly before getting up. The silent boy behind her turned back into his usual form: a little Zorua. He stretched, yawned, and shook his fur out. It was time for them to get going.

    "If you need any more questions answered, you can always find me. I shouldn't be too far from Sandgem," she smiled before looking around for a place to go.
  17. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Lura nodded a thank you, being unable to say it with her throat being so tight. She entered the building the nice lady pointed to. However, it was full of new trainers. She guessed she could bring out one of her pokemon, but she would have a hard time with both.
    Lura gave a sigh and entered Dawn's line. Her stomach churned at the number of people here. So many. All of them being new trainers. People might get jealous at her two pokemon that she raised. Or they might mock her for being late. Or, or, well there were just so many things that could go wrong. She wished to be in her room again, studying pokemon breeding, like she did before today. But that was the past now, she might never go back to that again.
  18. Marx could feel his legs burning as he arrived to Sandgem town. He didn't consider taking a slow pace or have his Ducklett go back into her ball to lighten the load. Even when Lacy gestured he brushed it off and only ran faster. He swiveled his head only for a second before he found the mass of people gathering in a data center. Marx barged through the doors completely winded. Lacy jumped down from his hands and walked beside him.

    "Don't worry guys... I'm here," he spoke through heavy breaths. it was a peculiar statement as he didn't make an announcement to anyone he was arriving. Marx did not take the time to asses what was going on. He saw two lines, one that was giving out what assumed free pokemon and the other was for possibly the new Pokedex model. Marx simply walked past the Pokedex line, cut in line, and grabbed a Pokedex. He tried to "thank you" but all he managed to speak was a loud "HOFF" sound. Immediately he hunched over gathering breath. While Lacy bowed her head in a type of apology.
  19. Angel smiled at the girl, obviously a little unaware of her anxieties until she sat down. Thinking for a second, she realized that the girl seemed very high strung. Maybe she needed a friend or someone to be with to not be so shy. Maybe... Zorro was pretty shy when she wasn't around, so maybe she should go up there and help out. Zorro, sensing that Angel was going to help someone, hopped in her arms and Angel hugged him close to her chest before running after the lady. She followed until she stopped next to her in Dawn's line. She looked at her with a bit of concern on her face and asked very sweetly. "You alright, darling? I can be with you if you need company. I am the only familiar face you have, really. And I can be your friend if you need one," her cute smile was enough to make herself seem 10 years younger. Zorro wagged his tail and waved a paw at Lura, saying hi with a toothy grin.

    Immediately after Pyros got done with his questionnaire, he stood up, but heard something at the front entrance. He peeked around the lines to see a man with a Ducklett. Angel whipped around and stood closer by Lura, as if to protect her with her own body if needed. The suddenness shocked Angel, and Zorro growled a bit before calming down. Pyros raised an eyebrow at the silent commotion before eyeing the man as he walked through the line, cut in line to grab a Pokedex meant for someone else and left. Growling a bit to himself, he gave Lucas the Questionnaire to review and told him "I will be right back" before he left the lab to chase after the man. Angel followed the fiery man with her gaze before looking back at Lura and she asked "You okay?" with a concerned tone.

    Anything like that, even though it was being given away anyway, was unjust to him, as it was meant for someone else. He found the man with an apologetic looking Ducklett with him. He finally caught up with him and Zarda the Charizard, sensing something was awry, flew back to her trainer's side as he yelled at the young man whilst his voice went down a couple octaves.

    "HEY! Hey you! You with the Ducklett. Why did you up and steal that from someone else? You could have just waited in line like everyone else. It was going fast enough that you didn't have to be too impatient about it, and I'm an impatient guy. The Professor had to see your ID before you just up and take something. I don't care if you are tired either, that shouldn't be an excuse to be rude," very fired up, Pyros glared at the man. He knew the guy was tired, but he had been more tired than he was at one point and he still had to be alert. It could happen, it was just difficult.

    Zarda stayed behind Pyros, unsure of whether this was a good idea or not. She began to play with the straps of the saddle, feeling like a fight was imminent between the two and she wanted in, but only to help her trainer. Pyros' body language really showed that his blood was pumping. His fists were clenched and he had an intense look on his face that usually Dragon-Types wore when focusing on their prey, eyeing their movements to see what they are going to do. He leaned forward as he yelled, which helped in projecting his voice so the guy wouldn't ignore him, and it gave him a better stance just in case something happened.
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    Lura heard a voice and looked beside her. It was the nice lady from earlier! Her eyes opened in shock, then she smiled. "S-sure." She stuttered. Lura looked at the floor "It's not going to help much though, I've always been afraid of large crowds, and new people." She admitted. She started to fidget with one of her pokeballs, this time Sparky's.
    Now Sunny tolerated the constant enlarging and shrinking of her trainer's fidgeting, but Sparky, who always wants to be out of the pokeball, can't stand it. A bright white flashed as Sparky came out and started yelling at his trainer. Lura looked at the pokeball in her hands. "Sorry Sparky, you know how I get in places like this."
    Sparky looked around and saw how busy it was. He came over to her and asked to be picked up. This was one of the few times he would show how much he really cared for her. Lura picked up the electric cub and held him close to her chest.
  21. Marx just blankly stared at the guy who seems pretty heated for some reason. While Lacy was having a mini panic attack. It was like a few light switches were trying to switch on in his mind. While processing very little of what the guy said. Marx responded.

    "Oh, you need ID! Why didn't you just say so?" He started to think about any information that would be necessary. "My names Marx Neem. I'm fifteen. Height six ft. Blood type" he wasn't sure what his blood type was "....red. let's see what else? Oh, a professor in training." With that Marx squat down with his hand to his face. Having an intensive look as he tried to think of anything else. He had a look of confusion and annoyance. Marx glanced over at the guy and snapped his fingers. "Come on what else? Brainstorm some other ID stuff for me."
  22. Pyros gave him a deadpan look while Zarda had to stifle a giggle. Pyros sighed in frustration before motioning for the man to follow him. "No, I don't need your ID, Professor Dawn and Lucas need it to make sure you aren't some rogue, unlicensed Pokemon Trainer. I don't care what kind of "in-training" anything you are becoming. What you did was completely rude and you probably scared the poor Professor half to death. Just come with me, take your ID out, and give it to the lady. Unless you forgot your ID.... You didn't do that though, right?"

    He asked, hoping to Arceus that he didn't forget his ID. But what if he did? Oh, that would be one in a thousand, and Pyros would be afraid of laughing at the poor guy. He tried to calm down a bit, but he was still a little heated up. The fact that the guy still wasn't aware of what he had just done was also pissing him off.
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  23. Marx swatted with his hand with a tone of 'i got this'. "Of course I didn't forget my ID silly. I was just telling you it." It was at this moment that Lucy Metaphorically facepalmed, braced herself, and lept onto Marx, essentially tackling him. Even with wings the slightly stunned boy was helpless as the Duckett pulled out the recently abducted Pokedex and placed on the ground towards the questioning trainer.

    "What's the big idea!?" Marx shouted more surprised. "You shouldn't jump people and steal from them. I thought i taught you better," He crossed his arms with disappointment but lacy pointed to the other Pokedex that fell out of his bag. Marx stared at it, scratching his head until he clapped his hands with sudden realization. "Oh! you're trying to tell me I shouldn't be chasing the newest model when I haven't even tested my own." For once Lacy shook her head in agreement. "Of course. I think we should give this to a trainer who really needs it. Don't you think so Lacy?" She quaked with happiness and understanding.

    Marx pointed at the guy with an intense declaration. "You sir! after some discussion with my associate. I have decided that it would be better to give than to get. I will gladly let you have one of my Pokedexes under one condition. I should know your name. That way I'll remember the first person I helped on my mission to become the great professor!" There was an unwarranted amount of pride in his voice as he back for his gratitude.
  24. Lucas was still handling the trainer in front of her when he noticed a young, black-haired boy rush past the queue and take a Pokédex from the table. "Hey, wh-" He tried to stop the trainer but in a matter of a second he had already left the lab again. Lucas readied himself to go after the trainer, but Pyros already heroically chased after him. Lucas was a little shaken up, but with the amount of trainers that were gathered couldn't afford losing any time in sending them on their journey. "Where were we. So, this is a Pokédex. It's a high-tech encyclopedia that registers Pokémon upon seeing them, with a more detailed description when you catch them." He began to explain. It seemed like he studied all this information by heart. Rowan's influence, presumably.

    "We would like for you to help us with registering all of Sinnoh's Pokémon in the Pokédex for research. Since the immigration from Kanto, Hoenn and even Kalos the task has become too much for us alone. Are you willing to help us?" He finally got to the point, assigning Melody with her objective.

    Meanwhile, Dawn was dealing with the next trainer; a young boy, seemingly short boy with an Aipom clinging onto his shoulder. "Next, please." She kindly smiled, motioning for the trainer to join her table.

    After James had received his Chimchar, he managed to get through the crowd and out of the lab, hurrying to release Chimchar and get to meet his new Pokémon. Once outside and a little secluded from the people, James flung up the Pokéball, his newly acquired Chimchar effortlessly landing on its feet. It took a moment to scout its surroundings, before climbing onto James' shoulder to get a better view. With Lucas and Dawn's training, the starter Pokémon had already been taught to get on with trainers, Chimchar being no exception. "Lets get you home little buddy." James smiled, making his way back home with the Chimp Pokémon.
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  25. Finally! I'm here!
    Allie stood in front of the Pokemon Lab, Evie sitting on her shoulder. She was smiling, her excitement radiating from her. She couldn't wait to get her Sinnoh Pokedex, and get started with her journey in this new region. Allie hadn't left Kalos before, so this was new to her.
    She sprinted into the lab, bursting through the doors.
    "Hello everyone! I'm here for a Pokedex, who do I need to speak to?"
    At that moment, Luna popped out of her Pokeball. "Allie, I believe that just running into a lab and asking for a Pokedex isn't the best course of action here."
    Sorry," Allie said to everyone, sheepishly. "I don't mean to barge in. My name is Allison Silverstone, and I am looking to get a Sinnoh Pokedex. Do you need ID?"
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  26. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Lura's attention was grabbed by the loud female trainer. She cliched Sparky closer to her chest. "Shinx!" Sparky shouted at his trainer.
    "Sorry boy," Lura mumbled. SHe looked at the newest trainer, then at the other loud trainer. SHe was surprised she hadn't seen him before, but she was having a social breakdown before. She just wished this line would hurry up so then she could walk with her pokemon through the forest. Just thinking about the future calmed her down some.
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  27. Pyros just couldn't believe this kid. Was his brain in the right place? He was certainly theatrical. Pyros just stood there, silently. Seeing that the boy already had one, he just groaned in frustration. At least he was nice enough to give the Pokedex back. He just stood there, silent again, as the man pointed at him and was being super theatrical about everything. This guy is getting on my nerves... he thought before trying to smile, but only letting out a grimace. "Well, thank you for at least giving me the Pokedex. I'm Pyroshu, but you may call me Pyros." He knelt down to grab the Pokedex and thanked Lacy before standing back up and telling the kid about a little something he noticed when he was talking to his Ducklett.

    "As for your conversation, which I couldn't help but to overhear," his words dripped with sarcasm before continuing, "you said something about jumping people and stealing from them and that Lacy shouldn't do that, even though you just stole the Pokedex. She was just stealing it back because you didn't need it. I suggest you look inside yourself and really think about what you just said. I don't take kindly to double standards, and you just set one up with your own partner about stealing. I suggest you take a moment and really think about what you just did. You can't be a good professor if you can't see your own flaws and then blame those flaws on other people. That's now how anyone makes friends or how they make a better version of themselves."

    When he was finished, he walked back towards the Lab, his Charizard following behind and then stopping short of the lab to sit beside the doors. It was then that he almost bumped into a small girl with her Kirlia. Confused, he wondered why almost everyone he was meeting was so theatrical. Can't she see the two lines in front of her. He poked her shoulder and began talking with her. "Uh... You have to get in line first. Over with Dawn's line if you want a Pokedex or over to Lucas's line if you want a Pokemon and have done a Questionnaire. And yes, you do have to show your ID when you get there."

    He could feel a few eyes staring at them both as the lady probably made one hell of a scene, but he just kept everything in for now before he decided to let everything out later. This day was becoming stressful. He stayed with the lady until she understood what she needed to do.

    Meanwhile, Angel felt her own Pokedex vibrate and she peeked in to see the thing had recorded data on the Shinx and the Kirlia nearby. Realizing how annoying this thing was going to be, she ignored it and stayed close with Lura, practically shielding her from the other people around her.
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    When Lura heard about needing a Trainer's ID she went pale. "Um, Sparky, we might have come here for nothing." She said to her pokemon. She thought about leaving the line. But what if Dawn could help her? Lura didn't know what to do. She looked around, freaking out once more. But this time, even Sparky couldn't calm her down.
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  29. Angel saw the apprehension in Lura and thought for a moment. She then smiled and asked Lura, her tone soft. "Well, where do you live? If you live here, I can save the spot in line for you until you get back to grab it if you do have one. It's mandatory that every Trainer who is beginning has one and most trainers get one with the help of their parents, but maybe the Professors can license you one if you don't have one made for you."

    Her Zorua smiled and tried pawing the Shinx, growling playfully.
  30. Allie smilled and nodded. "Thank you for informing me! And - sorry if I'm causing a scene... I'm just pretty excited, you know?" She walked to Dawn's line, Luna following behind her.
    Oh, I'm already making a fool of myself! Everyone probably thinks I'm a crazy person now...
    She began to feel self-conscious, which was unusual for Allie. Luna glanced at her, sensing her emotions.
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    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    "I-I don't even have a Trainer's Licences, b-but I do have a Breeder's Permit. I-I hope that would be enough information to get a Trainer's Licences." Lura replied with a stutter. Sparky sniffed his trainer's, or well, ower's bag. In there was the white card that allowed Lura to enter any Daycare and work there until she was an adult. After that, she would need a Breeder's Licences. "Do you think they would accept my Breeder's Permit?" She asked the nice lady.
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  32. Pyros, after finally meeting a kid with some sense, smiled. He replied with "Oh, yea, I'm pretty stoked, too" and "you're welcome" before leaving to head over to Lucas. He then found the Questionnaire beside him and asked if Lucas had time to review it.

    After Allie had calmed down, the watchful eyes of the people in line simmered down until no one was really looking at her.

    Angel raised an eyebrow and motioned for the Breeder's Permit to be handed to her so she could read it before explaining. "Just as long as it has your biological information, it should be good. As in your name, birthdate, your height and weight, and maybe your birthplace. And maybe the Pokemon you have with you, but that's not as important."
  33. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Lura took out the white card. "It shows my name, birthday and birthplace but not my hight or weight. And forget about pokemon that I have. But it does have something that a Trainer's ID doesn't have. It has my pokemon knowledge level and understanding of pokemon wants and needs. Which won't be as important as a trainer." She replied as she looked over her Breeder's Permit. It showed off her testing score that she received when trying to get this with her parents. 82%. The highest in her town and one to rival the highest in Sinnoh ever. But that covered breeding and types. Would she need to know how to care for an ice type egg on the road? Would she be able to prove she got this card through hard work, not by mugging a poor girl of her Breeder's Permit?
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  34. Smiling, Angel looked it over and was actually quite amazed at what she was seeing on the card. After looking it over, her voice carried awe as she spoke to the girl, as she obviously had no idea this girl had this kind of knowledge. "This is extremely important. You'll definitely get a Pokedex, and a Starter if you want. You have no idea how important this is and the knowledge that can serve you well on the road. In terms of the Daycare experience, have you learned how to take care of Pokemon if they are injured or sick? If not, I can still help and teach you a few things, as well as how to make salves and pastes from herbs and berries. I have immense knowledge in herbal remedies and biology, so I know how to heal most ill or injured Pokemon."

    Angel felt a little giddy, as she was starting to wonder if she would have a traveling companion now.
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    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    "Oh, all that stuff. It's nothing, really. My parents work at a daycare, so I was taught a young age. And getting a starter is the last thing I want to do, I already have two pokemon. Now for remedies, I have never been good at herbal remedies, but the usage of herbs are forbidden in daycares unless there is no other choice. I do know my berries though." Lura said more comfortable. Sparky looked at his trainer he wanted to play, but he felt this was the worst place to do so. He would wait until Lura was out of the building
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  36. "Oh, for..." Leon stood several feet away, also in line to receive a Sinnoh Pokedex. It seemed as though he had left his Trainer's License somewhere again. Looking at the people in front of him, as well as the substantially greater number behind him, he sighed heavily and facepalmed. He reached into his bag and pulled out a Pokeball. "Juan, I need your help right now." The Minccino popped out and gave him a quizzical look. "I think I might have left my Trainer's License in the Pokemon Center. Can you try to find it? Having to give up my spot in line here would be a nightmare." Juan stared at his trainer for a moment, slapped him lightly with his tail, and scurried off.
  37. Allie couldn't help but overhear about Lura's Breeding Permit, and her self-consciousness grew. She had a Trainer's License, but nothing as impressive as Lura. Luna and Evie attempted to comfort their nervous trainer, to no avail.
    Another thought crept into her apprehensive mind, the thought of travelling alone. Her friends at home had stayed behind, she knew she could take care of herself but she didn't like being alone. She tried to hide her discomfort.
  38. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Lura saw that after the person she was behind was gone, she would be able to get her pokedex, and maybe a Trainer's ID. Sure, getting a pokedex would be no problem, but unless she got a Trainer's ID she couldn't battle. Maybe one was included with the pokedex if you had other experiences. Or maybe there was a wait time. Sparky looked at her.
    "It's nothing boy." Lura said to the blue pokemon in her arms. Lura looked at the nice lady. "I never got your name." Lura started "What is it?"
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  39. "Pyros" Marx said to himself. "I'll be sure to remember it." He kneeled down and started petting his Ducklett on the head. "Ya know Lacy. I think he's right. While we were trying to set ourselves to be the great pokemon professor and his lab assistant, we forgot we aren't there yet." Lucy nodded her head. "When Sir Pyros wanted us to look into ourselves, he meant that there is more to it than just thinking stealing is bad. We need to give as much as we can. It is through charity that makes us stronger. and we need to be the strongest there is!" Lacy tilted her head in confusion but made no attempt declining what he said.

    Marx got up from his feet and began looking around. "So Lacy, since we have what we need, we should find what to give. so what should we give?" Lacy once again tilted her head in confusion. "No dice huh? well if we can think of anything then I think in know just the person?"

    It was then that Marx walked over back to the professor and waited in line for professor dawn.
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  40. The short kid propped his arms on the table. His face held a wide grin, although his Aipom had different ideas. It was laid out on the ground, napping. Jet sighed, and politely began talking.

    “May I please have a Pokedex? And some Pokeballs. I’ve already got a Pokemon, so I just need those two items to start.” He held his hand out for his equipment, but almost forgot one thing.

    “One more question, Ms. Dawn. What’s Jubilife City like? I’ve never been exposed to the city before, so it would be nice to know some tips beforehand, so someone doesn’t get in trouble.” Jet looked over to Aipo, who shrugged.
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