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-~- Sinnoh Sun-~-

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by JoJo, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. This is the first of many chapters of my first fan-fic- Sinnoh Sun! Enjoy! ;D
    EDIT: For a description of JoJo, look here! http://www.pokecharms.com/forums/index.php?topic=903.msg92801#msg92801

    [size=20pt]-~-Sinnoh Sun-~-

    [size=13pt]Chapter One:


    "…. So, if a tree falls in the forest, and there's no one there to hear it, it wouldn't make a sound." JoJo spoke into the phone, as he laid on his bed, with one knee up, and his head rested on his pillow comfortably- his favourite position. "Well yeah, but the sound waves wouldn't-" JoJo was interrupted by his Mom, as she walked into the morning-lit room. Her dark-red hair and pale blue eyes shining in the sunlight. "JoJo… You're up already." She said grogily. "Just a minute Kevin." He told his friend, as he cupped his hand over the speaker of the phone. He looked at his alarm clock. "Yeah, I know- 5:30..." He said to his mother. "But I'm so excited- plus, I'm already packed." He said excitedly, anxious to leave the house. "Don't leave yet, you have to say goodbye." She insisted, a little more awake. "I know, I know. Don't worry, I'm not leaving till 6:00, and that's when Dad wakes up anyway. And I know your worried about me leaving and all…. I'll visit as often as I can, Ok?" He replied nicely.

    "Ok, I'm back." JoJo said, as he uncapped his hand and picked up the phone. He laughed. "Ok, ok. You win… Meet you at the docks at… about 6:00... Ok… Ok, see you there. Bye." He finished, putting the phone down on his nightstand. He looked at his alarm clock once again. It read 6:56. "Whoops, gotta go!" He exclaimed, running out of his room, and rushing down the stairs. "But you didn't have break-feast!" She yelled back. "We'll pick something up on the way!" He ensured his mother. "Woah, woah, slow down their, buddy." His Dad laughed, stopping him from going out the door. He looked up at his Dad. He had a half-bald head, accompanied with pale blue eyes, and a tough, sturdy face. "Dad! I have to meet Kevin at the docks in…" He looked at the kitchen clock. "2 minutes!" He convinced to his Dad. He laughed again. "Ok, see you later, buddy." His Dad said, ruffling his hair, as he got out of the doorway. "Dad!" He said, fixing his hair. Once he was satisfied, he started to dash outside, once again. "Bye Mom, bye Dad!" His voice faded, as he disappeared into the streets of Canalave City.

    He saw Kevin's white-blonde head at the docks, looking around. He ran towards him. As he got, closer, JoJo could see his pale blue eyes, pale skin, and slim face. "Oh, there you are! Let's head out." He said, as they both dashed for the boat. JoJo and Kevin climbed onto the boat, and waved at their Moms and Dads. Once the boat was far off they stopped waving and stepped inside their room. Kevin tested out his bed. "Oh, well that's comfy!" He exclaimed happily, as JoJo did the same. Once the sun set, they both took a hot shower, brushed their teeth, washed their tired faces, and took of their extra clothes. "Man, this place is high-class!" Kevin exclaimed once again. "Tell me about it. Hot water, room service-" He stopped talking as he saw Kevin asleep in his bed- it had been a long day. JoJo giggled to himself. "Goodnight Kevin…" He said to his sleeping friend, as he to, fell fast asleep.

    They both woke to the sound of the boat horn. JoJo and Kevin bothe quickly got ready, and ran off the boat, to find themselves on Route 218. "This is where it starts…" JoJo, said satisfied, glancing around, as he tied on his pale, green scarf. "Yup." Kevin replied, doing the same. "So… What are we waiting for! To Sandgem!" Kevin said excitedly to JoJo, as they both ran into the distance…

    [size=10pt]Chapter Two Coming Soon...[/size]
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