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Private/Closed Sinnoh Region RP : New Arrivals *Sequel For Alola Region RP : A Journey CONTINUES*

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by hollowhead_, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    As our heroes, Lao, Luna and Daniel travel to the Sinnoh Region, two new special characters meet them when they reach the land of the Sinnoh Region! Kayo, former champion of Alola, had travelled back to Hoenn, and may not see our heroes again, btu who knows what the futur holds. Our friend, Elijah, had been transported back to Pallet Town but may or may not make a comeback! For now, let us see how this new adventure goes.
    RPers : @Avalios, @Eriko Usoma, @SummerShaymin, @The Delivery Pancham, @YourLittleSylvia, @BeastBoyLucario and, last but not least, ME!

    RP : Lao had finally reached Sinnoh before the plane, while riding on Decidueye, surprisingly, "Return, buddy. You deserve a LONG rest." Said Lao firmly as he retrieved Decidueye into his Pokeball. Lao was walking around, waiting for his friends. He looked at the sunset, "Beautiful as always." He said calmly. He almost forgot, it was his birthday, today. He had become 16, he wondered if anyone would have noticed.
  2. Sylvia got off the plane from Snowpoint City. She was still wearing her winter clothes, so she had to go someplace to change. Looking around, she realized that her father lived in Twinleaf Town, so she decided to go there. When she arrived, she greeted her family. Her father glared at her.

    "What do you want?" he asked her.

    Sylvia gulped. "I-I just want to change for my journey. I'm all bundled up, having lived in Snowpoint City..."

    Her father shook her head. "You're getting a Pokemon. If you were to change in my house, that means that I helped you get a Pokemon. So I'm not letting you change here. Leave or stay and never touch or look at another Pokemon again."

    Sylvia was shocked her father would do such a thing. Angry, she never said goodbye to her father, her step mother, or their daughter, Sabina, someone Sylvia had grown very close to, despite living so far away. She often spent time at her house in Snowpoint City.

    But now that Kai, Sylvia's older sibling, was a professional Trainer on their way to become a Champion, Sylvia had to stop seeing them. Only because they associated themselves with Pokemon, which her father highly despised.

    Sylvia was bundled up in a winter coat, wearing a scarf, hat, and snow pants, and was sweating under the heat, trudging glumly to Sandgem Town.
  3. After a couple of hours of tests, Elijah was aloud to return home. He sat down on his couch and turned on the news. The headline was "New Alolan Champion Lands Up In Sinnoh?". "Whelp, I found them at least..." Elijah muttered. Elijah walked up to the Professor's Lab and was greeted by all of his former companions on his journey, his Pokémon. He dropped off his Alolan Pokémon saying his Goobyes and thank you's. "Proffesor..." Elijah said. "I'll need to pick up some Pokémon" He was off, a plane ride back to good old Sinnoh...
  4. Alec mcray a Strong trainer setting out to become maybe the champion of sinnoh is taking a break after beating the 5th gym!

    "Ahh man we have done it empoleon we defeated the 5th gym good job return" he returned his pokemon and walked around the city he went to a food place and ate as much as he could he then went to his hotel room and just fell on the bed asleep" the next morning he got a phone call saying there was thugs in the city he was staying(Since his father is a officer alec rarely helps out) "Thugs? okay dark pants green shirt dont worry ill get rid of them" his dad was shouting down the phone "YOU DARE DO ANYTHING ALEC AND YOU WILL BE IN TROUBLE" alec sighed "You fell for it again dad" his dad stopped "Oh okay then its fine just keep an eye out" alec sighed "Yep sure then" he hanged up and laid back down
  5. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Lao looked at the plane, and groaned, "Who said planes were fast? They're total Slowpokes..." He said as he walked off to take a walk and see the beautiful cities of Sinnoh. He winded up in Sandgem City. He looked around, and saw a girl wearing heavy winter clothes, which seemed to be sweating heavily, "Hey, it's really hot here. You shouldn't really be wearing winter clothes." He told her calmly. He held her hand and helped her up, "Come on, let's find a Pokémon center." He said as they entered a Pokémon center. He showed her the dressing room, "You can change there." He said calmly as he walked with her over to the dressing room, and waited for her.
  6. Elijah's plane landed in Sandgem Town, Sinnoh. He got off the plane and walked over to the Pokémon Center to grab something to eat. Wasn't the best food ever, but it would do. He heard the door open and looked over. A girl and none other than Lao himself came marching in. He walked the girl over to the changing rooms and he waited outside for her. Elijah walked over to Lao and tapped him on the shoulder. "It's been a while"
  7. Sylvia politely thanked the strange boy before pulling her heavy clothes off of her. Relieved, she fanned herself with her shirt a little bit, shaking out her hair and trying to get any sweat off of her. However, she had no means of carrying her heavy clothes anymore, as she had a small backpack on her back that wouldn't be able to hold it for her. She sighed, carrying her things in her arms and pulling her backpack over her shoulders. She walked out to see two boys instead of just one. "Oh, erm... hello there," Sylvia said, sounding a little uncomfortable, yet curious at the same time.

    She was wearing a white T-shirt with light pink slashed diagonally on the bottom half of it. Her shorts were long, light blue, and denim, but didn't go past her knees. She also had sneakers on--light pink with white laces and soles. A simple outfit, but fitting of a Pokemon Trainer. At least, a beginning one.
  8. Luna stepped off the plane. "Hello, Sinnoh!" she yelled. Her heart was beating fast with excitement. This was going to be great! When she went into the Pokémon Center, she noticed a young girl standing near Lao and who appeared to be Elijah. Luna walked up to her. "Hi! I'm Luna. What's your name?" Luna asked, smiling.
  9. Sylvia blushed, extending her hand to shake hers. "I'm Sylvia, a newbie in the Pokemon world. I'm from Snowpoint City." She glanced embarrassedly at her winter clothing in her hands. "Er, hence the mountain of clothes in my arms. Sheesh, it's bigger than Mt. Coronet," Sylvia muttered the last part. "A-anyway, it's nice to meet you, Luna!"
  10. "Hey Luna!" Elijah said happily. "Haven't seen you in a while. How's everything been going for you?" Elijah was happy to be reunited with his friends. He looked around, someone was missing, he knew that someone. "DANIEL!!" he yelled hoping he was hiding behind a rock or something. Seems like that wasn't the case. "Anyways, glad to see everyone again, I've missed the adventuring, and it's good to be back ion Sinnoh, I love this place.
  11. Sylvia raised an eyebrow, totally confused. "Who was that?" she asked curiously. She turned to Lao. "And who are you?" she asked, realizing she had never gotten his name.
  12. Daniel HAD secretly followed them! He jumped out of his disguise and went straight to Lao. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" He passed Lao a box that had a cool new Pokétube recorder. He then smiled over at Luna. Sandgem town... Wow! Shinx wagged her tail excitedly and went over and licked everyone. Only now, did Daniel see the new comer. "Hi! The name's Daniel, battled as one of the heroes of the Alola and got into the league!"
  13. "I knew you were sneaking around somewhere mate," Elijah said as he shook Daniel's hand. "We have the group all back together, and an addition." He was looking at Sylvia. "Anyways, welcome to Sinnoh, I traveled the Sinnoh region a couple years back, and It's one if my favorites for sure. Since my journey in Sinnoh, I think they have reworked their gym system. Now, all the typings have changed, as well as their leaders. All but one gym that is. If you guys would like, I'd be happy to be your Sinnoh region guide." Elijah smiled, he didn't want to say it, but Sinnoh was his favorite region.
  14. "Sure. I know nothing about Sinnoh," Daniel said. "I need to talk to some of you." He huddled all of them together except for Lao. He whispered: "at the hotel we're going to, I have booked a dinner part for Lao. But I need one of you to help me go shopping for the party. Luna? Would you like to come with me?" He asked, trying to see if Lao was watching. "And the rest of you, who aren't going shopping with me, will try and keep Lao distracted until tonight. Got it? Good." He waited for the answer from Luna.
  15. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Lao had seen Daniel talking to Elijah and Luna, but tried not to eavesdrop. He didn't want to create conflict in this new adventure. He turned back to the girl who had a mountain of clothes, "Well, yeah, My name is Lao. You see, me and my friends over there, were once in Alola. We planned on becoming the champion and, well, I'm the Alolan champion now." He said calmly trying not to sound too cocky, "You know, you can buy a bigger bag and put your clothes in it." He said calmly to the girl. He had forgot to thank Daniel for the Poketube Recorder, "By the way, thanks Daniel." He said to Daniel calmly.
  16. It was time for Adam's first adventure in the Pokemon World! He was traveling to Sinnoh from Johto, and he could get back to Johto if he had to. After landing at the airport, grabbing what little he had of luggage, and telling his parents, older brother and older sister farewell, Adam Forest walked into Sandgem Town and to a Pokemon lab. He saw a man in a coat, and he wasn't too tall on Adam. Granted, both of Adam's parents were 5'10. "Are you Professor Rowan, sir? It's a pleasure to finally meet you and travel through the Sinnoh region."
    "Why, yes. I am. You must be Adam from Johto," Rowan said. The two walked over to a table with three Poke Balls and Professor Rowan let out three Pokemon. "Here are your Pokemon Picks in the Sinnoh region," he said. He walked to a green turtle with a twig on its head. "This Pokemon is the Grass-Type Pokemon, Turtwig," he said. He walked to a red monkey with fire on its behind. "This Pokemon is the Fire-Type, Chimchar," he added. He walked to a blue, plump penguin with a yellow bill. "And this Pokemon is the Water-Type, Piplup. No that they are introduced, take a pick, young man."
    "Tyrouge, come on out!" Adam called. Tyrogue was a short Pokemon with fighting power, and Adam had received it when he turned 12, which was a few weeks prior to this wonderful event in his life. "Now, Tyrogue, help me pick our first partner in the Sinnoh region!" Tyrouge looked at Chimchar and pointed. "Oh, so you want Chimchar, huh?" Tyrogue nodded affirmatively and smiled at the Fire-Type. "I'll take Chimchar, then, Professor Rowan!"
    "Chiim-CHAARR!" it cried, jumping for Adam and affectionately scratching his back. "Chim-char-CHIIM!"
    "While that may be relaxing, can you please not do that, Chimchar?"
    Chimchar stopped and bent its head toward the ground. "Chim-chim-char," it mumbled.
    "I'm sorry, Chimchar. I know you were just trying to be kind to me, your new Trainer," Adam said. Chimchar enlightened and instead affectionately played on his shoulder. "Well, I can get along with that, so you can play around my neck anytime. You're lucky Tyrogue walks instead of on my shoulder," Adam chuckled a bit, leaving Chimchar confused.

    The trio left the lab, and Adam had received a PokeDex, used for capturing data on Pokemon he'd encounter throughout his travels. He headed for the Pokemon Center and saw a bunch of people huddled. Another one sat off to the side, so he'd talk to him first. "Hello, there," he started. "My name's Adam, and these are my Pokemon, Tyrogue and Chimchar. What's your name?"
  17. Sylvia noticed him and gasped excitedly, seeing that Adam had a Chimchar and a Tyrogue. "No way! You have two Pokemon?! Jelly!" Sylvia exclaimed, giggling. "I'm Sylvia! I'm from Snowpoint City and I'm about to become a Pokemon Trainer!" She glanced at the three people with her. "Are you with this group of people?" she asked. "I-I mean, do you know them? It's okay if you don't, the more friends we have with us, the better!" Sylvia exclaimed, suddenly feeling a little embarrassed. She always knew that she seemed like a spaz around others when first meeting them.
  18. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "Name's Lao." He said calmly, "You're starting your Pokémon journey? I guess I should show my Pokémon." He said calmly as he sent out Decidueye. He had released all his other Pokémon into the wild, "This is Decidueye. He's one of my best buddies." Said Lao calmly as he pointed to Decidueye, behind him, with his thumb, "You guys have any Pokémon?" Asked Lao curiously.
  19. Sylvia gasped excitedly... again. "Oh my goodness! A Decidueye! I've only ever seen one on TV from Alola! It's a Grass- and Ghost-type Pokemon, isn't it? It evolves first from Rowlet, the only ever Grass- and Flying-type starter Pokemon, which evolves into a Dartrix! That's so cool! I never thought I'd see one in person, especially before I got a Pokemon myself!" Sylvia carefully walked around Decidueye, examining every detail of it. "It's so unique. I think Grass- and Ghost-type Pokemon are incredibly rare, aren't they? There's certainly no Pokemon like that in Sinnoh." Sylvia glanced up at Decidueye's face. "This Pokemon looks well-taken care of! It's got this spark of energy and trust in its eyes!" she exclaimed, beaming. "That's so cool! I wish I had a bond with a Pokemon that was that strong!"
  20. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Lao and Decidueye had a spark of joy in their eyes once they heard the word 'Bond'. Lao smirked, "Wanna see something cool? I can show you outside, if you want to." Lao said calmly. He had a surprise for Sylvia, "Hehe, she's gonna flip when she sees this." Lao giggled to himself quietly. Decidueye knew what Lao was going to do and also smirked, "Ya ready, pal?" Asked Lao curiously. Decidueye nodded, as both of them went outside, "I'll need to engage in a battle in order to do the surprise." Said Lao calmly, "You don't have to battle if you don't want to." He said calmly
  21. Sylvia shyly hid behind her mountain of clothes. "But... I don't have a Pokemon. A-and I know you could probably instantly defeat my Pokemon even if I had one on me right now..." She shook her head. "I-I'm sorry..."
  22. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Lao inhaled some air, "Alright, I'll try to show you without battling." He said calmly, "Decidueye, let's POWER UP!" Exclaimed Lao as a green aura rose from Lao and Decidueye. Lao and Decidueye were standing beside each other now. Decidueye's green hood had become red. It's tie had become purple, and its feathers had become black. Its eyes became purple too, "Battle Bond." Said Lao firmly.
  23. Sylvia dropped her mountain of clothes, mouth hanging open. She was speechless. She could only think of two instances where this happened. One was with Ash Ketchum, a world-famous Pokemon Master hailing from Kanto. Another was from her older sibling, Kai, and even then, the Battle Bond worked differently with their Torterra, Tally. When Kai had a Battle Bond with Tally, their pain was shared. Kai battled alongside Tally, both refusing to budge when their opponents attempted to move them.

    How did these two gain access to such a strong Battle Bond?
  24. Alec was asked to investigate about certain poke items. That have gone missing,and now has to find the bad guys. "Frosslass look around" his frosslass,was beside him and went through the walls it came back, and nodded its head "Okay lets keep going" they kept walking,when they heard chatting right before they turned "Hey! jeff lets go come on...i heard there was someone, looking around for us..." jeff and conor ran away before the did frosslass appeared behind them alec jumped around the corner and set of the tracker so his dad knows where he was. "Frosslass use frostbreath to make a ice wall" frosslass was making a big ice wall his dad came around the corner "Good job son guys get them..." the thugs stood up his dad looked back "They didn't follow me? god my team is useless!" alec didnt listen. "Frosslass come beside me nice job!" the thugs send out their pokemon kricketune and roselia "Alright then frosslass help me out" his dad threw his pokeball and send out weavile "Fury swipes go ice punch on kricketune" the thugs retaliated "Use magic leaf kricketune roselia use leaf blade!" frosslass and weavile were to quick for their pokemon and the thug's pokemon fainted his dad looked around the corner "Guys over here!" other police officers came and took the jeff and conor away his dad turned around "Good job son you will become a great investigator" alec returned his frosslass "Good job take a rest...Never dad...i want to set for my own dream..." his dad smiled "Okay if thats what you want i cant stop ya!" alec walked away and went back to his hotel room and fell on the bed
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  25. Elijah walked up behind Lao, I brought someone with me who has been very eager to fight once again. He took a Pokeball out and tossed it in the air. Sceptile came out. "Sceptle and I have been waiting for a rematch for quite some time. And just to make things a bit more interesting..." Elijah revealed his Mega Stone. "Scpetile, Mega Evolve!" Elijah yelled. "Ready for a rematch?" he asked with a smirk on his face.
  26. Sylvia watched them both, still speechless. She never thought she'd see another Battle Bond or a Mega Evolution, but now she thinks she's seen it all!
  27. Daniel walked up to Sylvia. "They are total show offs." He frowned. "I used to have two Pokemon that could battle bond but I released them. Too powerful... I don't like too powerful," he shivered. Shinx was excited and jumped everywhere. Walking around, Daniel saw an egg. He picked it up and examined it. "Maybe Sylvia will know what's inside, she's smart." The egg was icey-blue and white spots on it. Daniel always seemed to get Pokemon much faster than the others. He walked back to Sylvia. "Hey, wanna learn how to catch Pokemon?" He asked. He also wanted to show her the egg.
  28. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Lao smirked, "Challenge accepted." Said Lao calmly, "I'll give you the first blow." Lao seemed prepared, as did Decidueye. Lao had taught Decidueye some new moves while he was flying to Sinnoh. Lao was confident, but tried not to get cocky. He hoped Elijah had improved since their last battle.
  29. Sylvia backed up a bit, finally regaining control of her tongue. "W-whoa whoa whoa, I need a Pokemon, first! I-I know how to catch a Pokemon... technically. I've just never done it before! A-and anyway, I need to get to Sandgem Town," Sylvia blurted out. "S-sorry! I-I talked too much..." Sylvia muttered, shyly picking up her clothes again. "Jeez... What am I gonna do with these? I need to hang on to them until I come home to take on the Gym Leader, Alex. But I can't carry them around like this all the time..."
  30. "Scpetile, Frenzy Plant!" Scpetle dug its claws into the ground forcing vine to viciously whipping Decidueye back and forth. Scpetile then followed up with Leaf Blade and a Dragon Claw. "Be ready for his move!" Elijah shouted. He was back in action once again. He lost to Lao in the Alolan League finals, but he was hoping he could change the outcome today.
  31. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Decidueye wasn't really affected much due to most moves being Grass Type. Decidueye flew up, "Night Slash, and Spirit Shackle! Spirit Slash!" Decidueye made an arrow out of his feather and combined the Night Slash within the arrow. Decidueye then forced the essence of Spirit into it and it made a visible strong puprple aura, it hit Sceptile strongly. Sceptile was catapulted into his back on the cold hard ground.
  32. Sylvia was excited at the move. "Spirit Shackle! Isn't that Decidueye's signature move?!" she exclaimed excitedly.
  33. Scpetile was caught by one of the remaining vines from Frenzy Plant, and launched like a rocket towards Decidueye using Dragon Claw. Deciueye was launched backwards. Sceptile followed up with Leaf Storm and another Frenzy Plant hoping to deal some amount of damage to Decidueye.
  34. "Yes, it is." Luna said to Sylvia. "Want me to help you carry those?" she asked, pointing to Sylvia's pile of clothes. "I don't want you getting overwhelmed." Luna said, smiling. "By the way, you have a nice name." she said. "I hope you enjoy your Pokémon journey!"
  35. Alec woke up and got ready and took his stuff and checked out of the hotel and went to the route heading to the next gym in hearthome city.
    As he continued to walk he encountered a wild luxio "Oh hello little guy" alec slowely approached but the luxio wanted to battle "Seems like you want to battle i'll definitely catch you. Go Staraptor.!" Staraptor came out and flew around alec and stood infront. "Ariel ace go" luxio backed up a bit as staraptor came at full speed luxio suddenly had electricty around its teeth both pokemon went at each other luxio was heavily damaged and staraptor was paralysed. "Okay use steel wing" staraptor flew around again but grinded its teeth through being paralysed luxio charged and it was using volt tackle. "Staraptor watch out dodge it!" luxio managed to hit staraptor and luxio was hit as well staraptor then stood back up alec used a paralys heal to heal it "okay if your going to use a powerful move so am i brave bird go.!" luxio used the same move even knowing the risk of the recoil damage both pokemon charged at each other luxio had fainted staraptor stood there heavily damaged alec threw the pokeball and luxio was caught he then healed staraptor and continued to walk on
  36. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Lao felt a surge of pain go through his body. He then fell to his knees but got up again. Decidueye and Lao hadn't expected the Dragon Claw, but they dodged the two other attacks, skillfully. Decidueye then used his newest move. Double Team. Decidueye had clones of him everywhere. Decidueye then readied a Night Slash and threw Sceptile against the ground. Decidueye then used Spirit Shackle which doubled the damage for Sceptile. CLONES of Decidueye did all that damage, which made Sceptile feel really painful. Decidueye then Sucker Punched Sceptile further dead in the face, making the ground crack a little bit.
  37. Sylvia winced, scared of the damage they'll cause. She watched the battle worriedly, dropping her pile of clothes once more. "Guys, stop!" she exclaimed. "You're gonna hurt each other!"
  38. Sceptile had been severely damaged, but it wasn't over by a long shot. "Sceptile, use Leaf Blade and Dragon Claw together, Dagon Blade!" They were just having a friendly battle, after a while of not seeing each other, it couldn't hurt, could it? He then followed up with Leaf Storm to decrease Decidueye's mobility.
  39. Sylvia backed down, realizing they were just having fun.

    It was strange to her. How, while fighting so violently, all they were doing was having fun. She didn't think there was any fun in hurting Pokemon, but if they liked battling, she wasn't about to stop them. It looked like their Pokemon enjoyed it, too. She supposed that was good. If everyone was happy, they could tough out the pain.

    Still, though, seeing such an intense battle in real life... really scared Sylvia.
  40. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    The clones of Decidueye disappeared, but, of course, the real Decidueye was still there. Lao was still having a hard time due to Sceptile's heavy damage. Decidueye then used Sucker Punch to catapult Sceptile into the sky. Decidueye then flew behind Sceptile and used Night Slash to throw him back down. Decidueye used Spirit Shackle to knock Sceptile away from him.

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