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Sinnoh Prestige Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by divison, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. Rules:
    • At least 2 paragraphs (5 sentences per paragraph)
    • no fake Pokemon
    • Post in here first before you post in the actual RolePlay
    • You don't have to post your Full Pokemon Trainer Info if you don't want to :blush: You can also add pictures for cloths descriptions
    • Turn order, will be posted after people join
    • allowing only 6 people, first come first served, RP will be closed after 6 people join.
    It's now, 8 people. no more people can join!
    Character Info!
    name: Aran Ortiz
    age: 16
    gender: Male
    Eye color: bright grey
    Hair Color and Style : Short, shaggy and forest green
    height: 5"9'
    Clothing: Black Wool Trench coat, International jeans, Black boots and a red pokeball baseball tee shirt.
    Accessories: red orb necklace, Green orange and black backpack.

    anything extra you want to throw in about your character go right ahead!

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  2. This looks cool!

    Name: Destiny 'Flare' Ray
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Eyes: Bright green eyes
    Hair Color and Style: Wavy red hair kept long
    Height: 5'8"
    Clothing: Orange T-shirt with a yellow flame design on it, blue jeans, pink sneakers.
    Accesories: She keeps a blue bag with little flame patterns adorning it slung around her shoulder.

    Extra info
    Her face, neck, collar, and the upper parts of her arms are dotted with freckles.
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  3. Thank you! I hope you have fun in it as well, if you decide to join :blush:
  4. I'll join! When may I post on the roleplay thread?
  5. you posted in here already, so you may post in the thread now :)
    just as long as you follow the rules ! :blush:
  6. Name: Irene Safedale
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Eye Color: Centeral Heterochromia. She has bright blue eyes, but around her iris she has a bright ring of hazel.
    Hair Color: Blonde with natural red hi lights in the sun. Wears it in a bun or ponytail most the time.
    Height: 5"7
    Clothing: Irene dresses in many different ways however she normally wears a pastel blue three quarter shirt with white jeans and brown boots beneath the jeans. She also has a beige shoulder bag that never seems to carry as much as she does.
    Accessories: Irene wears a light blue and white feather on a necklace all the time. Sometimes, when it's raining, she also wears a long black raincoat.
    Identifying Marks: Irene has the Team Flare insignia on the back of her neck, right where her spine meets her neck. It's a permanent mark of her horrible past and her most regretted moments.

    May I join per chance?
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  7. Forgot to post here first sorry! new to the site. Lemme just do this real quick haha

    Character Info!
    name: Robert O'Connor
    age: 17
    gender: Male
    Eye color: bright blue
    Hair Color and Style: Dark brown, and long with a sort of messy untamed style
    height: 5"9'
    Clothing: white t shirt, with a blue flannel over it. Light blue faded jeans and dirty white sneakers
    Accessories: one strap red backpack
    Extra: outline of a pikachu tail tattood on his left wrist
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  8. Oh yes espe, my brother told me you'd be joining yes go on please join up.
    so far its 4 of us. so 2 more.

    take your time my friend.
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  9. Character Info!
    name: Crystal Crime
    age: 16
    gender: Female
    Eye color: Aqua blue
    Hair Color and Style : long and silky pale blond; is usually down her back; sometimes she places a black head band on
    height: 5"4
    Clothing: Black skinny jeans with a lacy white blouse, as well as brown combat boots.
    Accessories: chain necklace with "dog tag" (the ones on dog collars, not military) with inspirational messages printed on them.
  10. You can join in whenever you'd like.

    I'm going to delete my 2nd post once Espe and Lady reply to the thread
    and repost it.

    and the order is.
    so far
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  11. I'm a quick writer lol.
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  12. I see. :blush:
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  13. Hi! :) Your thread looks really cool, so I hope you don't mind that I want to join.

    Name: Mika Tsukino
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    E/C: Green
    H/C & H/S: Red in two ribboned pigtails
    Height: 5"5
    Clothes: A black and white loose sweater, jean shorts, red Vans
    Accessories: A silver charm bracelet
    Add. Feat.: Freckles

    Attached Files:

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  14. Name: Omega Carvine
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Hometown: Originally Blackthorn City, Johto but currently Blue Bay Town, Bienheureuse Region.
    Height: 6"3'
    Weight: 75kg
    Hair: A shock of white hair interrupted by Ginger strands
    Eyes: Brown flecked with red leading into the pupils
    Clothing: A Maroon hoodie covers a black t-shirt with a logo for a roller-skate company ( don't judge I skate in real life XD) and black jeans with a belt fastened with a metal belt buckle. Black sneakers with fairly worn down soles and sometimes a black and orange SnapBack hat ( see Cincinnati Bengals cap for idea).
    Identifying marks: Long half-healed scar along his right leg's thigh caused by a accident with an aegislash when he was younger
    Musculature: Athletic, with elegant fingers for art
    Personality: Quiet, loyal, respectful, mistrusting of certain individuals
    Skills: Art, football, roller skating
    Past: Having a celebrity family was hard for Omega until the day he met his buddy Scorch the cyndaquil. His parents begged him not to leave but Omega decided he had to look after his ex-ace trainer grandmother. His grandmother saw potential in him and gave him Scorch for a promise: to become the league champion!
    Family: David Carvine (Father), Emily Carvine (Mother), Susan Kindstone(Grandmother), Chi Carvine (Grandfather)
    Love relationship: Not a set character but usually a character made by @Kitsune477!
    Scorch the typhlosion:
    Ability: Blaze
    Nature: Serious
    Past: Being given to Omega by his grandmother Susan, he has a strong sense of pride for who he is and will always fight to keep Omega safe. They share a unbreakable bond after the incident in the Lumiose Badlands.
    Pokeball: Pokeball
    Alpha the Gengar:
    Ability: Levitate
    Nature: Jolly
    Past: A lonely ghastly that was caught in the Old Chateau by Omega. He loves tricks and games but took very long to learn to trust humans. Has stayed at Omega's side ever since. Has a gengarite but Omega doesn't have the key stone
    Pokeball: Duskball
    Blitz the electivire:
    Ability: Motor Drive
    Past: Blitz was a Elekid that was found wandering the White Forest. After stealing food from Omega's camp, he was tracked by Omega and stumbled across Blitz helping an injured electabuzz. When the electabuzz was taken to the pokecenter for treatment Blitz let Omega catch him.
    Pokeball: Quickball
    Siren the Milotic:
    Ability: Competitve
    Past: A feebas that was always getting into trouble. Caught by Omega in the Quiet Cave. Always being quite stuck up she started to simmer down after a brutal encounter with a Gyarados. She later evolved and truly lived up to her name.
    Pokeball: Diveball
    Torn the Gliscor:
    Ability: Hyper Cutter
    Nature: Modest
    Past: Originally a Gligar from Route 45 who loves pokepuffs. Always the first one to act upon a problem. Evolved after defeating the Ecrueteak City Gym Leader and has loved his stronger form ever since.
    Pokeball: Duskball
    Swampy the shiny Swampert:
    Ability: Torrent
    Past: A Mudkip given to Omega by May after defeating her. He loves to party and will always be by Omega's side. Has a Swampertite but Omega doesn't have a key stone.
    Pokeball: Pokeball
  15. Hi, is there a chance you cound accept one member more?
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  16. @Blue moon

    I'm sorry I've been out today, okay im allowing you 3 to join but thats it no more. (:
    so go ahead all 3 write your intros. and I'll make the Turn List after.
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  17. Yeah! Thanks a lot!

    Name: Alba Sans
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Eye color: Auburn
    Hair Color and Style: Black, messy, and with curls all over.
    Height: 5'6"
    Clothing: Red hoodie, shorts and boots.
    Accessories: A small leather backpack
    Team: Kirlia, Mawile, Swablu, Vaporeon, Spinda and Flaaffy

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  18. Np, take your time replying to the RP.
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  19. Sorry, I think I'm confused, is that "Np" a No? Just to know if I should add more info to my character.
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  20. No problem haha.
    yes you can add more to your character info. :blush:
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  21. Oh, okay. Thanks!
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  22. So uh did the RP just sorta die out before it really got started....?
  23. waiting on replies to be honest.
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  24. I'll bump people lol

    Who's turn is it next?
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  25. For the ones who never posted before, we can just move on with out them tho. Clearly they don't care lol
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  26. I've been waiting too
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  27. Me... three? Idk XD
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  28. So we have a rather large group still lol that's good
  29. I'm in still! I think.
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  30. Oh, me too! I know my post came up a little bit late but... well, I posted and the RP idea still interests me.
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  31. that's fine I'll move on then, give me an hour or two. currently at work. I'll post the moving on part.
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  33. I'm missing from it.
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  34. Honestly we had no idea if you were still in
    I'll add ya now
  35. Yeah sorry I forgot to say I'm still in. I'm making my post now.
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  36. Coolio.

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