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Private/Closed Sinnoh Nuzlocke Roleplay

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by C65, May 20, 2018.

  1. C65


    Thread can be found here.


    Orpheus a name passed down through legend. That was what was in Luke's mind as he awoke on his way to a place called Twinleaf town. Luke looked to his father and said "Father this Sinnoh place I have heard it was reformed from the last time you completed you adventure here." His father nodded "Yes Luke that is correct a new government has taken over it is disgusting." Luke grinned and when the boat stopped his father had one of his Pokémon surf Luke to the bank of Twinleafand said to him, "Goodbye Luke I know you can win." With that Luke's father returned to his boat and Lukelooked around a few pokeballs in his bag. "Where is this professor with my starter." Luke exclaimed. Luke looked around and headed to Lake Verity where he saw a man there. "Oh hello you must be Luke." The man said and held 4 four pokeballs. "Now I am waiting for the other 4 trainers to arrive so all 5 of you can get your starters.
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  2. John ran towards lab he spent the last few days traveling from Sunnyshore to Twinleaf. He was happy soon his plan to bringing sinnoh to it's former glory he just hoped that he and whatever friends he would make would be able to stop this soulless bloodshed.
    After making it to the lab he heard that the meeting would be at Lake Verity. He let out a breath before he continued his run.
    A little while later he reached the Professor. " Hello sir it's nice to meet you." He said as he smiled at him. He looked at the other trainer and frowned as he felt a cold bitterness from him.
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  3. Kat walking quicker than she had been for the past few days, as she had been journeying from Canalave City to Twinleaf Town. She was slightly nervous about this journey.She didn't like the idea of the bloodshed that her pokemon might experience. But Kat knew she had to complete this journey to help bring Sinnoh back to the way it was. Kat was by no means a fighter, but she knew she had to to change the horrid way set by the government.

    Kat finally had arrived in the small town of Twinleaf. She had hardly ever gone from her home in Canalave so making it here was an accomplishment for her, by herself no less. She asked a few people for directions to the professor's lab. After wandering around the town clueless for awhile, she found the professor's lab. When she saw no one was there, she was slightly confused. "I wonder where the professor is, I was hoping to find him. I guess he isn't home. I was hoping on starting today, but I don't mind waiting." A kind person saw her pacing outside the lab and informed her that the professor was at Lake Verity. Kat thanked the kind man and started walking to the lake.

    Once again, Kat found herself lost and then just decided to get a map from one of the towns people. She found her way over to the Lake and saw the professor standing there with two other people.She bounced and giggled softly "Hello sir! It's a pleasure to meet you! I have been looking forward to becoming a trainer for awhile!" She grinned at the professor and looked around at the other trainers. There was a blonde guy with piercing blue eyes, unlike her own. He had this cold aura surrounding him. She looked and saw another boy, this one with short red hair and hazel eyes. He looked older than she was, and seemed to be a bit more friendly. She was going to speak to the red-head, but something stopped her. She then just decided to wait for the other trainers to arrive so she could get her starter.
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  4. C65


    The professor smiled at the two newcomers. "Welcome you must be John and Kat. We are now waiting on Ezekiel and Michael." The professor held 5 Pokéballs at his waist. "These will be your starters, Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup, Togepi and Mareep." The professor let them out of the pokeballs. "Don't get too eager we have to wait for the other two trainers to arrive before you can pick, but go ahead and play with them if you would like." Luke raised an eyebrow and said "Why would we play with our Pokémon they have to be strong or they would die. Besides I knew which starter I'm taking anyway." The professor sighed and said. "Well Luke I do not think I can influence your thinking, but it is your choice, but please think about showing kindness. It would be a completely different world if Pokémon were not here to help and that requires bonding Luke."
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  5. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Michael woke up groggily, being as devoid of emotion as ever. He remembered to partake in his hygiene for once since he was going to meet other people. Once finished, he just walked out of the door, not even acknowledging his grandma and grandpa, who had prepared an entire breakfast for him. However, he ended up regretting this choice partially, so he grabbed a single piece of toast, which made his grandparents estactic. He went to Lake Verity, mostly to get his starter and admire the lake.
    "So, when are we going to get this over with?" Michael asked the Professor, bored with even being here. He looked at the other people who arrived here, but he quickly looked away.
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  6. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Ezekiel left his house and began heading to Lake Verity, excited to begin his journey. He reached the area and noticed the others had gotten there before him. Luckily it seemed nobody had left, though it made him a bit sad he had to be waited on.

    "Hello there, scholar and gentlemen! And milady," Zeke said while bowing. "I apologize for my late attendance, now scholar I assume it's time to get my first partner?"
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  7. C65


    Luke sneered and said "Ugh why do I have to fraternize with these peasants I'm taking my starter and leaving. Now." Luke picked up the Chimchar and he said "I will name you Infernus it's Latin for fire of hell." The professor looked a little nervous and said "O-ok Luke but take this Pokedex and some poke balls and get an encounter." Luke took the poke balls and pokedex and said "No thanks the Pokémon found here are too weak anyway." Luke adjusted his jackets collar and walked to Route 201. The professor turned to the others. "Ok everyone go ahead and pick a starter."
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  8. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Michael snatched his starter, which was the Egg Pokemon, Togepi. He looked at Togepi long and hard before coming up with a name.
    "Spike, perfect," He blurted out emotionlessly, as he walked behind Luke. He didn't like his attitude so he decided to talk about.
    "Hey you, don't walk around like you're better than everyone else here, because in reality, you are likely the lowest piece of dirt out of this entire group," Michael sneered at Luke before walking away, effectively having the last word.
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  9. C65


    Luke listened to Michaels words and chuckled to himself and looked to Infernus. "That pathetic weakling has no idea who he is talking to." As Luke was walking in the grass of Route 201 a Sewaddle appeared. "Hmm a grass type it should be good for Oreburgh city's gym ok Infernus weaken it down." The Chimchar looked a little scared of the Pokémon which annoyed Luke. "Really just use scratch oh never mind." Luke threw a pokeball and caught the Sewaddle and turned to the Chimchar. "Come on we are going to train remember just attack and attack." Luke continues walking and training Infernus. Luke then thought of a nickname for the Sewaddle. "How about Shinobi after the word for ninja as you will become a Leavanny you will be like a ninja."
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  10. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    After Michael finished indulging in conversation with the inferior lifeforms known as Jake, he decided to grow his forces by catching another Pokemon. He walked around looking for a new asset to his forces. His efforts were rewarded when a Psyduck appeared.
    "Hmm, good, Spike, use Metronome," He sent out his Pokemon and commanded it to attack. Spike waved his tiny arm to yield a move to use. The move used was Tackle, and it did decent damage. The Psyduck responded with water gun, which did mediocre damage to the Togepi, but Spike was able to stay alive.
    "Do it again..." Michael replied despondently, disapointed that the move didn't weaken it to enough to capture it. Spike obeyed, this time getting Rock Throw. It did less damage than tackle, but it did weaken the Psyduck enough to be captured. The albino effortlessly threw the Pokeball at the water type, the ball shook three times before the capture was secured. Michael shrugged before grabbing the ball and giving a nickname.
    "Posiden," Once that was done, he continued on his way to Oreburg City for the gym.
  11. John looked at the turtwig. it looked back at him both smiled as the turtwig jumped into his arms and licked his nose. " It's nice to meet you I'm John." He said. " What's your name?" He said.

    " Turtwig." It said. John looked underneath it learning that it was a she. " How about Terra." He said. Terra nodded. He smiled at the professor. "Thank you for choosing me as one of the five." He said.
  12. C65


    The professor smiled and said "Of course I chose 4 trainers originally but a friend of mine had a son who wanted to start a journey, so I invited him too." The professor smiled and gave him poke balls "Here you go you might want to get your encounter here unlike the other trainer who didn't."
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