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Private/Closed Sinnoh League tournament

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Jagson, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. Character Bio's and OOC chatter goes here. http://pokecharms.com/threads/sinnoh-league-tournament-disscussion.14394/
    David Winters Formally known as Drew Leuric walked towards the registration building. To his right was his Pokémon Partner the loving yet ever rebellious Gardevouir Tess. To his right was his human International Defense Force Partner the somewhat mysterious Sam Pinale.
    David walked into the building. " Yes." He said to the registration clerk. "I'm here to register for the tournament." He showed the Clerk his badges.
    " Good luck." The Clerk said. as he approved David for the tournament.
    "And you sir." The Clerk said to Sam.
    "I'd also like to Register." Sam gave the man his ID.
    " Good luck." The Clerk said.
    Both David and Sam walk towards the exit. and watched as other contestants made their way to the registration building.
  2. Jack Devlin and his Sister Jess Devlin walked into the Building and looked at the Clerk
    "Would you like to Register?" The Clerk asked as Jack and Jess walked closer
    "Yes" They both said
    They gave the Clerk their IDs and looked at their Two Pokemon that entered the Building
    "You guys done yet?" Jacks Lucario asked as He Nudged Jacks arm
    "Yes, Lets go" Jack said as he Walked out of the Building with Jess and her Heracross
    All four of them walked out and saw two People, Jess ran to the Person and said "Hello, My name is Jess, Whats yours?"
  3. Darcy walked into the main reception "Wow now this is grand" he says while walking in
    "are you here to register for the tournament?' the clerk asked him
    "you sure know it i am" Darcy said handing the clerk his trainer card
    The clerk handed Darcy his Trainer card back "ok you are the fifth person to register today" she said
    "the fifth man and i thought i was early for once" Darcy paused for a second "so who are the others" he asked
    The clerk pointed over to a group of four people "why don't you ask them your self" she replied
    Darcy turned and started walking towards the group "thanks" he said to the clerk before getting to the group of people "hey guys nice to meet ya, your all in the tournament are ya" Darcy asked them
  4. David put on his best smile as he saw the three people staring at him and Sam. " Nice to meet each of you." He took a step back to get a good look at the three people. " I am David Winters, This here is my partner Sam."
    "Hello." Sam said. " I'm Sam Pinale." Drew saw that Sam first looked at Jess since she was the first to introduce herself. then to the other two. "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." He said to them.
  5. "nice to meet ya David, Sam I'm Darcy" he said returning Davids smile before turning to Jess and Jack Devlin "so what are your names in Darcy" he said trying not to sound awkward
  6. "Im Jack" Jack replied as he Looked as Lucario "Im Lucario!" Jacks Lucario yelled as he put his hand up for a High Five "Yea.... My Lucario can talk" Jack said happily, Being proud of his amazing Pokemon "also this is Heracross!" Jess yelled as she Jumped on to Heracross "HERACROSS!" Heracross yelled as it threw its arms up "Jess is a Fighting Type trainer but.... For the League she wanted to use different Types" Jack said as he Looked at Jess who was very Happy
  7. "That's a good thing." David said looking at Tess. "You don't want someone to figure out your weakness and exploit it." Before he could say anything else Tess stood infront of him and looked at Lucario.
    "So you can talk huh." Tess said telepathically to Lucario.
  8. Darcy gave the lucario a high five "wow now that's one sweet lucario my friend can't wait to see it in battle" Darcy then turned to Jess "you and your Herracross have got some awesome moves there i might have to be careful if i go up against you" Darcy said "here's my partner" Darcy said taking a pokeball of his belt "come on out Blaze!" Darcy yelled as a rush of flames came bursting out of the pokeball and beside Darcy appeared an Infernape "Infernape!!" called the Infernape
  9. Hopping through the trees of Eterna Forest was a Gallade with his trainer running through the pathway below to keep up. "Wait up Zola!", the trainer exclaimed. "Why should I wait for a slow trainer like you?!", the Gallade exclaimed through it's telepathy. "Because I said so!", the trainer yelled back who was almost out of breath. "That's it!", the trainer exclaimed before sending out another Pokemon. "Come on, I was just trying to have some fun.", the Gallade as he suddenly stopped on one of the branches when a Pokemon appeared in front of him.

    "Brother, do you not feel any shame for embarrasing our kind like that?!", the Gardevoir stated placing her hands on her hips. "You are the prince of a Voirade Forest and this is how you act. Disgusting! If only mother and father were alive to see this.", the Gardevoir stated. "Sorry sis, I was just trying to have some fun with the human.", Zola said stretching his arms out.

    "It wasn't funny!", Riley exclaimed, out of breath due to the chasing. Zola looked down smirking at Riley before being smacked by his sister. "Ow, what was that for?!", exclaimed Zola. "Now we must go, I can't stay here for long, I only came to wish you BOTH, good luck.", she said emphasizing "both."

    "Thanks your majesty.", Riley said as they both landed in front of him. "Now both of you grab my hands so we can teleport to the registration area.", she said. Riley and Zola grabbed Gardevoir's hands and were then teleported away.
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  10. "Well yes i can!" Lucario yelled as he looked at the Gardevoir "So what do we do now?" Jess asked as he Jumped of her Heracross "Yea, Are we meant to go somewhere or do something?" Lucario asked as he scratched his head "So david, Do you kniow what we do now?" Jack asked, Still wondering
  11. "Holy... Well what an entrance for the Johto League winner!", the clerk exclaimed. Riley smirked. "Well, what can you say, I always come in style.", Riley stated. "Huh, not when I kicked your ass.", Zola said snickering. "Enough is enough!", the princess exclaimed. Riley rolled his eyes and looked at the clerk. "Did you hear something?", he asked. "Uh, no. All I heard were your Gallade and Gardevoir's cries.", the clerk said. "Good. Anyways, am I all set?", Riley asked with a slight smirk. "Ignorant human, I'll make him hear more than that once I...", was all Zola said before he was smacked again by the princess. "Yes, you're good to go. I suggest you keep your Pokemon from fighting each other if you want to win another tournament.", the clerk said chuckling. "Nah, it's alright. Just some family issues.", he said before walking away.

    "Come on you two. Don't you want to meet your competitors... If their any at all.", Riley said snickering as he walked forward to notice another group of trainers with their Pokemon, including a familiar Gardevoir. "Huh, guess there are some more humans here after all.", Gallade said staring intently at the group trying to study them. "Never mind that, look it is another Gardevoir.", the princess stated. "Tess?!", Riley exclaimed.
  12. Aspen walked in. She was followed by her Gallade, Blade, her Typhlosion, Ashley, her Glaceon, Freeze, her Empoleon, Arctic, and her Houndoom, Kaylin. Aspen went up to the desk guy and registered. Blade looked at the other Gardevoir and Gallade. "Huh," He said, speaking telepathically to Aspen, "Guess I'm not the only one." Aspen grinned.
  13. " Well." David said. " The tournament should start tomorrow." David said as he leaned against a wall. 'Though something big and destructive usually happens before hand.' he thought as he looked at them. 'Hopefully not this time.'
    David and Tess both cocked their heads as they saw Riley with a Gallade and Gardivour walking towards them.
    'Shit.' David said under his breath.
    " Excuse me." Tess said telepathically to Riley. " I am the duchess of the petelburg Ralts kingdom." She said hamming it. " Do you really think my name would be so Trivial as Tess. or do all of us Gardivours look the same to you."
  14. Darcy was looking around the room "agh I can't wait any longer" he yelled out "hey David ive got an idea" Darcy said turning to David "how about a bit of an exabition match you verse me one Pokemon each what do you say" Darcy said trying his hardest to convince him
  15. David grinned a little bit. " Sure let's do this."
    " Be careful David." Sam said looking at Drew. " And Good luck."
    David walked into the an open area.
    " Alright send out your pokemon." David said.
    "Come on Steven!" She said as she made her way to the registration office. Pula her ever loyal and Loving Politoed hung on her neck all the way there.
    " I'm Coming." Steven said. He was definitely not built like his sister when it comes to long runs.
    "Yes I'd like to register." She said.
    The clerk took care of it.
    "Thank you." She said. She looked and saw that a battle might be happening soon.
  16. "Ok let's do this"Darcy yelled "come on out sharpwing" a flash of light came from Darcys pokeball as a crobat appeared out of the light "ok now your turn whose up David?" Darcy yells
  17. "Your honor.", Zola stated immediately bowing to Tess. "Foolish brother.", the princess thought to herself immediately noticing that Tess was lying but didn't bother to say anything so she could her brother make a fool of himself. "I could've sworn it. Never mind. Let's go watch the match you two.", Riley said motioning Zola and the princess to follow him. Zola's eyes were glued to Tess as he followed Riley. "What's wrong brother?", the princess asked snickering. "I'm studying her. That's all.", Zola stated in his most serious tone. "Whatever you say.", the princess said as she turned to watch the match.
  18. "Go Electra." Drew said as he threw a pokeball. The flash came from his the ball as an Electavire. " Use light screen." David said.
    Electra looked at him and shook her head. A shield of light appeared over her for a few seconds and disappeared.
    Tess put her hand over her mouth. ' What an idiot.' she thought as she looked at the Gallade. She then looked at the other Gardivour and knew she wasn't going to fall for her bullshit.
  19. "Light screen really nice try but that's not going to help you in the slightest let's go crobat sludge bomb!" Crobat shoots a ball of purple acid towards Electra "don't think the light screen will do anything to stop the move my crobat has the ability infiltrator which lets it by pass your light screen" Darcy says at crobat attacks
  20. 'Well.' David thought. ' guess that was kind of a waste. Electra took the sludge bomb luckily not being poisoned by it. " Thunder." David said.
    Electricity flowed through Electra into the sky. a few seconds later it came down straight towards Crobat.
  21. Aspen walked over to the group. "Hey, Riley!" She called, "Remember me? From Hoenn?" Ashley nodded at the other Trainer, remembering how strong he was. Gen did the same. Kaylin and the rest didn't know the other challenger.
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  22. "Hey sis, if she's the dutchess of whatever kingdom she said, shouldn't I have met her already?", Zola asked. Gardevoir snickered as she came up with a devious plan. "Oh you met her alright, for the mating festival, but you turned her down.", she stated holding back her laughter. "I did what?!", exclaimed Zola completely shocked. "Yes, little brother. Don't you remember saying you were too perfect for any bride?", she said still trying to contain her laughter. "Did I say that?", Zola thought himself as he tried to remember. "How did he fall for that lie as well?", the Gardevoir thought to herself.

    "Can you two keep quiet? Unless you're me or that Gardevoir, no one else can understand you two and I think it can annoy people hearing you two bicker at each other.", Riley stated. "Show some respect!", Zola exclaimed. "She's not just some Gardevoir, she's the dutchess of whatever she said!", Zola exclaimed. Gardevoir couldn't hold back her laughter anymore and started to laugh. "Do you not have any respect either sister?!", Zola exclaimed.
  23. Blade looked at the other Pokemon curiously. "What the heck...?" He muttered. Aspen looked at him.
    "Something up?" She asked.
    "You could say that..."
    "What're they saying?"
    "Nothing that makes any sense, mostly just a lot of arguing," The Gallade facepalmed. Aspen tilted her head at him, then shrugged.
    "All-righty then. Hey, Riley! You deaf or something?" She called to him again.
  24. (Tess)
    Tess could barley hold back her laughter. She looked at the other Gardivour opening up a private conversation with her.
    " Your brother's really gullible you know that." She snickered a little bit. " Sorry about lying but me and Drew." She said motioning her head towards David. " Have to keep our identities a secret especially from those who knew us back when we were Tess and Drew."
  25. "Oh, hey Aspen! It's been awhile.", he said noticing the girl. "Sorry about that, but these two here have distracting me.", he said as Gardevoir continued laughing with Zola trying to figure out why.

    Gardevoir started to stop laughing once she recieved the private conversation from Tess. "Yes he is!", she said still laughing a bit. "I understand about keeping your identities safe. I will not say a word.", she stated nodding at Tess.

    Zola noticed this nod and looked at his sister, then at Tess. "Hey! What are you doing?!", Zola exclaimed. "Nothing, just saying saying how much you love her, that's all.", she said snickering. Zola looked stunned.

    "You-you're a monster.", he said coldly. All of a sudden, his right blade started to turn purple and he swung at the princess. The princess immediately reacted and used psychic to stop it. "You're still weak brother.", she said snickering. Riley looked back to see the scene and shook his head.
  26. Aspen laughed. "New additions to your team, eh? Same here. Meet Freeze, Arctic, Kaylin, and, of course, Blade," She said, and motioned to each Pokemon in turn. Blade nodded, then focused his attention on the Gardevoir and Gallade again. He walked over to the group.
    "What's up?" He asked, though to anyone other than the Pokemon heard, it sounded like him just saying his name.
  27. (Tess)
    Tess laughed a little. " Belive me." She said in her private link with Princess. " I prefer Gengars to Gallade's. That's what my mate is anyways." She thought about her Nightmare how he kept her warm when they were able to see each other. How little Helo might look like her he deffinently will have Nightmare's charm.
    " Though if you want me to mess with him I gladly will." She said with a sinister smile on her face. She then looked at the other Gallade. " Hello there." She said. She went back to her fake royalty accent. " I'm the Duchess of the petalburge Ralts kingdom."
  28. Zola noticed Blade and quickly put down his arm blade. "My apologies.", he stated. "It is an honor to meet you.", the princess stated as she put down her guard.
  29. Blade looked the Gardevoir up and down. "I'm sure you are," He said with an edge of sarcasm. Not much, but he wanted to see if she could see it. "I'm Blade. I came with Aspen over there," He motioned over to his Trainer, "to hopefully win this thing. I'm assuming it's the same with all of you?"
  30. "Of course, you may do as you as you please with him. Countless times he has rejected other for not being good enough for him and now he should learn how it feels to be rejected.", she told Tess still snickering.
  31. "Crobat dodge the attack!" Darcy yells as crobat moves out of the way "great now go Air cutter!" crobat moves its wings through the air sending sharp winds towards the electavire
  32. Entering the registration hall, Joe Whitman was prepared to march in there and register when he felt something tug from behind him and he fell backwards, he turned to see his brother standing behind him, smiling. "What was that for?" he asked, and his brother, Alex pointed behind Joe. Joe turned, and saw the massive winds caused by the Crobat "oh..."

    He walked carefully around the battle and to the registration desk "Alex and Joe whitman" his brother said, and the two showed their trainer IDs. He turned to look at the battle, familiar faces and new ones filled the room "This will be fun" he said, smiling
  33. Electra took the attack as it barley affected her. "Alright." David said. He took his eyes off the battle for a few seconds to see Tess walking up to one of the Gallades 'What the hell?' He thought when he saw that. " Thunder punch." David said. and don't stop until you hit it. Both of Electra's hands where filled with electricity as she ran towards the Crobat. She jumped in the air as she threw one of her punches at the Crobat.
    Tess got behind Zola. " Hey sexy." She said whispering it into the Gallade's ear. She gently put her arm across the Gallade's torso.
  34. Zola literally froze when he heard Tess. Not only did he not know what to do, but his sister was right there which made it even more embarrassing to do anything. "Hell-Hello, who's there?", he stuttered out. The princess was snickering. Riley turned around to see what was happening. "What is going here? I though Zola was single?!", Riley exclaimed. "Oh my Arceus, a dumb trainer and a dumb brother! How can this get any better?!", the princess thought to herself.
  35. Crobat skillfully dodged the first punch but was hit by the second "Crobat you alright" Darcy yelled worried for his Pokemon crobat got of the ground and started trying to fly again "agh that's it crobat use roost then Sludge bomb!" crobat started replenishing its health by eating its feathers (although it doesn't have any its the move description) and then launches a ball of acid towards electravire
  36. Aspen laughed. "Blade, do you think you have a shot or something?" She called over to the Gallade jokingly. Blade looked over at his Trainer. "If you're assuming that I'm flirting or something, then you're...wrong!" He told her. Why can't I think of anything good? As in, ever?
  37. Electra Dodged it this time. "Alright." David said. " Use discharge." a wave electricity came from Electra. Drew could feel it's power.
    Tess continued to try and seduce Zola. " How about the two of us leave these trainers for a bit and have some fun." She whispered to him as she pressed her chest against Zola's back.
    Chloe walked over to the battle. She saw that there was a battle going on between a Crobat and an Electivire. She looked at the electivire's trainer. She remembered seeing back in Heonn though she couldn't place his name. She then turned her attention to the bystanders and saw Riley. She smiled slightly as she walked over to him. She sat down right beside him not saying anything.
  38. Rose smiled to her herself sardonically as she entered the registration hall, walking in tandem with the bounces of her lopunny partner, Mimi. Eight gym badges. Rose had possessed the qualifications necessary to enter the Sinnoh League for years, but never had she been able to enter the tournament before. Since completing her first journey, she had been too busy working for Team Terra to think about anything except from catching low-level crooks.

    But not today.

    Today, she was just another trainer, here to try her luck out in the Sinnoh League. Not Rosalia Lunelini, esteemed Team Terra agent, and vigilante extraordinaire.

    "Scuse me, I'm here to enter the Sinnoh League," she muttered gruffly to the receptionist, handing over her badge case.
  39. Zola was blushing now. He took a quick glimpse at his sister who was now covering her mouth with her hands to keep herself from laughing. He didn't know if this was his sister's doing or if Tess was being for real. "Um, we just met. Don't you think it's a bit early for that?", he said trying to come up with something.

    "Princess, what are they saying.", Riley asked. "Oh nothing. They're just getting ready to have some fun. If you know what I mean? I can explain it. When a Gallade and Gardevoir come together...", she said snickering. "What do you... You know what, don't tell me. I don't need to know how it works for your kind.", he said as he turned his head back to the battle only to notice someone sitting right next to him.

    Riley slightly grinned when he recognized Chloe. "Hey, when did you get here? I'm not complaining, but you always find ways to suprise me.", he said playfully looking at her.
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  40. Aspen raised a brow. Blade sighed. "You really don't want to know..."
    Aspen lifted her other brow. "I didn't say I did, thank you very much."

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