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Ask to Join Sinnoh League Regional Tournament

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by PyroGaleZX, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. Sign-Ups: [CLOSED]
    It's once again that time when the Sinnoh League hosts it's Regional Championship to see who may be strong enough to challenge the Elite Four. Trainers from around the world have gathered at the shot to become a Regional Sinnoh League Tournament Champion.

    Trainers gathered in front of the stadium in a large crowd, some came to participate while others came to watch the spectacular event.

    "We're almost at Lily of the Valley Island," Lyra commented, leaning against the rail as the cool breeze and warm sun made for a perfect day.

    "Yeah, this year's Sinnoh League is going to be out of this world." Landon smiled as he took a stance that made him look both determined, and a little cocky. At his leg a small Pokemon tugged at his sock. It was Zippy, Landon's Togedemaru. Landon knelt down and picked up the small Pokemon in his arms as the ship reached the dock. Landon and Lyra both got off the ship and began looking around at all of the trainers and Pokemon.

    "Everyone looks much more determined to win this year," Lyra commented taking Zippy from Landon.

    "Yeah well, they'll just make great opponents for me to beat!" Landon declared. Lyra laughed a little before grabbing his shoulder, snapping him back to reality.

    "Yeah well, you won't get to battle them if you don't register," Lyra stated as she began pushing him towards registration.
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  2. Brief was resting under a shady spot under a tree as he waited for the league to start looking at all the people that had came to either take part or watch the tournament. That is when he noticed a girl pushing a overexcited boy in the direction of the registration area, "Wait is that it can't be..." Brief said out loud to himself. His eyes widening as he recognized the pair it was Landon his old traveling companion and his girlfriend Lyra. Quickly getting up he made towards the registration area it took awhile to get pass all the other excited trainers when he finally made it there he spotted Landon getting ready to register for the tournament. "Landon, Lyra long time no see you two how long as it been" Brief said walking up behind the two trainers with a big grin on his face his Minun also giving a wave to them.
  3. Landon shot around to see the trainer with his Minun, he smiled as he quickly recalled some memories of his journey through the Kanto Region, "It's definitely been a while, glad to see you Brief," Landon extended his hand to Brief, "I assume that you're here to compete in the Sinnoh League." Landon guessed, even though the answer was pretty obvious.
  4. Wolf stood in front of the gate to the stadium, looking back at the crowd behind him, and at the line in front of him. A lot of trainers had gathered to take on the challenge, but he would not let that bother him. Wolf took a deep breath and shuffled further, finally reaching the administration clerk.

    "Wolf. Wolf Princeton." He simply said, sliding his Trainer ID across the counter.

    "Very well, good luck trainer!" The clerk enthousiastically said from behind the glass, sliding back the ID with a huge smile.

    Inside, even more trainers had gathered. There was a lot of noise, with each trainer wanting to make their presence known, as well as their Pokémon. Some trainers were having quick battles, others were discussing strategies for the battles that were to come.

    Wolf sat down somewhere a little secluded, and took out a notebook. Written down were the moves he knew his Pokémon could perform, and some strategies he had come up with.
  5. C65


    Luke stood outside the stadium and saw many trainers and scoffed. “None of these weak peasants will come close to matching my might.” Luke saw the line of trainers and groaned “Ugh must this rabble be in my way. No matter I will win regardless so this line of weaklings does not truly have much important to me.” Luke made it to the admission desk and became registered and went to sit down and watch other trainers battle as he held his own pokeball containing his very first Pokemon, his Infernape.
  6. "Landon we have to hurry, you need to register for the league," Lyra commented, pointing towards a clock.

    "Sorry Brief, I gotta get going to register, I'll catch up with you later!" Landon commented as he and Lyra left to get registered. The two approached the building and saw the line of trainers preparing to register. "There sure are a lot of people preparing to register," Landon commented before seeing an Infernape with a trainer. "Is that?" Landon slowly began walking towards the trainer. Zippy leaped from Lyra's arms and onto Landon's shoulder as he approached the trainer. "Excuse me," he tapped the guy on the shoulder, quickly realizing it wasn't who he thought it was, "Oh, sorry, I thought you were someone else, my name's Landon, are your competing in the Sinnoh League?"
  7. C65


    Luke looked at the trainer with an icy glare. “Of course I am commoner and I will win and no simple ill-bred trainer can even fathom my might.” Luke adjusted his spiky blond hair and Infernus glared at the Togedemaru. “You don’t even deserve to know my name. I assume you are in the tournament since you asked me, yes. Even so, you are not even dressed for a tournament what kind of outfit are you wearing. Now unless you would like to test my patience, I suggest you leave my presence.” Luke’s icy eyes looked at Landon with arrogance.
  8. Zippy fell off of Landon's shoulder and onto it's back at the Infernape's glare. Landon took the insult and did not give an immediate response. Landon picked up Zippy and faced the trainer with a steady stare, "What gives you the right to decide the strength of another trainer," he spoke, before turning and returning to the line for registration.

    "Who was that?" Lyra asked. "No one," Landon replied as he clenched his fists. The two waited until finally reaching the front of the line where Landon handed over his Badges and Pokedex. Within a minute Landon was registered and given a Room Key. Landon and Lyra thanked the receptionist and returned to the lobby.
  9. A short girl with a Leavanny beside her walked up towards the reception line, one of her eyes opening and shutting oddly every minute or so. The Leavanny seemed to comfort her, placing one of it's leaf-covered hands onto her shoulder. The girl gave the Leavanny a glance, quickly running a hand through her messy hair as she twitched a bit. She was nervous, anyone could tell. Her eyes darted to all the other trainers, spotting a guy and a girl walking off, a spiky-haired man with a intimidating-looking Infernape, and another guy sitting on a bench. They all looked so..confident. It was so new to her, as this was nothing like the coordinator's contests she was used to.

    " Ma'am? "

    The girl didn't notice that she was already up, and trainers were waiting behind her with alarmingly annoyed looks. She quickly mumbled a sorry, before pulling out her Trainer ID, and all 8 badges she had collected during her judging time. The clerk then asked for her name, and Mathilda stuttered a bit before giving the clerk her name.

    " Mathilda De'Grace, sir. "

    The clerk gave her a nod, before giving her a key to a room. She thanked him, before her Leavanny led her away from the line of trainers that had been waiting behind her. She let out a sigh, her eye beginning it's weird twitch again as she went to go sit down by one of the trees that was around the area. Her Leavanny began to look around, as her trainer began planning what she was to do now that she had been accepted into the league. She ran a hand down her face, her hand shaky as she let out a bit of stress.

    " Leavan.. "

    Her Leavanny then moved away a bit from her trainer, to give her a bit of space. The Leavanny then looked around, a spark of wonder in it's large, red, bug-like eyes.
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  10. “Hurry, hurry, hurry! We can’t be late for sign ups!”

    Beyond the Sinnoh League Gates, two figures were mad dashing towards the entrance of the League. The figures were revealed when they were closer: A boy with puffy brown hair, and a Prinplup railing behind. Both seemed to be conversing with each other...maybe conversing wasn’t the right word.

    Crash! The boy and his Prinplup raced through the doors, only to find the long line of trainers waiting at the registration line. The boy stomped his foot consecutively, stomping faster and faster with each second, until the boy popped and yelled at his penguin partner.

    “It’s your fault we got into this mess, when we could have been so much further in the line, or at least out of here, maybe training! You just HAD to show off Prinplup, didn’t you?! We’ve wasted a few minutes if it wasn’t for your inflated ego you blue bag of-“ The boy’s face was a fuming red, you could almost see steam from his ears. The Prinplup turned away not acknowledging anything the boy said.

    The boy sighed. “It’s no use. This was bound to happen between us, wasn’t it?” The Prinplup nodded in agreement, which made the boy more furious. “And you could have avoided it! Return, Prinplup.”

    The line luckily grew shorter, to the point where the boy could finally register. The clerk at the counter asked for his name. “Plus Davis.” The clerk then took his Pokédex and Trainer ID, soon heading it back.

    “You are all set, Mr. Davis.” Plus thanked the accountant, and walked out of the registration center with his new room key. “Room 117, huh. My first Pokemon League, so excited!”
  11. The Leavanny spotted the boy with the puffy brown hair, an excited look coming from the Pokemon as it saw a new face. Rushing over to the tree she rested under, the Pokemon got the attention of his trainer, Mathilda. Waving his arms seemingly excited, Mathilda got up to see what the Pokemon was so happily buzzing about. She then spotted the boy with brown hair, and she twitched.

    " Bunny, it's just another trainer. I know it's been a hot minute since one's come out of the registration center but- "

    " Leavanny! "

    Bunny, the Leavanny, trilled to interrupt his trainer, who in turn let out a bit of a surprised 'ack!'. She then covered her mouth with her hands, so no attention would be attracted to herself and Bunny. This always happened, Bunny becoming excited over the sight of a new face that seemed interesting to her, and causing a scene. And whenever Bunny did this action, it would always be responded to, rather it being herself recieving conversation, or someone from Sinnoh or Kalos gawking over her Leavanny.

    " Bunny, no. "

    " Leav. "

    The Pokemon then arrogantly stuck up his head, his head-piece tilting upwards and making the Pokemon appear a bit bigger compared to his trainer. Mathilda sighed, and her eye twitched again.

    " Bunny, stop itttt... "
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  12. Plus was snapped out of his thoughts when he saw a greenish yellow Pokemon a bit away. “Odd. I’ve never seen a Pokemon like that.” Pulling out his Pokédex, Plus began to try to scan info about the Leavanny. Instead, there was no search result, as the dex found no data.

    “Whoa! That must mean that Pokemon is rare and exotic! I wanna check it out.” The trainer hopped his way over to the Leavanny and his trainer. As he approuched, he began to marvel more and more at the Bug type.

    “Wow! What a cool Pokemon! I’d love to have this on my team!” He completely ignored the trainer for a few seconds, before turning and looking up at her.

    “Pardon me. This must be yours? It’s so cool, what it’s name? What type is it?” Plus began to ask many questions, hopefully not to the point that he was bombarding her with them.
  13. Mathilda was extremely shocked as the trainer practically sprinted over and began to marvel at her Pokemon, asking questions in such a fast pace that she couldn't understand some of the things she was being asked. Her Leavanny, however, was appreciating the attention, lowering his head so the the trainer could marvel at the leaf-woven armor that covered it's body. Bunny's red eyes sparkled with delight, much different than the girl who was a bit over-stimulated, frozen for a good bit before she regained her posture.

    " T-This is Bunny...W-Wait! That's just his nickname, oh, geez.. "

    The girl had began to stutter as she introduced Bunny, who failed to acknowledge his trainer's growing nervousness. Her eye twitched, and she shook a bit before trying to answer the guy with the black cloak and puffy hair. She cleared her voice, before beginning to answer.

    " This is my Leavanny, Bunny. Leavanny is a grass and bug type Pokemon, a-and L-Leavanny live in forests, and they are very p-parental and use their cutters and a sticky silk they produce to create clothing made of leaves for small Pokemon. Like Sewaddle and Swadloon, it's pre-evolutions. "

    Mathilda stuttered a bit still, but she ended off actually finishing the sentence without messing up or quitting all-together. Her eye twitched a bit more and she rubbed her arm a bit after finishing up, hoping that the information that she gave answered the other trainer's questions about her Pokemon.
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  14. C65


    Luke got up and realized he never got his room key. Luke walked to the desk, Infernus following him. “Excuse me I never received my room key.” The receptionist handed him the key and he walked off not without shooting a glare. “Imbecile, whatever more shame on me for not realizing sooner.” Luke saw a very short trainer and an energetic trainer and scoffed. “This is the other competition what a waste of time, I expected more, but if I wish to challenge the Pokemon League’s elite four and champion.” Luke started to walk away from the two.
  15. Plus settled down for bit, and looked over to the girl once again. “That’s right, I never got your name. If we’re going to be competing in the League, it’s nice to know some people. I’m Plus, and this-“

    Plus took out a small pokeball. Pressing the button, it expanded and a Prinplup popped out. “-is my right hand partner, Prinplup.” Prinplup puffed out his chest, that was natural of him. Plus sighed, and Prinplup yawned. “I guess somebody is a bit tired. Anyway, your name?”
  16. Mathilda looked towards the blue penguin Pokemon as it was released from it's Pokeball, marveling at the Pokemon before turning her attention to the guy. Plus, as he introduced himself as. She laughed a bit as she realized that she had just started rambling about her Pokemon, and hadn't talked about herself.

    " My name is Mathilda De'Grace. Call me Mathilda, if you will. And, you already know Bunny. "

    Bunny then returned to his owner's side, in a graceful manner, to give himself a regal appearance. Mathilda laughed again at this, and she was happy to at least know one person here. It eased her feeling of anxiety she had just had, but, her twitching continued, her eye twitching as it had. However, she had stopped stealing glances away from Plus as she spoke. It was relieving, she could give it that.
  17. It had been a little bit of a wait, but Robin had finally made it to the front of the line for registration. Normally, the swordsman's Plusle, Cherry, would cling to Robin's shoulder to accompany him, but the loudness of the room had began to make her a little anxious so Robin returned her to her Pokeball.
    "Hello!" Robin said plesantly. His backpack flanked slightly as he leaned against the registration counter. The secretary looked at him suspiciously before responding with a cautious, "Hello."
    Robin looked at the secretary expectantly, who was also looking back at him with the same look. After a few moments, she held out her hand.
    "Your trainer ID, please." She said.
    "Oh, right!" Robin exclaimed, rummaging through his pockets. After a moment, he slid his ID over to the lady. She looked at it closely for a moment, before looking up.
    "Your last name isn't here." She said.
    "It's, eh, Deux." Robin said.
    "Doe?" The secretary asked, writing it down.
    "No, Deux. D-E-U-X. Kalosian." Robin said. Okay, so the Kalosian part was a lie. Who cared? The lady looked at him suspiciously before slowly handing back his trainer card.

    "You do know there's a rule against having weapons on the premises." The lady said. But before Robin could respond, a young man cut his way in front of the swordsman, claiming he didn't have a room key. The secretary gave him one and he walked off, saying something about imbeciles. Robin sighed and turned his attention back to the desk.
    "I was not aware that there was a rule against weapons on the premises." Robin said slowly. The lady shook her head, looking a little upset about being called an imbecile.
    "Well, there is."
    "Why is there a rule against weapons when people are carrying literal dragons in their pockets?" Robin asked, a little upset. He had used his sword since he was a kid, and never parted with it. It seemed like the times he did occasionally part with his blade, he really needed it. The lady shook her head.
    "That doesn't matter. Rules are rules." The lady said. Robin sighed.
    "If I tied the blade to the sheath so it wouldn't open, would that be okay?" Robin asked. The woman considered it for a moment, then nodded.
    "I guess that would be okay." With that, the secretary handed Robin a room key.
    "Thank you." Robin said, giving a slight bow. Adjusting his large backpack and sheathed ninjato, the blue haired swordsman walked out of the registration center. He needed some air.
  18. Wolf noticed the area getting more and more crowded, but he remained seated on his bench, anxiously waiting for her to appear. He looked back down at his notepad one last time, before being interrupted by a familiar voice in the distance.

    "Will you step aside for the love of Arceus." Helena proclaimed, adjusting her dress after finally having made her way through the crowd. She waltzed her way over to Wolf, her bright red hair waving with the breeze.

    "I see you made it." Wolf smiled, standing up to give her a hug. "Did you pick up the keys?" He asked.

    Without replying, Helena held up two room keys and motioned for Wolf to follow her. While the two made their way to their rooms, Wolf was lost in thought. The training he did before the challenge with Elias, Helena's brother, had left an impression on him. Never before had he seen a trainer with such strength in battle, not even Grimsley or Iris back in Unova.


    "Ace, use Dragon Claw, finish him off!" Wolf shouted, pointing at the opposing Rhyperior.

    Wolf was determined this move would finish the battle, until Elias responded with a simple chuckle. "Rhyperior, you know what to do." He simply said, to which the Rhyperior jumped up, and landed back down head first, drilling itself into the ground. After the dust and smoke had settled, Haxorus was left with no target. It was quiet, almost too quiet. Ace calmly scanned the area, focusing on the vibrations underground. Suddenly, the Rhyperior jumped up from behind Ace, and struck it with a Stone Edge, fainting the Dragon-type.


    "Wolf, did you hear what I said?" Helena asked, helping him pop out of the bubble he was in. "We're here." She repeated, opening the door to his room, revealing the rather small room with a single bed and a simple closet. "You can continue dreaming here." She joked, leaving him to rest before disappearing in her own room that was right next to his.
  19. Stepping outside the building, Robin stretched his arms to the sky. There were a few trainers lounging about outside. A girl with a Leavanny was sitting under a tree talking to a boy with a Prinplup. Robin also noticed the arrogant boy that had demanded his room key walking about as well. Overall, there was quite a relaxed air about the area. Finding a grassy spot, Robin took off his backpack and set it down, then leaned his sword against the backpack. Taking an apple out of his pack, the swordsman leaned against his backpack and took a bite. It had been a while since he had slept in an actual bed. That would be nice.

    There was a slight flash, and a Gallade teleported next to Robin. Glancing up, the trainer smiled.
    "Hey, Q. 'Bout time you showed up." Robin said. The Gallade sat down cross-legged next to his trainer, crossing his arms as well. He was looking at his trainer expectantly. Robin took another bite of his apple, considering Q's gaze.
    "Nah, not now." Robin said lazily. "Maybe after I'm done with my apple."
    The Gallade looked slightly disappointed.
  20. "Looks like everyone's getting ready for the big event," Lyra commented. Landon nodded as the two approached a large center. "They do Pokemon transfers for trainers here right?" Lyra asked. Landon nodded silently as the words of that last trainer stayed in his mind. Landon and Lyra approached a nearby phone where Landon called Professor Rowan.

    "Hello Landon, so you are prepared for this years Sinnoh League?" Rowan asked as he picked up the call. Landon nodded and listed off three Pokemon that he would like to have sent to him. Rowan agreed and not long after Landon had the Pokemon he requested. Rowan wished him luck and Landon left to do some training.

    "So which Pokemon did you bring over," Lyra asked. Landon smiled as he held four Pokeballs.

    "You'll see, alright everyone come out now!" Landon cheered as he threw his Pokeballs into the air. The balls burst open revealing a Donphan, a Bronzong, a Lycanroc, and a Blaziken. Zippy leaped off of Landon's shoulder and joined the group of Pokemon. "It's great to see you guys again!" Landon smiled but was immediately startled as the Donphan began charging at him happily, "Ellie, you're not a Phanpy any more!" he shouted as the Donphan slammed into him throwing him to the ground.

    "Landon, are you okay?" Lyra asked offering her hand.

    "Yeah, I'm fine," Landon laughed as Lyra helped him up. Landon began catching his breath but as he placed his hand on his chest he felt something missing, "Where is it!" he shouted.
  21. Alex walked up to the registration area
    and nervously handed over his Trainer ID and showed his gym badges. He had never taken part in such a big tournament, just small community tournaments. Elo, his Manectric, pushed Alex through the line so impatiently he almost forgot his room key. Wandering around aimlessly Alex noticed a good amount of trainers, none of which he recognized from any of his past adventures nor on the TV. Then again, he hadn’t payed much attention to anything other than collecting badges in time for this tournament. “Hey Elo, how far do you think we’ll get?” Alex said as he sat down on a bench by himself. His partner barked a confident sounding response. “I wouldn’t be so sure,” he patted the electric type on the head, feeling the static eminatong from him, “I’m sure there’s lots of better, more experienced trainers here than us. But there’s only one way to find out...”
  22. “Well, it’s nice to meet ya, Mathilda! Say, are you using this Pokemon in the Sinnoh League? I looks really strong...stronger than the rest of my team.” Prinplup smacked Plus, puffing out his chest, and giving a big smirk.

    “Prinplup, I honestly don’t think your the strongest. Your pride kinda gets in your way. We lost two gym battles because of that.” Prinplup huffed, showing off once again. “Yeah, Prinplup is a big showoff. He’s one of the six I’m planning on using the whole way through, no other changes.”

    Plus looked down out his Pokeballs, feeling concerned and worried if his team was strong enough to challenge the opponents here. Except for one team member-he had absolute faith in him.
  23. " It's nice to meet you as well, Plus. "

    Mathilda seemed worried at the trainer's doubt in himself, but Mathilda couldn't say she hadn't felt the same way. But, she had to admit, she was much more doubtful, not in her team, no no, herself. However, the question of if she was planning to use Bunny struck her by surprise.

    " I don't plan on using Bunny in my first maybe..first battle. Bunny is my support team sometimes, he's always there for me. I'll need him to boost my confidence for my first Sinnoh League battle. "

    " However, he will be helping me in battle, for sure. "

    Bunny then trilled, seeming a bit tired. Mathilda understood him, and returned him into his Pokeball, more specifically, a Luxury Ball. She then pulled out a Ultra Ball, and released a Chandelure. The Chandelure's purple flames flowed from side to side, giving them a beautifully mysterious vibe to them. Mathilda happily then introduced the Chandelure.

    " This, however, is one of my main Pokemon, Lunar. A Chandelure from the Kalos region. "

    The Chandelure moved to hover somewhat above the girl, like a sort of guard as she sat on the grass near the large oak tree.
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  24. Robin had just finished his apple when he heard the familiar sound of multiple Pokeballs opening. Looking over, Robin noticed a pair of teens with four pretty powerful-looking Pokemon around him. A Blaziken, a Bronzong, a Lycanroc... Robin didn't recognize the last Pokemon, but from its appearance it looked like either a rock or ground type, or both. Both Robin and Q winced as the elephant-like Pokemon slammed into the blonde haired teen.
    "Oooh, that looked like it hurt..." Robin said. Fortunately, the boy looked okay, and was helped up by a girl Robin assumed was his friend. Upon getting to his feet, however, the boy suddenly looked panicked.
    "Huh..." Robin said, considering if he should approach the pair. "I wonder what's wrong..."
  25. "Landon what is it?" Lyra asked. Landon began searching the ground furiously rubbing his hands along the the grass before feeling something. Landon grabbed the item and pulled up a pink stone held by a string, "It must have fallen off when Ellie hit you."

    "Yeah," Landon sighed with relief as he put the necklace back around his neck. Ellie slowly approached saddened, "It's okay Ellie, you just got a little carried away." Landon rubbed Ellie's head softly as he got up. Ellie smiled as Landon's other Pokemon approached. "Now then, let's get some training in before the opening ceremony!" Landon cheered with his Pokemon.

    "Hey Landon," Lyra tapped his shoulder, "I noticed that at the moment you only have five Pokemon, sure you only need three for the first few rounds but still."

    "I'm just waiting right now," Landon smiled before running to train with his Pokemon.
  26. “Wow! Another cool Pokemon! They must be from a different region!”

    Plus was poking at the Chandelure, looking at it from all sides, staring in awe at the Pokemon. Prinplup was a bit disgruntled, and barked at Plus, stomping around Chandelure as well. “Preu, pru!”

    Prinplup’s trainer sighed. “Prinplup, stop being rude.You don’t need to receive lots of attention wherever we go. You always do this.” Prinplup begged to disagree, but Plus silenced him. Prinplup soon yawned, and sat down.

    “Ya know, I think someone’s a little tired. We should go. It was nice meeting you, Mathilda.” Plus held out his hand, and Prinplup looked away, clearly embarrassed. “Oh, Prinplup. That attitude of yours could cost us the match...”
  27. Mathilda let out a a small sort of laugh at the behavior of the Prinplup, and how it didn't like it's trainer's wonder about her Chandelure. Lunar had moved himself oddly as the boy tried to touch him, and his flames started forming an ombre from a deep purple to a deep ocean blue color, seemingly feeling threatened by the gesture of poking and marveling at him. Mathilda garbbed one of Lunar's metal-appearing limbs, in which it carried one of it's four flames, and sure enough he calmed down.

    As Plus said his goodbye, Mathilda gave a reassuring smile to her fellow trainer. Raising herself from the ground, she picked up her room key and her bag. Lunar also raised himself, floating up in order to match his trainer's small figure.

    " Well, me, Lunar, and my gang better get going too, I wanna get settled in before a bit of training. To at least get in a bit of training before the tournament. "

    " Thanks for the talk, au revoir! "

    She spoke in a bit of a Kalosian accent as she said her goodbye, walking off. Lunar was right behind her, a gave off an odd sounded noise, almost like a low note of a piano. Walking past the Pokemon Redemtion center and to the place they had given trainers to stay while the tournament took place.
  28. As Robin watched, the boy appeared to find what he was looking for.
    "Hey, kudos to you, kid." Robin muttered under his breath. The boy ran off with his Pokemon, no doubt wanting to train them a bit.
    "Lade, lade!" Q said impatiently. Robin sighed, tossing his apple core in the trash.
    "Alright. I've stalled for long enough." Robin said, standing up and grabbing his still sheathed sword. The Gallade jumped to his feet excitedly, standing a few feet away from Robin and activating his arm blades. Robin drew his ninjato from it's sheath, producing a loud SHHHING that echoed through the yard.
    "On guard?" Robin asked Q.
    "Lade!" The Gallade responded, smirking. Then, on an unspoken cue, the two rushed at each other.

    Q took the offensive, pushing his trainer hard with a multitude of rapid slashes. Robin, forced to the defense, did well with blocking and redirecting the Gallade's attacks. It was quite clear that both were very skilled with the blade from the way they were fighting.
  29. C65


    Luke watched some trainer and a gallade train with each other. He whispered to himself “What kind of training is this? Is it training at all, or is it their form of bonding with each other.” Luke watched and then remembered the boy who had dared to approach him. Luke smirked and looked to Infernus and said “I believe some entertainment is in order Infernus. Luke walked with the Infernape and held a different pokeball as he followed the boy.

    Luke found him with another trainer and called out. “Well isn’t this delightful I found you at last. I have yet to battle and long for some sport. Well of course there won’t be much sport in just taking you on by yourself. I suggest a double battle with two of my pokemon I will be using in the first round, not Infernus of course, there would be no fun.”
    Luke threw out a Porygon-Z and a Garchomp. “These two will easily win my first match alone let’s just not waste my time unless you deny my request like cowards. Luke adjusted his jackets collar with an arrogant smile.
  30. Alex saw some of the other trainers go off to train their Pokémon and thought it would be a good idea for him to do as well. Although, he was too nervous to ask any of the competitors for a practice battle so he decided he would have his own Pokémon battle. Alex sent out two of his Pokémon: Hera, his Heracross, and Big T, his Torkoal. Instead of giving either of them specific directions Alex told them to do whatever they need to to beat each other.

    Once they were ready Torkoal took off with a fire spin, engulfing himself in flames and rotating his shell in a way that he could direct himself towards Hera who simply knocked him aside using her horn. Unhappy with the result of his first attack Big T shot a quick ember at the bug Pokémon leaving a small scorch mark. Hera looked at him, slightly annoyed that he hadn’t put up a real fight yet and used Siesmic Toss. Big T was sent flying into the air, to the point where he was barely seeable. On his way back to the ground the Torkoal used fire spin. With gravity as his ally he landed on Hera with such force that when the smoke cleared they were both unconscious.

    Alex returned them both to their pokeballs and looked at his partner. “Well Elo, what do you think? First match?” The Manectric howled in agreement.
  31. Zippy and Ellie quickly stepped forward as Landon tucked his necklace behind his shirt. "Landon, the Opening Ceremony is going to start soon," Lyra whispered.

    "I know," Landon replied as he took two Pokeballs recalling Zippy and Ellie, "As much as I'd like to have a battle, I can't, I don't want to be late for the Opening Ceremony." Landon recalled his other Pokemon before walking to the stadium where the Opening Ceremony was going to be held.
  32. C65


    Luke scoffed. “His cowardice is justified though I am a fool for losing track of the time. Gaia, Tetris return.” Luke put the two Pokémon back into their pokeballs. “Now Infernus would you like to be the first pokemon in the battle?” The Infernape gave a happy but malicious cry. “Excellent this first battle will be nothing, but entertainment.” Luke walked with the Infernape to the stadium.
  33. Mathilda had been in her room for a bit, having called back in Lunar and was now just eating a bit of food she had leftover from the breakfast she had before she got to the Registration Center. Just a bit of lemon pound cake, that was it. However, she didn't get to finish it before she looked at the time on a clock, and realized the opening ceremony would be starting rather soon. So, she quickly swept up her bag, and opened the door only to shut it seconds later. She then locked the door with her room key, placing it into her bag and walking down towards the lobby, where she exited through the door. She was then referring back to her mind of where the stadium was.

    Soon enough, she had remembered and was on her way to the stadium, passing by different people and Pokemon. Her mind had raced as she did so, thoughts of losing and being humiliated once again ran through her mind. What if she lost her first battle? What if she chickened out and left like how she did in Kalos? Gosh, it hurt her head thinking of all the possibilities, but she was still going. And as soon as she knew it she was at the stadium, and waiting for the ceremony to start.
  34. The duel between Q and Robin had been going on for a few minutes, when Q managed to find an opening in Robin's defenses. Q hit his trainer right on the chest with a swift kick, pushing Robin back. The swordsman fell to his knees, just barely managing to not fall on his butt. The Gallade smirked confidently, sheathing his elbow blades and extending a hand to his trainer.
    "Well. I'll secede the point to you, my friend." Robin said, taking Q's hand and pulling himself to his feet. Glancing at his watch, the trainer noticed that it was almost time for the opening ceremony.
    "Well, we better get going." Robin said, searching his sword and putting across his back. He put his backpack on as well, and began to proceed to the stadium.

    He had only taken a few steps when another Pokeball shook impatiently, and a red light burst from it. Striking the ground, the form of his Plusle, Cherry, appeared. She looked quite upset, staring at Robin with her arms crossed.
    "Oh... Sorry, Cherry. I should have let you out of your Pokeball sooner, huh?" Robin asked.
    "Plu, plu!" Cherry said, which Robin took as "uh, yeah!".
    "I'm sorry. Forgiveness?" Robin asked. Cherry seemed to consider for a second before nodding and climbing up her trainer's leg, clinging to his shoulder. A smile came across the swordsman's face.
    "Alright! Let's go!" Robin exclaimed, and took off running towards the stadium with Q right behind him.
  35. Landon approached the stadium with Lyra. He stared at all of the trainers who were entering the stadium. Lyra tapped him on the shoulder and explained that she'd watch from the sidelines to start, Landon nodded and watched as she left. Landon waited and watched as the crowds walked by him. He took out a Pokeball and sent out his Blaziken.

    "Ready Spike?" Landon asked, Spike nodded and the two walked in together. When Landon finally entered the stadium he saw that the spectator stands were full of people cheering for the Sinnoh League. Landon took his place among the crowd of trainers and awaited the Opening Ceremony to begin.
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  36. (Urk! I overslept, but I’m not dead!)

    Plus was just about to exit his room to head for the Opening Ceremony. He carried the six same Pokeballs from the cruise on his belt. He began fidgeting with them, not sure if these were really the six he wanted to use the entire match.

    “I’ve got both Muk and Kricketune...I haven’t used them much, maybe I should in the first round...argh! Now is not the time to ponder, I gotta head to the stadium!”

    Exiting his dorm, Plus rushed down and left the inn. A few minutes of running later, he saw the Pokemon League entrance, and slowly entered. This was the time he had been waiting for...not right at this moment, but it would come eventually.

    He entered the stadium, looking around in awe at the trainers competing with their Pokemon. Plus sent out his Prinplup. Of course, Prinplup began to show off, but Plus subtly tapped him, and Prinplup stopped.

    “Look around you, Prinplup! Tons and tons of trainers are competing here! That means you can’t be showing off, or we are going to flunk! Now, please behave in our battles.”

    Plus’s Prinplup nodded, and continued walking with him, always surprised at the amount of trainers that were here. “Get ready, Prinplup.” “Pru plup!”
  37. C65


    Luke entered the stadium with Infernus at his side. “Hmmph many trainers I wonder who I will face against first? I hope it is no base born child that would be utter humiliation for me to even be in the same arena as them.” Luke held the pokeballs of his Garchomp and Porygon-Z as he looked at the different trainers.
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  38. "Ladies and gentlemen, trainers from across the region, welcome to the Sinnoh League Lily of the Valley Conference!" The announcer began. "We thank you all for joining us this year as many trainers compete for the title of Regional Sinnoh League Tournament Champion!" the announcer began. Everyone in the stands roared with applause. "Now please welcome our torch runner for this Opening Ceremony." A man who look like a typical athlete entered the stadium carrying a torch with the league's sacred flame. He climbed a large staircase and ignited the massive central flame which signified the beginning of the Sinnoh League.

    "Now trainers we would like to ask that you please direct your attention to one of the large screens to my left or right," the announcer requested. Landon looked and saw two screens that were to the left and right of the sacred flame. The screens displayed pictures all the different trainers. The pictures all shuffled before revealing the match ups for the first round. Landon examined the picture and studied the face of his opponent.

    "Now that you all know who your opponents are it should be noted that battles will be 3 on 3 battles until the Semi-Finals where they will change to 6 on 6 battles," the announcer explained, "Best of luck to you all out there!"
  39. Mathilda's eyes brightened as they lighted the flame, the fire crackling and glowing, reminding her of a Chandelure's flame. However, her direction was pointed to the large screens behind the announcer, and she instantly locked eyes with her and the trainer she would be facing's photos. God, she looked horrible, with her eyes dull and the bags under them even more prominent. But, shaking her head, she realized that wasn't the point at the moment. She then looked around, spotting a the unfamiliar trainer from the photo that locked eyes with her as soon as she took her eyes off the screen. She felt sweat forming on the back of her neck, as her soon-to-be opponent kept staring at her. However, she ignored this and sent out Roria, her Volcorna, who in turn started glaring at all of the trainers around her with her icy blue eyes.

    Mathilda was nervous about her first round battle, but was definitely excited for the tournament.
  40. C65


    Luke saw his opponent on the screen and smirked and searched for the trainer throughout the crowd of challengers. “Hmmph this peasant shall find the sting of defeat at my hand.” Luke held his pokeballs as his Infernape stood at his side giving off glares.

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