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Private/Closed Sinnoh Journeys - Discussion & Sign-Ups

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by SageNeb, Sep 7, 2017.


How should we travel?

  1. In one or two large groups.

  2. In multiple small groups.

  3. By ourselves.

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  1. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    I'm bored and I wanna do some roleplaying. Anyways, this RP is set to have most of the same events in the sinnoh games, but in an alternate timeline. I'm accepting 9 more people and then this will be closed. So it's first come first served, like for the starters. I'll choose my starter last. Also, no Pokémon can be the same as another trainer's, unless the other trainer that has it says they can. This is just for the sake of originality. The beginning will be set in Twinleaf Town. You can come from other places in Sinnoh, doesn't really matter since our real journey begins after someone takes us to Jubilife. If you live in Twinleaf you get the regular starters. Here's the list of starters:
    Turtwig; Chimchar; Piplup; Riolu; Shinx; Munchlax; Shieldon; Cranidos; Murkrow; Misdreavus.
    Sign-up sheet:

    (*= Required)
    Trainer Info:
    Physical Appearance:*

    Pokemon Info:
    Moves:* (4 Max)

    Here's my bio:
    Name:* Zackary "Zack" Jackson
    Gender:* Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Physical Appearance:* Average height and build. Stands at 4'10". Has crimson eyes. Sort of tannish skin. Combed black hair. Weighs 132 lb.
    Clothing: Black scarf and jeans. Black and red sneakers and backpack. Headphones with fire-type TCG symbols. Black and red striped sweater. (see the pattern lol)
    Age:* 11
    Personality: TBS (To Be Seen; you can also have this but you can't be like without any personality for the entire RP or something)
    Starter:* Chimchar
    Skills: Average student's knowledge of Pokémon.
    Past: Zack lived an average life with his parents. He went to the Trainer School in Jubilife using a train and learned about Pokémon. He's eleven and is now ready to get his first Pokémon.
    Family: Single child; lives with parents.

    Pokemon Info:
    Species:* Chimchar
    Gender:* Male
    Ability: Blaze
    Clothing: Yellow gauntlents
    Moves:* (4 Max) Scratch; Leer
    Other: Currently not with Zack, will get him from Rowan
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  2. Ahh well, I suppose my Fakemon could use a little break for RPing. Also, since I might not be able to sign up right away since I'm really busy with a school project of mine that's due in 5 days... I would like to reserve Piplup for my starter.
  3. Dang I had to go to school but I'm going to submit a form so saved me a spot. Oh and the Riolu is mine. Thanks.
  4. Trainer Info:

    : Karah Mavis "Karma" Garcia

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Bisexual might appeared to be an Asexual

    Physical Appearance: She has a medium length black hair which she usually tied into messy low pigtails, a fair complexion and hazel eyes. She has an innocent face, a petite figure and she's a bit on the short side possessing the height of 4'3". Weighs 79 lbs

    Clothing: She wears a black sweater with a red stripe on the middle, maroon midriff t-shirt, brown cargo shorts, and brown army boots. She also has her signature red muffler, electronic Litten ears headband which had a hidden hologram visor with built in earphones, and a pair of elbow length red gloves that only covers her middle fingers. She has a bag similar to May.

    Age: 10

    Personality: TBS (as my characters tends to stay out of character sometimes)

    Starter: Riolu

    Skills: Advance intuition on technology

    Past: She has an enstranged parents and an unborn younger sibling. Her father's an inventor and a professor in some university in Kalos while her mom's a teacher in Jubilife. She idolize her father and loved for her mother but she can't support them both when there always fighting each other because of this she locked herself away from everything. But upon learning that she'll be a sister soon, she slowly but surely coming out of her shell.

    Family: Marygold Flores (mother)
    Unnamed unborn younger sibling
    Alex Garcia (father)
    Akito Flores (step-father)

    Pokemon Info:

    Name: Galahad

    Species: Riolu -» Lucario

    Gender: Male

    Ability: Prankster

    Clothing: Once Karma received Galahad she will give him a Focus Sash and a blue jacket.

    Moves: Quick Attack, Endure, Counter, Feint

    Other: None
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  5. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    I would accept but you forgot the Pokemon info
  6. Wha- I'm confused since your Pokémon info kinda seem like.... ya know.... for Pokémon RP-ers. I'll get it up as soon as I finish my sleep.
  7. Please reserve Shinx for me :) I'm joining too :)
  8. Trainer Info:
    Strorgos "Stror" Vythalinibor Darastrix
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Physical Appearance:
    Hair: Spiky. Gradient - Brick red roots, yellow hair, silver tips.
    Eyebrows: Blonde.
    Eyes: Silver with yellow and brick red specks.
    Skin: Tinted yellow.
    Reason for coloration: Powerful aura that bled onto his appearance. Yellow = Electric; Brick red = Fighting; Silver = Steel.
    Build: Lean and big muscles. Has been working out and training with dad's Fighting-Type Pokemon since he could stand (so for 9 years).
    Height: 5'08" (1.72 m)
    Weight: 160 lbs (72. 6 kg)
    Clothing: Blue Lightning motif hoodie, grey tank top, dark grey sweat pants, black speedo that go down midway his thighs, black and blue sports shoes with athletic socks. Hand-made necklace made out of twine that holds the charms: Magnet, a Lightning Amulet, an Iron Ball, an Iron Amulet, a Black Belt, and a Fist Amulet and it dips right underneath his collarbone.
    Age: 12
    Personality: Energetic, full of energy, loves to fight hand-to-hand combat - no matter the creature - constantly working out, hates being weaker than others and takes his training seriously, sometimes can go overboard with the training for himself but never his Pokemon, very determined to do what he thinks is right and extremely hard to dissuade. Becomes mentally strained when up against a lose-lose situation that conflicts with his morals. Very emotional. Can be quite impatient.
    Starter: Shinx
    Skills: Knows self-defense and has been training with the Hitmons for awhile. Great dancer and great at overcoming physical obstacles. Very great control of his body. Understands the emotions a Pokemon is feeling, but is so empathetic he starts feeling the emotions, too. Really good at encouraging! Knows some Italian. Also knows a lot about electronics and how to properly take care of and train Electric-Types. Also knows a lot about metals and which metals can corrode, which ones can conduct heat and electricity, and so forth.
    Past: Because of his body hitting puberty, his aura began to bleed onto his pigments, causing strange colors. He is also a user of Aura, using it to protect and attack. It's not as powerful as a Lucario, especially at this stage of his life since he's only working out his body, but he can sense life forms from far away, activate Time Flowers, and feel the emotions of people and Pokemon nearby. He's empathetic so he starts feeling the emotions, too, acting out in some cases. Since he's been training with Fighting-Types since he was 4, he could use martial arts to protect himself and his friends, and got really into studying every kind of fighting style. Same thing happened when he got his own computer, test bench, and a book about electronics and another book about metals, which he takes with him. They're quite tattered, with his notes quickly scrawled on the margins.

    He moved to the Sinnoh region to get his favorite Electric-Type (Shinx), and has been living in Sandgem Town for quite awhile, waiting impatiently for the day to come.
    Daskar Tonyth Darastrix (Father)
    Lyria Arcaneva Darastrix (Mother)
    Pyroshu Rastrixen Darastrix (Brother - older by 15 minutes)
    Mielshtrix Pabith Darastrix (Brother - older by 10 minutes)
    Shadara Arcafiwhed Darastrix (Sister - younger by 5 minutes)
    Catrina Shanordash Darastrix (Sister - younger by 9 months)
    Lorenza Mustrava Darastrix (Sister - younger by 9 months)
    Poitoxi Drikog Darastrix (Brother - younger by 18 months)

    Pokemon Info (when he gets his Pokemon):
    Name: Ray
    Species: Shinx
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Rivalry
    Clothing: When he gets him, he'll give him an actual Magnet to hold. It'll be on a harness, where it will be placed on his back.
    Moves: Tackle, Leer, Ice Fang (Egg)
    Other: Extremely overconfident and has the same personality as Stror, so they butt heads constantly. His Nature will be Adamant and Brave, but Adamant will take into effect in battle. His Characteristic is "Likes to fight".
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  9. Edited mine.

    Now one question, are we going to do this gaming style or anime style?
  10. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Anime style but I'm keeping it at 4 moves so it isn't too overpowered. If you want more you can speak with me
  11. When will we start? Not rushing or anything just curious =3
  12. Are you still accepting people? Because if so.
    Name: Halt Willow
    Gender: Male
    Physical Appearance: Tall and slender. Has horrible eyesight, but wears glasses. He is most fit in his leg muscles, and is a fast runner. Size 5'6 (I was that tall at 11) weight 110 lbs
    Clothing: A dark red under shirt, with a bright blue over shirt, and has a strap over the red shirt that holds the pokeballs. He wears blue jeens.
    Age: 11
    Personality: humorous, and chill around other people. Opens up mainly to pokemon, and extremely close friends. He tries to joke around the most serious situations to help him cope with stress in his life.
    Starter Cranidos
    Skills: very good at climbing. He runs extremely fast and has amazing reflexes. He is reckless, but uses strategy to win battles, and remembers every battoe he ever saw.
    Past: He lived in Oreburg Town. His father worked in the mines, giving Halt experience with rock type pokemon. Halt showed skills of friendship to pokemon, so the Gym Leader took him in as an apprentice. He showed him about pokemon, like how other people go to pokemon school, Halt went to the Gym. His mother left when he was three, for unknown reasons. Halt spent most of his free time in the forest, meeting new pokemon, and climbing trees.
    Family: Father who works in the mines at Oreburg, and mother in unkown location, outside of sinnoh. Only child.

    Pokemon Info:
    Name: Helmet
    Species: Cranidos
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Sheer force
    Clothing: Fedora
    Moves: headbutt, leer, pursuit, take down
    Other: N/A
  13. Can I have a shiny Cranidos. They look awesome.
  14. Baba Odker

    Baba Odker Previously Spinel

    May I join?

    Name: Rick
    Gender: male
    Physical Appearance:
    Age: 10
    Starter: Chimchar

    Species: Ralts
    Gender: male
    Moves: Growl, Tackle, Psywave, Teleport
    Other: Has a evertstone so it can't evolve

    Species: Chimchar
    Gender: male
    Moves: Ember, Scratch, Fire fang, Sunny day
  15. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    You can't start out with a ralts tho XD you can catch one later though. But you also have the incorrect formats so I can't accept you yet, sorry...
  16. Baba Odker

    Baba Odker Previously Spinel

  17. Name: Hannah Coburn
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Physical Appearance: Hannah is a girl with fair skin, and dark brown hair. Her eyes are chestnut brown and she has freckles scattered lightly across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. She stands at roughly 5'3" and weighs around 120 lbs. Her hair is straight and reaches down to her shoulder blades. She has a somewhat of a stick figure and she feels she is a bit short. When apart of a contest, she curls her hair, and it looks more bouncy.
    Clothing: She wears clothes that look good. She wears jeans and a t-shirt, that is normally a pale yellow color, when traveling and camping. When she is in a city or town for a few days, she wears a denim short sleeved jacket, black leggings, a white miniskirt, ad a pale yellow t-shirt. In contests she wears a pale yellow dress, with frills on the bottom.
    Age: 12
    Skills: Hannah is quite good at understanding Pokemon's feelings, and her parents are convicted she can speak to Pokemon. She is a somewhat decent cook and can make Poffins quite well. She is also good at thinkng of unique contest combinations for her contests.
    Past: Hannah was raised by her mother and father in Twinleaf Town. Her father was once a teacher for a school in Snowpoint, before she was born. Becasue of this, her older sister Katy was sent there to study Pokemon Conests. She became a coordinator that had rcently competed in the Sinnoh Grand festival when Hannah was 11. Now she strives to become a better coordinator and than her older sister.
    Family: She has her two parents; Robert Coburn and Anna Cobrun. She also has an older sister who is currently 17; Katy Coburn.

    Pokemon Info:
    Species: Misdreavus
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Levitate
    Clothing: N/A
    Moves: Growl, Psywave, Spite, Omnious Wind (Egg)
    Other: Her seals for her Pokeball is pink hearts that materialize to form her.
  18. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    You’re accepted. I’m waiting on the rest of the people to sign up since I need 9 others besides me to have bios then I can start the RP.
  19. Okay, so there's eight (counting @Aquaman) of as already. So we just need 2 more. I'm like a Math Wizard or something.
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  20. If you're still accepting:

    Alyssa "Aly" Strikes
    Gender: Female
    Physical Appearance: Alyssa has medium length brown hair she keeps in a ponytail that sticks out the back of her cap. Her eyes are a light hazel, and her skin is lightly tanned.
    Clothing: Black and white ball cap, white t-shirt with a blue pokeball logo on the front, baggy beige cargo shorts, and navy blue sneakers
    Age: 12
    Personality: Alyssa is tad over energetic. She's very talkative and is eager to make new friends. However, she does have her moments of depression where she becomes silent and not willing to do much.
    Starter: Munchlax

    Pokemon Info:
    Name: Laxo
    Species: Munchlax
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Thick Fat
    Clothing: A red ascot
    Moves: Metronome, Tackle, Curse (Egg Move), Odor Sleuth
  21. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Accepted! I have to wait for 9 other people besides me to join though so it’s still open for a while. @Mecha Who @9012_dirt would you like to join?
  22. I'll join, but I honestly can't decide between Murkrow and Shieldon. @CosmicDreams which one do you want, I'll take the other (In the RP your's can still be the last one though). I'll make my Bio after I get that settled.
  23. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    Wait, our starter can be... any Pokemon that isn't OP? (And first evolution)
    Gible. Gonna post the sheet/form/character info/whatever later.
  24. No, it can't be any. There's a small list in the first post.
  25. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Murkrow Shieldon or Riolu are left since the previous person with Riolu hasn’t been on for a week. Also choose whichever one you like the most dirt. If it helps I like Honchkrow a lot
  26. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    Riolu, certainly...
    Gonna post the sheet later, busy with homework.
  27. Then I'll take Sheildon :D

    Trainer Info:
    Ezekiel (Zeke) Rubio
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Physical Appearance: Zeke is average sized boy with a tanned youthful complexion. His skin tightly wraps his thin bones and freckles dot his cheeks and shoulders. His eyes are a dull blue color, almost grey and his hair is a light shade of dull green.
    Age: 11
    Personality: In RP
    Starter: Shieldon
    Skills: Excellent rock-climber

    Pokemon Info:
    Name: Russ
    Species: Shieldon
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Studry
    Clothing: A dark green scarf around his neck
    Moves: Protect, Tackle, Body Slam (Egg Move), Taunt
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  28. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    Trainer Info:
    Name:* Mike
    Gender:* Male
    Sexuality: Straight (IDK why this matters, but okay...)
    Physical Appearance:* Green eyes, tall and thin. His hair is a really dark brown, almost black.
    Clothing: Green shirt, black jacket, cyan pants and red shoes.
    Age: 14
    Starter*: Riolu
    Skills: High inteligence.

    Pokemon Info:
    Species:* Riolu
    Gender:* Male
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Moves:* (4 Max) Foresight, Quick Attack and Endure. (Suposing he is just level 5)
    Other: Usually is angry.
  29. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

  30. *casually shoves some information*

    Well, here are my character bios and there's more info added since I feel like the Pokémon could use a bit more explaining. I apologize if I'm here a bit later than usual since doc visits ain't fun... (Ps, if anyone can figure out the inspiration for my character, they'll get something special hehe. :3)

    Trainer Info:
    His name is Otton Schneid.
    Gender: He is a male.
    Physical Appearance: Otton stands at a modest height of 4'9", as he has dark blue eyes and a pale skin tone. His body has a partial, muscular build and it is slightly skinny. He has short, blond hair and weighs approximately 98 pounds from the last time he scaled himself a few days ago.
    Clothing: Otton wears a peaked cap with a golden Reichsadler on it, as there is a thin, brightly yellow stripe encircling the peaked area where the Reichsadler is. He has on a grayish, long sleeved tunic with some medallions on the left breast part; along with gray, long sleeved wool trousers having pockets and belt holsters to store various items. He wears fine black, leathery boots and has on cotton white socks that have three stripes on the top area; the top and bottom being pale red and the middle being a nightly black.
    Age: He is about 11 Years old.
    Personality: [To be revealed in the RP as this can change depending on the situation.]
    Starter: He is going to get Piplup for his starter. (See below for more information.)
    Skills: He has excellent leadership and adept improvising after learning from his father in the past. He is also able to train Pokémon more easily with his discipline.
    Past: Being born and raised by a tailoring mother and a father that deserted and eventually double crossed the Waffen SS, Otton seemed to live quite the life since his parents were quite rich from primarily his father stealing quite a bit of gold to significantly supplement their incomes. Because of the style of housing and tech he lived with since birth, he became obsessed with anything related to the era of World War II. He went to private schooling with his own tutor until he was ready to get his first Pokémon.
    • Anton Schneid (Father, 54 Years old)
    • Marie Schneid (Mother, 39 Years old)
    • Note that most of his family remains currently unknown.

    Pokémon Info:
    Name: His real name is currently unknown.
    Nickname: He is sometimes called Pippy by his trainer since it has a nice ring to it, though he does not like it sometimes since it sounds rather silly to him.
    Species: He is a Piplup.
    Gender: He is a male.
    Ability: Torrent (Increases the potency of all Water-type moves if the Pokémon is in trouble.)
    Clothing: When Otton gets him as his Pokémon, he will let him wear a pale blue scarf around his neck for comfort and possibly keeping him warm should everything be chill.
    Personality: [To be revealed in the RP.]
    Skills: (*Note that I only gave him two since he is only a starter Pokémon after all. See me if you have any questions about anything.)
    • Parkour Profession: Piplup has prior experience with the art of parkour with the help of his newfound use of the move Bubblebeam, stumbled upon weeks ago in the midst of an intense battle. Piplup now takes even less damage when injuring himself with certain moves in return to propel him in a desired direction. In addition, he is able to move around in a slight, but surely quicker manner.
    • Oppressor: Learning some new tricks from his shady friend from his prior days in the Laboratory, Piplup can threaten an opposing Pokémon into submission. The less experienced the opposing Pokémon is, the easier it is to intimidate the Pokémon to the state of being unable to battle. (Note: This is more effective against NPC characters, and cannot work in certain situations for the sake of balancing.)
    • Pound: An elementary move in which Piplup hits the target with his arm. The charged variant recently discovered allows him to attack with greater strength, but at the cost of more power being used up. He has some mastery with this move already since he learned it several days after birth.
    • Growl: Piplup growls in a hostile manner, making all opposing Pokémon frightened and reducing their attack.
    • Bubblebeam: Piplup sprays the target with a forceful ejection of bubbles that could slow the target.
    • Peck: Piplup jabs the target with his beak in a sharp manner. He still has a bit of a hard time with this move since he does not exactly have as much experience yet.
    Other: He has his lower chest and the top of his snugly wrapped in bandages because of an earlier incident.
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  31. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Otton Schneid is an art historian, professor, writer, and artist. also accepted
  32. *Piplup giggles for a bit*

    Pi... Pip, lup Pip Piplup? (So... do we play the waiting game now?)
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  33. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    well we need 1 more person so yea. also what's my reward?
  34. *Piplup thinks for a moment as he pokes the Professor though he's napping off currently since the RP hasn't started*

    P- Pip... Pip Pip... (U- Umm... You'll see...)
  35. If murkrow is the remaining Pokémon - I'd like to reserve it ---
  36. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    All right then just put your bios and you’re accepted
  37. Umm, but you wouldn’t be able to have a starter, as they all have been claimed....
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  38. Name: Eren Ackerman
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Homosexual
    Physical Appearance: Eren is a rather slender male with choppy white hair and bright baby blue eyes. He wears a white tshirt and blue overalls, red converse, and black glasses.
    Age: 11
    Personality: Being relatively quiet, Eren can come off as relatively cold or insensitive, but in truth he is rather passionate and creative especially in the arts. He can be quite sensitive and eventually he will warm up to people. Once he does he is actually a chatter box and will literally do anything to make sure his Pokémon are safe.
    Starter: Murkrow
    Skills: He wants to be a Pokémon breeder, so he is rather good at tending to them and actually helped develop a Pokémon food formula with his dad (obvious not completely but he saw it be done) and he also is creative in Pokémon Showcases
    Past: To be Revealed
    Family: He was orphaned at a young age so unknown
    Other: Participates in Showcases and absolutely loves flying types

    Pokemon Info:

    Species: Murkrow
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Prankster
    Clothing: NA
    Moves: Peck, Astonish, Haze, Wing Attack
    Other: Rather Moody

    Oh wait... ;0; I'm sorry I posted before it was closed
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  39. Let's just hope that this doesn't start too rough since I've already had someone that bunnied my characters and even tried to steal my own works of my Fakemon...

    *??? grabs the data piece of that particular person, as he prepares to use Continental Upheaval; indicated by the counter ticking down rather quickly starting at 5*
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