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Ask to Join Sinnoh Journey

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Iced_Tae, Jan 18, 2019.

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    Marie sat in the Pokemon Center of Sunyshore city, patiantly waiting for Nurse Joy to hand here back her Pokemon team. "Ms. Járdin, your team is all healed up" Nurse Joy informed, as Nurse Joy's Chansey handded Marie a tray that held five Pokeballs.

    Marie headed out of the Pokemon Center and headed for a nearby training field in order to perfect her Contest technique. Upon reaching the training ground, she sent out all five of her pokemon and smiled at wach individual one. "Alright lets do this team!"
  2. "Well Finally. We reached my Hometown, I returned to Sunyshore... Let's say hi to Mom and greet with Volkner, Let's have a nice break" said Thomas to his Houndoom, who was walking next to his trainer. Thomas headed to his hause, but after a while he noticed a girl with five pokemons. He watched her for some time and then Volkner came to him and said "Hi, Thomas. Did you return here for a gym badge" He asked "Not today" Skyscale replied quickly.
  3. "Alright! Raichu use thunderbolt and Eevee use swift on the lightning that comes down!" Marie energetically ordered. The two pokemon smiled and did as they were told. Raichu used thunderbolt and powerful currents of electricity pounded on to the ground, before Eevee jumped into the air and used her swift, and in which collided with the lightming, and upon impact, both attacks bursted into beautiful yellow particles of light that slowly fell to the ground
  4. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    After a long walk through route 222, Christian and Aipom reached Sunnyshore City. “Well, mate, we made it to Sunnyshore. And what a beautiful place this is. We gotta find a Pokémon Center n’ heal you guys up.” He said to Aipom as they started walking through Sunnyshore City. While walking through the city, Christian looked up and saw some beautiful yellow explosions in the sky. He followed it and found a training field next to the Pokémon Center. Before looking to see what was going on, Christian walked inside the center and gave his Pokémon to Nurse Joy and walked back outside to the field. He looked over and saw a girl with a Raichu and a Eevee. Approaching the girl, Christian said, “Oi, Was that you that made that lil explosion in the sky? If so, then how did you do that. That was amazing.”
  5. Marie looked at the male and smiled, "well it was actually Raichu and Eevee who created that explosion, Im just the one who planned it out" Marie corrected. "and the way we did it, is that due to the fact my Raichu tends to let out a lot of power while uaing thunderbolt, and so I used his power and my Eevee's swift in a way that the attacks immidietly collide and so the stars from the swift will absorb the electricity, and since Raichu lets out powerfil shots of lightning, the stars will over charge and then blow up into little yellow fragments that look like sparkles" the young coordinator explained
  6. Thomas came to Christian and Marie to greet them, Volkner didn't follow him. "Hi there, You made quite a performance, girl. Sorry that I bother. My name is Thomas Skyscale, and it’s nice to see new faces in Sunnyschore city" Thomas said, He looked at trainer's pokemons and only he knew about what, he was thinking right now.
  7. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    Christian nodded as he looked at the girls Pokémon, “Ah, I see. Well if you keep practicin’ that trick, then you’ll master it and possibly show it off to people.” He then turned around and saw another trainer approaching. The boy already greeted them when Christian realized that he didn’t introduce himself. “Well shoot, I nearly forgot to intoduce myself.” He said as he took off his hat and slightly bowed down, “Name’s Nasken, Christian Nasken. I’m a trainer all the way from good ol Johto that has been travelin this world for a couple of years now. I’ve been travelin around Sinnoh for about three months now, so I got around half of the badges now.” After he finished talking, Christian heard a chime go off at the Pokémon Center. “Well, I gotta head back to the center and get my Pokémon. If you want, you can tag along. Your choice.” He said as he started walking away.
  8. Marie returned all her pokemon, except her Alolan Raichu. The pair then followed Christian to the Pokon center, "I guess I'm the only who hasnt introduced myself, my name is Marie L. Járdin, I came here from the Kalos region" the petite girl informed, as her smile never left her face
  9. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    Christian walked inside the Pokémon Center. “Kalos you say. What’s a Kalos kid like you doin’ in Sinnoh.” He asked Marie. He walked over to Nurse Joy and waited to get his Pokémon back. Looking back at Marie and her Raichu, he said, “By the way, just wanna ask, but did you go to Alola at all? I can tell by your Raichu. It’s an Alolan form.” Nurse Joy came back with Christian’s team and Aipom (side note: Aipom kind of acts like Ash’s Pikachu. It doesn’t want to go in it’s Pokéball). Aipom then excitedly jumped on to his shoulder, almost making Christian fall over. “C’mon, Villa. When will you ever run out of energy.” He joked.
  10. "I traveled here to Sinnoh in order to escape my parents fame" Marie informed. "And I have been to the Alola region, my dad had a buisness trip there and it so happened that my Pikachu touched a Thunderstone while we were exploring" the petite beauty stated
  11. Thomas followed trainers to pokemon center and he was listening, what they was saying. Then, When Marie said about her parents fame, He felt something Familiar to him. "You both are interesting trainers... Well, Trainer and Coordinator. I just live here, in Sunnyschore. But my brother has... Nevermind. If you would like to stay in the city then..." Thomas stopped, thought for a while and said "In my house, We have few guest rooms. So you can rest there. Of course, you can rest also in rooms in pokemon center. So, this is up to you... Bye now, I have to meet with someone. When you would like to find me or my hause ask for Skyscale's residence" Thomas said, smiled to trainers and left pokemon center, on his way he met with his Houndoom and Volkner. They had been waiting for him to return from meeting with trainers. They talked for a while and Thomas reached his Family's Villa. It was a huge, White Building surrounded by beautiful garden. Thomas entered to his hause and looked around. Nobody were inside for now. "Well, I'm lucky that I have the keys. They have to go somewhere."
  12. "well if youre going with Thomas, I believe thisbis where we part ways, I'm going to go exploring for a bit and find my final Pokemon" Marie said with her usual smile. The young teen then left the Pokemon Center with her Raichu, who floated right next to her, and headed out of Sunnyshore City, in order to find the final Pokemon for her team
  13. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    “Thanks for the offer, Thomas, but I usually just sleep in the wild. So I think I’m gonna go with Marie and prolly help her catch a Pokémon. Take care, aight?” Christian said to Thomas. He then followed Marie out of the Pokémon Center. “So. You got any Pokémon in mind that you wanna catch?” He said, looking down at Marie.
  14. "Well for my next preformance, which will earn me my fourth ribbon, I need a Pokemon that will help escelate the preformance until the end, where I will blow the crowd away when I throw this Shiny stone for my Togetic to catch, which will then cause her to evolve into a Togekiss" Marie explained
  15. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    “Good luck on your performance then, mate. I might stop by and watch it since I can just take a break from challenging the gym leaders.” Christian said. He then added on, “By the way, have you seen any dusk stones lying around. I’m tryna look for one so I can evolve my Murkrow.”
  16. Thomas was lying on his bed when He heard that someone opened the door. He went to see who and he met with his Sister, Ophelia. "Hi Sis..." started Thomas. "Oh, Hi there Tommy. Are Karma or Clint here right now" She asked "No... And what do you need from them" He asked "I wanted to ask them for something, that's all... Thomas, maybe you would like to go with me see a performances of Coordinators. It will be fun" She said "I wanted to train but... Okay, I can go with you" Thomas answered "Great, I will give you one of my two VIP tickets. See you soon" Ophelia said and excited left Skyscale's residance. "Okay, Maybe I schould take a walk around town before this" and he also left his hause. "Wait... She didn't tell me, when it will begin"
  17. "I have no idea what pokemon to catch though" Marie complained, "there are so many to choose from, but I know that theres only one pokemon that will be able to complete my team" the small female informed with a sigh
  18. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    "Well then if you ever want to catch a Pokemon, I'll help you. Okay?" Christian replied. He then heard rustling in the grass, "Ay, you hear that? Somethin' is there." He pointed at the patch of grass.
  19. Marie nodded her head and looked at Raichu, "Raichu..." the young trainer whispered, the Electric and Psychic type Pokemon nodded and slowly started to let out little crackles of electricity from his soft cheeks. Raichu was about to let out a powerful thunderbolt, but when a adorable Roserade walked out, Marie immidietly made Raichu stop his attack. Marie then turned and looked up at Christian, "should I catch it?" the girl questioned
  20. Once the boat docked on the port of Sunyshore City, Robert got off the boat with his Misdreavus floating next to him. He looked around the city in amazement. "Wow! So this is the Sinnoh region," he said to himself. He could already tell that the atmosphere was completely different to that of the Sevii Islands. "Well, let's get to a Pokémon Center," he said to the ghost-type, feeling a bit intimidated by the feeling of being in a new region.

    Once the two arrived at the Pokémon Center, Robert returned Misdreavus to her Pokéball and gave Nurse Joy both his Pokéballs. After his Pokémon were healed, Robert got back his Pokéballs and let out both his Misdreavus and shiny Roselia. "Alright, let's go explore the city a bit," he said to the two, and three of them proceeded to exit the Pokémon Center.
  21. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    "Should ya catch it? Hah. It's not like I'm gonna stop you or anything. If you wanna catch it, then be my guest. It's rare to find one of these in the wild." Christian looked down at Marie, with Aipom jumping off of his shoulder, "But I'll help you catch it, if ya don't mind. Swift!" He signaled his Pokemon. Aipom charged up the Swift and fired it at the Roserade.
  22. Walking beside an Absol had its ups and downs. The fearsome image of the beast discouraged the wild pikemon from approaching Kate. On the other hand, the rarity of beast attracted the attention from the trainers. Good thing Kate did prefer battling against trainers' pokemon. Kate found the fact that wild pokemon just attacked recklessly annoying while a trainer was expected to strategize before ordering a move which made a battle more challenging.

    While on thier way to Pastoria City, Kate came across a Roselia. 'Since the next gym is water type, you can use a grass type.' She thought. That was when the Roselia noticed Kate. The Rosalia was startled and started fleeing. "Absol. Don't let her get away! Use Pursuit!"

    The beast pursued and tackled the pokemon. Kate then threw a great ball. The ball shook once, twice and thrice. The pokemon broke free and attacked the Absol with Mega Drain. "Why do you have to make this harder than it needs to be?" said Kate, annoyed. "Slash!"

    The Absol attacked with its crescent shaped horn. The Roselia cried out, lost its balance and fell backwards. "This time, please, stay in the ball." She threw another great ball and this time the pokemon stayed in the ball. Using her mouth, the Absol carried the ball and dropped it at her master's feet. "Thanks." She said, petting the Absol.

    She continued her path towards Pastoria City.
  23. "Well since the Roserade is a Poison and Grass type, Psychic type moves should be super effective" Marie strategized. "Alright Raichu, use psychic!" Marie commanded, as the said pokemon floated up into the air and did as he was told. The Alolan Pokemons eyes glowed blue and the Roserades body was outlined by a blue aura, which idicated that Raichu was using Psychic. And in a split second, Roserade was flung backwards, "Raichu finish this up with a powerful Thunderbolt!" Marie cheered. A powerful bolt of lightning was then shot at the Roserade, and in which the grass typw fell to the ground.The small female then threw a Pokeball at the hurt Pokemon, the circular capsule swayed from side to side, until a small click was heard. Raichu floated over to the Pokeball, picking it up, and floating back to his trainer. Marie gently took the Pokeball from her Pokemons hand and smiled, "Thanks a lot Christian and Aipom" Marie said."and thank you too,my sweet Raichu" the trainer cooed, since Raichu let out a sound of jealousy
  24. Robert and his Pokémon explored the city until they came across a Pokémart. "I guess we should stock up on supplies," he said to himself. They went on to enter the mart and bought what they needed: Pokéballs, Potions, Full Heals, etc. After they finished shopping, the trio continued to explore the city and eventually found the gym. "So this the gym?" Robert said to himself. He peeked through the window of the gym and managed to catch a glimpse of a Luxray. "Oh gosh," he said after gulping down nervously and turned to his Pokémon, "I don't think we're ready for this gym."

    Both Misdreavus and Roselia both proceeded to shake their heads. "Dreavus." "Rose."

    Robert thought for a bit and said, "Why don't we go train before heading to the next town." After both Pokémon nodded, the three of them proceeded to exit Sunyshore City, but before they could find any Pokémon to battle, they heard the sound of a Thunderbolt near them. 'What was that!?' Robert thought to himself. As the trio made their way towards the source of the sound, they immediately stopped upon seeing two trainers with an Aipom and Alolan Raichu. 'Well, that answers my question,' Robert thought.
  25. Thomas saw thunderbolt and he quickly came to the place, where it was. He saw Christian and Marie with their pokemon. He headed to them and said "It's nice to see you again. What happend? I saw thunderbolt and I wanted to check this. So it was you fighting with something?" Thomas asked.

    Meanwhile, from his poke ball. Probably, becouse He was bored, came out Thomas's Magneton.
    "Hey, I'm talking right now, you know... Oh, by the way. It is Magneton, He was my first pokemon. Sorry, He really like to came out from his poke ball, when He is bored or sad. Magneton, say 'hi' to everyone" Thomas said to his pokemon.
  26. "'Its nice to meet you Magneton" Marie said with a sweet smile, "I have to head back to the Pokemon Center to heal up my new Roserade, hope you guys can attend my Contest" the short female informed, before walking in the direction of Sunnyshore City. While walking with her Raichu, Maries custom Pink Holo-Caster rung, and upon pressing answering the call, her aunts face appeared. "Ah my sweet Marie, how are ypu doing?" the older female asked, "I'm doing alright auntie Fantina" Marie replied. "Good luck on your contest and do not forget that I will be attending, bonne chance que j'ai avec mon édulcorant" Fantina sweetly stated, “ Vous avez tant de tante ” Marie replied with smile, before ending the call once reaching the Polemon Center. Marie then handed the Pokeball that contained her new Roserade and sat down on one of the couches with her Raichu
  27. "Well I will attend this contest, Sister gave me a ticket already. I don't know what to do right now before that event will start. Christian, What are you going to do right now?" Skyscale asked Christian and Magneton came closer to Aipom and he flew around him to look at this new pokemon friend.
  28. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    "Well, I was plannin on catchin a Pokemon and then challengin the 5th gym, but that's all the way in Hearthome. I guess I can stop by the contest and watch, and then go to Hearthome tomorrow." Christian replied to Skyscale as Aipom tried to touch the Magneton. He took a glance at Sunnyshore and looked back at Skyscale, "For now, I'm prolly just gonna chill somewhere in Sunnyshore before the contest starts."
  29. Misdreavus nudged Robert to go interact with trainers as a another trainer arrived.

    Robert pats the ghost-type's head a bit. "I shouldn't," he said to her as the girl with the Raichu left the group, "Besides, they're about to leave." After saying that, a Staravia flew over them, which caught Robert's attention. "A Staravia!" He said, "C'mon, let's catch up to it." He ran after it with his two Pokémon right behind him.
  30. Clyde walked with his eyes on the floor, his typical dead-looking lope moving the small boy forward as Duskull floating by his left shoulder. "The sun is high now, maybe one day it will never even rise at all." Clyde muttered under his breath before kicking a pebble from under his small foot. The boy was walking towards Sunnyshore, where he intended to get his 6th gym badge. He hadn't gotten to many challenges on his route thus far, in fact the young trainer was begging to fall asleep. Though bored, Clyde didn't complain about his peaceful stroll; after all, it gave him plenty of time to think up some new lyrics to his ever-lasting poem. A hobby of his, the boy has been tending to his horribly long poem for years- does it anytime he is free. Sometimes people completely avoid him, other times they jump out and attack with passion; sometimes Clyde won, sometimes he lost. Either way, the boy thought he was doing just fine, so far. "I guess I'll let the others heal up. Their performance was hardly anything today; but I suppose it will be like that sometimes." the boy sighed, as if depressed by the thought.
    Upon entering the city of Sunnyshore, busier than usual, Clyde looked up and let out a huff of air. The boy, then, slipped into the pokemon center and looked back at his Duskull. "Maybe later, we'll take a nap." the boy told his pokemon with a contempt smirk as he opened the door to the pokecenter. Immediately, Clyde's eyes scanned the room of trainers and pokemon before he shrugged and handed in his 3 pokeballs; he kept Duskull, for the pokemon hand't done any battling.
  31. With the addition of the Roselia to her team, Kate was supposed to beat Crasher Wake with ease. While Crasher's Gyarados and Quagsire were barely a threat, Crasher's last pokemon, Floatzel, was a challenge. The Floatzel knew the moved Ice Fang which easily knocked out Roselia. So, Kate tried fighting fire with fire, or in this case, water with water. She sent out her Pinpulp but the Pinpulp also was defeated in a minute. Her last pokemon was Absol, her ace.

    The battle was close. Both pokemon put up a good fight. The Floatzel fainted while the Absol was panting and could barely stand.

    Crasher laughed at the result. "You and your pokemon are incredibly strong." He said and handed Kate the gym badge. "But don't get cocky. There are still gym leaders much stronger than me." Kate nodded and accepted the badge. She then showed him a picture of a man.

    "I am looking for this person. Would you happened to know him, or the very least, have battled him?" She asked.

    Crasher shook his head. "I have battled against so many trainers, I can't possibly remember them all. Sorry. Who is he? If you don't me asking."

    "He is my brother. We were separated when we were young. He was the one who gave me the Absol." She explained.

    Crasher nodded. "I see. I hope you can find him."

    When she exited the gym, she was greeted by warm sunlight. She took off her leather jacket, revealing an Absol tattoo on her arm. She went to pokemon centre to heal her pokemon and went straight to Hearthome City, with her Absol walking beside her.
  32. When Marie recieved her Roserade back, the female thanked Nure Joy again, before sending out her Roserade and returning Raichu to his pokeball. "Its nice to meet you Roserade, I hope that we will be able to become great friends" Marie sweetly said, as she bent down and gebtly placed her hand on Roserades head. The grass type Pokemin nodded its head with a smile also present on its face
  33. Robert finally caught up with the Staravia after it landed on a tree branch. "Alright! We caught up to it," Robert said and turned to Misdreavus since Roselia would be at a disadvantage, "You ready?"

    Misdreavus nodded and got ready to battle.

    "Use Psywave!" Robert called out.

    Misdreavus launched the Psywave, but the Staravia dodged after hearing it coming. Staravia flew towards the group and aimed an Aerial Ace at Roselia. The grass-type froze in place after seeing it coming towards her.

    Robert quickly managed to return Roselia back into her Pokéball just when Staravia was only inches away from hitting her. "Psywave, once more!"

    Misdreavus launched another Psywave and managed to hit the Staravia this time, causing it to fall to the ground.

    Robert threw a Pokéball at the flying-type. After the ball shook a couple of times, it clicked, indicating that it was caught. "Alright! We caught a Staravia!" Robert said and Misdreavus smiled proudly. Once he picked up the Pokéball, the two went back to the Pokémon Center in Sunyshore City. Robert gave Staravia's Pokéball to Nurse Joy so she could heal it.
  34. After walking for hours, Kate finally reached Hearthome City. Her legs felt heavy. She and her Absol were exhausted. They went straight to a pokemon centre to heal her pokemon. Other than the Absol, her pokemon were injured from countless battles against trainers they faced on the way. While waiting for her pokemon to recover, she checked into a hotel and took a quick shower.

    After she picked up her pokemon, she went straight to a restaurant. She bought a bowl of berries for each of her pokemon, expect for her Absol. She bought her a huge piece of steak. After her pokemon were stuffed, she ordered cesare salad and a pan of vegetarian pizza for herself.

    She returned all of her pokemon to their respective pokeballs and explored the city. "I heard there is a place for pokemon contest in the city. Maybe I should go watch a show or something. I wonder if there's an entrance fee." She murmured.
  35. "Time marches forward at an inevitably boring speed, everything just takes to long." Clyde sighed as he retrieve his fully healed team. "Here we are, new town; new gym; new trees; new air..." the boy looked longingly at his duskull before shrugging, "I am bored half to death." the boy shrugged in a tone that would make one wonder whether he was serious or not. "I suppose we could stir up some trouble-" the boy spoke all to casually, as if getting attention was as easy as it was for a hero in a storybook, "maybe just take a nap." Clyde huffed and scratched his messy head. The young trainer closed his eyes for a moment standing in the middle of the pokecenter in his almost meditative stance, before standing up straight and looking around as if it didn't just happen.
    "You're talking to your pokemon? How predictably sweet." Clyde spoke in a monotone voice, turning his attention towards a girl at the pokecenter, Marie (Bro, your username is confusing, I can't tag you XD). "You're a coordinator." the boy stated plainly. It was unclear whether he had overheard the girls conversation, or if he just somehow guessed on the fact, but he was rather confident when claiming it. "I'm deathly bored. I want to watch your show." the boy said before scrunching his eyebrows, "Not quite want." Clyde added. "I wont tell you a want to watch your show. But I will say that it's the best thing to do in this quiet town, perhaps get my blood pumping before I defeat the gym and have to move on an empty route for another couple of days." Clyde explained, sort of to himself, and yawned blatantly. He then raised a brow, expecting a response from the girl.
  36. Marie stoof up and looked at thr male with a puzzled look, "umm, I mean you could just attend the Contest like other people, their is no need to tell me" Matie informed. But in a spliy second, the female gasped in shock, "THE CONTEST!" she screamed. "I HAVE TO GET READY!" Marie yelled, before returning Rosrade to its Pokeball and runnibg out of the Pokemon Center and heading towards the arena.

    Upon reaching her desired destination, Marie entered the dressing room and changed into one of her contest outfits, it was the second choice out of all three that she had. "Oh my gosh, I thought I had some more time to practice using Roserade, but I guess I'll just use Eevee witg Togetic..." Marie planned out with a big sigh, as outher coordinators started arriving into the dressing room
  37. As Robert waited for his Staravia to be healed, he heard a girl screaming and turned to see that it was the girl who was with the other two trainers before. "A contest?" He mumbled to himself as he watched the girl rush out of the center. He then turned back to the counter to see Nurse Joy back with Staravia's Pokéball. "Thank you. By the way, that girl said something about a contest. What's that about?" Robert asked Nurse Joy, and she then explained to him what Pokémon Contests were.

    As Nurse Joy was explaining what Pokémon Contests were to Robert, Misdreavus looked around and spotted a boy with a Duskull. Seeing another ghost-type was a bit unexpected as it has been a while since she has seen another ghost-type. Misdreavus slowly flew over to them to get a closer look at the Duskull.
  38. "Oh, We schould go now. Bye Christian, normally I would let you go with me but... My sister isn't the nice person. But She is good, she just... Is ver mean to strangers that she just met" Thomas said.He smiled to his friend and headed to the place,where contest was. In the middle of the route limousine stopped in front of him, his sister yelled at him. "Come Tommy, that will be faster, if we will use a car" Ophelia yelled "Sometimes, I wonder if you know how to use legs. Okay, let's go" Thomas responded and get inside the Limousine, then they rushed to the contest.
    "Ophelia, I forgot to congratulate you. So in the next few months, you will be married... I didn't met him, did I" said Thomas.
    "Yes, He likes me...I like him. Our parents earlier wanted this marriege. Our Brother Karma too... It's the best for us as the richest and renowned family" Ophelia explained, but Thomas heard in her voice that she isn't so confident. Still, he didn't pushed her. "Well, maybe I will go catch a pokemon and get my 6 badge after this contest. It's not that, I have many things to do" Thomas told to Ophelia. She was glad, that he changed the subject. "I know that you will win in perfect style, as always. Look, we're finally arrived here" Ophelia said, they left their car and they headed to the stadion, where Contest was about to begin.
  39. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    "Hey, that's fine. I was planning on chillin over at the center anyway. See ya at the stadium." Christian said to Thomas as he walked over to the side of the Pokemon center, leaned against it, and started talking to his Aipom for a little bit. When the time came, he started to walk over to the stadium where the contest was being held. When he reached the stadium, he noticed Thomas was walking to the stadium too. Walking over the Thomas, Christian said, "Howdy, Thomas. Long time no see, am I right?"
  40. Thomas heard Christian, he turned around to him and smiled "Hi Christian, I see you made it to the stadium" Thomas said, his sister Ophelia looked at Christian then at her younger brother "Tommy, Who is this guy " She asked "Don't worry, Sis. He is my friend, Christian. You can go and take a seat, I will catch up to you soon" Thomas explained "Alright, Remember that we have VIP seats" She said and he take her leave. "Don't worry, Christian. My sister, Ophelia had a lot of bad events recently. Let's go and see, how Marie breaks Jugdes hearts and gets her ribbon. Okay, I went too far. Maybe becouse many things happend today. Now, We schould wish her luck and cheer her" said Thomas, He quickly forget for a while about his problems, when Christian appeard. Magneton was behind his trainer and he flew around.
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