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Open Sinnoh journey

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Rotorstorm Wrecker, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. Rules:
    -No legendaries
    -No god modding
    -No Mary Sues
    -No one liners
    -Not too much violence
    -No double posting
    -Have fun:)
    Home region:


    Name: Ethan
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Denim jacket, Light brown trousers, Belt with pokeballs, Red cap
    Occupation: Pokémon trainer
    Team: Chimchar
    Home region: Hoenn
    Other: His father is Brandon the head frontier brain
  2. Name: Merkyury
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Tomboyish, always wears shorts, ties hair up in a messy ponytail,
    Occupation: Gym Leader in training, but travels around
    Team: Luxray, Manetric, Snover
    Home region: Sinnoh
    Other: She worked hard since ten. Extremely clumsy and impulsive, but intelligent from experience. She helps Volkner at times.
  3. Name: Stardust
    Age: 10
    Appearance: Black Hair, Ponytail, Violet Eyes, Black top, Black Leggings, Pink trainers
    Occupation: Pokemon Trainer
    Team: Helioptile
    Home Region: Sinnoh
    Other: She was a lonely child wandering the streets of Sinnoh and found an abandoned Helioptile alone in an alleyway being attacked by a group of Stunky. She saved and they've been together since. Stardust and Helioptile are about to begin their journey as Stardust has finally turned 10.

    Stardust ran as fast as she could to the nearest pokecenter. She was currently in a forest and she couldn't wait to get her pokedex and pokeballs. Her Helioptile was on her shoulder, just as eager to get there. She burst through the trees and into the daylight. She laughed as she ran through the city, she had no idea where she was but she needed to find a pokecenter fast.
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  4. "Heya!" Merkyury waved to the running trainer as she caught up to the girl. "Where are you going? You need any help?"
  5. "Oh uhhh. Yes I do actually" Stardust said, "Which city is this and where is the nearest pokecenter"

    "Heliop Tile Lile!"
  6. "This is Hearthome city! And the pokecentre is right about... now!" She dashed to the building with the ever so familiar sign.
  7. "Oh! Great thanks!" She said.

    She rushed inside the building and ran to the front desk. "The Professor said that I could get my pokeballs and pokedex at the Pokemon Center" she said to nurse joy.
  8. "So you're a new trainer?" Merkyury asked the girl as she stretched out a hand to shake hands. "I'm Merkyury with a k and y not a c." She introduced herself.
  9. Ethan noticed stardust " Hey do you need some help?" He asked.
  10. She shook Merkyurys hand. Stardust then heard a new voice and she turned around. A boy that was about her age was standing there.

    "I'm fine" Stardust said, "Just getting my pokedex and pokeballs"

    "Heliox Helioptile!" Helioptile said.
  11. "So I'm guessing you two want to become the champion and yada yada right?" Merkyury grinned at the two of them.
  12. "Well... Yeah!" Stardust said, "I'm Starfust and this is Helioptile!"

    "Helio! Helioptile!"
  13. "Stardust? Like that thing that can be sold at high prices to shops? Cool." Merkyury made an okay sign with her fingers grinning. "Heh. Though I do not have the same objective, I guess I could give a try at the pokemon league..."
  14. "Well I'll probably try I guess, I don't really know yet" Stardust said.

    "Helio... Optile" Helioptile said.
  15. "Heh. Say, what pokemon do you have? And how many badges now?" Merkyury asked, grinning.
  16. "I only have Helioptile with me, and no badges" Stardust said, "I'm becoming a proper trainer today"

    "Helioptile Tile!"
  17. "Aye! Cool. So... I'm guessing you two are going to Oreburgh city?" Merkyury asked. "I happen to have a parcel to pass to Roark, the gym leader, so if you want, I could escort you there. Of course, I'm assuming you don't know this region very well, so feel free to reject me."
  18. " Hey guys my names Ethan and this is chimchar my partner I'll be battling in the league and I'll become champion of Sinnoh."
  19. Name:Jazz
    Apparence:blue eyes,Black T-shirt, Black hair, Green jacket
    Other: is Cynthia son

    "I heard pokemon league?" Jazz Said appearing in Ethan side "No Will be easy" Jazz Said "Gon!" The bagon Said in jazz shoulder
  20. " Who are you?" Ethan asked while looking at the boy in confusion.
    " Chim char?"
  21. "i'm jazz, the son of Cynthia.Nice to meet'cha" Jazz Said "shinx!" The shinx Said to the trainer
  22. Name: Soras
    Age: 12
    Appearance: Black Hoodie, orange Eyes, Peachy SKIN, Brown Hair, Black Trousers
    Occupation: Trainer
    Team: Dunsparce, Venasaur, Chimchar, Grotle, Staravia
    Home region: Kanto
    Other: Friends With Most Champions

    Soras Hopped Off Staravia, And Saw Someone Say That They Were Cynthia's Son, He walked to Him
    "Hey, Someone Mention Cynthia, I'm One of Her Friends, Heck, For A While, She Trained Me, My Name's Soras."
  23. "my mom talked very Well of you" Jazz Said "you already should meet me I'm jazz" Jazz said
  24. Soras Smirkd
    "Yep, Jazz, How Are You?"
  25. " Im Ethan this is chimchar and im the son of Brandon the head frontier brain."
  26. "Yeah, I guess I'll be heading to that city" Stardust said to Merkyury.

    "Heliox Optile!"
  27. Name: Shine
    Age: 14
    Appearance: Wears a white, ragged cape, black hair, you'll learn more. :D
    Occupation: Training to become champion, trainer.
    Team: Litten, Popplio, Rowlet, Grubbin, (shiny) Rockruff, Beldum.
    Home region: Alola
    Other: Not really much to say here...
  28. "So," Soras Started " I'm Guessing You Guys Are Going To the league As Well, I'm here For A Second Attempt, first Time I Got To the Top 6, By the way, Here's My Partner, Dunsparce!" A Dunsparce Crawled Off His Shoulder, And Said
    "So, How's It hanging?"
  29. "I pretty much just became a proper trainer today so, I'm super!" Stardust said, laughing, "Is there a gym in this city?" She asked.
  30. (OOC: Because I have recently obtained approval from the roleplay creator, I will only be using a Pokémon character in the roleplay. The character sheet is also significantly changed and added upon to suit the Pokémon.)

    Species: Ampharos
    Gender: Female
    Age: She is around 19 Years old.
    Skills: She is able to communicate in a special way to others. She also is intelligent, as she is able to reason with others more easily.
    Ability: Static (The opposing Pokémon may be paralyzed if they physically attack the Pokémon with this ability.)
    Appearance: Standing at a Lilliputian height of only 1'6", she appears to look rather babyish when it comes to her visual outlook. Her head to body in proportion is slightly bigger, while the red orbs on her forehead and tail are also bigger.
    Personality: She is rather timid around strangers, and especially at others that are significantly bigger than her; due to her small size. She is also studious; as she has an obsession with writing notes in her notebook.
    Other: She wears a lab coat that has been tailored to her unusually small size. She also carries around a notebook and a thick pencil. Her babyish appearance was due to the result of a rare genetic disorder which inhibited her growth.

    An Ampharos was hiding in the bushes in the area of Hearthome City. Her white lab coat kept her tiny body warm from the gentle breeze that cuddled around her. She turned towards a building that she eyed over, as the orange roof glimmered along with the forenoon sunlight. She quietly toddled over to the building, as her anxiety started to build up. She walked up to the door, while she slowly opened it; noticing some trainers with their Pokémon that freely conversed with each other. She silently got inside the Pokémon Center, as she walked up to a chair and stood near the corner. She watched the other trainers that discoursed still; staying silent and writing in her notebook.
  31. *Shine would bump into Soras* "Sorry! I'm just making my way to Oreburgh... If you guys are going, can I come with?" "Shine would look hopeful*
  32. Name: Brendan Birch
    Age: 14
    Appearance: Green white Cap, and black and yellow/orange shirt (as seen in profile pic) Black wind pants which zip off at the knees to make gym shorts, green and black sneakers and green bag.
    Occupation: Ace Trainer always looking for a challenge.
    Team: Sceptile, Manectric, Riolu, Gliscor, Honchkrow, Gabite
    Home Region: Hoenn
    Other: Son of Prof. Birch, traveled through Hoenn, Kanto, and Jhoto, Current Champion of the Hoenn Region.
  33. " Hey stardust wanna travel with me to Oreburg city?" Ethan asked hoping she would say yes.
  34. "Well there is a gym here, but usually we would go by order, especially since you're a newbie. And," she grinned at Ethan, "how about we three all go to Oreburgh city? The other people can join if you want."
  35. " Sounds great, One thing I'm not a newbie I came 4th in the Hoenn league." Ethan said proudly.
  36. "Aye! That's cool, but..." Merkyury looked confused, "I wasn't saying that you were a newbie. I never thought you were. But who cares? The Sinnoh region is full of challenges and stuff. And for bragger's rights," Merkyury grinned, "I came in third in the Sinnoh leagues."
  37. Name: Tim Opal
    Age: 14
    Appearance: Tall, Thin, Brown Hair, White Jacket
    Occupation: Pokemon Trainer
    Team: Aipom
    Home Region: Hoenn
    Other: Traveled to Johto; Has "Scepter" his Sceptile, Growlithe, Pikachu, Grumpig, and Noctowl back at home in Hoenn; Came in third in Hoenn league

    Tim stepped off of the place, and looked around. Jubilife City. It was amazing. Poketch marketers lined the streets. Friends talked. However, one pair of friends caught Tim's eye. They were talking about the Sinnoh and Hoenn league. One of them had come in third in Sinnoh. The other trainer was one Tim recognized. Ethan. Tim had beaten him in the Hoenn league, and wound up in second place overall. Things were about to get interesting. He walked over.
  38. (OOC: As this is one of my unique Pokémon characters that I have, I will not be allowing anyone to capture this Pokémon; due to balancing purposes and to maintain consistency.)

    Sparkle quietly approached towards Ethan at a snail's pace; keeping her breaths quiet. She thought to herself while listening to him, "Well, even though I can't really talk... at least I can write in my notebook I suppose. I'd better hope he doesn't laugh at me just for looking like a baby like those Pachirisus did!"

    She stood behind Ethan while maintaining a short distance from him, as she didn't want to get too close in his personal space. She resisted the urge to let out even the faintest of sounds, as she continued to listen in onto the Trainers still confabulating with each other.
  39. "Hey you know what, there's an ampharos sitting right there with a handbook!" Merkyury grinned. "I'm going to talk to it!" She walked to the pokemon. "Hello! What are you doing here?"
  40. Tim saw the girl walk away from Ethan. He took this opportunity to talk to Ethan.
    "Hey!" Tim waved, "Ethan! Remember me? I'm Tim. I, uh, kinda beat you in the Hoenn League. Sorry about that. What are you doing in Sinnoh?"

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