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Open Sinnoh Academy

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Suga Bear, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. Hello I want this RP to last for some time so please follow the rules and everybody will have fun thanks :)
    Name: Winter
    Age: 12
    Hometown: From Unova Region but moved to Sinnoh
    Pokemon: Empoleon,Weavile,Chandalure,Delcatty
    Badges/Ribbons: (if any)
    Appearence: White(kinda silver) long straight hair and purple eyes wearing a long sleeved white crop top and black skinny jeans with knee high brown heeled boots
    Winter walked out of the front door of her house heading to her new school she had just recently moved here from the Unova Region where her mom worked as a model but they moved here because Winters mom was asked to become a fashion designer but not just for human clothing but also for Pokemon clothes Winter then thought about her house it was way to big for just her and her mom but maybe she has just gotten used to her apartment in the Unova Region but either way it was fun moving to a new Region,Winter snapped out of her thoughts when she was right in front of the Academy she was going to she walked in not knowing where to go,then reality struck Winter she didnt know anybody at this school and she was lost

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