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Ask to Join Sinnoh Academy RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Økama, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. (Post your OC here:https://pokecharms.com/threads/sinnoh-academy-sign-up-discussion.18592/#post-569676)

    You have been invited to Sinnoh Academy! One of the top schools in the Sinnoh Region. You've been invited because your the best of the best. Today's your first day! Hurry and get to school!

    Robin arrived at school in a limousine. She walked out carrying a small hand bag while three men in suits unlock the trunk and carry her bags for her. They walk up to the main desk. "Hello young lady, Trainer ID please." Robin takes out her ID and hands it to her. The woman swipes the card through something and types away at her computer. "All set! Your room number is 29B." The woman hands her a room key, a schedule, and her trainer ID. Robin has the men carry her stuff to her room and unpack it while she heads out to the court yard.
  2. Alyssa made her way to school after checking her bag and locking the door to her nearby two story house earlier. Although she did live a higher standard back in her hometown, she wasn't exactly fond of flaunting the wealth after having a lecture from her mother. A small, penguin-like Pokémon lied in the sling comfortably wrapped around Alyssa, as he wasn't exactly your typical starter one would find in a laboratory. His body color was the opposite to his kind when it came to measuring his appearance on the color spectrum. He saw his trainer heading towards the main desk after noticing some men in fancy suits walking over to a room while a girl went out to court.

    Alyssa took her trainer identification card out of her bag before going up to the lady, as she handed her the card upon request. The Piplup saw the lady giving his trainer some keys, a schedule of the various days and her trainer card after stating, "Alright, your room is 30B. Have a wonderful day and stay safe in school. Don't forget to go over to the Nurse's Office by the way, the prescription's important for the little penguin guy there. It's down that hall on the left, you can't miss the bright white door on the right side."

    The Piplup gulped when he heard what the lady said, as he attempted to pull himself out of the sling after his trainer made his way to the Nurse's Office. He gave a slight groan when he soon realized that the sling was designed to keep squirming Pokémon like him in check. He attempted to cry for help as loud as he could directed at the girl going over to the courtyard. He attempted to increase his energy levels by a factor of two as quickly as he could after his trainer was getting closer and closer to the bright white door. It was likely going to be at least a quarter hour of enduring the worst thing he could possibly imagine, or so he thought while focusing the energy to his right arm.
  3. Dan stepped up to the school. She was an orphan, so getting into a school like this was a bit of a surprise. As the girl made it to the front desk, her trainer Identification was taken out. "Here." Dan said to the person at the desk. The card was scanned and handed back. "Your room is 31B." The desk lady said to Dan. "Thank you." The girl said in response. A key, schedule, and a permanent ID was handed also. Some men offered to take her bag to her room, so Dan accepted. Deciding that it might be fun for a battle or so, the courtyard seemed to be the best place to go.
  4. Her door opened in the back by one of her Co-workers from her organization, Eevee Star as she stepped out as he shut the car door. She smiled thanking him and to take care of the organization while she was gone. Her ride drove off as she threw out Belle's Luxruy Ball as a Winter form Sawsbuck appeared in front of her. "Greetings Belle we're here at the Academy are you ready?" she smiled. "Saws! Sawsbuck!" Belle said smiling as she nudged her. "Good girl now lets go" she said as she gently petted her head then walked inside as Belle walked beside her. She checked in with the lady at the front desk showing her trainer ID card as she received her schedule,a key to her room as her card and a permanent ID was returned to her. "Your room is 32B" she said. "Thank you dear come Belle" she said as Belle followed just next to her. She found her room as she closed the door then placed her bag on her bed as Belle looked around then laid down on the floor of the room resting as she sat on the bed as she placed a small vase with a flower in it on the small desk along with her keys and schedule.
  5. When Alyssa opened the door to the Nurse's Office, she saw a woman standing by the counter while the woman greeted, "Well hello, you're Alyssa I assume. I've been waiting, your prescription is right here on the desk."

    The woman cleared her throat and stated, "Be very careful with that medicine, too much of it could maybe make the little guy a bit too weak or something worse. Have him take it every eight hours, the medicine will stabilize him so that he doesn't well... yeah. At least I was able to find the other kind, otherwise he would have been putting up a good fit after what the doctor told me the other day."

    Alyssa walked up to the counter and lightly grabbed the orange jar of medicine before opening the babyproof cap. A few pushes and turns were all that were needed to get the lid to come off, as she used the provided measuring cup to measure halfway at the fifteen milliliter marking. A white powder came from the bottle into the tiny cup, as the Piplup watched his trainer taking out a bottle of tepid milk from her purse. His puzzled eyes stared at the bottle being opened while his trainer slowly poured the powder in and lightly shook the bottle after closing until everything was fully mixed. Soon after Alyssa closed the bottle of medicine, placed the cup back on the lid and putting the bottle of medicine in her purse, she offered the Piplup the bottle of milk. The Piplup blankly stared at her, as she calmly said, "Come on Piplup, there's nothing to worry about. The label said that there's no change in taste or even smell, it'll help you I promise. It ain't going to make you feel dizzy or sleepy all of a sudden alright? If it does, then you have the right to smack me as hard as you want."

    The Piplup gave a quiet groan towards her in his response, as he carefully grabbed the bottle and placed the nozzle in his beak. It was perfectly made for little Pokémon with beaks of all sorts of shapes and sizes, as it was also unable to spill even a drop of milk in the worst case scenario of the bottle being accidentally dropped. He slowly sipped the milk, while carefully inspecting the taste to make sure that there wasn't the slightest discrepancy in any form whatsoever. The milk was still sweet for his dancing buds, as he gave a vague nod towards the bottle. After a few minutes of sampling a few sips of the lukewarm milk, he decided to drink the bottle at his normal pace that was still slower than a typical Pokémon of his size.

    Alyssa waved to the woman before walking out of the Nurse's Office, as she glanced down at her Pokétch and thought, "Well, at least he's not crying or anything. His energy levels seem to be decreasing at little after taking in that powder... I'm quite surprised that he's actually taking the medicine. Usually he gets a bit upset or even uses one of his powerful moves like he almost did that other day." She proceeded to her room with the Piplup still in her sling while he continued to guzzle his bottle of milk still pleasing for his demands.
  6. Jasper, standing next to the school thought, "Wow.... This place is pretty big...". He had never been to a school before, so this was his first ever time. Hoping to make friends, he stepped into the school. As soon as he entered, he saw a desk. A woman appeared behind it and greeted him. "Why hello. You must be Jasper." She told him. "Yes...." He replied. "Your room is.... 33B." Said the Nurse. "Why thank you!" Jasper said, heading up to his room. He started to sleep on his chair. "Snore..... Snore..... Snore...." Jasper repeated to himself.
  7. After she had fully made herself comfortable, she walked out of her room as her hair was up in a ponytail as Belle walked out after her. She closed her door as she locked it then walked around the area with Belle looking around at the academy. She felt a nudge from belle with her antlers as she turned around and chuckled as she gently petted her then offered a Pecha Berry to her as she liked her berries sweet.-
  8. Kyoko Sighed as she stepped out of the Black Limo. "Looks like we're finally here." She said, straightening her stance. "Vul!" "Pika!" Both Pokemon on her shoulders cheered. "Well, what'd ya guys think?" She asked, turning her head to Pikachu then Vulpix. "Pikaaaa!" Pikachu cooed in response. With this as a sign of approval, she walked into the Building. "Greetings Ma'am. My name is Kyoko Adachi." she said t he lady at the desk. "ID please?" She asked. She nodded, slipping the card out of her shirt pocket and handing it to the lady. She looks back up at her after examining the ID. "Here you go." She said, giving her a schedule and a key. "Your room is 34B." She said. I nodded, bowing slightly before I left to find my room. "31B, 32B... 34B! Here it is!" She said, unlocking the door.
  9. Robin took out a book and sat on the edge of the fountain in the courtyard. She opened the book and flipped through it till she found the page where she left off. It was a bulky, blue book. She seemed to be about half way done with it. The cherry blossoms fell into the ground as spring time was just around the corner.
  10. Kat Arrived at The School On foot. Sure, it wasn't a classy or fancy way to arrive, but it worked, and she arrived Pretty Early, Well, she THOUGHT that anyway. She was wrong about that, she was given her schedule and Key For room for Room 35B, She Said with a hearty smile after getting them
    "Thanks!" She hurried towards her room, her Partner, Haun, by her side, Haun said
    "Yea, I know. But this time I wont get lost." She found it with ease, and went in, she said "Ah, This Looks Good!"
  11. Taking a step back and leaving her journeys behind, Hariko decided to study more before continueing. She was standing infront of the school gate, excited for a new school year, she smiled and looked down to her companion Stephanie, her Kirlia. "Excited for new school year ?" She asked, Stephanie smiled back and danced around happily, Hariko continued to the main desk where a woman asks for her ID, giving it to her, she swiped the card through the scanner and did some typing "Your room is 36B, welcome to the school Ha...ar..." She said. Hariko quickly replied "It's Hariko miss and thank you for the keys" she said as she took the keys, her schedule and her ID. She was confused by the looks but finally made it too her room. She stretched out as she was tired of her travels, but staying in a messy room wasn't her thing, resting time passed she quickly got up and unpacked with help from Stephanie's Psychic Powers. After unpacking she took out some cleaning supplies in the bathroom and cleaned her room. Noticing that she made alot of noise she hopes that no one else notices.
  12. Sylvia was eager to get her room number and make it into the school where she would be able to study to become a full-fledged Pokemon Professor. She skipped up to the front counter, greeting the receptionist cheerfully and gave a Piplup that was atop her head a card, which he gave the receptionist successfully. Due to Sylvia's low stature, it was common for her to rely on her best buddy for support when it came to height issues, as he could easily stand atop her head and reach whatever it is she was trying to get or put away.
    The receptionist giggled at the work of teamwork and gave the Piplup a card and a little folder meant for holding the room card, similarly to a hotel in a sense. "Enjoy! Your room is 14B. Thank you!"

    Piplup handed Sylvia the cards and Sylvia beamed at the receptionist. "Thanks a bunch!" she exclaimed, bounding off happily.

    "Can you believe it, Pip? I can't believe it! I'm so excited!" she squealed.

    Pip sighed, squeaking some things to her.

    "I know, I know, it's just a regular school, but I'm just happy! Can't I be happy?"

    Pip seemed to shrug as he moved to Sylvia's shoulder and squeaked some more things.

    "Oh, look! Here's my room!"

    That was fast. Sylvia entered her room and thrust her bag onto the bed right away, pulling off five Poke Balls from her bed and tossing them all around the room. "Come on out, everyone!" she exclaimed.

    Spore materialized first. He was a Breloom. Quite big for his age, actually, and when Sylvia had first met him, she was about seven years old. He was a Shroomish back then, and he seemed to follow her everywhere and protect her from dangers. That was during a trip in Hoenn. She had become friends with him since then, but then she had to return to Snowpoint City, her home. Somehow, though, Spore had found a way to come back to Sylvia when she got to Twinleaf Town to get Pip. The three have been inseperable since.

    Next was Coco, an Eevee. Sylvia had found Coco in a laboratory hidden beneath the ground. It belonged to Team Rocket at the time, hoping to make an Eevee with four elemental moves that its evolutions can learn. The goals were Moonblast, Thunderbolt, Hydro Pump, and Dark Pulse. Unfortunately, they only succeeded in one of the four moves. Since Eevee was a failure, she was going to be put down when Sylvia jumped in to save her. The entire lab was destroyed in the process, but Coco was still safe. Since then, she has been shy and cynical of anyone but Sylvia, but after Sylvia began traveling with some human companions, she began to warm up to the rest of the world, little by little. Now, Coco was as hyper and energetic as Sylvia--not to mention tiny!

    Then there was a Pikachu, whose surfboard Sylvia had in her bag. This Pikachu was from Alola and knew the move Surf. Sylvia also knew that when it felt like evolving, it could become an Alolan Raichu. Her name was Kianalu, which was Alolan for 'big wave'. Very fitting, in Sylvia's opinion. When she had first gotten Kianalu, it was traded to her by a man named Akamu. Akamu was saddened because he felt he couldn't take care of Kianalu as best as he'd like, so he gave her to Sylvia in hopes that she could take good care of her. Sylvia accepted and made sure Kianalu felt loved. Kianalu missed her previous owner dearly, but she was always happy with Sylvia.

    After that came Nova, a Camerupt that Sylvia had found back when it was a Numel. Nova was a female Camerupt with an anklet and a Mega Stone, the Cameruptite. When Nova was in her pack in the wild, Sylvia was climbing up Mt. Coronet. There was a landslide and Nova had come tumbling down, away from her group. When Sylvia found Nova lying on the ground, paralyzed and low on energy, she quickly put herself to work and created a fire bed for Nova, quite literally setting a bed of sticks on fire and placing her in it in order to bring up her internal and external temperature to proper heat, and surrounding it with rocks so that the fire was controlled and wouldn't spread. Since then, Nova and Sylvia became close friends.

    Finally, the last Pokemon was a Driflim named Hectate. Sylvia forgot what it meant, but it was definitely meaningful. He was in the hands of Team Galactic when they took over the wind power plant in Sinnoh near Floaroma Town. Back then, Hectate was a mere Drifloon, but Sylvia made sure to take charge and drive out Team Galactic, saving and befriending Hectate.

    Every single one of her Pokemon was caught because they wanted to be--except Pip, in his case, since he was given to Sylvia whether he liked it or not (and at first, he didn't). Sylvia grew large and special bonds with them and would never let them go. She replayed her adventures in Sinnoh over and over again, happy that she was finally here.
    "Alright, gang! Let's get unpacking!" Sylvia cheered.

    The other Pokemon shared in her enthusiasm and helped Sylvia unpack everything.

    This was going to be a fun experience, Sylvia and the others knew it.
  13. Robin closed her book and decided to roam the school. She walked around and soon found herself to be lost. "Damn it... where am I?" Just then a crowd of people, a large crowd came running down the halls. Robin worried she was going to be trampled curled into a ball but then Gallade popped out his football and stood in front of her.

    Gallade was her first pokemon. She met him when he was Ralts. He was one of her father's test subjects, in fact all of her pokemon were. They were trying to make the perfect Battle Bond pokemon. When they thought Ralts had failed they were going to put him down. But Robin stopped him. And from then on Robin had kept all of her father's "experiments" as her own. But it turned out that Ralts wasn't a failed experiment, he just needed time and love.

    The crowd had pushed Robin and her Gallade into Sylvias room. They came rolling through the door.
  14. Jasper was woken by the sound of some footsteps go into an apartment. But something was wrong. He had a hunch someone already went into that room somehow. He got up and stepped outside to catch a gimpse of someone falling through a door leading to an occupied room. "That's strange....." He thought to himself. Just after he had saw this, a crowd pushed him back into his room. "Ah!" He screamed, surprised. He tried to see what was going on, but that crowd wasn't stopping any time soon. "Dang it, we can't go anywhere while that crowd's moving." He said.
  15. Robin crawls out of the room. "Great... I dropped my book in the crowd." Gallade nods and he uses his psychic powers to stop the crowd from moving. They people scream in shock as she picks up her book. She then walked to the side Jasper was on and let the crowd resume. They now ran in terror. "Imbeciles...." She whispers as she leans against the wall and reads.
  16. Jasper sat down and waited for the crowd to move. They didn't. Until he saw them forced back by something. "Psychic!" He thought to himself. He stared down the hallway as the crowd shrieked in terror and ran away. He turned to see Robin and spoke. "Umm...... Thanks for making the crowd move! I couldn't get out with those idiots in the way!" He said,thanking Robin for the good deed she had pulled off.
  17. Kit was running towards the school with his card in his hand. "Oh jeez, I hope I'm not late!" Kit said as he ran towards the building. His partner, a Froslass was floating behind Kit as well, giggling along the way. "I swear Frostbite, I'm going to clobber you if we're late because you decided to freeze my shoelaces together!" he said in a not so serious tone. When he got to the receptionist desk, he quickly handed the the person behind it his ID card. "Please tell me I'm not late!" he said. "No your not sir, your room is 13B, have a nice day" she said as she handed Kits ID card back.

    Kit breathed a sigh of relief as he entered the building.
    "Your lucky that we weren't late this time Frostbite, but please, save the pranks for AFTER class" he said to his partner. He looked around the hall to locate his room. 13B...where could it be?

    Before he really had a chance to look, a huge crowd of people ran down the hall. Kit quickly jumped to the side as Frostbite phased through the wall into the other room before either of them got trampled. Kit looked up at the door and noticed the sign "13B"
    "Well...that's one problem solved at least...but we almost got ran over there!" Kit said, clearly quite annoyed at what happened. He was about to yell down at the crowd when he noticed they were being levitated by a Gallade and what appeared to be its trainer.

    Clearly dumbfounded, Kit just stood there and gawked with Frostbite beside him. She looked on with a combined expression of awe and puzzlement. They certainly haven't seen anything that powerful in a long time. "Lass?" Frostbite said.
    "I don't know Frostbite, but we should at least check if shes alright, it looked like she may have almost got trampled just like we did" he said.

    He slowly, but nervously walked up to the trainer in question.
    "Umm...excuse me, are you...alright? I think I saw you almost get trampled there..." he said. Frostbite floated beside him while she carefully observed both the trainer and her Gallade, making sure they were not a threat to Kit. "Lass?" She asked the Gallade, wondering how he is so powerful.
  18. Robin gave Jasper a half smile. She didn't like socializing or talking to people. Her face pretty much said it all. It's likelier father used to say "Actions speak louder then words."

    She shook her head signaling she was alright at Kit. People normally never approach her. It's weird at this school they don't find her intimidating, or maybe there just more open people. She continued to read.

    Her Gallade looked at the Froslass and noticed right away she had the same ability as him. He didn't recognize her from the lab though. Her Gallade began making small talk with the Froslass
  19. Sylvia came out of her room to see what the ruckus was. "What was that?" she asked confusedly as someone had entered her room. The person was now waiting outside of her dorm. "Oh, hello there. Are you guys new here, too?" she asked the people with the Gallade and Froslass by their sides.

    Spore watched Froslass and tilted his head to the side. Seeing as he was a Breloom, he knew that he wasn't a match for Froslass in battle due to type advantage, but it was still interesting to examine a Pokemon's behavior from their actions and body language.

    Meanwhile, Pip took an interest in Gallade, hoping to size him up. Pip squeaked some false taunts to Gallade, puffing his chest out proudly and balancing atop Sylvia's small head.

    Sylvia giggled. "Pip, I know you're excited, but I think we can save the battles for another day. How do you guys do?" she asked, lifting Pip from on top of her head and carrying him in her arms instead.
  20. Robin began to feel overwhelmed, so was her Gallade. Robin kept her composure and she made sure her Gallade did the same. "Yes, I'm Robin Ambers, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." She bows as she says that.

    Gallade introduced himself to the pokemon as well. His pokemon talk translated too. "I am Gallade, servant of Lady Robin, the pleasure is mine." He also bows.
  21. Jasper instantly understood what she meant. "Oh. Okay." He was about to go, but then he heard Sylvia ask him something. "I'm pretty good. You know, if your Piplup wants a battle you could just come battle me. I'll be in the courtyard if you need me." He said, walking away to the courtyard. Once he was in the courtyard, he sent out Poliwrath and began to practice fighting techniques. "And.... Left hook!!!" He screamed, teaching Poliwrath to be better in a fight.
  22. "Well classes will be starting soon so I'm going to get ready." Robin excuses herself from the conversation. She walks away and Gallade follows.

    She opens the door to her room and sighs. "Lets try to avoid a scenario like that again." Gallade nods. Her Glameow was sleeping on the bed. Her Braixen and Comfey were chasing each other, her Doublade raced Masquerain to see who could fly faster. "Alrighty guys, classes start so back in the pokeballs." They all nod except for Glameow who was still sleeping, and Gallade who normally doesn't stay in his ball. When Glameow got returned she shrieked being startled. Robin then gathered her books and walked out.
  23. Dan watced from a bench in the courtyard at a person with a Poliwrath. "Hey, up for a battle?" Catch them while training, win the battle. That was something her dad told her before he died. The thought made her shutter. "Game?"
  24. Kit was pleased to see that the trainer, whom introduced herself as Robin, was alright. He then turned towards the other trainer that came out of her room. "The names Kit, and I'm new here too. I was actually about to go back and finish checking out my room down the hall there" he said as he pointed to his room, which appeared to be right next-door to hers.

    Frostbite waved good-bye to the Gallade, whom introduced himself as Robins partner as he went in the other room with Robin. She could tell that he was quite powerful. She hoped that she could have a battle with him sometime in the future. She then turned toward the Breloom that was observing her. She giggled happily and waved hello to the Breloom. Frostbite was excited to be meeting so many new people and pokemon! She was hoping that Kit was enjoying himself too. She looked up at Kit and giggled at him.
    "I know Frostbite, I'm kinda excited to be here too." He said.

    He decided to head towards the courtyard since he really didn't have anything else to do until class began. Frostbite followed close behind as she waved goodbye to the Breloom. He noticed that there were many other rooms in the hall on his way to the courtyard.
    Must be a rather famous academy to have this many here he thought.

    When he reached the courtyard, he noticed that the male trainer that he was with earlier was training with his Poliwrath outside, whom also seemed to have been challenged by someone. Kit decided to stand to the sidelines and observe the battle.
  25. Robin decided to go to the courtyard. She liked the cherry blossoms a lot. They were almost symbolic. She reaches the courtyard and sits on a bench. She let all six of her pokemon come out and play as she drew the scenery.

    Gallade sat by Robin's side making sure the other pokemon didn't do anything stupid. Glameow sat on Robin's lap purring as she slept. Masquerain floated by the fountain in the center. Comfey sat upon Braixens head as she did fire tricks. Doublade sat himself in a tree and slept.
  26. Jasper was surprised at the sound of a voice. He turned to see Dan there. "Game? Oh, I'm more than game. I'm one hundred and ten percent ready!" He said, ready for a battle. "So... Six versus six? Three versus three? What's it gonna be?" He asked. Poliwrath looked at Dan, ready to put up a tough fight with his new fighting skills he had just learnt a few seconds ago.
  27. Dan placed a gentle hand over her pokeballs. "3V3. Accepted?" Of course, she was going to win. Kommo-o was with her. She chose a pokeball, a quick ball, and held it tight in her hand for the battle.
  28. Jasper returned Poliwrath, now clutching a different pokeball. "Accepted! 3............. 2.............. 1!" He said as he threw his pokeball out, releasing the shiny Abomasnow from it's ball. "Abomasnow!!!!!!" It shouted, ready.
  29. Robin noticed the fight. "They better not destroy the school" she says as she puts away her sketch pad. She pat Glameows head and rubbed her back witch made her purr, loud.

    Gallade studied Dan and Jasper. It was obvious Dan had A LOT of confidence that she was going to win. But that clearly didn't intimidate Jasper. he suspected they both had plans or they were just meat heads.
  30. Dan shifted her grip slightly as the ball was thrown. "Rotom, quick! Thunderbolt!" No sense in rushing. The quick ball was thrown up in a high arch above Abomasnow as the ghost-electric pokemon was released. The two ghostly arms locked together and fired a thunderbolt at the large pokemon.
  31. Kit looked on at the battle as the male trainer had sent out an Abomasnow. To be honest, he was kinda nervous about the huge size of the creature and couldn't help but shiver. Though then again, it could just as easily been the cold winds that came from the frosted tree Pokemon.

    Frostbite observed on, clearly mesmerized by such powerful pokemon that were sent out, especially the ghost pokemon. She couldn't help but let out a giggle as she watched the battle begin. She then noticed Gallade in the distance and gave him a quick wave, though she wasn't certain that the Psychc pokemon saw her or not, but she decided to remain by Kits side.
  32. Gallade watched there battle. He foresaw that something was going to go south real quick. He readied himself to teleport. It was Robin who wished the school not to be destroyed, and her wish is his command. Gallade noticed Froslass wave and gave her a wave back, then began to focus.

    Her other pokemon gathered around her, afraid they would get caught in the crossfire. They huddled in a circle and watched them duke it out.

    Robin was also studying the battle. She knew both would be formidable foes on the battle field and in the classroom.
  33. Abomasnow looked up and saw a bolt of thunder. "Protect!!!" Yelled Jasper, slightly surprised by Dan attacking with almost no hesitation. Abomasnow reacted quickly to defend against Thunderbolt. "Now use Blizzard!!!" Jasper shouted, Abomasnow firing a Blizzard straight at Rotom.
  34. Rotom darted around the sky after the Thunderbolt. "Dive into Abomasnow!" The ghost pokemon dived down below the Blizzard, only getting hit a little. "Thunder Wave!" The little pokemon sent a wave of electricity at the ice type in hopes of paralysis.
  35. "Dodge it!" Yelled Jasper, not remembering the size of Abomasnow for a split second. Abomasnow dived, but it's toe just skimmed the attack. "Hammer Arm!!!" He said. Abomasnow was just about to hit Rotom, but stopped because of paralysis. "Oh no!" Yelled Jasper, surprised.
  36. Dan smiled. And the Abomasnow falls. She pointed at the ice type. "Hex." She said, using a move that doubles in power when the opponent's paralyzed. Rotom sent a purple wave forward to the Abomasnow, knowing dodging would be hard due to it's status.
  37. She saw on Belle's back with both of her legs to one side as she watched a battle going on as she smiled. "Look Belle a battle is going on" "Saws! Sawsbuck!" Belle smiled as she looked to the battle observing how it goes carefully. "Watch closely Belle on how they battle it may give you an idea on what strageties to do sweetie" she smiled down at her as she looked back to the battle before hand at a good distance.-
  38. Robin stood up and sent out her Arcanine. She pets him and rubs him. He seems happy. "You wanna go on a run?" The Arcanine nods. "Good, Gallade you stay here and watch the others." Gallade shook his head as Robin mounted her Arcanine. The Arcanine walks out of the courtyard and out of the building.

    Gallade watches the battle, he focuses on the female trainer. She seemed like the type to do something reckless. He was on the edge of his seat, waiting for the moment.
  39. She smiled down to Belle "Want to go for a run Belle?" "Saws! Sawsbuck!" Belle said happily as she fixed herself with her legs on each side as Belle leaped off as she was going through the forest as she smiled loving the air as she was leaping over things in the way. She chuckled then smiled as she petted Belle's neck fur.-
  40. Arcanine dashed through the woods. He had caught up with Belle. Robin saw the other trainer and waved. Her Arcanine then came to a sudden halt almost throwing Robin off. They had almost ran off a cliff. "Woo... thanks Dromarch." She rubbed his mane and he smiles gleefully.

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