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Singles Showdown 2015 - Signups

Discussion in 'Pokécharms Organised Play' started by KoL, Mar 28, 2015.

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  1. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    For all those who were here last year you probably know what to expect, for those that weren't and for those who want to know what's the same and what's not, here's the rules:

    Standard 6vs6 singles on Pokemon Showdown is the name of the game. A lot of the rules will be the same stuff you're used to, but some things may be a bit different to what you'd expect to see. First of all, the link to Pokemon Showdown:


    Here's the rules:

    Endless Battle Clause: Any moveset on any Pokémon that is capable of intentionally causing an endless battle is banned from competitive play. Thus:
    A Pokémon may not carry Recycle and hold a Leppa Berry in conjunction with Heal Pulse and Milk Drink, Moonlight, Morning Sun, Recover, Roost, Slack Off, Soft-Boiled, or Wish.
    A Pokémon may not hold a Leppa Berry and carry Recycle and Pain Split on its moveset.
    A Pokémon may not hold a Leppa Berry and carry Recycle and Fling on its moveset.

    Evasion Clause: The moves Double Team and Minimize, in addition to the abilities Sand Veil and Snow Cloak, are not permitted in play.

    Moody Clause: Pokémon with the ability Moody are not permitted.

    OHKO Clause: A Pokemon may not have the moves Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill, or Sheer Cold in its moveset.

    Sleep Clause: Only one Pokémon may be put to sleep on the opposing team at a time, if not induced by a move such as Rest.

    Species Clause: Players cannot have two Pokémon with the same Pokédex number on the same team.

    Baton Pass Clause: Only one Pokemon per team can have the move Baton Pass.

    Pokémon may be up to level 100.

    Banned Pokémon:


    Banned Items:

    Soul Dew

    You have until May 1st 2015 to sign up and prepare. This topic is for signups and queries only - any other posts will be deleted and the poster warned for SPAM. Like last time, the tournament format (swiss, knockouts etc.) will be determined by the number of entrants.

    I believe that is all, so if you wish to compete simply post here saying so and you're in.


    - CreeperNinjaGamer
    - steveplays
    - Kyubeon
    - FalChromiforme
    - AzureEdge
    - Shocari
    - Psycho Monkey
    - Mikachu
    - Dwayna Dragonfire
    - SpaxThePacifist
    - Rias
    - Limon
    - Cloveria1215
    - philhower17
    - BlackoutSLM
    - Midbus
    - Sebasxian10
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  2. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

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    2552 - 1658 - 1133



    That's not at all epic is it.
  3. pokeman266

    pokeman266 2015 Singles Champion

    I'm in! Third Tourny's the charm! Or should I say POKEcharm! Really bad jokes ftw!
  4. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Friend Code:
    Why not? Sign me up XD
  5. FalChromiforme

    FalChromiforme Formerly Aurora Beam

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    Sign me Up, KoL. And this time I'm not going out on the first round . . .
  6. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    Friend Code:
    Welp, here goes nothing. Again. Sign me up KoL.
    -Lemme get my team now before I fail in the first round-
  7. Shocari

    Friend Code:
    Sign me up. :)
  8. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Ah what the hell. I've got nothing to lose but the battle right? I haven't won one of these yet but its the fun and excitement of combat that counts.
  9. Consider me in :)
  10. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Friend Code:
    Since it's Showdown, count me in. ^^
  11. pac_halo

    Friend Code:
    I would like to join, please.
  12. How do you play this? Im new to the online relm...
  13. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    It's pretty simple. First, click this here link:


    ...and follow the instructions. You can make your team on there and battle on the servers. The tournament itself will be taking place on those servers, so it may help to get used to using the program itself if you're not confident with it at first.
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  14. Okkkay awesome. Ill look into it. I look forward in one day signing up ;D
  15. Sing me up
  16. defiantly im joining
  17. cloveria1215

    Friend Code:
  18. I'm all fired up!!!Let's battle! Unknown.png
  19. BlackoutSLM

    Friend Code:
    Count me in.
  20. Is the tournament taking place on May 1st as well? I would like to join. I just want to make sure I know what dates and times I'll have to be online. I have exams and a few other commitments coming up...
  21. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    The first round matchups go up on that day and the signups end. You're given 2-3 weeks after that to actually get your first round match done, so you effectively have between May 1st and around May 21st thereabout to actually get your first battle done. Every round after that will provide a similar period of time to get your match done so you are given a choice of multiple days to pick from for each round.

    Speaking of which, the signups are due to end in about one week's time now. Please note: Once this signup period ends, you will not be able to drop out of the tournament. Anyone who does drop out once the matchups start or just fails to complete their matchup without good reason will be barred from all future tournaments.
  22. Sounds great, I'm in
  23. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Signups are now over. The first round brackets will be up tomorrow in a separate topic. I will send you all a private message with a link to the new topic once it is up.

    As of now, it is too late to drop out. As stated, anyone who does drop out without good reason or just vanishes off the face of the planet will be barred from future tournaments here.
  24. Shocari

    Friend Code:
    We'll still need to save our replays and send them to you like before, right?
  25. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Yup, PM me all the replays and I'll post them in the Battle Videos topic once the tournament is done.

    I will go over the rules for that in the battle thread itself tomorrow for those unfamiliar with them.
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