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Single Word Stories

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Mr Fishykarp, Nov 17, 2016.

  1. Welcome to Single Word Stories, where you give me a single word and I make an entire story based upon it. It could be funny, serious, whatever I'm in the mood for and what the word reminds me of

    I will take up to three requests at a time:
    Request one: @SilverSolis (Adventurous)
    Request two: @DaVioletElite (Shadow)
    Request three: (Spot Free)

    1) Nothing inappropriate
    2) Only one request per person
    3) You can elaborate if need be but one word is all that is necessary
    4) You can specify whether you want it to be Pokemon or Not Pokemon, or i could decide
    5) Don't get upset if you don't like it, you were the one who requested it
    6) Don't use the same topic twice, a list of previous ones is below, as well as the actual stories so you know how i like to write, although every story will be different

    Previous Requests
    1: Mythical, @DaCharblezorbTrainer, http://pokecharms.com/works/one-word-stories-mythical.27995/

    2: Wild, @Excalibur Queen, http://pokecharms.com/works/one-word-stories-wild.28137/
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  2. Started Writing it, also a note for any future requesters, I will be doing some stories based off of Pokemon, and some not, you could specify which one if you want but mostly I will do whatever I feel is more fitting with the story
  3. How about "Adventurous"?
  4. How about "shadow"?
    (I already have an idea about it, but I think its too cringy.)
  5. Accepted, you can tell me the idea if you want. Also thats all, until i finish writing one of these three, no more requests
  6. No, no, its too cringy. I can't say it. I'd slap myself. Anyways, thanks for accepting. ^^
  7. Let me know when requests are open! :)
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  9. Okay! Crazy! Pokemon! (XD I feel a little hyper...)

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