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Single Toughest Pokemon Opponent

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Satoren, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. A lot of Pokemon Trainers have one. There's always that one Pokemon belonging to that one trainer somewhere that he/she detests for being a particular pain in the butt and preventing him/her from achieving an otherwise casualty-free victory. It might be an AI opponent, or a Pokemon lovingly trained by someone else on Wi-Fi; and so the question is: Who/what was the one Pokemon that was the most difficult for you to defeat? The Pokemon in question can be from any of the main game series, and it can be a Pokemon that was either wild, controlled by a computer NPC, or trained by someone in a linked battle, but was there ever a single Pokemon you disliked because it just wouldn't go down without murdering at least half your team first?

    For instance in Unova, I can think of two particular Pokemon that fit this bill to a T. The first is Ghetsis' Hydreigon. When the battle started, I was pretty confident. My Pokemon were very high-levelled and were pretty much destroying Ghetsis' team. And then, Hydreigon shows up. At first, I tried sending out Reshiram in an attempt to take it out with Dragonbreath. The poor dragon goes down with Hydrei's Dragon Pulse. Without a second though, I then sent out my Crustle, hoping that it had the defenses to shirk off whatever attack was coming and counter it with X-Scissor, but then it, too goes down with a single Surf attack from Hydrei., around 5 Pokemon and numerous revives later, the beast finally went down with a combined effort from everyone...and still, there was Ghetsis' Eelektros to contend with. Feck.

    Ever since then (and beating the game) I swapped everyone for their EV-trained counterparts, Pokemon specifically chosen and trained to realize their full potential. There was still one more person in all of Unova that stood between me and the title of 'strongest in Unova' and that person was staying in a Villa in Undella town, waiting to sweep me off my feet with her piano theme and destroy my hopes and dreams.

    I was very wary of Cynthia. I fought her before in Platinum and Diamond, and she was one of the most intelligent AI opponents in the game, and so I took my time and picked off her team one by one. With only two left on her side and me with a full team, I was sure that the worst was already behind me.

    And then it came.

    Swiftly it rose to the opposition, its wing-fin-blade things stretched out and ready for battle. The single most horrifying creature to ever walk on Unova's ground. That fucking Garchomp. In little to no time at all, it was the Hydreigon nightmare all over again. My entire team compltely demolished by the demonic land shark. My Simipour was the first to go. I thought she was fast enough. I thought she could get in an Ice Beam and end it all. I was wrong; so terribly wrong. And so with nothing but my crustle left, I thought I was doomed. But miracle of miracles, I still had one shot.

    It was probably the worst strategy ever, but it was the only one I had left. You see, Crustle was tough. I mean, really tough. My team was made of things with obscene amounts of defense and HP, but Crustle was special. Crustle didn't get KO'd in one turn. What's more, he had a rocky helmet equipped, which managed to take a small chunk out of Garchomp's HP. That was it, that was all I had to do. I just had to keep healing Crustle, and let Garchomp attempt to take it out with all the strongest attacks at its disposal, and after which Crustle just heals right back up, with full HP. Meanwhile, Garchomp's HP is eventually whittled down to almost nothing with residual damage from Rocky Helmet. And with one final X-Scissor, the thing went down. It was a victory, but it felt like the worst victory ever for me. My team was mostly dead, and I won by a really cheapass strategy. So for now, I train; for now, I wait. It'll be Spring in two months, and Cynthia will be back, and then I will defeat her once more, with an actual strategy D=<

    So yeah, those were my two Toughest Pokemon Opponents Ever, who were yours?
  2. Ghtsis's Hydreigon also falls into one of these categories. His move set is undeniably genious, being able to deal with a lot of types, and powerful enough to knock out a Pokemon in a single hit. I swear, my team were coming in one after another and dying like they were to be shot at the town square. Even Reshirama and Samurott couldn't beat him on thier own, and I only won because of a critical hit from Whimsicott's Hurricane. Still, very, very ingenious.

    Another would be E4 Kaitlin. She may be a psychic type trainer but she could easily be a champion. Her Pokemon were fully equipped with moves to handle most types, and even with a full team of level 100 Pokemon completely healed, she managed to defeat all 6 of them at least once. I only won because of the revives I had stockpiled.

    But for a wild Pokemon, I will say that this one particular Swellow would not go into the ball. Seriously, it was level 40 something, and it had knocked out 2 of my level 100's (I only had three at the time, the rest were about at his level) with Endeaver. Not only that, but I managed to paralyze it, and it still wouldn't go in! 12 Ultra Balls down, 5 Timer balls gone, 1 Quick Ball, and 16 Great Balls gone too. 4 of those balls were Critical Capture too, and he broke out! Yes, apparently some Pokemon can break out of those things :0 Finally, I'm down to a Snivy I'm training, and I throw one more ball, this time a Premiere Ball, which sticks. Amazing. I checked the Nature on this thing, and it had a Rash Nature, and it hates to lose. Yerp, right down to a T :/
  3. Perhaps nature now affects capture likeliness?

    Well, like everyone else, Hydreigon was a mean Pokemon to take down. I didn't have any Ice moves or Pokemon, and the rest of my Pokemon were underleveled, so the strategy I used was to revive my Serperior with Max Revives and just Leaf Blade it until it was knocked out.

    I did battle Cynthia when my Serperior was in its nineties. Level ninety, that is. :p Since I had used nearly all my Max Revives (I'm saving them for the 'official' E4 battles), I simple bashed everything, sacrificing Pokemon to use a Revive and get a free switch. Thankfully, with a single Pokemon left, I won.

    On a side note, Milotic this gen stinks. One Leaf Blade was all it took to take it down.
  4. I'm surprised everyone found Hydreigon difficult. I took it out in a couple of hits.

    For me, it was Cyrus' Gyarados. Throughout my Platinum playthrough I had been lazy and only leveled up my Infernape. The trouble was that Infernape was the same level as most of Cyrus' Pokemon. I also had a Magnezone and a Mamoswine 10 levels lower. The Gyarados was fully equipped to deal with my team. I lost a few times until I taught my Infernape Rock Slide, and even then I only won because Gyarados flinched.
  5. Ked


    I seem to always struggle on Milotics, not sure why though.

    Wallace's Milotic in Emerald always brought me trouble. I ended up whiting out almost every time! Seriously though, that thing is hard! It always gets me with its Water Moves or Ice Beam, which is pretty good for it considering my two strongest Pokemon are Blaziken and Tropius :X I've tried many, many strategies on it, but I always end up failing miserably. I don't really want to restart the game over or battle the entire Elite 4 again, so I guess I'm just stuck on it for awhile.

    Misty's Milotic in HG/SS was also pretty hard for me, but not nearly as bad as Wallace's; I actually managed to kill hers without whiting out. My Pokemon were at pretty good levels when I challenged her. Almost all of my Pokemon fainted from using Struggle or just being killed normally. I did manage to get a Endeavor and a Quick Attack in for the kill though |D

    And that is why I now hate Milotics~!
  6. Linkachu

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    Umm... Milotic is the exact same this gen as last gen, and OF COURSE you'd OHKO Cynthia's with a STAB'd Leaf Blade from a level 90 Pokemon. If you'd challenged her with a Pokemon on par with her level (or lower), it would've been a different story. XD

    Anyways, I'm not sure if there is one single Pokemon I struggle the most with. Usually anything that has high attack stats, a strong priority attack, and another attack with a high base power (ie. Outrage, Close Combat) makes me groan when I face it. Magpie's Dragonite, for instance, was not to be taken lightly, and if you weren't prepared for the beast it would crush your sorry soul. :p

    Usuaully in-game I have problems with Outraging Dragon-types because I'm much lower leveled when facing them, and not much can buffer against a Dragon-type attack. The coverage of a Dragon-type attack is just so large... Beastly things.
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  7. To me, the PokeMon I had most trouble with was Liza & Tate's Claydol in Emerald. My strongest PokeMon was my Blaziken, of LV. 75-ish, and most of my other PokeMon were underleveled (Mostly because Blaziken pretty much swept trough the entire game.) Their other PokeMon gave me trouble enough, but then that godforsaken Claydol with DOUBLE TYPE ADVANTAGE ALL THE WAY 'CROSS THE EFFING SKY. Yeah.

    I managed to get trough with help of my Gardevoir, Mightyena and a loooot of Revives/Hyper Potions a couple of tries later.
  8. I was thinking that too. My Emboar was the same level, and it still lived a Surf. Then OHKOed it with Hammer Arm.
  9. Oh, Sigilyph always gave me a ton of trouble in the Desert Resort. It just seemed to sweep everything, even my Blitzle. I had to turn the game off and run out of there before I blacked out.
  10. I actually got very lucky when I fought Ghetsis' Hydreigon, and so it wasn't the worst thing I've ever faced.

    I remember having significant trouble with Cynthia's Garchomp and Milotic back in Platinum, since my two strongest Pokemon were an Infernape and a Blaziken I had ported over. My affinity for fire types cursed me that time XD I have yet to battle her in White, so I'm not sure how I'll fare- but I do have a level 90 something Samurott that should do the trick with a lot of her team |D

    I also have terrible, terrible memories of Gen I and Lance's Gyarados.
  11. I'm surprised no one has say anything about Juan's Kingdra from Emerald that thing was a nightmare i mean of wasn't using double team then it was using rest. it made me want to pulled me hair out. and Lance's Aerodactyl due to half of my team being weak to rock. also Cynthia's Garchomp was tough.
  12. Well I am surprised that not even one of you guys mentioned Red's Snorlax on Pokemon HG/SS.This giant has 460 HP and a high defense stat,not to mention the fact that it is a normal type which means that its only weakness are Fighting and Dark types...Well to beat it I used my lvl 66 Gengar but I got knocked out in the end!
  13. Hydreigon was the easiest member of Ghetsis' team (Well thats probably because it didn't get a chance to attack) Mienshao + Hi Jump Kick to the face = Win

    I like DS had trouble with Claydol all my attacks would do minimal damage I'm dreading it when I get to them during my Nuzlocke

    On Wi-fi however I always struggle against Electivire Cross Chop and Thunderpunch usually wrecks my team
  14. Here's a different take on things.

    Without mass levelling, I always found the original Gen II Whitney super awkward. Her Miltank would roflstomp me nearly 100% of the time :o
  15. I seem to have a piss-easy time with all the opponents evryone else has difficulty with. Huh. How about that.

    Now, now, now, Lorelei, she's a whole 'nother kettle of fish. She is ABSOLUTELY ROCK SOLID. That FUCKING Lapras just... doesnt die! It lasts forever and ever and ever, and does a shit ton of damage with Surf and Ice Beam. Brick hard.
  16. Just Fighting :x

    My worst opponent? ELESA AND HER EMOLGA. Double Team spam and ridiculously high speed? Can easily KO the ONLY Ground types you can get before her? NO THANKS. OH YEAH, THERE ARE TWO OF THEM, TOO. GOOD LUCK.

    I honestly hate everything about Elesa's team. I can't even attempt to get a SE hit on anything save Zebstrika, so I had to resort to USING AN EMOLGA to defeat her own. I felt filthy afterwards. I had to stop her Double Team with my own Double Team, and then Aerial Ace the hell out of her because she's fortunately not -that- smart.
  17. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Milotic, I hated battling that thing back in Sapphire/Emerald. Wallace ihu for owning that thing.

    Also, Joey's hoard of rodents. We cannot forget those.
  18. 1st Gen: Snorlax

    2nd Gen: Miltank

    3rd Gen: My buddy's Azumarril / CPU's Milotic

    4th Gen: Garchomp

    5th Gen: Volcarona
  19. KoL

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    Two words: NEON COLOSSEUM. Of all the challenges the Pokemon games have ever presented to me, one of the nastiest ones was having my own Pokemon used against me and being lamped with a bunch of useless ones to fight them off with. Trying to fight off an EV-trained Garchomp with a Bastiodon and a Spinda is not fun, especially when you know that the Garchomp in question is utterly destroying you because YOU made it that strong to begin with.

    So, yeah, my toughest Pokemon opponent would probably be my own Garchomp after it got used against me in Neon Colosseum. Fun times...
  20. Instead of focusing on an opponent I fought repeatedly in the main game, I think a Pokemon of an old rival of mine would fall under this category.

    We'd have one on one matches, and one time, we both sent out Honchkrows.
    Now, my Honchkrow is great and all, but his just swept me.
    It took me five rematches to beat him, and I won by just five health.
    It was actually pretty exhilarating.
  21. Probably Cynthia's Garchomp in BW. KO'd my Braviary, Metagross (w/ air balloon) & Torterra. Was near throwing my DS at the wall when I noticed I had an EV maxed Froslass on my team; After substitute, I pretty much swept her whole team with that ghost.
  22. Ummm...Ghetsis's Hydreigon wasn't all that difficult to me. It just took my Reshiram, my Samorott, and a Max Revive.

    However, there are five Pokemon that fall into this category.

    1) Whitney's Miltank. Pure hell. Nothing more needs to be said.

    2) A random Shedinja I met while in the Battle Hall, in the Battle Frontier in Pokemon Platinum. I couldn't do anything but watch poor Blastoise get slaughtered by the ghost of a bug.

    3) Winoma's Altaria. A couple Dragon Dances and it was impossible to beat.

    4) Iris/ Drayden's Haxorus. It took FOREVER to beat that Gym.

    5) Cynthia's Garchomp in Pokemon Black/White. That CURSED walking shark.

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