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DPPt/HGSS Single battle team. Help..?

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Artiste, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. I don't quite have Wi-Fi yet, but once the lawn stops growing for the year, I will.

    I was thinking this would be my team for single battles. ^_^ No, I haven't EV trained yet. I need MAJOR help on movesets, some nicknames, hold items, and what to put EVs into. xD

    Ring. @__?
    Adamant nature.
    EVs goin' to Attack and Speed.

    Thunder Fang
    Flare Blitz

    Lapras. @__?
    Rash nature.
    Water Absorb.


    I know nothing about Lapras, as I have never used them before. xD Serious help here, please.

    Gardevoir. @__?
    Rash nature.

    Magical Leaf
    Double Team/anything else
    Calm Mind

    I'm not 100% sure on this one.

    Midnight. @__?
    Bashful nature(Don't blame me, he's from before I knew how important natures were... )= ).
    EVs going into Attack 'n' Speed.

    Dragon Claw
    Fire Fang/Any other fire move that's physical
    Aerial Ace

    Thanks, Azi and UC. Figs might've helped too, I can't remember. ^_^

    Dusk. @__?
    Brave Nature.

    Thunder Fang
    Charge(IF it raises physical lightening move's effect)

    I didn't mean for him to be Brave, it was before the nature's importance dawned on me. T-T

    Venusaur. @__?
    Mild Nature.

    Grass knot(Knew from E4, and I never erased it :p)
    Sludge Bomb
    Sunny Day

    Thanks in advance, guys. ^_^
  2. [​IMG]
    Lapras. @Nevermeltice
    Rash nature.
    Water Absorb.

    Ice Beam
    Perish Song
    I dunno,a move that dosent suck horribly that lapras has.
  3. How about this Gardevoir Set?

    Ability: Sychcronize
    Nature: Modest
    Item: Wise Glasses
    EVs: 252 S. Attck, 252 Speed, 6 HP

    -Shadow Ball
    -Focus Blast
    -Thunderbolt/Ice Beam/Calm Mind

    Wise Glasses increase Special Attacks.
    Psychic for STAB.
    Shadow Ball for Ghost-types
    Focus Blast for Dark, Steel, Rock-types (Mostly Dark)
    Last move is a filler. Calm Mind to increase Special Attack and Defense, Ice Beam for Dragons, Grass, Ground, and Thunderbolt for Flying, Water, and all are a reliable attack.
  4. I'd rather leave the Nicknames up to the trainer.

    Apart from Lapras and Venusaur; I was actually intending to have this as an alternate team setup; albeit with different strategy and movesets. (Basically, you have good taste)

    Lapras is a walking (swimming) HP block, you might wanna consider leftovers.
    Same moveset as Nachoman but either Confuse Ray or Psychic for last slot. (Lapras has a fighting weakness)

    Considering you already have the Salamence, it's too late to suggest Dragon Dance; so the current set is great.

    Charge raises any electric attack (even thunderpunch) but usually it doesn't make a difference; since before you can even launch the charged attack, they'll either have switched or launched a ground move.

    *Sunny Day on grass type = Double edged sword, but it's usually not a problem.

    I really dunno what items you could use, to be honest. *sweatdrop*
  5. That Gardevoir moveset looks great, but I'm not changing the nature. I worked immensely hard to raise that thing- Of course, I didn't have the Lucky Egg, and I hadn't beaten the E4 yet... Training would be easier, but what does Modest have over Rash? >.> I'm too lazy to check the nature chart. xD

    Okay, expect the pokemon to be called weirdo names.

    Walking Swimming HP block, huh? Alright, there's the tank I wanted, albeit with average Sp. Att, IIRC.

    Yeah... Funny story... Midnight is from Emerald. Again, I didn't know the importance of natures. Or that he could learn DD from Egg moves.
  6. Modest ups S. Attack, lowers Attack.
    Rash ups S. Attack, lowers, S. Defence
  7. If you're willing to consider rebreeding Lapras, I'd recommend Bold, Modest, Calm or Timid. They lower attack and raise defense, sp. attack, sp. defense, and speed, respectively.

    Alternatively, if you're willing to breed for Dragon Dance...

    Lapras @ Leftovers
    Shell Armor/Water Absorb (the only real use in Water Absorb is if you can draw water attacks from the foe and switch Lapras into them. Ring might be able to lure a Surf or two, but this requires good prediction.)
    252 HP EVs, the rest divided however you like between attack and speed.

    Dragon Dance
    Return/Confuse Ray

    Lapras has equal Attack and Special Attack base stats. People will probably anticipate a special attacker, since most of its moveset is special. Confuse Ray will buy Lapras a little time to get off some DDs, but if you think she can handle the damage, then you can just opt for Return. Avalanche and Waterfall are for STAB, and with 60 base speed it's likely Lapras will still get Avalanche's double-damage effect even post-DD.

    As for Venusaur... I'd replace Grass Knot. One special grass move is enough. Maybe try the ever-popular EQ? Just to take people off guard. Venusaur's attack stat is average at best, but Sunny Day is probably going to draw out fire-types. But don't take my word for it. XD Black Sludge for item, maybe? If you can find one. Took me ages to find a Croagunk as is, let alone with a rare hold item.
  8. I haven't really raised Lapras all that much, anyway. I'm really thinking about re breeding Midnight, and getting him DD. I'll have to import a Bagon with Aerial Ace from Emerald/Ruby. I used my Pearl's AA for Midnight.

    That DD set's a good idea, Tama. It took me forever to get a blasted Rash Lapras as is, so I don't expect that thing to be ready for a looong time. Good thing I didn't use Avalanche yet. xD I'll opt for Return. Lapras is a swimming tank, after all.
    Have any of you guys ever seen anybody use a Lapras before? I've never seen one in anybody's teams. o.O

    You know, Plapti, I'm sorry. I made this thread so I could get help, and I was kinda sharp with you... I just might re breed Gardevoir for Modest.
  9. That's alright Artiste, I know its your team, not mine.
    Anyways: for Luxray, you could replace with the more accurate Spark (I know it's just 5%, but it can make a difference) and Swagger with Ice Fang to deal with the Ground-types.
  10. You mean replace Thunder Fang, right? Ice Fang... I hadn't really thought about it. xD
  11. Spark is more accurate and powerful, but can't flinch. Replace Swagger with Ice Fang. There goes Ground Types, or puts a severe dent into the HP.
  12. Oh, I know what Ice Fang does, but I can't remember if it flinches... Blargh.

    Spark, I'll get right on it. As soon as I get done with my requ-other activities.
  13. It does, and it has a chance of freezing too.
  14. Awesome. How can so awesome a move be taught so freely...? It be 00ber! Muahahaha!
  15. You just use the move re-learner in Pasatoria City and you're all set.

    Must be, lol
  16. Phew, glad it's not an Egg move. Thanks, Plapti. It was a rhetorical question, BTW.
  17. No, I'm pretty sure Ice Fang is an egg move. Serebii only lists it as such, and I double-checked at Pokegoons because Serebii's kinda... less than accurate at times. XD If you want Ice Fang, then you're probably gonna hafta get breeding.
  18. Snap. XD At lame pun.

    I'd better get breedin'.... *The music they play in movies when people are in prison plays* Now, to figure out what to breed to get Ice Fang. Serebii, here I come-Wait just a minute! 'Charms has a Dex, too! I hate Serebii, so I'll use 'Charm's.
  19. Oops, my bad. Anyways, just breed a Male Floatzel that learns Ice Fang (Move re-learner) and a Female Shinx and boom, done.
  20. Thanks, man. You saved me a heck of a lot of trouble. ^_^
  21. Well, it should work. Dunno if it'll work properly. It says that Floatzel is land and Shinx is land, so it shold work.
  22. It may say that, but the day care man said 'They don't like each other very much.'

  23. "They prefer to play with other Pokemon or something." = NO BABIES. >:T

    "They don't seem to like each other." = Different species, same OT. Yaaay babies.

    You will have little Shinxes running around soon enough. Hold out for Adamant or Timid. :B
  24. Oh. I wish I'd known that sooner. :3 Thanks, Tama. I WILL get an adamant Luxray! Say 'ello to my new Dusk, people. No, I'll name him something different. ^_^ But I thought Timid lowered Attack for speed. o.O

    I'm getting very frustrated with the effort of getting an Adamant Luxray. I've gone through about 18 Shinx, without a single Adamant. >:( And it's counting.

    I've gotten TWO Jolly, and countless other natures. Maybe I should stick with teh Jolly Shinx. =( Well, once I create a trading thread, I'll have a lot to trade.

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