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Open Sinel Island Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Mockingchu, Sep 13, 2017.

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  2. You never made a bio sheet for people to use.
  3. Yea, could you make the bio sheet?
  4. Edited original post so it has the Bio Sheet. Sorry about that >_<
  5. Name: Halt Willow
    Hometown: Snowpoint Sinnoh
    Pokemon: Chimchar and eevee
    Appearance: Tall (as in 6'3) thin, wears dark sunglasses and has bright red hair.
    Age: 14
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  6. Is the like acceptance?
  7. Name: Lena Rostiff
    Hometown: Newbark Town
    Pokemon: Woobat
    Appearance: Slender build with tanned skin, amber eyes and short, thick black hair that is kept in a ponytail atop her head
    Age: 15

    Name: Zephy Child
    Hometown: Camphrier Town
    Pokemon: Shiny Dedenne, name Spark
    Appearance: A lithe build with sun-kissed skin and electric blue eyes, long straight blonde hair whisks about at her waist and she wears a pair of dark sunglasses on her head tucked behind her ears.
    Age: 13
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  8. It is an open tread, just join in
  9. Hoopa. Counts as a legend/mystical pkmn. Not allowed by admins.
  10. @Glaceon trainer is correct 9012. You need to change that Pokemon. Sorry about that. And it is an open thread. I just ask for your bio so I understand more about the character.
  11. Oh it does- let me change that really quick. This is like the third time I've done that XD I'm never sure whether or not they are legendary, I do a random pokemon generator to decide the pokemon I encounter. Sorry though, I'll also edit my post on the main thread.
    Jalen Hill
    Hometown: Littleroot Town
    Pokemon: Turtwig
    Appearance: Tall and thin, with brown hair.
    Age: 14
  13. Sounds good ThatNormalGuy
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  14. Is it alright if I add a dratini to my pokemon? It won't evolve to dragonite early. I hate dragonite, but love dragonair.
  15. I made a new character, added onto my earlier post
  16. Oh, and would you say being the one trainer born in 1k years is a little gary/maru sue? I mean, just throwing it out there like that is a little op. Do you mind fixing it please @The legend of pika ?
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  17. I agree with Glaceon trainer. Having a general "mental cummunication bond" (it's communication, by the way, you misspelled it legend of pika) is a little OP in itself. But I guess if you want it, you can have it. At least, I think so. You might want to check over the rules again. Or you might just want to not be OP.

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