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Ask to Join Since the Dawn of Time...

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Pokéboy098, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    The young man with the badger returned to his post after the intruder left. His badger cooed softly, glad he was gone. A sudden weight left the forest as one of their mortal enemies left.

    A young female soldier with a porcupine walked up to the prince. Her hair was black and her eyes were green, and she wore greens and browns. "Excuse me," she said, " Prince of Hector, I will be your escort while you remain with us. I am Ereenie and this is Relfeus."

    Rayalin lowered her weapon. "Sorry, we have had way to many visitors today. I will need more information before I take you to anyone though. Name, tribe number, and purpose. I cannot let you see anyone without that information," she told him. Aria now sat on her shoulder, a clear example of the Veridan's animal bond.
  2. Thomas was thinking for a while, maybe it would be a good idea to meet Lara's owner. He looked for a while at white wolf and after the silence, He finally said "Sure, Why not. If She would like to of course, then I don't mind" He said then he thought about his mission, He schould soon continue, He was really close to Phoenix Tribe now.
  3. Lara looked to him before looking up the trees then back to him. "-Before I signal her...she is different compared to all the other tribes so if you are ready to see her then I'll signal her and don't be frightened of her either...she won't do any harm as long as you are not her rival tribe...-" Lara said to him in thought waiting for his answer.-
  4. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Liam put the shards back into the pouch, holding onto the branch below him. " Shadowclaw of the Steel Wolves. I already told you why I'm here. " He explained himself, sitting down on the bench. " Need I remind you? I'm here to make peace between me and the second tribe in here. I can't say for sure if the rest of my tribe will want the same, but I know I do. " He said, taking out a canteen from his belt holster and unscrewing the cap, taking a drink from it.
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  5. Thomas sighed "I don't understand you and I don't care. She can look like a demon for me and that won't change anything. I will rest here, few more minutes, then go" Noir said to Lara.

    Xertion walked around and observed his soldiers training. Then spy come to him "Many tribes arrived to 2 tribe teritory, that can be a great opportunity to our plan"
    "Set tribe 2 forest in flames and leave things we took from tribe 3. it can't be hard to blame someone else"
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  6. Lara nodded before the tag of her tribe symbol glowed brightly to call her. "-She's not a demon, I assure you on that-" She smiled before looking up. She saw her cross glow signalling her to come. She thought first if she should show herself or not but it would be rude not to since Lara called her. She lowered herself down from branch to branch before landing on the ground in front of Lara. Her white ears remained forward as her white tail moved back and then forth slowly. She remained silent looking to the male. Lara looked to him. "-That's my owner, just state your name and tribe number and name if possible and she will take it from there, she won't speak unless you say so-" Lara told him.-

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