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Ask to Join Since the Dawn of Time...

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Pokéboy098, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. Tags: @Astrapi @Jodie.xox @Lil Eliza123
    Discussion Thread: Please Join, we need more people! https://pokecharms.com/threads/since-the-dawn-of-time-discussion-thread.20999/#post-761858

    Gale slowly opened his eyes to see the ivy-covered walls of the hallway. He was very tired, but knew he had to get up, or he would get killed. Sleeping in the forest was dangerous business for any tribe, as many of them believed in mythical creatures that would hunt and kill humans. Gale was a little skeptical of those myths, since all he had ever seen was pigs and the occasional cat or mouse in the hall. Either way, however, Gale did know for a fact that his tribe, the Morticarans, were at war with another tribe from floor 2, who had actually conquered part of the Morticaran land. If they had a patrol that found him asleep, they would kill him easily and without a fight.

    Gale began to walk down the corridor to search for breakfast, but stopped short when he saw a wild boar. He immediately pulled his sword, and then threw a blanket out into the hall. As soon as the stupid pig saw this (since the blanket was a smaller creature that he wasn’t afraid of), he charged at the blanket. Then, as the pig was charging, Gale jumped into the hall. The pig tried to slow down and run the other direction, but it couldn’t turn around, which made its charge hurt a lot less when it hit Gale. Then Gale killed it, cooked it, and ate it for breakfast.
  2. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Delphi awoke with a yawn and made her way off her hammock and down into the hallway. She shook her head. She was the last up - again - and was most definitely not praised for it. Everything from last night's hunt had been eaten so, sleepily, Delphi took her bow and quiver in search of anything to eat. She stopped as she saw a young pig snuffling around in a patch of grass. Smirking, she climbed up the tree using the footholds that had been engraved many years ago, and made her way up to the small planks at the top of the canopy. She shot the pig once and it squealed, and with a second arrow finished it off. She climbed down, retrieved her arrows and returned to the tribe 'camp', cooking the pig and eating half, leaving the rest wrapped up in large leaves for later.
  3. Thomas woke up and stood up, how He could forget. He was on scounting mission for Eclipsih and he just fell asleep. Well, He has ended it anyway. He ate leftovers of his yesterday dinner and took his way to home. After some time he met three people "From what Tribe are you?" Thomas asked them.
    "You spy on us and you think that you can just leave" said one of them. "So, 2... I'm in the good mood, go away" He told them calmly "Hey, Kid. If you think that you can just leave like, nothing happend that you are wrong" Man yelled and attack him with his mace. Thomas just dodged and slashed his opponent with his hooked sword, man fall without life at the floor. "You saw me spying earlier. Now, I think it won't be a bad thing if you..Die"(...) After a quick fight, Noir headed to his tribe "I really don't like killing people, but it doesn't mean that I won't do this, if I schould."
  4. Astra stretched as she woke up with a pig resting in a pile of leaves and things next to her. She smiled and lit a fire for when her tribe woke up. It was a nice warm treat for them in the mornings and she often did it most days. She quietly ventured into the hall and looked as she heard squealing from another tribe. They must’ve killed one of the pigs. She knew that the 4th tribe next to her didn’t like her tribe for some reason, even if she didn’t mind them. For that reason, she decided to not say anything and went to feast on some spare meat from the night before back in her warm, fire lit camp.
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  5. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Liam was travelling through the trees, hidden within the leaves. From branch to branch he leaped, using one foot to land and the other to jump again. It had been a few days since he last slept, nevermind had a rest. He had to keep himself on his toes and could only sleep when he knew he was safe. While jumping around, he reached for a pouch on his belt and took out a couple sharpened bone shards. He stuck one inbetween his teeth and stopped by on a branch to spit it like a dart over to a pig unaware of his presence. The shard pierced through to it's brain like an arrow and drilled all the way through, getting stuck on the bloody patch of grass below. Perfect, he thought. A quick and painless end for the animal. He quickly put the other shards away as he lept down from the branch to pick the corpse up when he saw some humans fight in the distance. He quickly put the pig over his shoulder and climbed back up into the tree infront of him, moving toward the scenery. Arriving at it, he discovered his tribe fighting against another. The enemy tribe seemed to be extra hostile and had strange coloured hair.. more specifically just the ends of their hair was coloured. He found this strange, has he would think that dying the whole hair is better than just colouring the ends of it. But, thinking is not what he is supposed to do now. He stuck the pig corpse onto a thick branch and began moving. He leapt from the tree in a divebomb, took out eight shards out of his pocket, four in each hand. He threw two at the throat of the one he was lunging at, crashed into him and rolled off, pulling the shards out of their throat again. Then he swung one hand at the enemy, throwing the other four shards at them. With the distraction, he used the hand which had no more shards to pull out his spear and stick in the ground to boost himself into the air. The velocity and speed of him flying through the air made it easier for him to pull the spear out of the ground and with him, allowing him to crash down on another foe and pierce them straight down the mouth, spear-tip piercing them and sticking them to the ground. Landing on the ground he rolled out of the way of a potential attack as he juggled the remaining bone shards into his hands, throwing them outwards in a circling motion at the other remaining foes to finish them off.
  6. Noir has reached his Tribe and he talked with other Vaertens and Xertion himself. They disscussed about how to make their live in this world, better for our tribe. They decided to send Thomas to Tribe that is called Phoenix and maybe we could make something like 'A trade for better relations between tribes' Noir accepted this mission and he headed to the floor 5 tribe, Phoenix.

    (Sorry for so short post, I had some kind of idea for it, but I lost it with some time)
  7. Gale sat up. He had heard a noise, and it didn't sound like a pig. Stuffing the last bit of food in his mouth, he peeked around the corridor, eventually seeing a party of warriors from the tribe that lived below them. He didn't really want to kill them, because he wanted to see his tribe burn. He wasn't very friendly with his family, even though he was the prince.

    So, he decided to do something different, something very un-prince-like. He stepped out from behind where he was hidden into plain sight.

    "Halt!" Shouted the three trained soldiers from the enemy all at once. "Who goes there?"

    "It is only the prince of your mortal enemy, Morticar, who has greatly wronged your tribe and is prepared to repent." Replied Gale. "Take me to your general and let him do as he wishes with me. I could be of help to you in more ways than a simple ransom."

    So, the soldiers of floor 2 began to guide Gale to their leader. They had heard of the tales of a prince who was so quick to strike that you wouldn't even know what hit you before you died. So, they didn't even attempt to chain him, and simply showed him the way.
  8. She wasn't in her tribe village at the moment as she left her tribe brother Shadow to watch over the tribe until she returned. It had been a long time since she was able to show herself without fighting. Other tribes just didn't understand how calm the Lyconians temperament was as they only attack in self-defense. She wasn't alone of course as she had her tamed wolf Lara beside her to keep her company on her patrol. Her white wolf ears perked for any sound of movement as her tail moved back amd then forth occasionally. She gently petted the Arctic wolf as she saw a pond filled with aquatic life. She bent down to put her hand in it seeing the fish approach gently nibbing at her hand as she gave a smile under her mask her whole tribe wears. She looked up at the sky seeing how peaceful it was as Lara went to a sit listening to her surroundings with her ears but remained alert for any source of danger. She could feel the tension of fighting with other tribes but that would be too risky to check out or that would reveal her tribe location. "Do you sense that tension Lara? From other tribes?" She asked the arctic wolf in a calm voice. Lara's eyes made contact with hers before nodding to her as she wasn't the only one feeling that tension. "Its too risky to check it out because its probably a fight between two rival tribes so its just probably best to remain her where its safe because my tribe needs me to lead them if we ever get into a rivalry fight again with Tribe 7"she told her as she listened watching her. "-Yes, that's the best way JC-"Lara told her in her thoughts before feeling her hand on her head gently.-
  9. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Rayalin stood from the trees, watching the new prisoner. Unknownest to him, eyes were watching, always watching. She knew the pair's animals were hiding, just in case they were jumped. If he dared attack, she just wondered how many arrows could one take at one time. Her barn owl, Aira, was in a different part of the floor, watching. Unlike most tribes, tribe two found the forest to be a second home. The animals were their protectors, something their god gave them.
    She tightened her ponytail so that her hair didn't get in her face. Her browns and greens were clear signs of her rank within her tribe. Her cobalt blue eyes followed the prince's movements as her hand reached for her bow. Aria returned to her and landed on her shoulder. Most of her tension went away at the sight of the bird. She was connected to her, just as her owl was connected to Rayalin. She replaced her eyes on the boy from tribe three, or as the Morticarans as they liked to call themselves.
  10. Noir needed to be careful now, He was passing by the teritories of Morticars and Verians. He needed to prepare himself for a fight with any opponent. When He will leave those teritories, He schould be fine. He wanted to make a revolution, so he needs to survive. He was now in Verians teritory, He killed 3 Verians earlier, but he was attacked. If someone would attack him now, it would end only in one way...
  11. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    A black panther growled as he smelled Noir. A hawk circled above him and a ferret was in between his paws. That boy killed their humans, now they were alone. They had to avenge their partner's death, with his blood. The panter lept onto Noir as the hawk dove down onto him. The ferret stood by, waiting for the predators to get done with the first attack.
    Of course, someone was watching this, smiling. He patted his raccoon's head as he watched the invader.
    Rayalin knew that they were nearing the outermost camp. Soon the Lord of this camp, Lord Irevene Istredy, and his cayote will be questioning the so-called prince. She thought her trie was the only ones that did that Of course, Nomils don't really study the other tribes like Lords do.
  12. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    As Liam pulled his spear out of the ground, he pulled a few bones from the corpses of his victims. He broke them apart, cleaned them by swinging the blood off of them and stored them in another pouch, ready to make more shards out of later. He then took his left hand and dipped his index and middle finger into the warm blood, re-newed the upper stripes on his face and drew a crude symbol of a growling wolf head on the bark of the closest tree to symbolize which tribe claimed the lives of these bodies. " Ishnú righnoeth. " He looked over to the people of his tribe who survived the attack. " Vólderhéa móroznekh ishdagz." He commanded them. One of the pair reached to their belt and tossed him a wooden blowhorn, which he stuck onto his belt in a small strap. Then he pointed towards the tree he came from, notifying the hunters that that is where he held his prey stuck. The hunters nodded and jumped into the tree, soon out of sight. Liam stuck his spear into the straps on his back and crouched down, dashing off and jumping up, kicking himself off a tree and into the treetops again. From then on, he began jumping from branch to branch again, swiftly and quietly moving around like a shadow.
  13. Thomas dodged Panther's attack "I may not have a chance in hand to hand combat with that thing" He thought. After that He was hurt a little by Hawk beak and then Ferret quickly rushed at his leg, bite and escape. "Hmmm, 3 versus 1. It's soo unfair... For you" Hawk dived again at Noir, who now raised his hand with his sword in grip. Hawk didn't menaged to react fast and dodge. He got pierced by the sword Panther roared loud, his roar sound like screaming in pain. "You keep attacking me... So, I keep to protect myself. If someone is behind you, protect them. If someone is next to you, respect them. If someone is in front of you... Defeat them" said Noir calmly, Ferret and Panther attack in the same time. Noir kicked Ferret at Panther's jaw that was prepered to bite Thomas' neck. Ferret died in his ally fangs, it seemed that panther was even more pissed off. "Look, I understand your feelings. But, I don't want to die, either. Would you like to leave me and live" Noir asked, but big Cat seemed to not forgive him and stop fighting. Panther jumped at Thomas, who threw a simple knife at his head as Cat came closer.

    "Your Spirits memories will be in my heart, is no shame to die for what you believe. Human or Animal" Thomas said, He noticed that someone was watching his fight, He didn't know from where exacly. But he knew, that he is here. Well, He lost enough time and he continued his little travel.
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  14. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Delphi finished off her food and slung her quiver over her shoulder, filled with new arrows. She sighed, walking to the boundary that separated her tribe and tribe 3. She was headed for tribe 2, the Verians, as a few weeks ago some of their soldiers ambushed a border patrol, killing a warrior, and now she was seeking revenge. Even if she didn't entirely trust her tribe, she was loyal, and wouldn't let whoever killed the warrior simply get away unharmed. Checking for any of Morticar's patrols, she cautiously walked into their territory and climbed a tree, hiding amongst the leaves. She was aiming to jump from tree to tree using the branches, and hoped she wasn't making too much noise.

    Delphi reached the edge of Verian territory, just narrowly escaping a group that had heard her in the trees. She stepped into their territory, and climbed another tree, repeating the thing she did in Morticar's territory. However she stopped when she saw Gale, the prince of the Morticars, just following a group of Verians as if he was just handing himself over. Why he hadn't attacked them left Delphi confused. "What is he doing?" She hissed to herself quietly, shaking her head. She leaped a few trees away, not wanting to get caught and taken to camp with the same patrol. She sat in waiting for a little while, before seeing a tribe 1 member walking around the territory. "Honestly, all the tribes below us are complete idiots, they just love to hand themself over, don't they?" She sighed. But perhaps he had something Delphi could make use of. She shot an arrow at him, but too early as she had realised, as it only just missed his foot. "Shoot!" Delphi snarled. She mentally slapped herself for giving away her location, and she readied another arrow incase he spotted her.

    ((BTW the tribe 1 member im referring to is Noir/Thomas))
  15. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    The young man followed the tribe one member and found someone lurking in the trees of their home. He also came upon some of his tribe members watching a prisoner. Man was it busy in their territory! The raccoon growled. "Shh, Pubo, everything is alright." he whispered to her as he gave her a pat on the head.

    Rayalin now had her eyes on three people. Three! What was with people and crossing borders today! She had Aria watch the tribe four member for her as she kept her eyes on the two other more dangerous tribes. Her owl nodded and flew off. She let out an inward sigh, at least there was a lot of back up today.
  16. Thomas looked at the arrow that landed in front of him, his luck today was almost as big as his fighting Abilities. Normally he would notice this earlier. But 'hard' conversation with another Vaerten (If someone don't remember, Vaertens are like 3 Main commanders), two fights, one boring and second interesting just becouse of the animals. They weren't big troblue. Still, He was wondering with thoughts somewhere else. But now, He was a bit pissed. He ran faster that you could tell by how He looked. And he reached Delphi's tree "So, What do you want from a lonely guy in the forest?"
  17. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Delphi looked out from the bush, her head just poking out. "Uhhhhm...nothing..." She hid her bow behind her. "What are you doing?" She asked. "Nobody just hangs around in enemy territory without cover. Don't tell me you're on a suicide mission like that guy I just saw. Giving yourself up is not a good tactic. For your clan's sake at least." She jumped down from the tree and retrieved her arrow, putting it back into her quiver, then turned back to Thomas.
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  18. She couldn't help but feel more tension so looked to Lara. "Hm I know this is risky but why not investigate the other tribes" she said to her. Lara had a look of "not a good idea" but shook her head. "-Alright we can but we must be out of plain slight-" she told her in thought. JC nodded to her companion before she made her way up tribe room before she stopped at 2. She leaped into the trees as Lara stood on the ground but used the trees to keep herself hidden. She kept going forward through the trees before her ears perked to a conversation going on as she silently watched them through her mask. She saw a male and female talking as she had probably guessed he might be from tribe 2. Lara remained close under her but hidden.-
  19. Thomas sighed "I always thought that its kind of breaking a law to attack diplomat. Also, as you sound, you care about me more than my 'Clan?' thing. Also, if you wanted to kill me, that was your only occasion. I wasn't careful. Now, excuse me. I'm gonna leave you now" Noir said to the girl in the tree. He just continued walk to Phoenix Tribe "It was nice to meet you"
  20. Gale finally arrived in the Verian camp. He noted that it was mostly wood, easily flammable in case he needed to escape. He hoped it wouldn't come to that, though. One of the guards pointed him to a large home (it can be a tent or a house or whatever you want @PlayfulFox47), where the leader was supposed to be. Before Gale entered, he took one last look around the camp. Then, with a sigh, Gale entered the home. It was dimly lit, so he could barely see the Verian. So, he studied the silhouette, and wondered if this mysterious figure would speak first.
  21. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    The Verians were tense. Really tense. Even Rayalin was scared. They had to keep the camp safe. However, the prisoner and the tribe one member left. They all sighed and watched the other two. Raylin willed for Aira to come back and sit on her shoulder. The owl obliged and the two watched once more. The boy was also watching. And others.

    The Lord stood up in his cabin. It wasn't like the capitol at all, but here it was the biggest thing around. He saw the Morticaran enter and sat down, his coyote next to him. "So you asked to be brought here. Why?" the man in red asked.
  22. She watched as the male left not knowing where he would be going. She glanced to the girl in the tree careful not to reveal herself. She looked down to where Lara was as she was hiding in a bush under her. She decided to follow the male that had left for now to look and see how the other tribes were holding up mostly towards her rivalry tribe so she knows their next step and will be prepared for her safety and her tribe. She swiftly moved from tree to tree quietly motioning Lara to follow carefully without making a sound as she leaped up with her in the trees as she was very light for a wolf. She kept a close eye on the male through the mask she wears following his every movement.-
  23. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    As Liam was moving from branch to branch, he had been thinking. It was probably to his best to ensure that atleast he himself wasn't a threat to other tribes if they didn't attack him or his branch first. But who to attempt to declare peace with first? He thought and thought.. and got an idea. That tribe on floor 2. He remembered them from those animals that always follow their members. They seem to be a good start to attempt a peace treaty with. He proceeded to make his way to the second floor and leaped from branch to branch, only stopping to watch others sitting in trees from a distance. Strange, he thought. There were others that hid in the trees other than himself?
  24. Her ears perked hearing others move from tree to tree. She checked her surroundings first as Lara stood in a tree just next to her before she had smelled the scent of a pond nearby. She made sure no one saw her as her ears remained alert and her tail moved back and then forth before she leaped down quietly Lara following before she saw the pond in front of her. She checked her surroundings once again ears moving back and then forth before it remained in an upward position. Her tail was steady before she bent down using her hand to grasp some of the water seeing how clear it was before seeing Lara drink from it as she gently smiled petting her white pelt gently. Her eyes shifted under her mask looking up at the sky for the moment hearing how peaceful the area was. Lara lifted her head up from drinking before looking up at the tree with her light blue eyes only hearing movements in the trees but slightly saw some shadows as she was on high alert just in case.-
  25. Noir didn't hear Lara, when she was following him. But, when hybrid sensed someone else, in high alert she made a little mistake and he heard that. He turned to trees and bushes where he heard something like breaking the stick. "Someone is here, again. Schould I start to count or something" He whispered then shouted "Hey, who is here. Come here then I won't do anything to you"
  26. Her ears perked to a sound voice as she then realized her mistake. She saw a stick broken. "-Damn...it...-sigh-...-" she thought. "Lara...." She whispered looking at the arctic wolf as she used her hand to point at the broken stick. Lara shifted her light blue eyes to the stick as she whined a but softly. "-sorry....JC....-"she told her in thought. "....Go show yourself....its risky for me to be seen by other tribe members....but at least your collar has our tribe symbol on it...."she whispered to her motioning her to go. Lara nodded before JC leaped into a tres quietly but swiftly watching Lara in the shadows before Lara leaped out over a bush showing herself to the unknown male being on guard of herself as her light blue eyes watched him closely tail up a bit. JC watched below as she would come in and help Lara if she was in danger.-
  27. Noir wasn't shocked to see a white wolf, after all, He still was in teritory od the tribe that has Bond with animals. But, it wasn't the same. He came closer to wolf, slowly and calmly. He looked at the gem on wolf's neck "Hmm, I don't recognize this tribe symbol. Maybe I never met them,but... Your owner or partner is not far away, is he/she. Don't worry, if you don't want to do any harm to me, I won't hurt you. But, you don't need to believe me" Thomas said, He looked in the wolf eyes, it was really beautiful animal and seemed to be still a bit scared of him. Becouse, it didn't knew, what Thomas could do. Noir slowly took his hand to his black robe, and he revealed a little piece of meat. He threw it at the ground "You don't seems to be aggressive, if your owner allows you. Then maybe you want to eat something, I swear it isn't poisoned" Noir said, He waited for wolf to react and after that He decided to continue his travel to Floor 5 tribe, Phoenix. He wasn't so far away now.
  28. "I want your help with something," replied the prince. "So, I have a deal for you. I will help you conquer my tribe, and in return, you will release all of floor 3. If you conquered us completely and kept it, you would be constantly putting down Morticaran rebels, and you would never be able to continue conquering other tribes. You can make me king of my tribe and then I will follow your orders, so you will basically be ruling us, but the Morticarans don't need to know that. If they think that a Morticaran is in charge of floor 3, they will not revolt. So, what do you say about that?"
  29. Lara wasn't afraid of the male just cautious as she saw the meat on the ground. She quickly ate it before looking up at a tree JC was hiding in. She saw her nod to follow him as she would be hiding in the trees for now. Lara shook her pelt before following after him before she ran her head against his hand before gently licking it as she walked beside him.-
  30. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    The Lord wrote down the proposition then gave it to his coyote as he muttered something to it. He attention refocused onto the prince. "That is not for me to decide," he said as he looked straight into the prince's eyes, his authoritative pose becoming even more so, "But I will send word to our princess and the council. Their decision will not be final, but I have a feeling our King will be accepting it as soon as he is able. Until then you will be treated as a guest, no leaving this camp without a guide. What will happen will be unfortunate. Right now everyone is on edge so many will fight first think later."

    Rayalin turned her attention to the newest newcomer. Sure! Let every tribe enter! It's not like they have other things to do then led people away from their camps and towns! She sighed angerly then moved closer to the newcomer in the trees. She would have to keep an eye on him, all newcomers needed an eye kept on them. She noticed her tribemates tensed up due to how many people were here. It was like an invasion.
    "Hey, you!" she whispered as she had an arrow pointed at Liam, "Why are you here?"

    The boy with the raccoon still followed Thomas. He would do that until he reached the border. How else would he protect his tribe?
  31. Thomas smiled a bit, Lara licked his hand. Maybe its a first time that he had nice conversation with someone... Well, Every tribe, even when they try to murder you seems to be better than Eclipsih. He was afraid of his own tribe, for quite a time, other tribes wasn't thinking about them as a danger. But they were,Odiare, current Xertion didn't tell him anything. He didn't need to, Thomas knew that he was preparing some sort of unknown for this world weapon. Eclipsih may soon begin invasion at all other tribes, He needed someone. Someone that could accept his right to rule over the tribe, even if it is against Eclipsih's law. Finally, He made it to the border between 2nd and 5th tribe teritory.

    Meanwhile, Xertion himself was watching tests of new weapon. It will be a schock for this world to see something like that. All Vaertens were testing it, He didn't let to test it only to Thomas. He knew about that Noir wants to betray him, stupid Orphan. He schould kiss the ground that was touched by his feet, that they let him stay alive and didn't kill him as a kid. Someone, who is nothing for his own tribe schould stay as nothing for everyone.
  32. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Liam came to a stop as he saw an arrow pointed at him. Out of instinct, he reached for his bone shards, one hand in the pouch.
    " Ishnúr- " He cut himself off and coughed, changing to the universal language. " I'm not here for hostile reasons. I'd like to make a peace treaty with the second tribe, for myself mostly. I'm not sure if my tribe feels the same way of willingness to put weaponry and rivalry aside. " He said, soon adding: " But, let me tell you. Shooting an arrow is not a good idea. I have my own projectiles to use, and shooting that arrow would be a fatal mistake. " He warned the person sternly, remaining a calm expression.
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  33. She quietly followed behind Lara as she could see he was heading between 2 and 5 of the tribes. Lara on the other hand continued to walk beside the male as she was able to communicate only in thought to him. "-Can you understand me?-"she said to him in thought as the tribe name of hers was in the back of the tag to her tribe symbol.-
  34. Thomas looked around, confused. He could bet that he heard someone. He looked at Lara "I started hearing things probably. I thought that someone said something to me" He take a deep breath and sat on the ground "Maybe I need a break or something... Or maybe someone from Phoenix will came talk to me and made my task easier" Noir said, He seemed talk to Lara. You could tell that he never could talk with someone, like, normally. Eclipsih people were nice to him, but no one wanted to say something to him or when they saw him, they keeped distance.
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  35. Lara growled at the name of "Pheonix as they were her rival tribe. She sat down in front of him. "-So you can hear me? I am only speaking with you in thought through this tribe collar around my neck? What troubles you? I can understand you thanks to my owner training me to understand her language-" Lara added as she raised her paw up to rest on his lap.-
  36. Thomas blinked twice, finally he get that what he heard, was Lara. "Great... Now, I'm talking with wolf... I'm really tired, am I not. I'm just worried, my tribe starts doing horrible things.. Well, not mine. I don't really belong to any tribe, but it is a long and boring story. I just was send to talk with Phoenix a bit. But I think they wanted to send me far away from them" Noir said and pated Lara.
  37. Lara shook her head after being petted. "-I'm only talking to you with the collar I wear around my neck that my owner made for me so I am able to speak in anyone's thoughts privately...and you said you are going to Pheonix...well my tribe doesn't really get along with them too well and because of that we had to go into hiding to train stronger...but why do you say you don't belong in any tribe?-" She asked him sitting tall while she looked at him.-
  38. Noir looked at Lara, then said "I'm an Orphan. Abandoned by my true tribe, someone like me will never belong anywhere. In truth, They told me that I was left to die... Eclipsih just took me becouse, the more soldiers, the better" Thomas explained, it wasn't any kind of secret. Right now, He hoped for a bit to end this uneasy conversation. Maybe someone from Phoenix tribe will came.
  39. Lara felt bad for him as she nudged him gently. "-Our tribe would never do that to anyone and I know my owner would treat you just the way you are, although....we are...well different than the other tribes....actually she is watching us now...in the Shadow's..." She looked up at the trees for the moment seeing a glimpse of her before looking back to him. "-Even if you are an orphan she won't judge you either way, that I'm sure of....maybe you like to meet her if she wants to reveal herself-" she told him wagging her tail a bit.-
  40. "Ok," Gale replied, "I will await a response."
    Gale exited the cabin with a sense of unease, which seemed to him to be reflected on the faces of the many people in the camp. He figured it was probably best to find where he would be sleeping and stay there until he heard the reply, that way he could avoid any conflict. The problem was, he had no guide and didn't know where he was supposed to be going. So, for now, he sat around in front of the cabin, waiting and hoping that a guide would appear from thin air.

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