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Ask to Join “Since the Dawn of Time...” Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Pokéboy098, May 29, 2019.


Just interested: how many times has a good roleplay died on you for no reason?

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  1. Tags: @Astrapi @GalacticDeg @Shadow_Pup @Jodie.xox @Red Gallade
    This is by far the largest and most complicated roleplay I have ever made, so please help me out a little if you can.

    Spots Available:
    Holycan Fang: JC Wolfa @LunarSilvally
    Tribe 8:
    Heptakar: Evangeline Tetragon @Lil Eliza123
    Steel Wolves: Shadow Claw @DevVoid
    Phoenix: Astra King @Jodie.xox
    Redlynx: Delphini “Astrapi” Autumn @Astrapi
    Morticar: Gale @Pokéboy098
    Verians: Rayalin Furoens @PlayfulFox47
    Eclipsih: Noir @Clite of Dragonbow

    In this roleplay, each character assumes the place of one of the descendants of the first humans to travel on an interstellar journey. Your ancestors were sent into space on the giant starship (a generation ship, or a ship with such a large population that it can sustain an entire civilization on it until they reach their destination. Journeys can take thousands of years) that this RP takes place on. After a few generations go by, the crew began to go insane. Eventually, the huge ship was divided up into territories, each controlled by a different group of people who eventually became tribal, and even some canniballistic. The computer, which was sentient and by many of these ‘tribes’ (who had long forgotten what their mission was and such) considered a god, tried to tell them the truth, but they just saw what it said as parables to teach them moral lessons.
    Anyway, an alien ship finally found them, but decided they were dangerous and sent them back the way they had come. That means that they went straight back to earth (which had been in nuclear fallout from a war for a while, but was somewhat recovering). Eventually the ship reached earth and crashed. The tribes tried to escape, but the computer, which was far smarter than even the humans that were left from nuclear fallout, locked them in. This is because the computer knew that if it let them out, they would outnumber and kill humanity’s survivors, and humanity would be sent back to the Bronze Age.

    What all of that long plot means for the RP:
    You are a youth, about teenage or early 20s, from one of the ship’s nine tribes. Only a maximum of 9 different characters (one from each tribe) can be in this roleplay! These characters will begin by fighting each other’s tribes, but will eventually unite together as a group and attempt to discover the truth. This will lead them to the ship computer and eventually the outside world. This RP is supposed to be long, so don’t rush it, but don’t go inactive either PLEASE!

    The ship:
    The ship is basically a giant sphere with 9 different floors on it, each floor with a different tribe. This means that in order for floor 1 to fight floor 9, they have to go through all the other floors. Remember how that works when you interact. Since each player has a different tribe, they can make it how they want (whatever name you want, whatever culture or history, as long as the history matches up with the other players histories that they put down. Whichever player posts first gets history priority), I don’t care. As for flora and fauna, there are few wild animals, as most were killed off quickly, but pigs have reproduced quite a bit and are a sustainable resource found all around the ship (you can kill as many as necessary for your Plot). Also, plants have been very successful, and if you didn’t know better, you would think each hallway’s walls were made entirely from plant life.

    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:
    Skin Color:
    Other Description of Physical Appearance:
    Clothing Preferences:
    Friends or family:
    Weapon of Choice:
    Tribe Name:
    Floor Number:
    Tribal Government:
    Tribal History:
    Rival Tribes:
    Name: Alcides Primitivus Liao
    Nickname: Gale (called this because of how quick he is when fighting)
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Sex: Male
    Hair Color: Greying Brown (the high stress environment of being in these tribes can cause people to go grey faster than normal, especially nobility)
    Eye Color: Brown
    Skin Color: White (very pale due to lack of sunlight inside the ship)
    Other Description of Physical Appearance:
    Clothing Preferences: As a noble, or former noble, he has access to pig hides, so his clothing is all dyed pig hides (purple, the color of the morticarans). This is relatively protective, and it is more important to him to strike quickly anyways, so he has no armor.
    Backstory: He was a prominent young noble, until he began to question things. As soon as he started questioning things, he was disowned. After that, he gave up on fighting for the morticarans and began hunting on his own for food. His tribe soon began to get more and more failures without him on the front lines.
    Friends or family: His uncle is the head of the council of elders, which is why he has such a good weapon. However, he was kicked out of his household (not kicked out of the tribe, just disowned). He still has the weapon though.
    Personality: Gale is skeptical of everything. He distrusts pretty much everyone and basically just prefers to go it alone, be that fighting on the front lines alone (and winning) or hunting alone (and keeping all the meat for himself).
    Weapon of Choice: In this roleplay, unlike in LOTR (sorry for the image), this weapon is a Morticaran Noble Sword. Only nobles can use it.See attached image.
    Tribe Name: Morticar, Morticarans, Morticaran Tribe
    Floor Number: 3
    Tribal Government: A council of elders, experienced warriors, and rich people makes decisions.
    Tribal History: This tribe has fought routinely with tribes 2 and 1, because the leaders think that the best way to conquer everyone is to take out the bottom floors first, then work their way up. However, recently the morticarans have lost a battle on their own floor to floor 2, which puts their whole tribe at risk. Compared to many other tribes, the morticarans aren’t really a tribe. They have a monetary system and blacksmiths and bronze weapons, so they are more of a small ancient village.
    Rival Tribes: 2 and 1

    Attached Files:

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  2. Name: Evangeline Tetragon
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Sex: Female
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Eye Color: Green
    Skin Color: Fairly pale.
    Other Description of Physical Appearance: around 5 foot 8 inches in height, Evangeline has a muscular yet thin build, her body is covered with many yellow markings, each one representing one of their God’s values.
    Clothing Preferences: often wears white dyed furs gathered from boar skin which covers the majority of her body with stronger leather hide covering her vital areas.
    History: Chosen from a young age to be a guardian, Evangeline knows not of her family and was raised by the current Prophet in faith as well as how to fight. Being raised by the Prophet in the values of their God, Evangeline takes it as her job to try share the good word of her lord to everyone, but most importantly protecting and serving the Prophet is her number 1 priority, that would be until she began to pick up some evidence that the Prophet might not be fully truthful in his claims.
    Friends or family: N/A
    Personality: Nurturing and caring of others, she comes off sweet to those she deems ally but holds much hatred towards enemies of her tribe and the Prophet.
    Weapon of Choice: A long double sided great axe made with metal siphoned off from the ship, it is around 6 feet in height. This is a weapon reserved for the current Guardian of the Prophet and is one of the holy symbols associated with the Messiah.
    Tribe Name: Heptakar
    Floor Number: 7
    Tribal Government: Decisions are made by a prophet who is told to be the only one in the tribe who can speak with and for their God.
    Tribal History: The tribe lives and has lived by the word of the prophet for many years, for centuries each family puts forward one child to be considered by the prophet to become one of the prophets chosen guardians. It was foretold many years ago by the old prophets that one day, one of the guardians would rise up as the Messiah and help the tribe rise above all.
    The tribe believes that they should rise toward their god if they are to truly live with him in his kingdom, which means removing tribes 8 & 9
    Rival Tribes: 8 & 9
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  3. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    I'd love to join!
    Name: Delphini Autumn
    Nickname: Astrapi (Nicknamed this for her wits and speed)
    Age: 16 and a half
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bixesual
    Sex: Female
    Hair Color: Almost-grey/silver aluminium blonde, dyed blue at the end as part of tribe tradition
    Eye Color: One of her eyes is blue, and the other is amber (Yes that is a thing I checked, it's called heterochromia)
    Skin Color: White
    Other Description of Physical Appearance: Delphi has a few freckles dotting her face, mainly under her eyes.
    Clothing Preferences: A large, buckskin cloak tied at the waist with a rope. A patch of lynx fur is sewn onto her shoulder. She wears a arm guard on her right wrist, and a few eagle feathers in her hair.
    History: Delphi was chosen to be a hunter at a young age, for her light-footedness and speed, so her job in the tribe was hunting for them, though numerous occasions she only hunted for herself.
    Friends or family: Died fighting
    Personality: Delphi is very cold and stubborn at first, but she wishes the best for those around her and is very loyal to close ones. She doesn't really trust her tribe.
    Weapon of Choice: Bow and arrow
    Tribe Name: Redlynx. Prefer to be referred to as a Clan.
    Floor Number: 4
    Tribal Government: A leader and his/her deputy, a healer, a healers apprentice, Soldiers, builders and hunters and apprentices. Apprentices begin training at the age of 11, and finish at 15. Healers apprentices train for 6 years, and once they have finished their training they become a secondary healer until the first has died/retired. The leader is the previous leader's deputy, and a deputy can only be a soldier. They must be over the age of 25 and have trained an apprentice. Once you reach the age of 45, you may retire and become an elder. Hair ends are dyed different colours with different jobs, Blue for hunters, red for soldiers, green for builders and purple for healers.
    Tribal History: For centuries he Redlynxs' history has been of noble origins that became more and more misguided with each new successor, until Osgar, who tried to dominate the clan entirely without a healer or deputy. A revolt soon sparked and a new leader, Therian , emerged victorious. Because of the bloodshed in the killing of Osgar, Therian dubbed the clan as 'Redlynx'. However after an untimely death of his best friend, Acidec took over from deputy. Nicknamed Acidec the conqueror, he and Redclaw raided 5 and 6 numerous times, taking as much as possible. Years of this and Redlynx became one of the most feared tribes, as well as isolated. Within the isolation brought yet another struggle for power and so emerged a new leader, Toran. Toran's decentent, Roman, is currently the ruler of the tribe. Despite being great fighters, they are starting to lose more battles against 5, putting them at risk.
    Rival Tribes: 5 & 6
    Hope that's okay ;)
  4. @Lil Eliza123 Accepted!
    @Astrapi Accepted! Don’t think I didn’t see you steal Therian and Roman though XD!
  5. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Hehehehe... thanks

    I was stuck for names XD
  6. So very complicated..
    Maybe I'll try..
    for you..

    I am not kidding, I got confused at the first sentence

    Even the bios! They're so long!
    AND we have to think of tribe names?!

    Name: Astra King
    Nickname: Flame Princess // Whatever you want to call her.
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Sex: Female
    Hair Color: Orange // Blonde (Like fire)
    Eye Color: Orange.
    Skin Color: Tanned white.
    Other Description of Physical Appearance: Her hair is down to just above her waist, it’s short and She wears a dress. The top has short sleeves just below her shoulders, along with a short, slightly puffy skirt. She also fashions high heels with some ribbon around her ankle, along with a hair band with a bow on it. The top half of the dress is a pale cream colour and the skirt is black. Her shoes are pale cream and the bow on her head is red. Her hair is blonde with highlights at the bottom. Her skin is just tanned white.
    History: She was born a high status in her family, but her parents had found her too much to handle and she was often looked after by their friends and rest of the family. When they died at the hands of the tribes that started forming, she had to take over. It started revolving around fire when her parents were burned for a funeral to rid of their bodies. Then the tribes started going against each other and they decided they would use fire as one of their weapons if ever need be.
    Friends or family: Deceased
    Personality: She can be hyperactive, full of energy. She’s sarcastic at times, and loves to crack jokes and pranks. She can be emotional, though, and can be very protective of those she loves. She doesn't particularly listen to other people's rules.
    Weapon of Choice:
    A butterfly knife
    Tribe Name: Phoenix
    Floor Number: 5
    Tribal Government: The highest status' who sometimes look into the fire for guidance.
    Tribal History: Look in Astra's history.
    Rival Tribes: N/A (They are the friendliest of tribes! They hate nobody! XD)
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  7. @Jodie.xox I assume you will be filling it out more over time with your edits. I appreciate you trying to do the roleplay. I know it is complicated (took me like 3 hours total to write).

    Also, sex and gender aren’t the same thing. Sex is what you physically are, gender is what you identify as. Basically, someone could be transgender and put different things in both categories.
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  8. I think maybe we should begin when @Jodie.xox has completed her character.
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  9. Oh, thanks!
    Also, we better get this roleplay alive and active to get those 3 hours back! xD

    EDIT: And I'm done!
    @Astrapi My tribe is your rival xD
    Everyone has rival tribes except mine!
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  10. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Redlynx will destroy you fire people XD
  11. Yeah? Well Redlynx doesn't have cat power!
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  12. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    I forgot to add it in but Redlynx domesticated lynxes to help with hunting, fighting and general pets, but you don't get one until you're 20
  13. We have an army of cats. In our hearts. xD
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  14. Sorry for the double post.
    Is anybody else going to post on the RP thread?
  15. If I can join, then could you reserve a Tribe 1 spot?
    I gonna make post after school.
  16. Yeah, I’ll reserve a spot.
  17. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Now I'm thinking of joining, but I have two questions.
    What exactly does this mean? I'm pretty confused on this as I'd wanted to do a character with a violent history.

    2. What are the exact rules on violence/bloody scenery? I don't plan on making my char's history that bad, but asking just incase.

    3. Are there any free tribe slots available or are they all reserved?
  18. Name: Thomas (Surname unknown)
    Nickname: Noir (nicknamed this for his Abilities in battle, Cold and calm as a Night)
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Sex: Male
    Hair Color: Silver
    Eye Color: Violet
    Skin Color: White
    Other Description of Physical Appearance: Tall, He has Demon tattoo on his right shoulder and angel tattoo on the left.
    Clothing Preferences: He wears a shirt and shorts made by preparing and dyeing many different plants. He also wears a black robe, symbol of the Vaerten.
    History: He was left alone by another tribe, when he was just a baby with a message that he is <Demonic child, bad signs happend, when He was born>. Eclipsihes didn't cared about something like bad sign and they took care over him. As he reached Maturity, He challenged previous Vaerten, Hillgard and Noir won.
    Friends or family: He is an Orphan and member of another tribe. He don't have parents and even if Eclipsih's people respect him. Nobody would want to be his friend.
    Personality: Smart, protective and energic person, He loves to fight, but he hates. unnecessary killing. He believes that one day he will escape from this prison he calls his world.
    Weapon of Choice:
    Tribe Name:Eclipsih
    Floor Number: 1
    Tribal Government: Leader is called a Xertion, He wears a white robe and decide about everything. In tribe are three people called Vaertens, they can command the army and challenge Xertion for his position, other Tribe members can also challenge Vaertens for their positions. Vaerten can be anyone, but Xertion can be always a guy. Woman that is with him and help him is called Tyniame (Sort of a Queen). They have really advanced knowledge and technology about War and advanced mechanisms creation. (Maturity, the age when you can fight and serve your Tribe is at age of 14, age to Vaerten is 16. To be able for marriege and Xertion position 20)
    Tribal History: Eclipsih believe that the best way to make all tribes stronger is to unite as one. That's why they try to conquer tribes 1 and 2 to get stronger. Even if not everyone think that war is a good idea,current Xertion, Heawall wants to conquer the rest. He is waiting now to get his chance of attack, He is preparing for great invasion at Tribe 2, as it is too busy to fight with 3 and after that attack 3 as they became weaker in fights with 2 tribe. Eclipsih already stopped to think good about god and they search to worship a new god of some sort.

    Rival Tribes: 2 and 3.
  19. @Clite of Dragonbow Accepted!
  20. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Well, if that's the case, I hope this character is good enough. If I have to do any changes, let me know.
    Name: Liam Colren

    Nickname: Shadow Claw

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Straight.

    Sex: Male

    Hair Color: Long, flowing black-brown hair that reaches just below the shoulders.

    Eye Color: Ocean Blue

    Skin Color: White skin thats tanned, making it look light-brown.

    Other Description of Physical Appearance: He has a muscle-packed body and is 6'3ft tall. He also usually keeps a straight, calm and cautious face on.

    Clothing Preferences: A native headband with five feathers on it; a red feather for surviving the test of strength; a blue feather for passing the test of mind; yellow for passing the test of the hunt, green for the passing the test of survival, and a white, large one for being in the current chieftain's bloodline. He has two horizontal lines underneath his eyes, painted with human and animal blood. On his chest is a poncho made from the remaining bear fur that his Grandfather acquired, which underneath, on his chest, is the head of an angry bear painted on with bear blood-, coal- and white paint. His pants consist of cotton loincloth and underwear of the same material. While the underwear stays on naturally, the loincloth is held on by a pig leather belt which has multiple pouches and two holsters for two seperate canteens on it. The loincloth is painted to look like the bear fur, while the underwear is coloured a simple coal black. He wears pig-leather boots with large cotton socks, the socks also being coal black. He usually only wears the boots when he's walking over rocky, hot or otherwise dangerous terrain. Otherwise he walks barefoot. All over his body, excluding the head, are self-inflicted scars which resemble roman numerals of one to five. All these summarize to his killcount of both human and animal.

    History: Being the grandson of the Chieftain himself, Liam lived a rich life, but was also disciplined and trained in the arts, crafts and work of his people. At a young age, he was already put to hunt with a group of experienced hunters, to which he managed to kill his first boar. He was taught how to do woodcrafts, survive in the wild, about the local fauna and what you can and can't eat, how to climb up trees amongst other things that one would need to be agile to do, aswell as patching up his wounds and healing himself using crushed up berries, animal fat, and herbs found amongst the fauna, even in biology of humans and animals. In his life, however, a tragedy happened. Out on a hunting trip with his family, his mother and father crossed their weapons against him and his brother. They explained that they needed to die because the parents would want to steal Xander's property and rank, and they would only get in the way and that there will be no witnesses. Naturally, the sons went against the parents. Since they were younger and thus faster, more energetic and had an overall advantage, the parents didn't last all too long. Especially with all the special training Xander and his Brother went through. They pierced their parents through the chest with their weaponry and left them to die in the forest. Upon victory, they realized that they would be hunted down constantly were others to become as greedy as their parents. They agreed to part ways and hide from the tribe, hugged one last time and went their seperate ways. It is currently unknown where Liam's brother is located, or if he even is alive anymore.

    Friends or family: Xander (Grandfather) Father, Mother (Deceased), Brother (Missing)

    Personality: Inhereting his grandfather's skillful planning and intelligence aswell as his father's ruthless nature and his mother's adaptive skills, Liam is the peak hunter of his tribe. He strikes precise and swift with his spear, knows when to hide and when to strike, yet knows when to keep calm and when to draw his weapons, unlike most of his tribe. He's usually calm and cautious in his surroundings. While he had inherited such good skills from his elders, he also inherited their paranoia and bloodlust. The longer he fights, the more he gets into it. And the more he is in unknown territory, the more he seemingly jumps at shadows and loses trust in friends and allies and just grows overall more insane, hearing fake voices or attacking hallucinations.

    Weapon of Choice: Hunting Spear. (Large tip fancied with two large red feathers stuck inbetween the blade bottom and handle top. The blade was designed to be most effective with stabbing attacks, but also be used for slashing, allowing for versatile movement in combat.), Sharp Bone Shards (Act like throwing knives, but lethality is exchanged for easier creation)
    Tribe Name: Steel Wolves

    Floor Number: Floor 6

    Tribal Government: The overall government consist of one chieftain who commands over most troops who are willing to listen. Chieftain Xander 'Bear Claw' Colren is a vicious and strategic man. His namesake's and rank origin was gained from a trial where he had to track down, find and kill a dangerous wild animal all on his own. No help from anyone in the tribe asides from hunting other tribes. The Chieftain rules over the witch doctors (who, in this tribe, are a mix between a witch doctors and chemists), the hunters (pretty self-explanatory), slavers (people who kidnap exiled tribe members and members of other tribes who are roaming in their land for slavery) and the tamers (people who go out in the forest with the hunters for dangerous animals and tame them, by any means necessary). He's easily recognized by the iconic hood he made from a bear's head and neck. The members of the Steel Wolves can also be recognized as most of them wear skulls from either prey or fallen foes and face-paint.

    Tribal History: The steel wolves have, since the first members of the tribe had gone crazy, been blood-thirsty yet cunning people. They invented their own language as a way to transmit messages to their tribe members that the others cannot understand, aswell as using smoke signals, wooden blow horns and other primal tools. While they are pretty aggressive, they are also known for their effective and quick hunting. The process includes hiding in treetops, using blowdarts and bows to knock out/kill the prey quietly and take them back in a sack. The steel wolves would make good allies, but since they are all pretty paranoid and hostile, it's hard to find someone to talk to without having a hatchet flung or an arrow being shot at. The chieftain, while pretty calm most of the time, can go from peaceful to hostile in a matter of seconds should he feel the need to. The Steel Wolves have camped all around the floor, the main big camp being in the center. If anyone who isn't a steel wolf traverses their path without a tribe member of the wolves on their side should tread carefully. You'll never know who is watching your movement.

    Rival Tribes: Out of all the tribes, they hate the Phoenix tribe (Floor 5) the most, out of the pure concept that they're so overly friendly and trusting.
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  21. Sorry, my computer is broken and it is kinda hard for me to check Pokecharms right now.

    @DevVoid Accepted!
  22. I hope that your computer will be repaired soon enough.
  23. Heard you need more members so I'll join if you will allow me

    Name: JC Wolfa
    Nickname: Blanca Loba Macada or Blanca Loba(Masked white wolf)
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Sex: Female
    Hair Color: Dark brown
    Eye Color: Light blue, right appearing slightly blind
    Skin Color: white-tan(but not pale)
    Other Description of Physical Appearance: Has a bang covering her right eye, wears glasses upon her face, White wolf ears and tail
    Clothing Preferences: The clothing looks royal with a bit of gem but not all over the place. She wears a white wolf mask on her face that is painted in a streaking blue on the sides and over the eye hole. She wears a fur cloth that is positioned slightly at the side as its arctic white. The lower part is a cotton sturdy cloth that she made herself with underwear of the same fabric. Her upper arm is painted in colors of red, green, and purple symbolizing the skills she completed. Red symbolizes swift movement with the sword by taking down her foe in one swift movement of her blade, Green symbolizes excellent skill in the medical field, and purple symbolizes swift taming with wild dogs mostly the wolf. At her wrists and legs are cloth made bandages wrapped around each wrist and ankle with a leather wrist brace that connected to the upper part above the elbow secured tightly. On her feet are protective leather flats making the straps from it wrap around her ankles to a tie securely. Around her neck his a cross necklace laying on top of a fang with a feather hanging at the bottom of it to symbolize her tribe name. A leather fabric hair tie pulls up her dark brown long hair into a ponytail as three long feather hangs from it. Despite how skilled she is, she is rather short for her age being 5"4 in height with a very well feminine build.
    History: She and her brother were one the quickest learners, they were put into training faster than the other tribe members. Females would be trained in the medical field but also sword combat and wild dog taming. This was the same thing for males except instead of medical they were trained on more of the mechanical field as they were more responsible on building and fixing anything that was broken or just was old. As young Lyconian kids, the siblings never separated from each other, they always worked together and help each other out no matter how scary or difficult the situation was. The tribe members would always look up to them and would always seek them for help if they needed it. Of course not every life was easy for them as they always seemed to get into territory fights with tribe 7 since they were their rivals but it wasn't a challenge for both siblings and was able to defeat them quickly but not unhinged as they would come back with wounds to heal. Once their parents came to the age to retire, they sparred with both the siblings to earn their place as tribe leader. Since the siblings were swifter and faster they beat them instantly but the siblings thought it through who could become the leader and in this case Shadow wanted her to take the rank because of how well prepared she was as he would be right beside her as a beta if anything happened to her. The sibling's agreement was a bit influence on the tribe as they felt safer when she was the tribe leader as she would also train or apprentice young Lyconians to help aid her if battle came upon them. Shadow would help her with the males while she worked with the females and because of her teachings along with Shadow's they learned tremendously well.
    Friends or family: Shadow(Older tribe brother, Mother(Retired), Father(retired)
    Personality: Since she inherited her mother's skills, she has this very stern voice in her and takes her job very seriously showing no weakness to any tribe except within her own tribe. She can be slightly stubborn and will fight to the death if she has to protect her tribe but despite her stern and stubbornness to her, she is gentle around other tribes who are not her rivals but don't take this as a weakness. She is also brave as she will not be afraid to do anything that involves her tribe. She is very understanding and will listen to others reason and judge them for it. If you get to know her well she will put her life on the line to protect those close to her. She is very strategic as she will quickly think of a way out of a situation that appears difficult and try to reason with them if it becomes a problem.
    Wild dog tamed: Lara~Female~Arctic white wolf~Named after the Alpha Lara because of how well she respects her~wears a blue gem neck around neck with the tribe symbol hanging down in the front with light blue paint at the sides of her face going across her light blue eyes to behind the ears~
    Weapon of Choice: Katana
    Tribe Name: Holycan Fang
    Floor Number: 9
    Tribal Government: Like in pack ranks, the government of the tribe is lined up in Alpha, Beta, Delta, Medic, Hunter, Warriors, Juveniles, and pups or very young Lyconians. As the names say, Alpha Lara "White Dove" commands the alpha rank to make sure everything in the ranks is in order. She has a gentle temperament but is very sharp when it comes to her job. She wears a white wolf mask painted with red streaks to symbolize the loss of a wolf she tamed who did bravely in battle for her. Beta Fang "Night Raven" commands in second next to Alpha Lara. He is a tough and stern young Lyconian but if you're lucky enough you will see a soft side to him. He wears a black wolf mask to symbolize his t name. Delta Leonal "Red Fang" commands the delta rank as he sends out messages in the Holycan Dang tribe if he senses or sees any rivalry dangers come close to the tribe but also if supplies that are running low made by the male Lyconians themselves. He has a calm temperament. Medic Lilly "Rose Fawn" commands in any of the medic fields. She makes sure all of the medical training is being taught properly mostly with the females. She wears a cream-greenish mask with leaves at the sides. She had a very sweet and shy temperament but won't hesitate to say if something is being done wrong. Lead Hunter Gregory commands all the hunting schedules for the Lyconians so each Lyconian has a chance to hunt from the tribe in groups. He makes sure that hunting is fair for anyone and will not tolerate greediness within the tribe during successful hunts and will also not tolerate Lyconians having the prey all to themselves. He takes his job very seriously and will not hesitate to correct a greedy group of Lyconians. He has a cold and strong temperament but has a heart for the young ones. He wears a dark red wolf mask with silver streak markings and feathers at the side. Lead Warrior Sultan commands all warriors and makes sure they are well fit for battle including the females since they have more of a flexible body to kill a for quickly. If he sees any warriors unfit for battle they will have to wait until they are well fit to do so. He has a quiet and naive temperament. He wears a dark blue wolf mask with light blue streaks painted on it. The government of Holycan Fang must remain organized because if one is missing it will completely fall apart unless having permission to leave for something important
    Tribal History: For generations, the Lyconians have been fighting for their lives for freedom. Lyconians are wolf hybrids that are able to look human at any time but can also look Lycan and wolf on all four. They are not the type of tribe to fight mercilessly only if they feel threatened but for the sake of their tribe, they fought for freedom. After many years they went into hiding to grow stronger just in case they would be attacked again. They are considered rare to find among the tribes because of how well they have hidden. They are calm temperament creatures as long as you don't threaten them because if you do those claws and fangs are more to be reckoned with. Unlike any other tribe, they will help others who seem lost if it's not their rival tribe. They have been known to be understanding for a long time and reason with tribes you need their help but not their rival tribe. Stories are heard that they are bloodthirsty but that's not entirely true as they only act that way for self-defense.
    Rival Tribes: 7
    (I will add her brothers as well once JC's is clear)

    Name: Shadow
    Nickname: Negro Lobo Macada(Masked Black wolf)
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Sex: Male
    Hair Color: Jet black
    Eye Color: gold-blue(Rare in the Holycan Fang tribe)
    Skin Color: white-tan(but not pale)
    Other Description of Physical Appearance: Has a bang covering his rare gold eye as hair is slightly longer in the back, Black wolf ears and tail
    Clothing Preferences: Similar to what his sister wears but in his size with slightly more gems with feathers on it except his upper part exposes his right shoulder and arm only. He has painted colored markings of red, blue, and brown symbolizing his completed skills. Red symbolizes his perfect skill of hunting well, Blue symbolizes his ability to wield a slightly large weapon smoothly and brown represents his skills in mechanics.
    History: Same as JC
    Friends or family: JC(Sister)(Leader of the Holycan Fang Tribe), Mother(Retired), Father(Retired)
    Personality: Brave, Strong, Strongwilled, Overprotective(of his sister), Gentle
    Weapon of Choice: Scythe
    Other: Has a tamed black wolf named Crow with gold eyes which JC gave to him. ~wears a gold gem collar with the tribe symbol hanging from it with gold eyes with his face painted gold that goes across the eyes to the back of his ears~
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  24. Thank you ^-^ I will just had Shadow into it but just what he looks like since he is in the same tribe as her
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    Can I reserve tribe 2?
  26. @LunarSilvally Ok, you can have 2 characters, but only 1 can be part of the prophecy.

    @PlayfulFox47 Yes, consider tribe 2 reserved. But please look into the first few posts of the RP and the tribal histories first. My character has already had an interaction with tribe 2 in the RP.
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    Name: Rayalin Furoens
    Nickname: N/A
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Sex: Female
    Hair Color: Brown-gold
    Eye Color: Cobalt Blue
    Skin Color: White
    Other Description of Physical Appearance: Rayalin stands at about 5'8 and weighs about 122 pounds. She is a sender bulid with an angler face. Her eyes are piercing and her lips are thin.
    Clothing Preferences: She wears the greens and browns of the Normils. She wears a green tunic and brown pants. She has brown boots. No other accessory due to them only being for Lords, Counsel members and Royals.
    History: She was born after the Furoens were overthrown. She was often called the problem of the ship at that she was the reason that they were stuck. Due to this, she is very good at hiding herself in plain sight. She did this for thirteen years until her sixteenth birthday came up. She summoned an owl, which is a sign of good luck within her tribe.
    Friends or family: Ertina Furoens (mother), Travo Furoens (Father, dead), Altari (Brother), Aliri (Sister) Hervrno (Brother), Aria (Her Owl)
    Personality: Rayalin is watchful and observant. She is silent and has mastered hiding in plain sight. She is often called the silent owl due to her animal and her nature. She is like a predator and will take down any intruders under orders. However, you can catch her off guard when you just be friendly. She doesn't know how to be friendly with others and finds it awkward.
    Weapon of Choice: Short Bow, (If she moves up in her ranks, then she will get a better weapon)
    Tribe Name: The Verians, Verians, Verian
    Floor Number: 2
    Tribal Government: The Verians rule by Monarchy. They have a royal family who was 'chosen' by their god. The eldest gets the throne, no matter the gender. The current royal family is the Holwerns, who gained control after the ship shut them in due to them thinking that the previous ruling family, the Furoens, were deemed unworthy. There is the Counsel of Truth, the advisers, they rank just below the Royal Family. Then there are the Lords, they rank below the Counsel, but can become a member. And then there are the Normils, they are everyone else. Normils can become Lords though hard work and extreem loyalty to the throne. If a Normil with these quailties dies before or she gains this rank, his (or her) family gains it for him (or her0. Each of the ranks have a color code. Royals wear purple and gold, Counsel members wear blue and silver, Lords wear red and bronze, and Normils wear green and brown. When a Royal Family is overthrown, the members become Normils and have to work their way back up.
    Tribal History: The Verians are natural born hunters. They are well known for the 'animal bond' which every Verian is born with. They all have the power to summon an animal at the age of sixteen, what animal it will be, no one knows. However, it seems that it is affected by the parents. It is forgotten where this power comes from, but they talk about sap when someone turns sixteen.
    The Verians try to be peaceful but are still highly territorial. The way they think depends on the leader. The current leader, Enteroid Holwerns, is highly aggressive and will attack both of the surrounding floors. His eldest, Marlie Holwerns, is very peaceful and will probably turn the tribe back to a defensive tribe when she comes into power.
    The tribe believes that you MUST not take the same gender as a mate (marry the same gender), anyone who expresses any interest is imprisoned and killed (not my own beliefs).
    Rival Tribes: 1 and 3
  28. Alright I understand but JC will be part of the prophecy because she is the curtain leader and oh forgot to add something
  29. Please reserve spot 8 for me. I will put my bio up soon.
  30. Sorry for double post. Should I control whoever is the leader who they are guiding Gale towards when he meets them?
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    Sure, he/she is a Lord, I might take control of him/her later though. (Remember the color coding...)
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    @Clite of Dragonbow Did you kill the bonded animals as well? If not, they'll come back for vengence...
  33. No.
    I killed them before you arrived so they didn't have any bonded animals. But I don't think for Noir it will be troblue. Also, Noir is in truth an Orphan from another tribe. But I don't know to what tribe add him for his kind of self-side story.
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    Time for some vengeance... Poor things, now you will die, if you just go to the capital then the King will accept you and make you a guard of his tribe. To bad I made them vengeance seekers after the owner dies.
    Also, f he was a Verian, then he would have a bonded animal
  35. (He may even don't know about 'bond animal' , or is he forced to know. Nevermind, He was a baby with a message that he is the worst thing that could happend so... He couldn't be really loved)
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    My heart breaks in two for him... Rayalin's bullying seems so small compared to him. Now onto my post!
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