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Ask to Join Siege Breaker

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Pokéboy098, Jan 18, 2019.

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    It was late in the day, and Mirko was running out of his home. He did this often, because his parents wanted him to just be a tactician or general behind the scenes so he didn’t get hurt. More importantly to him, his parents didn’t care whether the siege around the city of Solon was ever broken. They actually wanted to stay sieges so that nobody besides the Kori-Ka could get to them, but to Mirko it was all important, indeed his dream to break the siege.

    He may be nobility, but he knew the king would never assign him the command of an army, and he couldn’t do it alone. So, he often ran out of his home. He hated his parents, and wanted to prove himself, so he would usually search for criminals at night and be a vigilante, or even better, recruit them into his ranks (This had never happened yet).

    And so, a young Solonian Noble found himself wandering through the streets of a dark, starving city, not only vulnerable to being mugged, but hoping to be mugged.
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  2. Skylar left her home once the night fell. She thought it was the best time to hunt, and she had her companion, Bandit, for safety if any criminals tried to approach her. She wondered into a hidden spot of the city, where a tiny gap in a fence was bitten out by her fellow raccoon. Bandit scampered out of the grass as he scented Skylar waiting for him, and he chittered with his teeth when he caught her sight. As a very vocal creature, Bandit naturally made a lot of noise. Tonight, he’d come for Skylar’s food scraps after helping to hunt with her during the day.

    After eating, Bandit followed Skylar onto the streets to look for any stray animals running around. He held her bow at her waist, until she caught sight of a boy walking by. Instantly, Skylar guessed he was a mugger and Bandit stood in front of him, growling. Skylar slowly approached, bow held high. “We won’t let you mug anyone, so get out of here!” (@Pokéboy098)
  3. Mirko immediately held his shield in front of him, which had the Solonian Army symbol on it, something he was planning only to do for if a mugger attacked him, but thanks to this foolish vigilante, he had just revealed his status as a rich kid to everyone on the streets that night. He hoped she would fight alongside him, as a gang of theives who had been watching him ran out of the alleyway into the streets.

    He also had his sword drawn and quickly slashed one of their daggers out of their hands before running towards the hunter. “We need to get out of here. Thanks to you, every thief on this street wants my head. I’ll pay you if you help me escape.”
    There were at least 7 or 8 different thieves and most of them were from different gangs, meaning more of their friends would show up soon. The way thieves’ guilds worked in Solon was pretty unique. They wouldn’t fight over the money until they had worked together to get it. Then, when the money had been gotten, they would negotiate splitting it up, at which point there would often be fighting. So, about 4 or 5 different thief gangs we’re now working together to kill one person.
  4. Skylar sighed, “Rich kid?” Bandit made annoyed noises down on the floor. “Come with me, I’ve got a place.” She ducked down low into the dark shadows and ran into a large bush in between some walls and fencing. On the other side, there was the small hole in the fence that Bandit and Skylar would meet most days. Bandit was unimpressed with the events going on, and he decided to scamper out while he had the chance. “He comes and goes when he wants to, it’s a deal thing we’ve got together.” She took a seat to wait out the thieves, “They won’t find us here, nobody even knows about this space, or else Bandit wouldn’t bother to go near those dirty mugs.” She sighed, “So.. your a city rich kid?”
  5. “Yeah, I am, and I’ll get you money if you want it. You should be paying me money, you messed up my whole plan.” Sighed Mirko. “All I want is to live to see this stupid siege broken and off our walls. Is that too much to ask?”

    He began to get up again once the people outside seemed to have subsided, and he picked up his sword. “I’ll be on my way home now. If you meet me here tomorrow, I’ll have your money, K?”
  6. Skylar bent her knees and dropped her face inbetween them, “Sure..” She watched the boy leave, and decided to head in for the night herself.

    When she reached her house again, she sneaked inside into her small bedroom. She sat on her bed and leaned against the bed frame, looking up to the ceiling. “Money, huh.. I wonder how much I’ll get..”
  7. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Tobias was running along a rooftops, he looked down and saw Mirko, he did a perfect back flip and landed in front of him, "hey Mirko, wasn't expecting to see you here." He playfully punched the boy in the shoulder, "little late to be taking a strole don't you think" he said with a mischievous grin on his face. He glanced around, he could have sworn he had just seen someone else.
  8. When a mysterious figure jumped down from the rooftops, Mirko immediately pulled out his sword and held it at the other person’s throat out of pure instinct, before seeing that it was his best friend, Tobias.
    “Well, I was out looking for some new people to help me muster enough of an army to get past those stupid Kori-Ka. I just really want to leave this stupid city, but apparently no one else has enough guts for a suicide mission against the largest army in for 100 Miles!” Mirko responded to his friend. “I didn’t really expect to run into you, though. How’s it going?”
  9. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Tobias smiled "well you know, just doing what I do, avoiding the law, 'borrowing' a few things. Oh and I may or may not have stolen this", he held up a Kori-Ka helmet, "I was with some kids and they bet me this gem stone that I couldn't steal a helmet from one of the Kori-Ka camps" he points to the amethyst around his neck. "So how come you haven't been mugged yet?"
  10. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Delphi has just finished working for her father when she headed outside, her black cat Ember purring indigently on her shoulder. Her father had just finished making a waking device, which he hoped would sell. She knew it wouldn’t though. As she passed through an ally, she noticed a rich boy talking too a poorer one and smirked. She crept behind him and got ready to pickpocket him, but leapt up as soon as she heard “Kori-ka” and “Escape” she stood up, tapping him on the shoulder. “Suicide mission, eh? Well count me in for sure!” She had desperately wanted to leave ever since her 16th birthday. She wanted to live elsewhere, on her own, wild and free.
  11. “Good old Tobias. Guess I can always count on you to steal from those Kori-Ka soldiers.” Mirko said, and then replying to his other comment, “I was, but due to some huntress they failed. Otherwise, it must be a slow night.”

    Suddenly, another girl popped out from behind him and agreed to join his ‘army’. This wasn’t at all what he had expected, but he welcomed it with happiness, even though she seemed a little crazy, saying, “Good to know some people care about the world outside of Solon. What’s your name?”
  12. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Delphi held out a hand with a devilish grin. " Delphini Hollfyfeather Augustus, inventor, thief, and psychopath at your service. But...call me Delphi." Ember mewed again with his own little grin, studying the boy, his mind ticking. "And this is my fateful companion; Ember" The large cat unexpectedly attempted to jump onto his head, but Delphi caught him before he could. "Ember!" she laughed. The mischievous cat's whiskers twitched before sitting back on Delphi's shoulder with a glance at Tobias. "May I ask your name?" She said to Mirko
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  13. Stilez was finally out of the house after being given less than a single chance to get out of there and his rigorous training. It had been an entire two weeks since he'd managed to put his fake hair on over the brute-like buzz-cut he was forced to have, and was enjoying such sunlight, although it was a late sunset. As he'd looked down the alleyways for any strange activity, he spotted what seemed to be one of the army soldiers with a bunch of what looked like scavengers. His family had told him to always have an eye out for his fellow soldiers in trouble, but it wasn't like he cared. It wasn't like he cared if the Solonian Army was hit by a death-weapon from Kori-Ka, and disbanded. At least maybe his training would end. Maybe his family would go down with it.

    But, what intrigued him was how the army member looked like he was happy to be around them. As if they were his friends. Stilez didn't want to interact with them, but he did want to, at the same time. It wasn't to attack the possible thugs, they just seemed like they were having some friendly conversation, and he wanted to join in. Then again, he wanted to join in with any friendship. The people he was supposed (or in his words, "designed") to be friends with, all they talked about was violence or Kori-Ka. They were excited to kill themselves to end a siege.

    Of course, they might not die. They might live. They might be able to destroy Kori-Ka. But from his view, it was like running at a dragon with wooden armour. It was stupid. And, regardless, he'd much rather have friendlier people to be friends with. Sure, they tried to get him to join in with them, but their violent views were just... unfriendly. At least he hadn't shifted the way they did.

    But now did he notice he'd been standing there for a few minutes, and it was probably strange.
  14. Skylar peered outside her window, "Now you're talking to people?" She groaned, looking through the glass at Mirko. "Bandit..!" She shouted, seeing the raccoon run out to the group, straight through the middle of them, through Stilez' legs and to Skylar's house door. She hurried over and made him scamper inside. "What do you think you're doing? You could've been dinner!" She told him, throwing her arms to her sides. Bandit clicked his teeth, then jumped up to open the door again and run back out. She sighed, "Really? We're doing this now?" She followed him back out, straight to the pathway and what she thought would be their meeting place. Instead, she ran right into Stilez' back. She jumped back, "Oh, I.." Seeing he was training to be a solider, she panicked. "What ware you doing out on a night like this.. uh.. sir?" Bandit mimicked laughing before running away into his bush and back into the wild for the night- hopefully for the whole night this time, Skylar thought. @GalacticDeg
  15. A raccoon ran straight underneath his legs, and that was when he was brought back to the present. He slightly gasped, and the girl, appearing to be its owner, ran past him at a bit of a speed. Before he could think, she was talking a large amount to the raccoon, or as it appeared to be called, Bandit, and... she ran straight into his back. He toppled over, to the floor, but managed to get up quite fast, and in which, he was eye to eye with the girl. He could have given a 'what did you do that for', but he wasn't that person.
    'Soldier? I'm not a soldier- well yes, I am, but I'm not on any official job or anything- in words I don't care what you do or anything, but anyways, don't worry about 'soldier'. Just think of me as a regular Stilez Axebrooke.'.

    Conversation had grabbed him instead of him having to grab it, and it made him make a smile.
  16. Skylar smiled, "Nice smile you got there, Mr. Axebrooke." She chuckled, "Bandit is my.. sort of.. wild pet, he comes and goes occasionally." She peered over at Mirko and his small group, "You wanted to speak with them? I saw you looking before.. well.. you know what happened." She thought for a moment about what she could tell this boy, then decided to just talk about things she liked. "If you're not a soldier, then you're in training, am I right? I, myself, go out hunting during the day, and give food scraps to Bandit each night in exchange." She smiled, "Animal companions can really cheer you up."
  17. “My Name is Mirko, and I am an officer in the Solonian Army. They won’t let me fight on the front lines just because I’m a noble, but I think that I could break through that siege if only they would let me fight,” He complained to Delphi, “honestly, as a noble, I know more about what is happening in the upper politics and the army, and you would not be happy. They aren’t actually trying to break the siege. They just want to hold it because they think that nobody else will ever attack us if the Kori-Ka are. All they are are cowards who don’t care about anybody except themselves.”
  18. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Tobias chuckled "its always intriguing when you go all political, my friend. Wait, did you say Delphini, I think I've heard someone mention you, your a decent thief from what I hear" he held out his hand "Tobias Slade, general delinquent, nice to meet you". Tobias smiled mischievously, he stopped and turned "how have I just noticed you two, standing there" he said to Skylar and Stilez.
  19. Skylar looked over at Tobias, “Hey!” She waved, then walked over a bit closer, “I think my friend here was sort of shy.” She chuckled, trying to gesture Stilez over. She’d heard them announce their names before, and recognised Mirko. “Hi, Mirko..” She said, looking slightly down to the floor. “And Tobias, and Delphini.” She shrugged, “I heard your names from over there, that’s all.”

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