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Open Showdown World Tournament

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Silver-Solis, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Ok, So I gotta Idea. A Tournament RP. Seems Simple, right? Wrong, kinda...well the thing is that, the only sections Rp'd are the ones not in battle. So how do we battle? The Glory of Pokemonshowdown. So, Who'd you RP as? Your choice! Could be an OC, or yourself! Regardless, you must have a team that adheres to these guidelines:

    1, Pokemon must not be legendary
    2. Pokemon must not be mystical (Phione, Tapu's, Ultrabeast, ect.)
    3. Pokemon must adhere to the Gen7 Battlespot Singles Guidelines in addition to the ones set. (For info http://www.smogon.com/dex/sm/formats/battle_spot_singles/ )
    4. Battles will be fought in the Anything Goes Format due to only being allowed to fight with 3 Pokemon in Battlespot. However, it must be validated for Battlespot Singles.

    Qualifiers will be done in a Bo3 (Best of 3). During this, you will have to completely switch your team out for the next match. This means you should have three Pokemon Teams ready with no duplicate Pokemon.

    Seems pretty simple, right? Basically no Legends or Mystical and you check to validate it in Gen7 Battlespot Singles. Alright, now for the RP portion of this, what's the point? Well, here is the point.
    (Note: So it's a team of 6 Pokemon for each. I didn't realize that battlespot was forced team of 3. My Mistake. If team size is the only thing wrong, there you are in the clear)

    The Pokemon World Tournament, what every Pokemon trainer strives to reach one day. Today, that is your day. After a long and hard clinch match, you have secured your place to participate in the World Tournament. Now, it's to prove your worth as it is still Qualifiers for the World Tournament. (This will determine bracket seeding btw) Right now, the stress is off, but once ended, the tournament shall begin and your quest, my quest, for World Champion shall begin.

    So why are you RPing?

    You will be RPing between matches to interact with others to create both friends and Rivals. I know this for sure, the RP will be better with pre-established rivalries. So if you would like, bring someone overhere to make the bracket bigger and to have a little bit of Drama!

    Wew ain't that a little fun. Anyways, now for the sign upy side of the RP. What you will do is this

    History: (1 Para Please?)
    Pokemon Teams: (Smogon Format please. Also, it'd help if this was a spoiler due to it being long)

    Well, that's it for now. Important Links and participants will be below. (Make sure to Sign up on Challonge!)
    Links : https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/ (Showdown!)
    Sign up Page for Tourney http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/uUudsdx5xz (Pokemon World Tournament:Qualifiers Round - Standings - Challonge) (use charms name plz. Make sure you do this!)
    Bracket http://challonge.com/pw5cbh1l (Pokemon World Tournament:Qualifiers Round - Challonge)

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  2. By the way, my showdown name is DaMrHorse
  3. Aw yea @Mr.Glaceon ! Tag some people you'd think they would be interested!
  4. Give me a second to pull up some names. I have some peeps who did something like this in the Playground.
  5. Wanna do some warm up randoms?
  6. @Mr.Glaceon Can't right now actually. Well, Maybe I can do 1 match
  7. If not, no prob. Working on teams right now. Question, megas allowed?
  8. @Mr.Glaceon Hmmm, that's something I'm gonna ask about. Seems how it is RP and Showdown Hybrid, I'm not so sure, but leaning just a little towards yes personally...

    @StellarWind Elsydeon What's the rule on Megas in this.
    Three different options
    1. Megas allowed IG but not RP
    2. Megas allowed in both
    3. Megas not allowed at all

    Just making sure before I say anything!
  9. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    If I'm reading this right, you're trying to run a regular RP, but have whatever battles between characters decided by showdown battles.

    The whole idea is, to be frank, entirely ridiculous. RP battles are vastly different in construction than ingame battles/simulated ingame battles and include a whole lot of elements that cannot be reproduced in an ingame/simulator environment. Or is it that you're relegating battles to the simulator entirely and only RPing social interactions in between? That is... slightly missing the point of having an RP at all, if you ask me, but.

    Anyway. The same restrictions on mega evolutions would apply both here and in whatever capacity you're running your simulations. That is, if you want your character to have a mega-evolving Pokemon on your team you can only have one, and it must be staff-approved through the usual process.

    Best you avoid the things altogether, but if you absolutely must have one, get it approved in advance before you start your simulated battle shenanigans. If I start seeing characters running around with mega evolution items on their descriptions and what have you and these haven't been approved in the regular process, there will be consequences.
  10. Aaaaaaah! Italics! Well I get what cha say, so no megas @Mr.Glaceon

    And So for the RP @StellarWind Elsydeon You are right about it being just a little bit weird, but the point of the RP is to have an RP without someone always blowing out the other while still having RP elements. Honestly, I can't explain it all that well, but I've run it on another site and it did pretty good, so trying here!

    Edit: O wait! I thought of a kinda better way to explain it! So since it's a world tournament, a lot of things are standardized. Because of that, a lot of RP elements that can't be simulated would be restricted
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  11. Got it, no Megas. And only 3 pkmn and what about Z moves?
  12. 6 Pokemon actually @Mr.Glaceon . Battlespot allows for a team of 6 but you select only 3 of them, unless I accidentally chose the wrong format. If so, then sorry. Team of six that is valid in Battlespot beside the amount of pokemon
  13. Name: Tessa Willow
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Kind, but rough. Stands for what she thinks, and won't really fight full on unless provoked.
    History: Not much. She traveled around the pokemon world, and has beaten 24 gyms in total, never taking on the league. (Need more?)
  14. @Mr.Glaceon I need the submission of all three teams. Also, I'd like a little more in history. Sorry for not specifying. Also, your character didn't need to have your character go around the world. That's why there is qualifiers, there isn't a precusor requirement to enter

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