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Shooting Darts at Ideas

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by BurbleBurble, Aug 8, 2018.


[Please answer after you read the post] So...What do you want to see?

Poll closed Aug 15, 2018.
  1. The Silver Blade Universe [SciFi/Space]

    4 vote(s)
  2. HeroSquad [Superheroes]

    1 vote(s)
  3. Fire Emblem - Nightmares of Nidhoggr [Medieval]

    3 vote(s)
  1. This is a little different from your standard affair on this board, but this is discussion, and I think it's appropriate to put here.

    I'm trying to see what ideas will catch. What ideas pull an audience in that is willing to see a story to an end. Some of these ideas wander from little to no guidance as a head writer, where I tangibly connect things for player subplots to tie together, to full on control most of the time, where it's more akin to actually participating in an unfolding story.

    So, for this, I have a few concepts. I'll list them out here in interest of keeping things tidy, and also spoiler them so we don't all have to look at a wall of text.
    Despite the name, the Silver Blade universe is more of a Sci Fi drama than anything else. Don't let the words "drama" push you away, however. I fully intend to make this a collaborative effort between player and the writer (me!) and am willing to hear many ideas.

    Of course, you probably want to actually know about the universe first, and to that I say "fair enough!"

    Essentially, this universe takes us 1200 years into the future. Humans left earth long ago, and have colonized the galaxy, yet not alone. A variety of other humanoid creatures were dotted among the stars, all competent and sentient, and while at a point perhaps wars were waged against these aliens, these have long ago stopped, in the interest of uniting all of those separate species into a treaty of making "A better tomorrow".

    Of course, the political landscape of space is...difficult. While many cliques and groups exist out there, there are three big main ones- the United Galactic Nation, a large government firmly believing in the idea of democracy and equality. The Corporate Alliance, a group of seven corporations that easily control every aspect of the common folk's life, be it their technology, furniture, food, and even water. And the Circle, an organized group of criminals hellbent on interrupting the Corporate Alliance's oppressive reign.

    Now at this point your probably wondering where Silver Blades fit into this. Well, on a quiet snowy planet known as Boreas, an interesting ruin was unearthed. It implicated a "creator species", or rather a tool that species employed- the Silver Blade, a blade with the power to create magma, stone, and soil...from nothingness. And with even the slightest indication that such a tool might exist, the three factions were suddenly plopped into a vicious race to find this blade before one another could.

    Despite being a race, it has been slow, though many interesting tidbits have been found out. The existence of more than one of these blades has been confirmed, though

    Of course, the RP doesn't need to be concerned with the Silver Blade. Maybe not even the UGN or Circle. It could be a cargo crew that is attacked by some odd force ala the first Alien movie, or maybe a group of criminals planning on raiding a Corporate Vault. Really flexible, I'm willing to hear input from anyone on this one. I'll bring out more details sooner or later if this picks up.

    The large corporation GerinTech has collected a group of super powered or technologically assisted "heroes" in order to fight off other super powered or technologically assisted villains and crooks, in order to not only bolster their image but the hero's as well. And the overseer of this project, Asha, is a woman who intentionally keeps her past private. What may begin as a simple crime busting advertisement squad may become much more serious.

    I'm willing to be open for this one, but I'd rather have super powered heroes be more like genetic mutations than magical or alien. I would say rooted in reality, but this stuff is still pretty unrealistic so that'd be pretty dumb :p I just like establishing "rules" and sticking to them, and I really don't feel like magic would mesh well in the world, nor would aliens.

    Honestly I'm fairly open to ideas about the world and features of it, so any input ya'll put into it I'll definitely hear out to world build.

    The quiet continent of Yggdrasil has gone up in flames- almost literally -as a fanatic cult worshipping a dragon sealed away hundreds years ago begin storming the lands in an attempt to release the terrible Nidhoggr upon the world again. The key to it's imprisonment- the pins set in place by four other dragons long ago -are defended by the royal families of four kingdoms, Hnoss, Sturlu, Sorli, and Katti. But the cult of the flame is coming, and grows in power every passing day. Can they be stopped? Or will Nidhoggr take the land in a unholy combination of flames and nightmares?

    Much more plot driven then the others. Fire Emblem pretty much in name only, though the whole thing with evil dragons and good dragons has been done to death in FE and generally this could be a Fire Emblem plot. There's also a ton of lore for the land of Yggdrasil, and an actual reason for the evil dragons doings, however flimsy they are.

    Unfortunately this does force people to work into the plot I lay out pretty hard. The real freedom goes into describing battles and interactions in the RP, and fleshing out the relationships between characters. In any case, it's easily the most complete of the "worlds" in terms of lore, so expect a lot of little details in the background which may or may not be relevant to the overall plot.

    So that's it! Just pop back into the poll at the top, and send in a vote. I'll probably give it a week or so before I put up the actual thing people want. Yeah, thanks for hearing me out, feel free to ask questions or add to the discussion.
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  2. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    First of all, all three ideas do sound interesting. I think I prefer the first idea and the last idea over the second one. There are definitely gaps where more science fiction rps could enter and I myself had a bunch of ideas for Star Wars RP ideas and this kind of Star Wars/sci-fi stuff have the ability to be very popular. Of course, you'd have to expand out and flesh the lore for each if they were a RP. Also, you should describe each place in as much detail as possible, making it easy for people to start out in different worlds (in the case of silver blade) or the continents (of Nihoggr). You need to make it so that people have a lot to work with and aren't put off there, if you know what I mean.

    But revisiting each idea, there is something you should know. Whether a RP might survive to the end, as you wish, can depend on the idea and if people can work into it, but ultimately, it's up to the creator. If the creator loses interest or is too busy it will never be able to be finished. That being said, all the posts can't just be the creator, as you can't even double post, can you? If you have one or two other 'loyalists,' you need to be able to have them post too. If they are too busy in real life the RP often dies. You need to have them make that committment. And regular posting helps a hell of a lot! People should make the time at least every few days or a week. A RP shouldn't be considered dead if long posts are being written by each person and it has been only a few weeks since the last post. People tend to assume so. You should get these messages across when you make the actual RP discussion thread.

    You'd have to ellaborate on each of the three in terms of the lore before I decide which one I like best. You say the last one is just a copy of the FE games, but i've only ever played one and most people won't have played these you see...so it's slightly more original than you think. The space one at the start is more like your typical sci-fi.
  3. Agree with everything Ratbag wrote down.
  4. Well, generally, this was supposed to just be a taste. I'd obviously elaborate more on them when the whole thing was up, though if you'd like to hear specific lore, I'll definitely comply.

    I don't really have a connected lore for this series, though I do have a bunch of disconnected stuff that is interesting enough.

    In the Earth year 2084, Humanity launched it’s first expedition beyond the Earth solar system. In the past, a self-sustaining Mars colony had been established and many of the Earth solar systems planets had been fully charted and safe to traverse (Of course, with the correct equipment). Before hand, corporations such as SirenShot, Ingo’s Electronics, and Pfaff Fabrication Industries had been established. These corporations, while currently small, would eventually become an essential pieces of the Corporate Alliance.

    These expeditions expanded humanities knowledge, as they not only found alien species, but ones that had a sapience comparable to their own- the Fungle, a intelligent fungus species, the Plantae, a species that resembled a mixture of reptillian and plant, the Gillen, an aquatic four eyed species predisposed to nonviolence, and the Prismed, who more resembled floating chunks of crystal, suspended by psychokinetic energy.

    Hundreds of years have passed at this point. The universe is still not entirely charted, though that seems to be of little concern for now. By this point, corporations have continued to grow in power- the three corporations of Earth have banded together at this point, Ingo's Electronics becoming Ingo's Robotics, Pfaff's Fabrication Industries dropping the now late Pfaff's name for the smoother "Cruiser Industries". New additions to the alliance were Medicall, a medical supply manufacturor, Starsail Entertainment, an all encompassing company for entertainments, and, perhaps the most powerful ally they could make, Food and Drinks Incorporated, who produced...Food and Drinks. The UGN was formed in this time as well- based on the US Government and other democracies made by the four "alien" species.

    The Circle's origins are cloudy, given their criminal activity, though some reports claim they formed after a small planet, Ouribos, became heavily industrialized thanks to the Corporations. In any case, their first recorded action was the sudden robbery of a Corporate treasure house in Earth year 2824. This makes the Circle much, much younger than the rest of the "triad". Still, they pose a threat to the Corporation- causing them over 3 Trillion Credits worth of damage in their time.

    Credits were a creation of the Corporate Alliance. Their true name are "Universal Credit Points" because, well, that's what they are supposed to be. A universal currency. Many planets used different currencies, some physical and some in digital format- so this was a way for corporations to simply list "fair" prices and their profit margins.

    As for planets, I have made a solar system with serveral planets. This Solar system, known as the Alpha 77 System, is also infamous for being the one that evidence of the Silver blade was found on. These are-

    Demetr - A fair weathered planet with similar temperaments to earth, a Goldilocks planet if you will. After the discovery of the silver blade evidence, it has become a planet where most of the Corporate workers are housed at.

    Boreas - A harsh and cold planet, far from the single sun of the Alpha 77 System, constantly draped in a blanket of snow. Located on this planet is the mining site where the Silver Blade evidence was unearthed.

    Ashheart - A volcanic wasteland of a planet, notable for it's multiple calderas filled with magma visible from space. Three moons orbit this planet, all with a barrack for the mine workers who work on the molten place.

    Monsoon - A planet notable for it's constant downpours. The Alliance mostly disregards the planet due to it's marshy earth making poor grounds for mining or setting up buildings. Still, it's better than...

    Mudshallows - A planet notable for it's incredibly marshy earth, predominantly being covered in ocean, and overall just being an unpleasant place. Still, the Corporations found an object connect to the silver blade, a large silver gauntlet, coated in mud on this planet- which led to Corporate digging yet again.

    Sandherald - A sandy world, notable for it's duststorms and dual moons. Four large oases are located on the planet, where most corporate bases and cities are at. The UGN has set up an outpost in one of the oases as well, the biggest one in the Alpha 77 system.

    Silverwind - The only ringed planet in the system, Silverwind's temperatures vary from subzero to fair. The planet is named after the many windstorms that stir up on the planet, spurning silver grasses that grow in the plains.

    Toxos - A tiny, moonless, almost uninhabitable planet close to the sun. Oceans of boiling acid dot the land, and the air is not breathable, being filled with toxic chemicals. The only reason the Corporations take interest in it, is because of a large amount of resources found in the Toxos earth. With proper equipment, it's able to be traversed- but still, it's rather terrible.

    Encroach - A quiet shadowy planet far from the sun of the system. The Circle has set up their headquarters here, as the alliance has ignored the planet (As it lacks many resources and shows no real profitability.) The UGN has an outpost here, which the Circle puts up with as they have little issue with the UGN, and UGN takes little issue with them as well.

    Distance - A planet similar to Encroach, surrounded by hundreds of pieces of scrap and garbage from multiple corporate liners. This makes it dangerous for any large mining vessel or other such liner to approach. It's one large feature is a fantastic crater. It's moonless, too far from the sun for any light. The only reason one would go to such a place is if they don't want to be noticed.

    That about covers it, aside from one thing with weaponry:
    While most weaponry has been converted to plasma and electric blasts, the markets have had a resurrection in the much cheaper to get metal bullets. These also come with the advantage of being able to pierce plasma resistant armor and structures.
    I actually had lore written out for Nidhoggr already. Hopefully it's enough.
    The land of Yggdrasil has a deep, searing flame under it.

    Though, the flame was not always sealed below the desert of grey.

    In an age long before me and you, dragons took this land as their own. Dragons controlled the lands with a kind hand- Odr, Dis, Edda, Norn, and Nidhoggr. Their subjects were humanity, who were guided and helped by the five dragons. Humanity was a joint effort of the dragons- each contributing a factor of Humanity. Odr formed humanity out of clay and his own scales. Dis gave humanity spirit and each their own will. Edda kept record of humanity and gave them knowledge. Norn wrote out destiny itself, said to forsee the future and change it accordingly. And Nidhoggr gave humanity dream, aspiration of each their own. And humanity prospered under these five deities, living peacefully within their domain.

    But humanity began to become...unsteady. A future Norn had not written had begun. Their aspirations exceeded Nidhoggr’s capacity, each more demanding than the last. Nidhoggr’s sweet dreams changed to terrifying nightmares. Humanity started to become hedonistic, greedy, power hungry. Sins of war, waged over meaningless business. Nidhoggr had lost his mind trying to satisfy humanity, his nightmares the product of it. Simply watching humanity undo itself was not enough- he wanted to see them suffer worse! The most terribly afflicted with the nightmares began to malform, their bodies becoming terrible weapons of destruction! Nidhoggr guided these beasts into bloody fights, rending hundreds of humans at a time!

    The four dragons understood Nidhoggr had gone too far. But there was a sympathy for their brother that kept them killing him outright- rather, they sealed him into a tomb in the center of their land, and locked it tight by channeling power into four “pins”, scattered across the land. Nidhoggr was sealed, and his iron clasp released. The creatures of nightmare soon were felled, lacking guidance, and the land of Yggdrasil was calmed once again. The pins were sealed with their magic, so no foolish human could simply undo them. No human could even approach them for hundreds of years after, and even still required immense power to remove.

    In fear of one of another dragon suffering a madness streak, the dragons soon agreed to seal themselves away as well, quietly leaving humanity to their own devices. And humanity recovered, the dragons becoming legends of the past as they constructed their own societies. Kingdoms were erected from the pins, magic divined from ancient remains of the dragon’s rule. A new era rose, and while some of the evil aspirations of Nidhoggr remained, humanity was content once again.

    Four kingdoms were constructed around the pins, each inheriting an aspect of the four sealing dragons. Hnoss is a land of prosperity and a forerunner of technology. Sturlu is a land of great knowledge, and is said to have an archive dating all the way back to the age of the dragons. Katti is a cold land to the north, possessing magic far surpassing the other kingdoms. Sorli is a land of religious power, believing that the dragons still watch over the kingdoms today. And then, Hel, located in the center of the land- signified by it’s grey sands. It’s here where Nidhoggr is sealed, and nothing will grow. Buried and broken ruins of Nidhoggr’s domain remain, drained of color. These kingdoms did have their squabbles...but nothing major. Nothing offending.

    But the flames of Nidhoggr’s nightmares burned deep within some humans. These humans constructed their own society- the legion of flame, dedicated to the mad dragon. His return would bring no greater happiness to the legion, and said return is so very close. The seals placed upon the pins have weakened, and once again are approachable. And as the kingdoms squabbled, none of the kingdoms noticed the legion’s growing power.

    And then they struck.

    The Legion of Flame must be stopped, lest Nidhoggr be released upon the world once again! Thankfully, the pins are well protected, but the legion is only growing in power...
    I don't have much for HeroSquad and it didn't seem like you were all that interested in it, but if you want to hear it I'll bring it up. Otherwise this is all I got. Hope it's enough!
  5. I personally think a good setting and lore is what makes or breaks an RP, and I think the 3rd one has both. A good plot should be able to keep people interested in the RP, long enough to see it through to the end.

    I'm actually a fan of this. It means that, more often than not, everyone is on the same page, and there is little confusion in what to do next, which should make for a very smooth RP!
  6. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    I would agree with that. Both ideas sound very good and well thought out, but you seem to have made the second one more exciting.
  7. Fair enough, I had much more of a cohesive plot to NoN as opposed to the open ends of the SB. It will likely be what I go for, though it won't make the others not relevant- just shelved for the time being. I'm certainly not about to let Silver Blade go to waste anytime soon. Expect a discussion for the RP thing soon (famous last words) after the poll ends on the 15th.
  8. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    I votes for Silver Blade it is really cool thing and sci-fi story is just amazing. I would really like to be in that RP
  9. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    I would honestly like both the first and the last one. Calling the last one Fire Emblem does kind of put me off.
  10. Alrighty, seems like Silver Blade won in the end. I'll put up something for that soon, after I think up a plot people could work well into. To be honest, I don't really have much of an ending to the Silver Blade issue out there, so it most likely won't even involve the thing the universe is named after :p
    Fair enough. As I said, it uses a lot of the same beats of Fire Emblem- presence of dragons, an villainous powerful cult, and royal protagonists -of course, it's a lot of original stuff too. Not so much a carbon copy as much as a inspired work. Still, Silver Blade won and I'll respect the majority.
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  11. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    I am glad that my vote decided. I will ask to join as soon as you make thread
  12. Im usually rp in highly combat oriented rps, wouldnt mind joining something a bit calmer. Although, id still expect to see some interesting brawls.
  13. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

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