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Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Shocari, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. I started writing poetry again, much to everyone's displeasure, I'm sure :p I'm too lazy to actually title things, so I'm just going to put 'em up. Also: CREDIT TO CARMEN FOR "SHOETRY."

    Poem 1

    Sing to me your darkest song that tells of all the pain to come.
    You tried to stop the endless night, but fled when we put out your light.
    The darkness claims you for your sins, while you struggle to sing your hymns.
    Though you are too numb to feel, now nightmares are forever real.

    Little one so all alone: come with us, we'll take you home.
    Rest assured, the pain will die; just be sure to use this knife.
    A sacrifice, a ritual; yet we'll never again be whole.
    We long to be embraced by love, but can't be touched by that white dove.

    If you've played Sengoku Basara, Oichi speaks in this sort of pattern. Most of the time, she speaks in morbid poetry to try and make sense of the world - she's completely lost her mind after watching her love Nagamasa die right before her, committing terrible crimes in the name of her brother Nobunaga, and finally killing Nobunaga's top retainers(and even he, in the games, I do believe). And she's a powerful demon-thing from the fifth heaven. Kinda crazy-spooky.

    I quite like this style, and I think I'll write more things in it...for now.
  2. So after going through everything creepy and poetic Oichi says, I noticed that it seems to tell a story...but a rather incomplete one. Also, the lines are not in the order presented here. They're so random it 's hard to make any sense out of them unless you write 'em down and really think about it. Adding in a few lines from my previous poem, as well as adding some new ones, I hope to have told the story that's presented, even though she's probably just babbling nonsense because she's literally batshit insane. Oichi's actual lines are italicized.

    Little one so all alone: come with us, we'll take you home.
    Sing to me your darkest song that tells of all the pain to come.
    Off you went, to call the King. You wish to hear the Devil sing.
    On and on the road does go, down into the depths below.

    Evil claimed you as its own when you laid eyes on the skull throne.
    The petals fall, the flowers wither; the voices call, "Come now! Come hither!"
    And in the dark, the girl so bright got up to see the day at night.
    Her fear in hand, her fear it heart; her fear did tug her soul apart.
    Ask you will and ask you may: the fate of love on this fair day.
    So on your knees, you beg to know what seeds of fate the Devils sow.

    "Love's strong like eagles that do fly; it's bright like stars before they die.
    Yet it must atone for it sins; by punishment, it must be dim.
    So carry on, live your life well; and you'll avoid the gates of Hell."

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