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Shocari's Trade Center

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Shocari, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Shocari

    Friend Code:
    You may have heard that I'm a man who knows how to get things. These things usually include a strange ability from a "Dream World."

    My services can fetch you:

    Hidden Abilities
    -Telepathy Muuna
    -Cloud Nine Swablu
    -Flare Boost Drifloon
    -Tinted Lens Sigilyph
    -Telepathy Ralts
    -Heavy Metal Bronzor
    -Drought Vulpix
    -Sheer Force Makuhita
    -Anticipation Eevee
    -Swift Swim Poliwag
    -Weak Armor Vullaby
    -Regenerator Corsola

    Normal Pokemon
    -(Extremespeed) Dratini
    -Any Black/Black 2-exclusive 'mon

    What I Would Like

    Hidden Abilities(please make any of these Female)
    -Magic Guard Abra
    -Rattled Magikarp
    -Marvel Scale Dratini
    -Magic Bounce Natu
    -Quick Feet Shroomish
    -Sheer Force Bagon

    Normal Pokemon

    Request Form

    -Pokemon You Want
    -Gender You Want(if it doesn't matter, leave blank)
    -Nature You Want(if it doesn't matter, leave blank)
    -Ability You Want(if it doesn't matter, leave blank)
    -Breeding-specific Moves You Want(if it doesn't matter, leave blank)
    -Pokemon You're Offering(Please include Nature, Gender, and Ability)

    Oh, if you want a nickname, please be sure to let me know!

    My FC is: 2839-2610-6285
    Don't forget to include yours!
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  2. I'd really like to get:

    I could offer a female anticipation eevee of any nature you wish. I could even focus on a specific IV if you want.
  3. Shocari

    Friend Code:
    I don't breed for IVs, so just throw whatever you have at me. I won't need a specific Nature because I'll be breeding for a bunch of Eeveelutions(and I'll need different natures for each of 'em), so any female will do fine.

    Just drop me a PM with your FC and when you're available, or pop into chat at some point, and I'll see what I can do.
  4. Shocari

    Friend Code:
    Bumping because I've updated everything and changed the entire bloody look of the place.
  5. PurpleTartan

    Friend Code:
    I'd love to get a Drought Vulpix off of you if you still have it. I can breed you a Mudkip or a Scyther, if you still need them. :)
  6. Shocari

    Friend Code:
    I would love a Mudkip; the gender and nature don't matter ^^
    Is there any specific nature or gender that you'd like? Additionally, I won't really be available until the weekend.
  7. PurpleTartan

    Friend Code:
    A female would be lovely, but it doesn't really matter if you don't have a female. I'll get to breeding you a Mudkip. :)

    I'm usually online in the evening on weekends, so that's fine with me. :3
  8. I have a whole bunch of mudkips on Pearl. O_O

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