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Shocari's Special Sneak Preview

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Shocari, May 11, 2009.

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  1. As some of you may know, my fic Clash of the Fates is just the forerunner for my actual movie fic that I have been preparing for. It will have a poster and everything. Now, some of you may be wondering why the sneak peek doesn't have even a teaser trailer poster. Well, its hard work designing just one, so two would take a while. That, and I really don't wanna compare them and see which one I like more and use that as the actual poster. Well, you've been waiting for this(hopefully, XP), so here is your sneak preview. Enjoy.

    It was an arena used for battling Pokemon. Inside of an open stadium hidden from plain sight by humoungous trees, it was the perfect place to battle without a lot of media or watchful eyes. The field was dirt with the lines for the actual battling area spraypainted on in white. There were thousands of seats lining the sides, but they were empty for this battle. The blue sky showed no clouds, only a bright midday sun.

    In the two trainer's boxes stood a trainer apiece. One wore silver pants, a silver jacket, a black shirt, and had silver hair with matching eyes; the other was in a green T-shirt with brown jeans and had brown hair with green eyes. The two stared each other down as if this were being broadcast live, with the intention of it appearing much more dramatic than it really was.

    "Do you really think you can beat me, Hunter?" the silver guy said. "I have the advantage: on my part, there's nothing to lose. You on the other hand, have something very important at stake, don't you?" The mention of the 'important' thing had hit Hunter hard, for he grimaced as they left the silver guy's lips.

    "Troy, you are nothing but a murderer and a coward; killing to meet your goals and hiding behind your Pokemon. I will gladly beat you." Hunter said with the slightest of nervousness in his voice.

    But Troy had detected it. "You think I'll hurt her? I would rather die than let any harm befall Baillie, surely you must know that. Send out my first victim." Troy said coldly.

    Hunter seleted a white and red Premier Ball, and as a jet of red light shot out of it, his choice was clear: the green and red forest Pokemon Sceptile. It looked fierce, and stared daggers at Troy.

    "Humph. You choose that against Houndrane, the Pokemon I always open with?" Troy picked his own special Poke Ball, a white ball with an intricate black design on the top and bottom. As his Pokemon came out, Sceptile stepped back in nervousness. Houndrane looked like a demonic Houndoom: its horns were wickedly curved like a ram's, and it had bone-like structures lining its spine and backs of its legs, even what looked like a skull on the top of its head.

    "Now, the stakes. Winner...keeps his life." Troy sneered. With a snap, chains erupted from the ground and attached to each trainers waist. "Whoever wins gets their chains released. Houndrane, Malice Burn." Houndrane shot a gigantic black flame at the stadium, which caught on fire immediatlely and began to spread.

    "Hunter, the fire will cover all of the stadium once it gets to where the oil containers are. I'd win fast, if I were you." The black flames moved very slowly as they burned, perhaps being willed by Houndrane.

    "Houndrane, Shadow Sneak!"

    "Sceptile, Brick Break!"

    The two Pokemon moved what looked like faster than light as they sped toward each other. [Pokemon slow down as they near each other, the strikes not visible as each gets within inches of each other. Screen stops dramatically as they are centimeters from each other, almost like the pause button being pressed.]
    Please, if you read this, comment. Please. I really need many different opinions really badly. Thanks to the readers..but mostly the commenters XD

    EDIT: Oh yeah, forgot to add this, but it'll be up within about two weeks, at the latest. Might start it this weekend. I'll be updating it every day, if possible, so be on the lookout for new scenes.
  2. Oh my goodness, is this a 'film' of your own fan region? I ask this because Houndrane sounds like an evolution.

    So far, I cannot see any mistakes or such, but only a great idea. I wonder who will survive.
  3. Yes, this is a 'film'(too bad it really isn't) of my own region, Solest, that I have portrayed at least twice in my fics.

    In Solest, Houndrane is the Houndoom evolution(like nobody saw that coming from the name or description...XP)which is achieved when Houndoom reaches level 40 while it has the Early Bird ability, which proceeds to change into the Dark Matter ability. Dark Matter increases the power of Dark-type moves while Houndrane's HP is one-third of its max(like Torrent, Blaze, etc.).

    Absollean is an evo too(Absol, if anyone's wondering), and these two will definately not be the only Solest-only pokes to be wandering around the film. Absollean is obtained when a male Absol reaches level 36 at night, which is when Absollean learns its signature attack, Final Shadow, which is the Dark equivalent of Earthquake, only its a Special Move. As a twist, Absollean's base Special attack is just right below its Base Attack, which is to say, 145 to 160. The huge Special Attack jump makes up for a lot, but sadly, its defenses are almost as terrible as Attack Deoxys'.
  4. Well, I'm definitely loving it, t'would make a sweet movie. But for some awkward reason, the whole life up for stakes thing reminds me of Yu-Gi-Oh. XD Which, by the by, is not a bad thing in my opinion.

    Also, Houndrane is awesome.
  5. Just a little notification.

    I'll try to have it up by Friday-Saturday if I can. The poster art just needs a little touching up and scanning. After that, I'll be set to begin the relentless onslaught of posting at least a scene a day. whoo?
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