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XY/ORAS Shocari's PokeFarm!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Shocari, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. Shocari

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    Right, so, I have completely updated both my lists and the format of this thread.

    Pokemon I can offer- Natures; Egg Moves
    Bulbasaur - Overgrow
    Charmander - Blaze/Solar Power
    Squirtle - Torrent/Rain Dish
    Chespin - Overgrow/Bulletproof
    Fennekin - Blaze/Magician
    Froakie - Torrent/Protean
    Torchic - Blaze/Speed Boost; Baton Pass
    Shroomish - Effect Spore/Poison Heal/Technician
    Rotom - Levitate
    Fletchling - Big Pecks/Gale Wings
    Poliwag - Water Absorb/Damp/Swift Swim
    Larvesta - Flame Body/Swarm
    Deerling - Chlorophyll/Sap Sipper/Serene Grace
    Larvitar - Guts; Dragon Dance, Stealth Rock
    Noibat - Frisk/Infiltrator/Telepathy
    Bagon - Rock Head/Sheer Force
    Dratini - Shed Skin/Marvel Scale
    Marill - Thick Fat/Huge Power
    Beldum - Clear Body
    Togepi - Hustle/Serene Grace
    Tyrunt - Strong Jaw
    Eevee - Adaptability/Run Away/Anticipation; Yawn, Wish, Curse, Synchronoise
    Pinsir - Hyper Cutter/Mold Breaker
    Electrike - Lightning Rod/Static
    Amaura - Refrigerate
    Cranidos - Mold Breaker
    Shellos - Sticky Hold/Storm Drain
    Chansey - Serene Grace/Natural Cure
    Houndour - Flash Fire/Early Bird
    Heracross - Swarm/Guts
    Aron - Rock Head/Sturdy; Head Smash, Superpower
    Abra - Synchronize/Inner Focus/Magic Guard
    Snivy - Overgrow
    Chikorita- Overgrow
    Cyndaquil - Blaze
    Mudkip - Torrent
    Turtwig - Overgrow
    Aerodactyl - Rock Head/Pressure
    Anorith - Battle Armor
    Archen - Defeatist
    Cranidos - Mold Breaker
    Drilbur - Mold Breaker/Sand Veil
    Feebas - Oblivious/Swift Swim
    Joltik - Compoundeyes/Unnerve
    Shellos - Sticky Hold/Storm Drain
    Riolu - Inner Focus/Steadfast; Crunch, Sky Uppercut
    Omanyte - Swift Swim
    Kabuto - Swift Swim
    Chansey - Serene Grace/Natural Cure
    Espurr - Keen Eye/Infiltrator/Own Tempo
    Vulpix - Flash Fire/Drought; Extrasensory
    Shinx - Rivalry/Intimidate; Ice Fang, Fire Fang

    Small note on listed Egg Moves: I've only listed what I have available. I am more than happy to breed on Egg Moves that are not listed.

    Additional note on Pokemon: I have not listed everything that I am capable of breeding. If it can be caught in-game and bred, I can breed it. I have only listed Pokemon I currently own that either have a Hidden Ability, Egg Move, are available only in Friend Safari, or are Version-Exclusive, so as not to have a ginormous, annoying list.

    When requesting a Pokemon, please please PLEASE use this form:

    Desired Pokemon(in lowest possible stage):
    Desired Ability(ignore if it doesn't matter):
    Desired Nature(ignore if it doesn't matter):
    Desired Egg Move(s)(ignore if it doesn't matter):
    Desired IVs(ignore if it doesn't matter):
    Desired Gender(ignore if it doesn't matter):

    Pokemon I would like in return:
    -Rattled Magikarp
    -Impostor Ditto
    -Prankster Sableye
    -Moxie Pinsir
    -Moxie Heracross
    -Chlorophyll Bulbasaur/Ivysaur(Ivysaur is probably easiest since it's in Friend Safaris)
    -Magic Bounce Natu/Xatu(Xatu is probably easiest since it's in Friend Safaris)

    My FC is 3840-6487-5515. Make sure to include yours!
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    I am also in search of an Own-Tempo Espurr. so If anyone reading this has one or it's your safari :3 I also like to battle ^^
  2. Shocari

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    Updated the list of Pokemon that I can breed with MANY new additions!
  3. I can offer imposter ditto and chloryphyll bulbasaur. Rattled Magikarp is obtainable for me, but it will take some time.

    I would like to request:
    Sheer Force
    Jolly (if possible, not required)
    Dragon Dance
  4. Shocari

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    I'll get right on that when I get off of work! I'll be more than happy to take an Impostor Ditto off of your hands ^^

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