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Ask to Join Shipwrecked

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by JacobRaze, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. Heavy waves hit the side of the S.S. Anne's hull, shaking it around. It was one of the bigger waves that did it. The captain lost control.

    Tyler woke up on the floor of his room. He stood up and grabed his backpack? He peeked out of the door. Nothing. Looked at the emergency ladder that lead to the deck. The hull was stuck on large rocks. He looked at the large land surrounded by water.

    "What is this region?"
  2. Mackenzie was a stowaway on a ship, trying to get out of the region Hoenn. The ship capsized. Luckily, her Buizel, Misha, swam her ashore. He gently nudged her until she woke, coughing up water. Her other two Pokemon, a Growthe named Jensen and a Houndoom named Jared, came out of their poke balls to pester and fret over her.
  3. Tyler took time to observe the surroundings. He brought out Eevee, who was as confused as he was. He looked in his pack, and he looked for his Butterfree's PokèBall. It was a great ball that he painted Purple under his lunch sack. The sack was empty anyways, so he threw it on the ground. He looked around. The beach looked like it could go on forever. Butterfree started to fly up to get a good look.
  4. Eliza Skyler, a rich heiress of 15 years, was flung from the boat onto the sand. She struggled upwards, analyzing her surroundings. The sand was extremley warm, and seemed endless to her. She brushed the sand off of her dress, hoping that it would not stain. The sun beat down on Eliza, making her sweat. She took out a parasol, and opened the top. It created a small shady spot for her. Eliza decided to go over to a young man. "Hello, sir." She greeted.
  5. "Um......Hi." He said. "We're you on the Anne too?"

    Eevee looked for something to eat. He bit a rock then threw it at Tyler's leg. "Ow. What was that for?"
  6. "Yes, I was." Eliza replied. "We're you?" Eliza clutched her Serperior's pokeball. She hoped that she wouldn't have to battle any wild pokemon on the island.
  7. "Yeah, and it is not pleasant. My Eevee knows there are Pokemon here. I can hear the rustling of them. You look important. What's your ordeal?" Tyler said curiouly. Eevee followed Butterfree towards the water to look for food.
  8. "Well. I am Eliza Skyler, heir yo the Skylar industry." She exclaimed proudly. "And you, sir?"
  9. Mackenzie sat up, rubbing her head. Her three Pokemon sat around her in a protective circle, growling at any movement.
    Mackenzie was a middle-class girl, who a few terrible-and ridiculous fears. To name a few; spiders, needles, vacuums, being upside-down...... She wasn't one of those kids who were scared of everything, though.
    The brunette was a bit of a rebellious teen, her grey eyes easily charming her out of trouble. She was adorable-in a way-to most adults. Most likely because she was short.
    The ocean terrified her. It had taken her a great deal of courage to get on that boat. She regretted doing so now. When Mackenzie stood, her Pokemon followed her as she walked over to the two other teens.
  10. "Tyler, head of my own kingdom." He said,mounting to his head. Eevee saw a group of Carvanah swimming and fighting in their own group. Eevee laughed and teased them.

    Tyler saw the other girl. "How many more people?"
  11. A long crate had run ashore, a boy smashing his way out. "Finally! Hello Kal- wait. This is Kalos? Sandier than I expected." Stepping out of his crate, he had finally scraped up enough money for the SS. Anne's trip to Kalos. Kalos was a beautiful grassy land, with nice coastal towns, or so his mother told him...not the sandy dump he met. He saw three figures in the distance, a boy and two girls. Tour guides? Taking out his belongings from the damp crate, he walked towards them. "HEY, IS THIS KALOS?" he called out.
  12. He heard the voice and scratched his ear. "YEAH! BEUTIFUL ISNT IT?" Tyler yelled back sarcastically. He thought to himself.

    "Where is this place?" He thought.
  13. "Why does everything end like this? I swear I'm in a movie right now." She grumbled, patting down the tan riding breeches she had on- the ones that happened to be sopping wet. Robyn Skyweaver, a young adult of 16 had been on the S.S Anne to travel for a region wide show. Not a circus show, but a Riding one. Robyn and her partner Jasper the Rapidash were two well known figures in the Pokemon riding world. Her other Pokemon consisted mostly of supporters if she ever finds herself in battle, but currently she had Zip the Blitzle, Effile the Espeon and Rafe the Weavile. After walking a few steps in her cold wet clothes she started to make a mental checklist if everything she had to do.
    1) Figure out where she was
    2) Change out of her navy short sleeved shirt (she was getting cold) and find more comfortable shoes than riding boots and Spurs.
    3) Find a place and a way to feed her Pokemon and to stay the night.

    Out of frustration and exhaustion Robyn sent out Jasper. The Rapidash snorted in laughter at the girl's appearance, but with a distressed smile Robyn splashed the fire horse. Instantly the troublemaking horse stopped and allowed Robyn to get on him without complaint. Jasper was much quicker and had much more energy than she did, and sooner than later she noticed a group of people on the distance. Still at a fast Canter, Robyn slowed Jasper down to a slower trot to approach them.
  14. Tyler hummed as he backed away. "Well, I'm done here. I'm not one for big groups." He tripped on a rock and fell backwards. He rubbed the back of his head in pain. He looked the other way and saw a small group of trees. He sat down on a stump.

    "Wait, this stump is smooth, like it was just made."
  15. "GREAT! ARE YOU ALL TOUR GUIDES?" said Gerald in a completely naive way. Running up to the group, he took a map out of his bag. "Do any of you know the best way to Lumiouse city? I need to meet up with my mom. I can't tell where we even are on this map."
  16. "I WAS SARCASTIC!" He yelled from his stump. "WERE LOST AT SEA! I THINK!" Eevee had followed him riding on Butterfree. "I'm hungry. Maybe there is some food around here!"
  17. Robyn grew closer and was moderately surprised that no one had pointed her out yet. She was sure that she had seen some of these people just walking around on the S.S Anne while they were still sailing. Jasper snorted impatiently as Robyn dismounted and strictly told Jasper to stay where he was. The teenager finally came within earshot of the conversations flying around. One voice in particular she heard over the others.


    Suddenly Robyn felt very relieved. If someone knew their way around this place there would be no trouble. The only downfall would be the spent money on the show, but if all goes well maybe Jasper and her will make it. "Hey, sorry to interrupt, but is what he's saying true? Do you know your way around the island? It would be great if you could help me too, I really don't like the conditions here. My horse could get Thrush if he's exposed to it for so long." Robyn commented. She smiled.

    (Thrush is a horse disease in the hoof)
  18. "Oh. Just...oh." Gerald felt cheated if anything. He gathered all the money to pay for a crate and a storage space, had little living space for two days, almost went insane with claustrophobia, and now they were lost at sea. Fate hated him, huh? First the old man thought he said 'Kanto', then he had almost no money, then had to travel around from temp job to temp job, the previously mentioned small living space. And now lost at sea. He turned to the other teenager riding a Rapidash, who had just stepped in the conversation. "No, I don't think they are tour guides. But if they are, that would be great."
  19. Tyler waved and walked deeper into the wooded area. Eevee found berries, but it was a trap. He whimpered in fear. "Eevee?"
  20. Misha bounded into the woods suddenly, Jensen at his tail. Jared snarled at the other trainers, overly protective of his own. Mackenzie sighed. "My Pokemon everyone. I'm Makenzie, but everyone calls me Mack."
  21. Tyler kept struggling with the rope. "Eevee, I swear, I tell you every time." He muttered. "I'm not fit for the island life." He joked. He moved back to the other group. "Does anyone know how to undo traps?"
  22. Eliza stepped up. "I can." She stepped up o the trap. With one slash of her parasol, the trap was destroyed. "Just because I am a lady, I cannot have ways to defend myself in need be."
    (Eliza has a British accent)
  23. "Oh. That works." Robyn commented in response to the person next to her. One of the people there with his Eevee said that his Pokemon was caught, but before she could offer her assistance a young, high class lady offered her help and swiftly broke the trap. To be honest Robyn was quite impressed. Most people she had met with such power were stuck up, rich, and had horses they never rode. The rider waved her hand to Jasper, who obediently walked up next to her in turn. "Good boy Jasper. I appriciate your good behavior." Robyn commented, patting his neck. With a swift turn of his head, the Rapidash pulled on Robyn's blonde ponytail. "What!" She cried out in confusion as she whirled around to face the fire horse. Jasper stomped his hoof in a way of saying, 'Ha, I'm on good hehavior for now. Watch it.' The girl sighed and turned back to the group.
  24. "Thanks." Tyler said gratefully. Eevee and Butterfree wandered in to forest with Tyler following them. He pulled out a sketchbook and started drawing from his memory.
  25. Misha and Jensen came galloping back with a strip of cloth between them. In the cloth was a bunch of berries they had gathered. Mack smiled, squatting to their level as the fire type and water type came to give it to her. "Thank you!" She said with a smile, carefully taking the cloth and petting her Pokemon on the head. Mack gave a berry to each of her Pokemon, then looked at the other survivors. She wondered if anyone wanted one.
  26. Tyler thought to himself. "I'm feeling watched."

    "VEE!" The eevee screeched as itmsaw something move. "Butterfree, Stun Spore!" Tyler yelled, and a Pidgey flewout of the bush. It used Gust and the Stun Spore hit Tyler. He fell backwards along with Butterfree.

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