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Shiny's Sprites

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Shiny, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. Welp, my name is Shiny and I've been spriting for about 8 months now. I've learned a couple tricks and stuff along the way.

    Anyways, here's what i can do:

    These can be recolored as another Pokemon or with a color scheme of your choosing.

    A creation of 1 or more Pokemon. Often comes out looking like their 'offspring'.

    A method of spriting used to create layers to make the Pokemon 'flamish'. Can be any color of your choice.

    A Pokeball customized to look like a certain Pokemon.

    Making a newer generation Pokemon look like an older one. Made to intentionally look 'crappy'. Opposite of Revcamps

    Making an older generation Pokemon look like a newer one. Involves editing shading, parts, and colors. Opposite of Decamps.

    Fusing, recoloring, and /soemtimes/ scratching on a Pokemon to make it look like a different type.

    Pillow Shades
    An Inferno involving the Pokemon's own colors.

    Fusing, scratching, and recoloring markings onto a Pokemon to disguise it as another.
    Advisory: Not all Pokemon are disguisable

    Shadow Pokemon
    A creation of my own, recoloring a Pokemon to make it a Shadow Pokemon.

    Going over an official artwork of a Pokemon and creating it into a sprite. Doesn't necessarily have a set in stone size.

    soliek, you may go ahead and request a sprite, and I'll get to it ASAP.

    I only take requests if you comment on my work first.
  2. Wow! You're really creative with your spriting! Good job! And especially for someone who's only been spriting for 8 months! I am very impressed! I love the pokeball pokemon look alike things! The one you have up is so cute! I also adore dratini's disguise! It's so clever! =D
  3. You. are seriously talented!

    -Recolours; Recolours are kind of the usual stuff here on PokeCharms, but this recolour looks really good~

    -Fusions; Again, basic, but this one is done well.

    -Infernoes; A new idea!~ I really like this idea. The Inferno Crobat looks good in the orange colour palette.

    -PokeBalls; Not exactly basic, but common. I think I've seen a Turtball somewhere before, but it's good nonetheless, apart from that, in my opinion, the twig would look better if it was moved slightly to the left.

    -Devamps; Clever! I don't think this is new, but it looks good anyway.

    -Revamps; Common, but the Kingdra looks good like this.

    -Retypes; Hurr, I do love this... Salachu? Pikamence? I'd like to see what else you got in store.

    -Pillow Shades; It fits the name, that's for sure. It's basically the sprite, with added colouring and shading, am I right? The Zweilous, I like.

    -Disguises; You need to watch out that this doesn't look too much like a recolour/splice :x

    -Shadow PokeMon; Epic. Pure epic. xD

    I'm really glad to have you on board, Shiny II. You seem to have a knack for spriting, and you are artistic and creative. Mind if I request?

    PokeMon; Blaziken
    Colours; Black inside, purple edge.

    (I kind of improvised on a base form here, but you might want to add forms to your thread. It keeps things more clear. Also, you should look around the forums a bit, and stop by in chat sometime. Go to Site and Forum Feedback, you'll find some excellent guides there. Be sure to check out the one made by the other Shiny~)
  4. Heh, thanks for the feedback and the suggestions.

    As for your request, you should expect it soon. :>
  5. Here's the inferno. [​IMG]
    Didn't exactly come out as I had envisioned it.
    I also added sprite overs to the list of things I can do.
    The reason the Oshawott doesn't have much shading is cause I used it's Dream World art, and I tried to go with the Dream World's few shading and cartoony style.
    #5 Shiny, Mar 9, 2011
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  6. Here're some Revamps. :>
  7. Shiny, may I just say your sprite are [glow=red,2,300]MARVELOUS[/glow]!!!! I love them :3

    May I please have an oversprite of Durant please? :)
  8. I can do it if you supply me with the render. :>
  9. I actually need the Sugimori Art or some kind of art of Durant. I can't do a sprite-over with the sprite. It's already a sprite. :v
  10. I must say, you're spriting is quite amazing... I especially like the revamps and Devamps.

    Speaking of Which, I'd like to make a request... Could you possibly do a revamp of Flareon from Gen II? Only if you can, thanks in advance.
    #12 The iFlare, Mar 22, 2011
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