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Shiny Sandile For Trade, Looking for Different Shinies

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Dulcinea, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. First off, PLEASE bear with me! I had an account on here years ago, but I don't even remember the name, so I made this new one and don't know exactly how everything works! So, please forgive me if I make some terrible faux pas or something.

    Anyway, in my Pokemon X game I caught a shiny Sandile. It's completely legit, I found it while hunting for Helioptile. It's female, lv. 16, intimidate ability, Naive nature, and Loves to eat. Caught in a Luxury Ball, because I ran out of the other types trying to get her :p I don't know very much about EVs, but I don't think she has any, since I haven't battled with her at all. She did gain a level since I caught her, however, since my Exp. Share was on and she was in my party. So... I dunno if that means anything.

    I should mention... I can train her a little bit, but I'm actually not very far in my game (I decided to start over after beating it), so I can't do too much. As of right now, my strongest Pokemon are lv. 25.

    Um, I'd love to swap her for another shiny, since shiny Krookodiles aren't my favorites. As I said, this is in my X game, so obviously it'd be a trade between two Gen. 6 games. Again, sorry if I posted something wrong or something, I'm really new :p
  2. Toastie

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    I have 2 shiny Alomomola and 2 shiny Clauncher. I'm still not 100% on whether I want to let either Clauncher go, but certainly the Alomomola is for trade. I should mention, however, that they have been caught with an in-game method called consecutive fishing, which is relatively easy to do, so they probably aren't as valuable as a shiny Sandile.
  3. LexiMonster22

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    If you still have the shiny sandile, I have a few shinies that I would love to trade for her. Right now I have: shiny simisear, shiny quagsire, shiny dodrio, shiny klefki, shiny octillery, shiny relicanth, shiny throh, shiny alomomola, shiny gyarados and shiny seaking.
  4. Leximonster 22 ive got a level one masuda method sandile id trade for that dodrio or octillery
  5. LexiMonster22

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    Alright, send me a message
  6. Well my friendcode is 3668-8660-5526 if that's what ypu mean I'm nrw to this whole forum thing

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