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Open Shiny Life

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Zcraftgaming, Nov 3, 2016.

  1. This is a role play where you act as a shiny Pokemon in Kalos have lots of fun!

    This role play is in third person so that means "Sparks walked towards the strange creature"
    1.You may create one Pokemon only
    2. The Pokemon you create must be shiny
    3.One liners are permitted but please try to avoid them
    4.you must add this template
    Special markings etc:

    Here is mine:
    Name: Sparks
    Species: Shinx
    Special markings etc: Blue eyes
    Personality: Courageous
    Gender: Male

    5. Romance is allowed though not too mushy

    6.have fun!

    Sparks lifted his head the sun beaming onto his golden fur and reflecting on his electric blue eyes he walked over to the berries taking a bite out of the lush juicy berry. When he finished he walked to A group of bushed and entered a clearing. He spied some wild Pokemon and crouched down electricity crackling beneath his paws. Sparks sprang up chasing the wild Pokemon. They all ran. Sparks sighed happily and sat down
  2. May I join??
    Name: Kaylei
    Nickname: Lily
    Species: Sylveon
    Wears Weird goggles that she found while exploring.
    Special markings: None
    personality: Loyal, Tomboy, Adventurous
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16

    Kaylei walked over to a young shinx and said "Hi im Kaylei but you can call me Lily." Just then Kaylei walked over to a small berry, sniffed it then ate it. After she returned to the shinx to carry on the conversation.
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  3. "Oh hi nice to meet you I'm Sparks your the first other shiny I have ever met" Sparks said "I really like your goggles" he then continued. Blushing. He looked up and sniffed the air. "Whoa I just realised your a fairy type cool!" Sparks said excited
  4. "Aww thanks. I used to have a trainer but I ran away, he treated me really badly" Said Kaylei "By the way, your the first Shinx I've EVER seen!"
  5. "Oh okay I'm wild! He pawed at the ground nervously Sparks head took a deep breath and his blue eyes widened "poke puffs you want to get one?"
  6. Name: Noel
    Species: Cyndaquil
    Special Markings: The flames on his back change color depending on his mood.
    Personality: Timid, taciturn, often uses body language to communicate.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 3 Years old (Yes he's the young one here.)

    Noel was hidden behind some bushes, as he heard a Shinx and a Sylveon that conversated with each other. He peeked out slightly, not realizing that his snout would give him away, as he looked at the Shinx.

    He tried his best to keep his cool, as he went out of the bushes while he walked towards the Shinx with tiny footsteps. Sweat rushed down his face as he tried to say something to the Shinx, but not even a single noise came from his mouth. He was too nervous to even talk, as he looked teary eyed at him. He thought to himself as he continued to nervously approach him, "I have already ran, but I'm just so scared that they're gonna hurt me! I just wanna go home and go back!"
  7. Name: Snow
    Species: Zoroark
    Special markings etc: The black part of her body is white instead of black fur, and her red hair is a deep blue. Instead of the scruff forming in a V shape, it circles her head like a lion's mane.
    Personality: She is an overall motherly esc "person", but she takes her time getting used to people after she lost her pups to a trainer. She normally starts off mean to people but gets friendly over time, shes selfless and caring for the most part,
    Gender: Female.

    Snow looked around the empty, dark and damp cave. She retreated back to the small entrance of the cave, and watched a couple pokemon conversing. She slowly crawled down the hill, It wasnt very far, thankfully. SHe stopped before climbing down more... She saw... A shinx, a sylveon, and something burning in the bushes. A firetype maybe.
  8. Name: Ryu
    Species: Riolu
    Special markings etc: the usual shiny yellow of the fur is replaced with a unique red. he also wears an aquamarine bandanna-like scarf around his neck
    Personality: He is caring for others, friendly, and diligent, meaning he doesn't give up easily. he is also athletic
    Gender: Male

    As Ryu lied on the ground, sunbathing in the wonderous warmth of the sun, the sunlight shined on his cherry red fur, causing a red glow to emit from him, causing a small area around him to glow red, as well as a very slight red tint to his shadow. He earned this.

    He then heard some chatter coming from an area not far from his current location. Desperate to stay in his spot to make sure nobody else snags it, but even more desperate for someone to talk to, he got up and searched around for the group in question.

    It didn't take very long, about 15 seconds, to find them, though. Sound alone didn't work for him, so he resorted to searching via aura. Ryu had a little knack when it came to reading auras. He could detect them from about 50 feet away, which isn't actually all that far compared to the average Lucario. Upon reading, and locating the auras, he had found them. The group whom he had heard talking. The group had consisted of a Shinx, and a Sylveon. The odd thing about those two is that they were shiny. Just like him.

    However, he also noticed two others hiding within the bushes. One seemed to be a Cyndaquil, and the other seemed to be a Zoroark, both also shinies. He was surprised. Normally, you don't see very many shinies, but this...this was beyond rare.

    Not wanting to waste anymore time, he walked through the bushes, quite abruptly too, and, trying to be polite about it, intruded on their conversation. "Hi there! Sorry to interrupt, but I just wanted someone to talk to, and seeing that we have a few things in common, that could make for an interesting conversation." He said, shutting up once he felt like he had said enough. He didn't want to talk too much, after all.
  9. Name: kinder
    Species: flareon
    Special markings etc: has a bite mark on her leg from a fight before.
    Personality: a social butterfly and knows alot of pokemon in the Forrest.
    Gender: female

    Kinder layed down in a half-nap thing that cats do, when she heard the mutter of voices. Kinder not a once did not want to get up form her spot were her gold fur was sparkling in the sunlight as she got warmed up but , as the social butterfly she was, Kinder finally rolled off her back and gave herself a good shake. Kinder started to follow the noise untill she came into the place were the pokemon were talking. To kinders suprize they were all shines. She decided to try and joke will them as she got into a crouch. "What are you guys doing in my past of the Forrest?" She asked the pokemon trying not to smile or laugh.
  10. Sparks swung around hearing two different voices from different locations. "Hi! I'm Sparks what's your name?" Sparks asked then turning in the direction of the second voice "oh we are very sorry to intrude on your private property"he broke into a massive grin "your joking aren't you?"
    Sparks walked over to some bushes noticing how they flickered like flames. Sparks hunched down
    And saw a small cyndaquil "hi there! I'm sparks what's your name?"
  11. Name: Bri
    Species: Braixen
    Special markings etc: A scar on her eye
    Personality: Happy
    Gender: Female

    "H-Hi." Bri said. "I'm Bri."
  12. Sparks turned to the new voice a Braixen stood there "oh hi I'm Sparks!"
    Out of the corner of his eye he noticed something with a white body and blue hair stood on the hill "Hello!? I'm sparks" he yelled
  13. 'Bri smiled' "Sparks is a nice name."
    'She looked over to where Sparks was looking' "Huh?"
  14. "Hey Sparks wanna battle?? You can go first." Said Kaylei
  15. "Um. Hi. I'm Bri."
    'Bri said it with a smile'
  16. "Oh hello Bri" Says Kaylei with a smile "Im kaylei, but you can call me Lily. Wanna battle?
  17. 'gets her stick out'
    "Yeah! I wold love to have a battle!"
  18. "Ok!" Uses Fairy voice on Bri.
  19. 'Dodges it and uses Fire blast'
    "So far so good!"
  20. Sparks climbed a tree and watched the match.
    they looked to be even.
    He took a bit out of a berry that was at his paws.
  21. "Now its my turn!" Uses bite x2
  22. "Good one."
    'Bri then used Psyshock.'
  23. Sparks jumped of the tree just as a ultra ball whipped by trying to catch him. "Whoa!" He whirled growling at the human trainer. He charged at the human thunder shocked him and sent him running."what was that about!" Sparks said to himself
  24. "Huh? What do you mean?"
    'She was shocked'
  25. "Ha!" Doges it then uses Family call and 2 other eeveelutions came over to help. An Espeon, Leafeon and a Jolteon.
    Jolteon uses electro ball, Leafeon uses Energy ball, Espeon uses Physic and Kaylei uses Fairy voise and it makes one big hit.
  26. "Did you see what I saw cause that was spooky I nearly got caught" Sparks said confused
    He licked his fur and sat down.
  27. 'Bri fainted!'
    'gets up' "Wow good match."
  28. "I don't think it's safe here."
    'she got scared'
  29. The Eeveelutions disappear apart from the jolteon who nuzzled Kaylei. "oh i forgot to introduce my mate, Sparky. Hes quiet shy though."
  30. 'Bri smiled'
    "That's really cute."
  31. 'hides her scar on her right eye'
    (I don't want them noticing my scar. I'm really scared.)
  32. The scar didn't escape sparks keen eyesight he wouldn't say anything out loud he would ask him later about it
  33. Sparks popped down from the tree and stared at the scar. "Well how did you get it?" He asked
  34. 'sits down'
    "I used fire blast against my trainer and he cut me."
    'tears roll down Bri's cheeks.'
  35. "Oh I'm very sorry that sounds barbaric" Sparks said sympathetically "I am wild so I never have experienced having a trainer"
  36. "I know a safe place!" Kaylei said "Quick to my den!
  37. [​IMG] (the den looks like this but covered with vines at the entrance)
  38. "Okay."
    'Bri was happy. She has friends now!'
    "I'm guessing that's why that trainer tried to catch you."
    'she said while making her way to Kaylei's den.'
  39. 'Bri heard footsteps.'
    "Uh oh. A trainer's coming! Quick inside!"
    'she ran'

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