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Shiny artwork that shines

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Shiny Pyxis, May 5, 2009.

  1. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    The title lies, though I like to play with my name. 'tis fun at times, and it seemed to kinda work here.

    Anyways, I, Shiny Eevee, who's also known as Shiny, SE, Lynigami, Lyni, Lyn, and other things, has started doodling random stuffs and finally pulled the courage to actually show some of my stuffs off here.

    Anyways, before I go on to the actual gallery part, there are a few things you need to know before you post.

    1) I can take the following: criticism, advice, comments, suggestions, and stuffs like that.
    2) I do/will NOT take the following: requests (until further notice, as in when summer vacation starts), flaming, theft, and spam. Anything that I have not posted in these two categories will most likely go under the "will take" part, unless it goes against these forum rules.
    3) I can tolerate swearing and cursing to an extent, but please refrain from using it in my art thread (as well as other topics of mine like my ooooold sprite thread and RPs and possible fics I write).
    4) I've only been drawing for about a month at most, and no, I do not take art lessons atm. I used to, but my teachers were all very bad and either taught me nothing or just failed at teaching. And I don't plan on taking lessons in the future.
    5) I have a tablet, but I lost the pen. I think I know where it is, but that means I have to move a 100-ton shelf with a bunch of very expensive objects on it that may break at any moment, as well as crawling through a sea of wires, which can be quite dangerous. So until I get a new tablet or when I retrieve my tablet pen, you won't see many pictures that's considered "pixel art" or whatevs.
    6) I hate inking in my works because usually I find something wrong with it after I've inked it in, or I mess up while inking.

    I think that's it for now. Pay special attention to the first 3 things I said, as those I consider the most important.

    And so, onto my artworks...


    Well, I don't think many of ya'll know this, but I'm planning on writing a Pokemon fanfic around Lyn's earlier-ish life. Emphasis on the ish. So, here's a drawing of Lyn Ikeda here for those who wanna see how she looks before I post my actual story (if I ever post it, really):

    Yeah, her clothes are an attempt at bagginess that pretty much ended as an epic fail. Started out when I figured out that hands were so freaking hard to draw, so I gave her reaaaaally long sleeves to hide them. Then I was like, "hrm, that's really odd, maybe her whole outfit should be serveral sizes too big for her..." And I ended up with this. There be reason why, but you'll have to find out later in the story.

    Here be Lyn, again, with the same pose (I was lazy, m'kays?), with her "big brother" Roden Wilson. I messed up on this drawing on quite a few places. Lyn's face, Roden's hand, face, eyes, hair, and their outfit in general. Gah, his hair is so hard to draw. That was the best attempt at it, so meh. If I tried any more I would've just messed it up even further, so... yeah.

    Kays, that's it for now, all. I guess I'll just leave it here for now and, erm, I'll shut my mouth as an added bonus. ^^;
  2. these are very good for only drawing for about a month. Much better than when I started out XD. The proportions could use a bit of work but other than that very well done ^ ^
  3. Hee, hee, very cute pic with Roden, Shiny. I love how affectionate they seem. However, siblings fight, so have they ever had a spat worthy of drawing?

    These are pretty good for only a month's worth of drawing. Shiny's adorable! The large clothes pic suits her.
  4. That is adorable Shiny. You're off to a great start :D

    The proportions are great for a first step, and of course, there will be room for improvement. Try to break out of the solid stacne of a plain standing pose and try something more dynamic. I'm sure that'll work out wonderfully for you.
  5. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    @Rey and RX: Yeah, I thought the proportions were a bit off. So I did a bit of research and stuffs as well as ask my friends who've been drawing for, like, almost 7 years now on tips.

    @Secad: They're not really siblings, per se. Just, well, seem to act like it. They do act quite a bit, though stills. They love each other like siblings do.

    So now, thanks to that bit of what RX said, Roden is now my unofficial experiment-person-thingie. Basically whenever I try to draw something new, like a new pose or something, I'mma using him now. XD

    So, tried to draw him running. Looking at him from the side. Because I've never tried profile view before, full-body pics, and in-motion pics. Big leap for me. And I doubt I'll want to do it again. D:

    Anyways, here's the almost-final-product (yes, I'm aware his arms are a bit too short, but meh, too lazy to fix it)

    Don't like how it turned out too much... and don't ask why his arms are like that. I meant for him to be carrying something, but that bit proved too much for me...

    And here's a random doodle of a classmate of mine as an added bonus.


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