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Shinx Training (Pokemon Diamond + Pearl)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by 888Warrior888, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Warning: This case may sound very strange.

    Hey everyone! I have a major problem. On Pokemon Diamond, my love for Luxray was taking to extreme measures; I started breeding Shinx using my two other Luxrays at the Daycare so one day I could have lots and lots of LV.1OO Luxray. (Yes, I know, it's strange and crazy.)

    And it takes quite a while for me to train each Shinx. I'm having much trouble training them. I have around....hmmm...25 Shinx. Especially when it comes to finding the perfect place to train them. I hate it when I have to train them on very easy LV.3 Wild Starly and Bidoof. And then again, going to a different place has Pokemon that are about 1O levels above them and we easily lose. Oh! And I don't leave them at the Daycare to be trained, I perfer to train them on my on. My only uses for the Daycare when I breed are...well, breeding.
    I really really need tips/help for training my Shinx, though! I'm so confused!
    I'd like to know...

    •Where's a good place to train my Shinx and why(They start off at LV.1)
    •If giving them drugs from the drugstore at Veilstone City will help.
    •When should I train other Shinx (etc. When should I take out 6 Shinx and replace them with 6 others?)

    Ergh I think that's all.

    Please help me.
  2. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
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    I've had about 5 Lv.100 Lucario, your case isn't that strange.

    Also, since this isn't for competitive battling it shall be moved to Games Discussion where it belongs. The Clinic is specifically for competitive movesets and nothing else - training advice does not belong here.
  3. O thanks, King of Lucario! =D

    (Wow, 5 LV.1OO Lucario? That's a lot. I no longer feel alone!)
  4. Whenever I need to train up lower leveled Pokemon, I always equip them with an exp. share and fight tougher trainers with my higher leveled Pokemon. In your case, I recommed putting a strong Pokemon on your team and switching your weakest Pokemon to the front. After doing that, go battle a trainer with high-leveled Pokemon (Elite Four maybe?). When you enter battle, switch out your strongest Pokemon before your weaker Pokemon gets KO'd.

    There are no health drinks that will help your Pokemon level up, but I recommed using a Protein or two on your Shinx to boost their Attack (Luxray specializes in Attack).

    As for when you should start training new Shinx, that's really up to you.
  5. Okay thanks! *Waits for more suggestions*
  6. If you really need to get rid of your Shinx, I would advise using Vitamins. They give you an easy ten EVs in whatever stat you need, though they are fairly expensive. Because of this, I would run through the Elite Four a few times if you don't have enough to max them out on Vitamins already.

    By the way, I wonder if Nintendo every realized they were advocating drugs to improve sport performance? :p
  7. Okay, thank you for you suggestion.

    (And I never realized that Nintendo was kinda encouraging drugs to imrpove performance =S Thanks for pointing that out)
  8. i suggest you to use protein and some carbos,then EV train them (if you want) or just train around victory road(bring 5 shinxs and 1 lv 100 pokemon),give them exp share and bla,bla,bla,...do whatever you want
    you might want to kill magikarp,bats for som ev speed and machop,gyarados for attack...peace

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