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Ask to Join Shifters Rp... thing

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Barefoot_Kittens, May 1, 2019.

  1. shape·shift·er (noun):
    (chiefly in fiction) a person or being with the ability to change their physical form at will.
    So, yeah, glad we got that settled. There's like a 13% chance of this working, but I thought 'what the heck' and decided to waste my time creating it, anyway :D. Also, as with my only other RP so far, I expect a fairly literate group here. I want posts to be detailed and thought out, at least 5 sentences per response.

    There is a place, much like the planet we call home. With buildings, and people, and normal things. There is one thing that differs in this world from ours: Shapeshifting. The concept known well in our world, it's supernatural presence unthinkable yet fun to imagine- and yet, in this world it's different. It's real.

    Every person in Auzopia has two forms. Their human form, and their animal form. This animal can be most any type; while some can shift into a cow or snake, other's a fish or bird. The creature that one can shift into is decided at birth, though a child does not start shifting until about the age of 3. By 5 years old, most children have mastered the ability to shift at their command.
    To the point, this RP revolves around a specific group of these sifters. Every year a group of people are chosen for what is known as the 'Auz-Force'. Once chosen for the force, it is mandatory that one joins; and illegal to turn the offer down. These kids, aged between 10-20, work especially hard to master their shifting ability. On top of that, they train everyday to enhance their endurance, strength, and combative ability. For, if anything were to happen, the Auz-Force would be the select few sent to deal with that problem.

    Get the point? Sorry it's confusing, and messy. Anyways, I'll get my character sheet up by tomorrow, feel free to send in a bio whenever you are ready.

    • The normal Pokecharms rules apply.
    • Romance is allowed; don't make it awkward.
    • Swearing is fine as long as it's Pokecharms friendly, and only occasional.
    • Write proper length paragraphs (5-10 sentences at least) with correct grammar punctuation. I can't stress this rule enough. You will not be accepted if you can't comply.
    • You may have more than one character- but don't over do it. I expect all of your characters to have equal spotlight if you control more than one.

    Human Appearance:

    Animal Form Species:
    Animal Appearance:

  2. Looks interesting, but what is the setting of the world for this? Medieval, modern or futuristic?

    And Auz-force is some kind of special op group?
  3. I'm very interested in what this RP can bring to the table. I've also never participated in a General RP before, so I'm extremely excited to join this one!

    Name: Ortwin Bishop
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18

    Human Appearance:
    Ortwin stands quite tall at 6", weighing in at around 174lbs. He's quite athletically built, mainly from the many trainings he had to endure to master his shifting abilities. He has shaggy black hair that he tends to put up in messy knot paired with ocean blue eyes that have a subtle hint of grey. His skin is pale and easily burnt. His main outfits consist of black or grey jeans or camo cargo pants, a black hoodie and black sneakers. He also wears a black necklace with a jade pendant.
    Personality: Since his childhood, Ortwin has always secluded himself from other people. He is often lost in his own thoughts, which are mostly negative. He has no explanation for his pessimism other than his hatred for the world in general. Even though he comes across as distant and sometimes antisocial, he does care for the people in his life.
    Strengths: His main strength is his perseverance. He does not easily quit and will try to finish what he started at all costs. Secondly, he's a proficient hand-to-hand combatant outside of his animal form, with a background in Muay Thai and Kickboxing.
    Weaknesses: Ortwin has a tendency to let his emotions take control of him, especially when things don't go his way, releasing all of his pent-up anger. This causes him to become vulnerable and susceptible to counters.

    Animal form species: Maltese Tiger
    Animal appearance:
    What distinguishes this tiger from the others, is its coloration. Rather than a gold colour like the regular Bengal tiger, or white like the white tiger, the Maltese tiger has a more greyish fur that in some lighting appears to have a shade of blue. Ortwin's animal form matches his eye color, and also has a muscular build like Ortwin's human form.
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  4. @Spoiled Bread , imagine our planet. Thats it. Its a modern world, same exact as how we live; only difference is the existence of said shifters. They have everything from toasters to cell-phones, but flying cars are out of the picture. And yes, you could think of the Force as a special ops group. They have police and whatever to deal with minor problems, but when something big happens (we'll probably discuss villains, eventually) its the Auz-force who are most trained and qualified to defeat it.
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  5. @Blxckwolf , Ortwin looks perfect. Sorry that I dont have a character up yet, short on time as it is. They'll be up by tonight, thanks for posting yours- so other have an example character for the time being. You are 100% accepted!
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