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Shell Bell Brawl!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Tunolipede, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. OOC: yaaaay private PRP between me and LoN. No participaties, just lookies ♥

    Ally hopped off his bike and picked up the shoal shell that lay on the cave floor quickly, dropping it into his bag on the way. He must have been in this cave for a while now, scouting about for the old man at the entrance who had said if Ally would be so kind as to collect these items, he would be able to make a very rare item; the Shell Bell. Ally wasn't the best of trainers, but he did love finding quirky things and raising PokeMon. With a smile upon his chin, Ally climbed on his bike again and pedalled back to the entrance.

    It took Ally a couple of minutes to find the man again; he was quite good at remembering things like routes, but this cave was a bit confusing - he was just lucky that the tide hadn't come in or anything like that. His eyes glittered and he smiled cheerfuly as he neared the old fellow, dismounting his bike a few metres away from him. He dragged the bike along with him as he came closer to the man, smiling at him and waving to get his attention. The man greeted him happily as he approached and finally Ally began to say what he was really there to say.

    "I think I've got most of the stuff here, sir," Ally said politely. "Is there anything else that I do need to get?" Ally pulled his bag down from upon his shoulder and took out the little bags of shoal salt he found, and the shoal shells. The main thought that was running through his head at the moment was how on earth the man was supposed to make such a great item with these dusty old shells and quite ordinary-looking sand. Not once did Ally doubt that it could happen, he was just amused by the concept.

    The old man studied what was in the teenaged boy's hand, nodding as his eyes drifted over the shells and salts. He seemed quite impressed that Ally had managed to uncover that many items in what was quite a short period of time, and he looked up at the reasonably tall boy and smiled.

    "Well, son," the man replied, "You've done quite well. You'll be wanting the Shell Bell?"

    Ally nodded.

    "Ah, I'd have thought so. Well, you can't be getting it that easily, can you?" The old man smiled quite peacefully, and Ally just stared at him. What did he mean? How was Ally supposed to react? There followed a little bit of a silence before the old man repeated himself. "Can you?"

    "N-no, sir." Ally said with a determined smile.

    "Ah, that's good," the old man nodded, before turning to face the other way. Ally stepped over and stood beside him, watching as the man pointed. "Go through there," he said, "and then turn to the left as far as you can. I've sent another young one about your age there, she'll be waiting for you. Beat her, and I'll make you the Shell Bell. But if she beats you, she'll be having it."

    Ally stared out into the distance, trying to remember where that route would lead him. He had a vague idea about where he would be after taking those directions, and with a firm smile he turned to face the old man once more. "Sounds like a good deal, sir," Ally said before parting with the man, jumping on his bike and riding off deeper into the cave. He slung his bag, which was at that point still in his hand, back over his shoulder. As he got closer to his destination he clicked open one of the Pokeballs on his belt - a Luxury Ball - and pointing it on the back of the saddle he sat upon. A Roselia materialized behind him, and as soon as it was solid it put its flowery arms around Ally's waist to stop it toppling off of the bike. It was Rafael, Ally's first PokeMon, that he had let out, probably his strongest PokeMon. Chances are Ally would use Rafael first in this battle, so he thought he may as well bring him out to let him get a grip of what was happening - just as long as he could get a grip around Ally's waist.

    Ally continued to pedal harder and harder until he noticed a teal-haired girl standing a few metres away, looking slightly bored, as if she was waiting for something to happen. There didn't seem to be anyone else around here, and Ally hadn't spotted anyone else on the journey here - so that must have been the girl the man was talking about. He pushed on his pedals harder than before and finally pulled himself to a halt a few feet away from the girl. He jumped off of his bike by a nearby rock and lay it there carefully before pacing forwards towards the girl. He wasn't the most sociable of people but he wasn't extremely awkward, most of the time.

    "Hey, uh," he started with a smile, "I'm Ally. I've been finding stuff to make a Shell Bell and the guy said I should go find you so we can ... so we can battle?"

    The girl smiled in return. "Hi," she said. "You can call me Felicia."
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  2. OOC - Because this idea was totally better than " ! ... I like shorts, they're comfy and easy to wear."

    BIC -

    White horses charged forward, before retreating back suddenly. The sounds echoed throughout the cavern, bounding around the large opening playfully before fading off into nothingness. A few moments passed, and once again the pristine water rushed through the tidal hole near the bottom of one of the harsh, rocky walls - the lake beneath it was slowly growing in size with each and every wave.

    The tide was just beginning to come in, but according to the old man at the entrance, Felicia and anyone else would have about another few hours before they'd have to use Pokemon to Surf their way around the Shoal Cave.

    "At least, that's what I remember him saying," Felicia murmured to herself. She was perched on a rock after finding the area with the tidal lagoon that the old man was talking about, apparently having to wait for somebody to battle before the Shell Bell could be hers.

    'Even so, its a very pleasant place to wait. Ecruteak City isn't the most urban or modern of cities in Johto, but its still a busy place to originate from - sitting here in Shoal Cave is SO calming!'

    Felicia continued to think to herself as she looked over to the lake again.

    The cave wall by the lagoon had cracks and crevices higher up above the tidal hole, some even towards the ceiling. A salty breeze occasionally rushed through with the waves, catching and playing with Felicia's lengthy teal hair. She smiled and let the wind caress her curvy figure whilst straightening her bright amber dress.

    She stood up, turning to catch the sun that was also peeking through the gaps in the stalagtites. Reaching to a belt hugging her waist, not a uncommon Pokemon trainer's tool, she unclipped a Lure Ball and released it towards the lagoon. Content that her Pokemon was safely where she felt it would be happy, Felicia replaced the capsule on her belt before watching another wave contribute to the ever-growing lake before her.

    A sigh escaped her mouth, and as the first thought of impatience entered her mind - she heard a slight 'clunk'. Turning her eyes first, she saw a bright flash of coral before seeing the teenager beneath the unusual head of hair. His words were a little flustered, but Felicia attributed those to either the bicycle he had clearly ridden here - or just his personality. She knew she was normally the least outgoing of the Kai household, but Felicia was making the effort when she became a trainer at sixteen to adjust that, to be more herself and less shy around others.

    "Hi, you can call me Felicia," she introduced. "So you're the person I'm waiting for, right,"

    Felicia held her hands together in front of herself as she waited to see whether he had anything else to say - there aren't usually many travellers to talk to in the depths of Shoal Cave, after all.
  3. "So you're the person I'm waiting for, right?" the girl asked.

    "Yeah, um, Felicia." Ally replied with a nod. He looked the girl up and down. She was a little shorter than him, and if anything what stood out was the colour of her hair. It wasn't styled outrageously or anything, it was just unusual. Granted, Ally wasn't one to speak as he happened to have coral pink hair, but it was something to think about.

    Stepping aside Ally's thoughts on the colour of her hair, he also thought the girl looked quite pretty. Girls weren't exactly his area of interest, but he had noticed in his time of travelling with PokeMon that a number of female trainers tended to dress down a bit - but he thought Felicia looked nice in her dress.

    "Shall I make the first move, or d'you want to ... ?" Ally questioned. Felicia beckoned for him to go ahead, and he began to walk backwards, away from his opponent. Felicia called for her PokeMon, Dragonair, who had been bathing before then, to join them. Rafael had stayed by the bike beforehand but as Ally nodded to him, he graciously made his way to his trainer before standing in place, a couple feet away from him.

    "Ready, Rafa?" Ally called to his partner. Rafael placed his feet further apart and stretched the rose stalks attached to his torso that acted as arms before swaying his roses in front of his body as if he were preparing to start boxing.

    "Okay, Rafael!" Ally called with a reasonably concentrated way about him. "Set up with Toxic Spikes!"

    Rafael gracefully crossed over his arms in front of his body before moving them back to around the middle of his torso, concentrating his energy to shoot small purple spikes that attached the the ground before Felicia's PokéMon. This did no damage whatsoever to the PokéMon, but the effect would come in handy later.

    Ally nodded to his opponent, signalling for her to make her move.
  4. The spikes were scattered around, creating a no-man's-land of sorts between the two combatants. Felicia knew that her Dragonair, Jade, was more of a close range battler - where the dragon-type could use her endurance to her advantage. The hazards that Ally had his Roselia lay down were already proving to be more of a nuisance than he knew them to be.

    The teal-haired girl needed a get-out-clause, a play, a strategy. Something to get across the toxic minefield. Glancing around, she nearly overlooked the obvious solution of using the terrain.

    "Jade, open up with Agility - and whip that water up with Twister!"

    Felicia knew that the poison inflicted by just having Jade slither across the spikes wouldn't in fact be entirely bad - Jade having the Marvel Scale ability would increase her defensive ability, but the bonus would only be shortly lived as the poison would eventually wear her down.

    Luckily, with the now spiralling water created by the dragon, Jade could avoid that entirely. She danced within the Twister, riding it out of the lagoon and towards the little grass-type - Felicia didn't even need to tell the Dragon much else, Jade knew where she liked to battle.

    Up close and personal.

    Felicia would just have to make sure that Jade could handle the Roselia at close range, because the Toxic Spikes would be keeping her from retreating too.
  5. Ally clenched his fists. Even at this point he could tell that it would be quite a challenging battle. He smiled as he called out to his PokéMon, "Back off a little, Raf! As soon as you're at a safe distance, use Magical Leaf!"

    Rafael hopped back, allowing for a little more room but still keeping the battle tight. At the very moment that it felt right he thrust his hands into the air and twirled, beautifully shining petals rising from his hands and floating around him. They glittered gloriously in the trickles of light pouring in from the cracks in the cave, and as Rafael stopped twirling he fired the multi-coloured petals at his opponent and they danced swiftly towards the Dragonair like rainbow bullets.

    Rafael bobbed on the spot with a determined look on his face that mirrored exactly his trainer's. Ally watched on somewhat nervously, anticipating his opponent's next move.

    (OOC: omg super shooorrrrt)
  6. Jade burst from the Twister with an ethereal growl, just a few feet away from the Roselia, only to find brightly coloured leaves rushing towards her position. The Dragonair's trainer instantly recognised the move as a Magical Leaf - not hearing Ally's cry over the rushing water - and also recognised the move as being perfectly accurate. Jade couldn't escape it.

    She wasn't entirely out of options though, Felicia decided. There are other ways to protect oneself.

    "Jade - Quickly, Dragonbreath! Try to incinerate as many of the leaves as possible!" Felicia commanded, not needing to shout as the Twister's roar was no longer present.

    Magical blue flames were let loose from the dragon-type's mouth, dancing forth towards the leaves. Jade wasn't entirely accurate with her more long ranged attacks, however - some of the leaves still darted around the azure fire and struck the Dragonair's side. She howled, before breathing another burst in the direction of the Roselia's last known location.

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