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Shedinja Questions

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Picnicker Virgil, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. I don't know why but ever since gen 4 was released I've been very picky about the OT of my Pokémon. If I ever plan on using the Pokémon, it has to have my ID and OT. So recently I decided I really want another shiny Pokémon because it would make my games, which are currently pretty boring, a little bit more interesting. But, like I said, I like Pokémon to have my ID and OT so...

    Here's the part that actually matters. If I level up a shiny Nincada to level 20 with an empty slot in my party will the Shedinja I receive be shiny? And, will the Shedinja have my OT and ID or the OT and ID of whoever the Nincada's original trainer is? Will the IVs/EVs/Nature of the Nincada be transfered onto the Shedinja? Thanks in advance!
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  2. It should still be shiny and the ID and OT should still be the same. Nature should still be the same too, except it will have 1HP. I'm not sure about the IV's and EV's though...
  3. Your Shedinja's stats will be the same as your Ninjasks, Not sure about shinyness or not though. Hope this helps
  4. So does that mean the EVs will be the same or their stats as a whole? Cause isn't Shedinja a Sp. Attacker?
  5. Sem

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    Whatever EVs are received as a nincada will transfer over to Shedinja upon evolution, after its stats are considered of course, because they are not the same as Ninjask's. If Shedinja was anywhere near as fast as Ninjask, it would be a god.

    Ninjask: HP- 61; Attack- 90; Defense- 45; Special Attack- 50; Special Defense- 50; Speed- 160
    Sheddy: HP- 1; Attack- 90; Defense- 45; Special Attack- 30; Special Defense- 30; Speed- 40

    Shinyness will be transfered as well nature and characteristic, along with EVs and IVs as I stated above. ID and OT will also be transfered as the same. So if you get the shiny nincada from Bob who has an ID of 123456yhgfyerface, the Shedinja will also have an OT of Bob and an ID of 123456yhgfyerface.

    As a side note, You only get Shedinja with an actual Pokeball, not any other kind. Sem learned this the hard way.

    Hope that answers everything.
  6. Ok, yes I understand now. I didn't get the answers I was hoping for but oh well. Thanks to everyone who posted help!

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