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Open Shatoa Region Journey

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by SkyBluePyRo, Nov 29, 2016.


Should we allow custom Fakemon to be used?

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  1. So hey everyone! I always wanted to do a pokémon rp, but I never had much luck with it, so I tought I can try on this site. ^^ This is hopefully going to be my first "bigger" RP, so I am a bit scared, but also super excited about it. I also hope that some of you guys will help me to make this RP as cool as it can get ^^


    RP Thread


    Anyways, the story is pretty simple (or is it?). The young trainers have to collect all 8 badges of Shatoa region to be able to challenge the Elite Four. Once they have the Elite Four beaten, then can try to take on the Shatoa Champion! But be careful, the evil team (LF team name) is lurking behind every corner, and they are planning on overtaking all the gyms of Shatoa! Do you got what it takes to collect the badges before its too late? Are you going to stop the evil team? Or are you going to join the dark side, and side with them? (Yes, if we get enough players, you´ll be able to RP as an evil team member ^^)


    I want to start this RP with at least 3 players (including myself), so feel free to post some info about yourself and I´ll add you in! There is no "maximum" amount of players yet, but there probably will be once it gets going a bit.



    Name: Eden
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Personality: Quiet, calm, and determined for most of the time, occassionally annoying and loud. Also mean.
    Appearance: Tall, slim, with a dark hair partly covering his eye. Wearing jeans and black hoodie with umbreon rings on it.


    Without further ado, welcome to Shatoa! It is a region located southeast from Sevii Islands with mild climate and four seasons. Because of the island being surrounded by sea, the main focus is on turism. Most of the cities are small, but cosy places filled with hotels and resorts. Only the northeast part of the island is not a tourist attraction. That is because it is the only part of island constantly covered in snow. Only the powerful trainers seeking the eight badge visit that part, that is why the Pokemon League is located nearby. Due to humans traveling with their pokémon, you can find all different kinds of pokémon from all the generations.

    This is an alpha version of the map with everything explained, just so you don´t get lost. (Hey I know it looks terrible, but you can help out by making a better looking version of it ^^)


    1- Woodpine Town
    2- Rochdale City
    3- Runswick City
    4- Kelna City
    5- Grimbsby Town
    6- Onryx City
    7- Seashell Resort
    8- Eastcliff City

    1- Drew (Normal)
    2- Kathie (Fairy)
    3- Mervin (Electric)
    4- Zackary (Psychic)
    5- Trevor (Ghost)
    6- Ima (Rock)
    7- Maaya (Water)
    8- Merci (Fighting)









    9- Aynor Town (STARTING TOWN)
    10- Pendle Town
    11- Kumma Town
    12- Airedale Town
    13- Berxley Moutains
    14- Icemeet Moutains
    15- Aramore Lake
    16- Ciranne Lake


    Eden w/ Totodile
    Jack w/ Froakie
    Kathleen w/ Mudkip
    Kaysi w/ Torchic
    Robert w/ Fennekin
    Lilly w/ Treecko

    The island is kinda based on Johto region, so Professor Larch gives out the Johto starters - Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile! so Professor Larch gives out gen 1-6 starters (Not gen 7)

    This took more time than I tought it will, so I hope you guys will enjoy it and join if you are interested ^^

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  2. Here's mine.

    PERSONALLY:calm, timid, easily annoyed and bored. He also is loves Pokémon and hates people who are mean to Pokémon.
    APPEARANCE:Slim, tall, short brown hair, and blue eyes. He wears a white polo shirt with black cargo shorts.

    Btw is this rp going to include gen 7 Pokémon?
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  3. Okay ^^ You´re in! :)

    Gen 7 pokemon will probably depend on the players, but I´d say that they should be in ^^
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  4. Here's my form

    NAME: Kaysi
    GENDER: Female
    AGE: 18
    PERSONALITY: Kaysi is very competitive, when it comes to Pokemon. She is very caring for her friends and family, but if there is someone she doesn't like, she becomes very intimidating.
    APPEARANCE: 6 '02" feet tall. She wears a black jacket and khaki's. She has long black hair and some of her hair covers her eyes. Hazel colored eyes.
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  5. name: Kathleen
    gender: Female
    age: 16
    personality: She is a sort of social-butterfly. When angered she will punch something.......you have been warned.
    appearance: Kathleen wears a green t-shirt and blue jeans. She has short brown hair that covers her green eyes. She also has a black laptop bag and an amethyst neckless. She is 5' 2"
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  6. You're both in ^^ The thread link is in the top of the post, we can start ^^
  7. I've already gotten approval to make a Pokémon Character here, and I'll be introducing my trainer later on since he already has his starter Pokémon.

    *Please remember that this Pokémon cannot be caught so easily, as the person will also have to obtain my permission before doing so. (All unknown stuff may be revealed later in the roleplay.)

    Name: Ray
    Species: Rotom
    Gender: Genderless (He often acts like a male, but it will be left as genderless.)
    Age: Unknown
    Level: Unknown
    Skills: He has the ability to possess some appliances and machinery, though this is easily noticeable since the appliance will feel awfully lighter and smoother.
    Ability: Levitate (Nullifies the damage of ground type moves on the Pokémon.)
    Appearance: He is your normal, everyday Rotom.
    Personality: He is mischievous, while he is cunning, as he loves to play pranks on others. He likes to socialize with other people and Pokémon, as he can communicate with humans, but his speech may be slurred or not understandable.
    Other: He likes to possess especially ovens, since he has an obsession with the warmth inside it.
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  9. Okay, well I'll be introducing my trainer now at the roleplay creator's request. Below is her information, and as always, if there are any issues, please privately discuss them with me.

    *Please note that she already has a starter Pokémon, and she is only going to the lab to meet new people and get her Pokédex and other stuff needed. (I am also doing two separate sheets since I am putting both the trainer and her only Pokémon that she has right now.)

    Gender: Female
    Age: 16 Years old
    Appearance: She has long, blond hair that is curled up in the front, while she has green eyes. She wears a white crowned hat, while she also wears a one piece dress that is short sleeved, with a skirt over the bottom. She also wears high heels that each have a tiny nugget attached to them, while she carries around a white duffel bag that also functions as a sling.
    Personality: She is rather timid around strangers, while she is rather calm and soft-spoken around her friends. She tends to be rather overprotective of her Pichu, as she cares for him like her baby.
    Skills: She can take care of baby Pokémon rather well, and help out with injured Pokémon if needed.
    Other: She dislikes Pokémon battles, though she will sometimes reluctantly do it if she is forced to.

    Species: Pichu
    Gender: Male
    Age: ~2 Months old
    Level: 7
    Skills: He can retain more electricity inside himself, though he does tend to expel it out rather frequently.
    Ability: Static (Physical contact with the Pokémon may inflict paralysis on the attacker.)
    Appearance: He is smaller than the normal Pichu, as he wears a bonnet, white mittens, white socks, and a light yellow scarf around his neck.
    Personality: He is rather timid around others, due to his fear of everyone laughing at his babish appearance and clothing. He also has a short fuse, and he is easily startled by others.
    Other: He hates rainy days and getting wet, as it sometimes makes it hard for his trainer to clean him.
  10. I hope your trainer will bring a bit more life into the RP ^^
  11. Is there any space for one more person?

    NAME: Jack Devlin
    GENDER: Male
    AGE: 19
    PERSONALITY: A Trainer who always want to improve, He always helps his Pokemon with everything, if Jack found something like a Froakie in the wild he would catch it without befriending it
    APPEARANCE: Jack has messy Black hair with Yellow eyes, He wears a White and Red Jacket with Black shorts down to his Knees

  12. Dang, i wanted the starter:D sure thing, youre in:)
  13. Good, This sounds like its going to be a good RP
  14. My starts is going to be mudkip if that is ok with you.
  15. Well I wanted to make it only Johto starters, but okay :) So 1-6. gen starters will be given out. (Nope, not gen 7 :p)
  16. My trainer already has a starter Pokémon here. I also have another character that I am seperately controlling here. Remember, you cannot catch him without my permission, and he is not easily caught here.
  17. Wait we can choose to gen 1-6 now? Oh Im choosing Froakie then
  18. Yea, it was my bad :)
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  20. I´m not sure about it right now. Probably not at the beginning of the rp, but maybe later :)
    The random generator thing is pretty cool, im sure we can work it out somehow :)
  21. Welp, my starter is going to be Froakie
  22. I already Chose Froakie, I think your gonna need to choose a new Pokemon
  23. Well my trainer is most likely not going to choose a starter here, and well the Rotom will also be traveling around with her since he is slightly starting to gain trust.

    I'm assuming that no duplicates for choosing starter Pokémon are not allowed unless if the roleplay creator states it.
  24. Thats why i allowed more gens, so we get no duplicate starters. And since Froakie have already been choosed, you'll have to get a different starter:)
  25. Alright, Im planning on Jack getting a Treecko from a a Citizen of Runswick if His Froakie is a Happy pokemon that likes its trainer, Would that be ok?
  26. Thats a bit further in the story, i'd say that it might be okay^^
  27. Well I might be willing to roleplay as a rival also, as I have a character who is like on the dark side for the most part. I would be willing to put my other character in if the roleplay creator allows it. (I'm also going to put my Treecko OC sheet down later since he is Lilly's Pokémon, and I have to go to a meeting.)
  28. So that would be fifth character if im not mistaken? Well yea, why not. I´m willing to let Eden go to the dark side if needed :)
  29. I don't count Lilly's Pokémon to be seperate characters here. I think I have a total of three seperate ones, Lilly, Ray, and the other one that is on the dark side. (I'll be back in about an hour.)
  30. I didn´t mean your characters, i meant all of the trainers :)
  31. Oh that's what you were saying, I apologize for my confusion. I might introduce the dark character maybe a little later though. (Or right now if you request me to.)
  32. I´d say that the dark part of story can wait for now :)
  33. Well alright, here's my Treecko OC sheet. As always, if there's any issues, please privately discuss them with me. I'll be putting the rival sheet later.

    Name: Unknown (Will be revealed later on.)
    Species: Treecko
    Gender: Male
    Age: 38 Months old
    Level: Unknown (He's somewhere in the lower levels still.)
    Skills: He can quickly climb around almost any surface, and stay on ceilings.
    Ability: Overgrow (Increases the power of grass type moves if the Pokémon is in danger of fainting in battle.)
    Appearance: He is your normal, everyday Treecko.
    Personality: He is rather calm in most situations, while he hates going to the Pokémon Center due to his fear of looking weak. He can be untalkative at times, as he has an obsession with putting his hand in his mouth.
    Backstory: He had been with a group of other Treecko, as he had spent most of his time training himself, while the others were playing and dancing around. Due to this, he was seen as an outsider and a disturbance to the group, as he was attacked. A Wigglytuff had healed him at the Pokémon Center and gave him to the laboratory as a starter Pokémon. He had been through multiple trainers, being returned to the lab by his disobedience, or by simply returning back himself. He continues to be disobedient and defiant towards other trainers, as he hopes that one day, someone will understand him and his differences.
    Other: He wears a light green scarf that has his name embroidered on the inside.
  34. Added a section with current players with their starters here ^^

    Edit: The poll about fakemon ended with 4 votes for "Yes" and 6 votes for "No", so there won´t be fakemon in the story, i´m sorry.

    Edit 2: I wanna add a new poll but I don´t know how to delete the existing one, any help please? :D
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  35. I like how we are still at the lab and you are running around training. XD
  36. Nobody is forcing you to stay in the lab tho :p And I defeated only one pokemon, thats not much of a training :D
  37. Well you said it was and btw Kathleen has also left.
  38. Because i can figure out how to put up another poll, i´m just gonna ask you guys here: Should i make trainer cards for the gym leaders and post them here, or do you want it to be a surprise?
  39. Trainer cards, it will make things less complicated.

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