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Shadows of Hoenn

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by ShinyZekrom009, May 31, 2012.

  1. This is a fanfic I'm writing. I'm new here, but I hope I can make a good fanfic. Enjoy! Here's the first chapter.
    Chapter 1: Who Am I?
    ....................................He began his new life lying in a patch of grass. The boy slowly got up as he took in his surroundings. A warm breeze, waves gently rolling up the shore of a tiny beach, trees that swayed in the wind, Pokemon frolicking at the forest edge.

    Where am I?, he thought. Then: Who am I? He thought long and hard, but he just couldn't remember his name. He tried to remember where he came from. Nothing.

    He started to panic as he mentally checked his memory banks. His parents? His friends? His appearance? All gone. He felt a sudden rush of sadness as he came to a startling conclusion: I can't remember anything about my past. His knowledge of academics, geography, and Pokemon were still intact, but anything personal had inexplicably faded away, like when a thick fog rolls in over a ship. He was alone.

    He shook off his thoughts of gloom and despair. "I need to stay focused," he told himself.

    He was surprised when a deep voice copied his words exactly. Then he realized that they came from his own throat. How old was he? Fifteen? Sixteen? He couldn't even remember that.

    Right at that moment, he felt a fiery rage overcame him, a rage that was directed towards the unknown being who did this to him. What kind of evil creature would separate an innocent kid from his friends and family, then wipe his memory clean and dump him in a field? He couldn't even wrap his mind around it, so he focused on other, more important things.

    "Do I have any Pokemon?," he asked himself. He then noticed the ruby-red bag lying in the grass, almost completely hidden from view. He instinctively knew it was his, and opened it.

    If the presence of the bag was shocking, then its contents were even more so.

    "An identity card, a Pokedex, three Super Potions, and six Pokeballs! Score!," he shouted. The Pokemon in the surrounding area acted like he was a Muk, and scattered quickly, frightened by his outburst. He peered around sheepishly, then turned back to his new find.

    The identity card had a name and an image on its shiny plastic cover. The boy decided to check out the name first. He allowed his eyes to scan over the name imprinted there. Stephen. He stared at the name, trying to see if it fit him. Deciding that it did, his eyes slid over to the image.

    The face staring back back at him was full of confidence, which was the polar opposite of how he was feeling right now. A brave smile, crystal-blue eyes that seemed to shimmer as sunlight ran across them, wavy brown hair. The last thing he looked at was the age, written on the bottom in tiny letters: Sixteen. He knew it was accurate, because those have to be renewed every year. Then again, he didn't know how long he was asleep. It could've been three weeks or three years. He shrugged, then picked up the six Pokeballs.

    Three of the Pokeballs were empty when he checked them, but the other three shot a lustrous beam of light out in all directions. The separate beams of light formed three indefinite blobs that glistened like dewdrops on a fresh blade of glass. Then, each one formed a Pokemon.

    He looked them over one by one, assessing each individually. The first was yellow-green with yellow spheres on its back. It stood on two hind legs as its bushy green tail made purely out of grass shook. Sharp blades stuck out of both arms, and its reptilian face gazed at him with a look of friendship and loyalty, indicating that they were best friends.It was a Sceptile.

    The second was blue and tan, with flames shooting out out of its head and rear continuously. Its weasel-ish body shuddered and shook as feeling flowed into its four feet. It had obviously been in its Pokeball for a long time. It stared defiantly at Stephen, with a mischievous glint in its eye. Definitely the Fire-type evolution of Cyndaquil, Quilava.

    The third and final Pokemon was a small wolf pup. Its black and gray fur was ruffled, and its fangs stood out prominently on its doggish face. Cold yellow eyes flashed as they looked upon him with recognition. There was no doubt that this was a Poochyena.

    Stephen returned the Pokemon to their Pokeballs. He then sat on a rock, lost in thought. What do I do now?, he wondered.

    He had Pokemon, supplies, and an identity card; however, he didn't know what to do now. Maybe I should just give up on my old life, he thought glumly. As that last thought faded away, a sudden sense of purpose flooded through him. No, he thought. I need to get some money, a map, and more supplies. I need to figure out where the hell I am. I need to find my friends and family. I need to regain my memory. And lastly, I need to find the one who did this to me, and make him pay.

    With these five goals in mind, he got up, his hope renewed. If he could complete these five tasks, then he would get his old life back. He walked with a spring in his step on the path towards the nearby town, a town he hadn't taken notice of until now.

    I am Stephen, a Pokemon Trainer., he thought. And I will get my life back or die trying.
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