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Shadow Pokemon Attack!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by SuperCyndaquil, Sep 18, 2010.

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  1. Tyler stepped off the small plane he was riding to the Crusco Region and sniffed in the cool summer air. The cool breeze blew Tyler's short brown hair in the wind. He had just come from the Kanto Region. "Finally!" he said "After eight hours of flight I'm finally here!" He walked into the airport. While Tyler was looking the other way he bumped into a shady man who was hurrying to get somewhere. "Watch were you're going twerp!" yelled the man. While the man was running past Tyler he dropped a Pokeball. Tyler picked it up. Property of Team Shadow. "Hmmm." said Tyler as he walked out to the car that would take him to his hotel. "Where are you staying?" asked the shouffer in a proper tone. "Clifftop Town" said Tyler as he climbed into the car. Clifftop Town was a very nice town that looked over all of Crusco. After paying the driver Tyler looked only to se a panicked boy running towards him. "You're a pokemon trainer right?" Tyler nodded "Then you have to help me!" yelled the boy "I just got attacked by some guy's pokemon!" Tyler followed him over to the tip of the cliff. There was a Toxicroak emmiting a purple cloud from it. "Look" said Tyler as he pointed to the Toxicroak "It has a purple cloud coming from it!" yelled Tyler "No it doesnt." said the boy. Tyler thought for a minute before choosing his Charizard. "Charizard fire blast!" yelled Tyler. The blast of fire hit the Toxicroak sending it toppling before it returned with poison jab. The Toxicroak fainted after one more hit by Charizard. "Thats wierd" said Tyler "why couldnt the boy see the cloud?"
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  2. OOC: This looks interesting. This should be fun.

    Sadie was just your average school girl. Every day was the same, she would wake up in the morning, get dressed in a skimpy top and short shorts ehich was almost everyday, go to school, have all the boys chase her out of school. Was it for her breasts or for her beauty, she didn't know. Sadie lived in the idyllic village of Cliffside Town. Her house had a very quaint feel to it. Since there were only two floors, Sadie had to sleep on the pull-out couch with her Bulbasaur, Steph. Anyway, everyday was the same. Nothing really big ever happened in Cliffside Town. That was before Sadie heard about a Pokemon trying to attack a child. That was the biggest news ever to spread around in Cliffside Town. There was a bit about a boy named Tyler in the story and he was staying at the Cliffside retreat, a big, fancy hotel. Sadie wanted to know more about what happended with that Pokemon and the kid the other day so she trotted down to the Cliffside Retreat, her long, beautiful blond hair blowing in the cool breeze.

    OOC: Sorry about the lack of details, this is my first post. The beginining may be a little disturbing because my BFF, Carly, wrote it.
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  3. As Tyler walked out of his hotel room he saw a girl with beautiful blond hair walking towards him. She wanted to know about him. People didn't usually ask about Tyler. He wasn't very popular. The two decided to take a walk alongside the cliff. Sudddenly another pokemon attacked!
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  4. OCC: I wants to joinz :)

    Cina was just sitting under a tree. She sighed. It was another bland day. "Something amazing needs to happen..." she pet her pet Luxio, who was sitting right beside her. "I'm dangerously bored right now..." she told Luxio for the umpteenth time. "Let's go take a hike."
    Cina was ALWAYS bored. She always needed something to do. She usually wore a snowy white T-Shirt and black shorts with shadowy black shoes.
    When they saw the forest up ahead, they walked right into it. Cina knew the forest like the back of her hand. She never got lost. But something was weird...she felt like...she felt like something was going to go wrong while they hiked.
    But the two kept walking. Everything was fine. Until Luxio began barking at a strange figure up ahead.
  5. OOC: I am the creator of this RP this is just my other account. ;D

    "Maybe this would be a good time to check out the Swampert I found" said Tyler as he released the Pokeball and the blue pokemon appeared. But it also had the purple cloud around it! Sadie didn't seem to notice. "Don't you see the purple cloud?" he asked her.

    (My person is the only one who can see shadow pokemon, to everyone else they just look like normal pokemon.) :D
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  6. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    Just no.

    Not only this is not worthy of being called an RP, SuperCyndaquil has made a grave error of thinking that talking to himself via two separate accounts is not a bannable offense, especially when it could also be considered warning evasion.

    Let this be a warning to you all. Quality control is SERIOUS BUSINESS. Mess with it, and the rules along the way, and you'll be added to the heap with the rest of the garbage.

    The armblades have spoken.
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