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Shadow Mewtwo Appears In Pokkén Tournament

  1. Demelza

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    Dark Mewtwo.png
    Thanks to an update to Pokkén Tournament in Japanese arcades a new form of Mewtwo has been discovered in the game. The Mewtwo is known as Dark Mewtwo and acts as a sort of boss battle in the game.

    Footage of a battle with Dark Mewtwo can be viewed below:
    It's unlikely that Dark Mewtwo will appear outside of Pokkén Tournament, as the situation is likely the same is Primal Dialga from the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games where the new form has been created just for the one title.

    Update: The Pokémon Twitter has just updated to reveal that Dark Mewtwo is known as Shadow Mewtwo outside Japan, and will be featured in Pokken Tournament on Wii U:
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