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DPPt/HGSS Shado's Fossil pokemon trade place (Box Cleanout)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by 112% Elusive, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. Yesterday, I went berserk and de-fossilized every fossil I had XD So, I'm in the need of a box clean-out.
    Pick whichever one you want. All the pokemon I de-fossilized are here, save the female omanyte. (1 female out of what? 30 or so fossils?) All pokemon are untouched, which means all of them are at level 20.

    I have 2 Shieldon Now, but they aren't available for trade. yet.
    First come, first served.

    If you want the IVs, I'll also need an IV battle

    Adamant, Impetuous and silly
    Lax, Likes to run (
  2. Jeydis

    Friend Code:
    I can give you a shieldon if you want ^_^ so you can have a complete deal :p
  3. Stark

    Friend Code:
    Nooo! I got there first! :(

    what of that do'ya want?
    Sheildon, Old Amber, Aerodactyl


    Take both! :D
  4. XD

    I'll take both, Jeydis, when could we trade?
  5. Jeydis

    Friend Code:
    Right now :D
  6. Busy ATM, right after this IV battle to figure something out ^^

    So that's why you were in WiFi XD
  7. Jeydis

    Friend Code:
    :p itll only be a minute I have the shieldon and an old amber on me for ya. Just bring a random poke for the trade.
  8. Jeydis

    Friend Code:
    There you go take care now :p
  9. i would like an Aerodactyl but i cant get on at the moment so ill get back to you
  10. ok, I'm offline in about an hour. Any specific one you want?
  11. Feebas =D

    I have some of the pokemon you need to trade back and forth, as well.

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