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Sexual Orientation and RP Characters

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Yoshimitsu, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    So, it's a pretty simple concept, I think. What sexual orientation do you apply to your RP characters and, more importantly, why do you assign that orientation to them?

    I'll start with the list of my characters:

    Yoshimitsu is omnisexual. That is to say, he doesn't assign gender to love. To him, love is love. Gender and species have no meaning when it comes to how he feels about another person. He's never had a typical upbringing so he never had any kind of taboo about what rules love should fall under, where it's 'appropriate', how to go about it and so on. Because of that, Yoshimitsu doesn't bother himself with trivialties such as gender, race or species.

    Vincent, similarly, is omnisexual. He doesn't assign gender to love, but it's because during his upbringing he saw nothing but broken relationships and destroyed homes. To him, there's no right or wrong way to go about a relationship. It's the exploration and discovery that goes with falling in love, regardless of who it is, and not having it turn sour due to petty reasons. He doesn't mind who he gets into a relationship with, as long as it's fulfilling and both parties wish it to be.

    Illiana is straight. Put quite simply, Illiana is straight because she's had no sort of emotions relating to crushes or love about girls. She's open to the idea, sure, but at the end of the day she's part of an endangered race and even if she did pursue a relationship with another woman, she would have to abandon it if it meant keeping her race alive. Due to being a South Pole Summoner, and her mentality surrounding it, she puts her duty before her personal life in many aspects and lets that govern her life.

    Fratley is also straight. Like with Illiana, he is part of an endangered race who were forced to seclude themselves away in order to survive. However, there's the simple fact that his Burmecian biology wouldn't allow for homosexual relations. However, a Burmecian close friendship would look very similar to a human relationship. A Burmecian romantic or sexual relationship is far more intense than a human one. As such, Fratley is straight.

    Araini is asexual. This is his own personal preference - due to being an artificial body constructed around a magical core, he learned how to tap into his own biology and reconstruct aspects of it. He removed anything that might trigger a romantic or sexual response so that he can concentrate on his research.

    Antonio is aromantic but bisexual. He keeps who he sleeps with within humans (or people who look like humans) but he never pursues any kind of relationship. This is purely part of his self-gain personality.

    (I have more characters and orientations to share, but let's see how you guys get on with this)

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