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Private/Closed Sevii Islands League RP Reboot

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by What Did You Do To Snoke?, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

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    The cool winds blew onto the tiny Zero Island. Only recently discovered, this was one of the newest islands added to the Sevii Islands collection. Around 25 years ago, the Sevii Islands became a seperate region to that of Kanto, the region it was formerly in. Many people flocked here as the population living on the islands increased and, as technology advanced, the cities got bigger.

    It was a good thing that there was a cool ocean breeze on this island, as it was normally very warm. On Zero Island lay a small village: 4 medium sized houses and one larger one. The house, which was massive compared to the others was in fact a laboratory. Here, two professors lived, studying pokemon and tasking trainers with their starters, to adventure around the region. Professor Oak had personally come to this island before to make sure all procedures were carefully planned. In his old ill health, he left two younger professors, who were smart and talented trainers too. The main professor was called professor O'brien and he had a short brown patch of hair. The other one was his wife, Professor Azoras, who was tall with long blonde hair.

    Not many trainers were given a pokemon and tasked with a pokedex and taking on the island's new league. The starters were extremely rare and difficult to find. However, the two professors were extremely open and allowed people to 'reserve' a starter out of the three Kanto and Johto starters. Pokemon from other regions became outlawed.

    Professor O'brien sat in his laboratory looking out to the coast. He and his wife were eagerly anticipating the arrival of 6 new trainers to recieve a starter. They would all come in via a large ship, which docked in both Vermillion City and Olivine City. Anyone who was left behind was urged to take smaller jetties. O'brien was so eager for the trainers to arrive, partly because he hadn't had a batch of young enthusiastic kids in the lab for several months now. However, it was also because his son, Nathan O'brien, was on his way to the island to start a journey. Nathan lived with his aunt, Azoras's sister, in Pallet Town in the Kanto region. This was because O'brien and Azoras had split up with each other several times, as they couldn't make their mind up with each other. Yet, Azoras had insisted to make sure Nathan had a good upbringing, he and his brother live in Pallet Town where Azoras's sister was. Nathan soon found that his brother, Connor, would be moved to where Azoras's other sister was, in Cherrygrove Town in Johto.

    O'brien recieved a phone call. "Yes?" He said, picking up the phone. On the other line, a posh voice could be heard. This was the rich man James. His son was going to recieve a Charmander, however, James said that his son could not make it until the next day, which would be long after the other starters would have been taken. The call ended a long while after. O'brien was tired.

    The large ship, containing the remaining 5 participants in the project docked at a small stone harbour, next to a large beach. It did contain a large number of other people though-the Sevii Islands had many tourists. Krabbys danced across the sand of the beach and, in the distance, a Lapras roared. The door of the ship opened and a wooden plank was put out, so that the trainers could walk across. A flock of people raced out. Nathan O'brien nervously sighed as he walked out. He approached the door of the lab and knocked hard.

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