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Sevii Island Adventure

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  1. Sevii Island Adventures
    By Doubled​

    Present day

    Diego, a young seventeen year-old man with spiky black hair, is running down a golden beach lit up by the twilight sky, with waves touching shore slowly. He is desperately trying to keep up with his prickly best friend and partner, Jolteon, while Jolteon is just galloping forth, looking back occasionally to laugh at his master, all with a smile on his face.

    "Oh come on Jolt! You know I can't run that fast!" Diego yelled exhaustedly, as sweat began to pour down his face.

    "Jolteon Jolt Jolt!" barked Jolteon, as his face lit up with a smile. He seemed to be enjoying his master's pain.

    Diego had to stop, as he was exhausted. He sat down in the sand, taking off the legs of his pants, turning them into shorts, and sliding off his jacket to reveal his black t-shirt. He was breathing heavily, tasting the salty sweat falling from his face.

    "H-hey! Hold up Jolteon...I'm pooped." Diego yelled, making Jolteon look back and run as fast as his legs could. Upon reaching Diego, he just sat down in front of him and laughed like only he could.

    "Jol yol yol yolt!! Jolteon!" He then turned to look at the beautiful ocean, still looking with a smile on his face as a breeze picked up and blew his fur. Diego looked as well, feeling relieved by the gentle breeze.

    "Yeah, it's beautiful, ain't it?" Diego said, sitting calmly. His eyes were shining from the orange glow of the sun.

    "Jolt!" Nodding once, as his eyes were glowing too. Diego began to think of fond memories.

    "Reminds you of that little trip we and the gang went on 3 years ago, huh?" Again, Jolteon nodded. Both Diego and Jolteon closed their eyes, fondly remembering the old days, back when Diego was fourteen and still a rookie, and when Jolteon was a wee Eevee.


    3 years ago

    It was a clear midday, not a cloud in the sky, nothing was making a noise. The forest was rumbling from the gentle breeze flowing from the east. A Poliwag, Wooper, and Surskit are splashing about in a pond, as a Stantler pranced on the green next to them from the clearing and began eating the fresh grass. Butterfree and Beautifly were fluttering about. Yes, it was a truly, peaceful time…..kinda.

    Suddenly, a strong breeze blew by as two boys raced by, startling the Pokémon and making the Stantler jump in the pond. Following them were Ace, a young man who was fourteen years old like Diego, with small glasses with a head of black hair styled like Blue's, a young, pretty, long haired brunette girl with blue eyes, who was also the same age, and a younger by one year, pretty, short haired blonde with ocean blue eyes, all on bicycles trying to keep up with the two. Ahead, we see Diego running nearly neck and neck with a black haired boy, who was a year older, with hair curved on the sides. The two were glaring at each other, almost as if sparks were flying, both with their teeth grit. The boy wearing the red vest, khaki pants, black shoes, and black long sleeved shirt began to gawk.

    "C'mon Diego! I know you can run faster than this! I know I can anyway!" gawked Toby, as he picked up the pace a few feet ahead. This made a vein bulge in Diego's head as he growled, gritting his teeth, and looking ahead with annoyance in his eyes.

    "Oh Please!" Diego flew past Toby just a little in front of him. "You're no match for me!" He said, as he stuck out his tongue and pulled an eyelid down. This of course angered Toby as he rushed forth to keep up. All of this was happening while Eevee was desperately trying to hang on to Diego's shoulder.

    "Uiyeeyee!!" Screamed the poor Pokémon. Meanwhile, somewhere behind them, the other three were desperately trying to keep up. Ace, who was falling behind, was sweating at his misery, which was staining his green t-shirt and black pants, while his legs were stiffening like rocks. Aipom, who was riding on his shoulder with his tail and hand wrapped around his bofy, just seemed to be enjoying the ride.

    "Huff huff huff…. AAAAAHHH!!!! SLOW DOWN PEOPLE!!! MY LEGS FEEL LIKE ROHOCKS!!!!" Up ahead, Diana, the blonde wearing a white t-shirt and blue skirt with the blue jacket blowing in the wind, and Ollette, the brunette with the black tank-top and orange daisy-dukes, looked back at their miserable friend.

    "Oh c'mon Ace. I'm barely sweating. And look at Diana! She's wearing a jacket and she's further ahead!" remarked Ollette as she steadily pedaled.

    "Yeah! It's a little fun actually! It feels like we're breaking mach four!" yelled back Diana, whose eyes were closed as she laughed in the wind. Ace simply moaned, as his face saddened.

    "I hate you guys." Ace's head lowered on the steers, while Aipom's tail wrapped around his head,

    "Aua aua aehehe!" screeched Aipom as the wind hit his face. Elsewhere, at the docks of Olivine City, a large ship has taken port. This ship looked old: it had refined wood that looked as if it had seen rough waters, a massive sail, and a mast with the marking of a Dragon head and cross bones. At the peak, a man touched by age wearing black boots, torn pants, no shirt, a long captains jacket, a white beard, and a white captain's hat, along with a Dratini wrapped around his neck stood for a while staring at the town.

    "It's been a while since we've seen land, hasn't it Dratini?" asked the old man with a raspy voice. He looked at his little friend who seemed a tad small and odd colored for his species, waiting for an answer.

    "Dra….tiiiiniiiii!!!!" screamed the little dragon with eyes sparkling with wonder, as he had missed the sight of solid ground. "Tini tini?" asked the little pink dragon, rubbing the captain's head.

    "You say you want to go down, eh? Alright, if that's what you want." The little Dratini purred in joy. The captain then jumped down, landing with a small thud. He then noticed something odd in the midst. "Mm? Is that a dust storm? We're nowhere near a desert," Said the captain, raising a hand over his head and squinting his eyes to see what the odd cloud was. Suddenly he spied two figures running in the cloud. It was Diego and Toby! Their faces practically touching cheek to cheek as they tried to pass each other.

    "YAAAAAAAH!!!!" screamed the two as they ran toward the port. This caught the crew's attention, who was loading things on and off the ship. The captain moved in front of them, opening his arms to try to tell them to stop.

    "Stop you two! You're about t-" he stopped when they zoomed pass him. They were still glaring and growling at each other when they just ran off the port. Needless to say they fell in the water. Diego came up first, followed by Toby. Eevee had done the smart thing and jumped off before they fell in.

    "Ha! I came up before you did! I win!" Diego, smiling, pointed at the wet boy, who was still mad about falling in the water.

    "SHUDDAP YA DUMBASS! IT'S YOUR FAULT WE FELL IN!" Yelled Toby, as a vein bulged from his head. Eevee just sat at the edge, sitting down, looking at the two with his ears back.

    "Uivay," sighed the little fox-rabbit, followed by a sweat drop. The captain looked with surprise on his face at the two boys as if they were idiots.


    I know it's not perfect, but I'm not exactly sure about all paragraph placement, so advice would be nice. Please no flaming. Oh, and if your wondering about Eevee and Aipom's voices, I'm just going by what I remember on tv.

    Edit: Decided to add a themes song :) I did not make this, nor do I claim any right to Soul Eater
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  2. Chapter 2

    "Excuse me," spoke the old, slightly, masculine man, looking down into the water as he crouched down, "What on earth were you two doing just now?" Diego and Toby looked at each other confused, then remembered they were enemies and glared at each other. Then they turned to look at the old man, then pointed fingers at each other.

    "HE CHALLENGED ME TO A RACE!!!" yelled both boys at once. The captain simply face palmed at their stupidity. Diego then spoke up, as he wasn't going to let Toby win this little debate.

    "He said he was better at everything than I was, and challenged me to a race! I only stood up for my honor!" said the red eyed boy. Toby scoffed at Diego, for he had his own side to the story.

    "PAH! Lies! He challenged me, he insulted my clan! I did it for my pride!" The two boys glared at each other again, showing gritting their teeth and showing fangs. Out from the distance, Ollette and Diana pedaled up, to the port. She overheard the stories, and simply stomped her foot after dismounting from her blue bike.

    "Actually, that's not how it happened at all," spoke Ollette with her arms crossed, giving a mean look at the two in the water. This apparently scared Diego and Toby, as they huddled together, looking with fear in their eyes until they realized what they had done, looking at each other with annoyed face. "Diego saw Toby walking down Route 38, and chased after him. However, Toby thought Diego was challenging him to a race, so he sarted running, then when he started running, Diego thought he was challenging him, and took after him." Ollette had told it as it was, making Eevee smile in approval.

    "Ueevay", grinned the young Eevee. Diana dismounted from her pink bike, and walked forward to look at the two boys in the water, making her grin and making a naughty face. This scared Diego and Toby even more, as they started shaking in each other’s arms.

    "Hehehe," giggled the blonde, "They were going so fast, Ollette, Ace and I had to unfold our bikes to keep up. Speaking of which, where is he anywa-" Diana stopped talking when Ace had walked close to the pier, using his yellow bike as a crutch. He was still panting, and his clothes were stained with sweat.

    "Fuh....f...finally, huff huff," he paused a minute to catch his breath, "I caught up with you..." Ace fell down to rest, still conscious. After he fell, Aipom, still smiling from excitement, unwrapped his tail to hop off Ace's back and run over to Eevee to greet him. The old man looked back at the two boys and smiled in embarrassment, as he then reached down with a muscular arm to grab them.

    "Why don't you two come out of the water. Here, take my hand." spoke the old man, then Diana interrupted,
    "Or I could hop in there and snuggle with you. *giggle*" she blushed at the thought. Diego and Toby looked at each other, and then held up their arms; however, a shadow rose from the water behind them and picked them up by their belt loops, spooking them. It then dropped them on the concrete. Toby looked up, and he made an annoyed face at who put them there, as the rescuer was laughing his head off maniacally."

    "Haunter, how many times do I have to tell you," He crossed his arms and closed his eyes as a vein bilged from his head in annoyance, "stop using your Ghost type abilities to escape your Pokeball." The Pokemon looked at his master and, still laughing, lifted him up with his separated hands.

    "HAUNT HAUNT HAUNT!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!! *snort*" laughed the Haunter, as he enjoyed pranks, whether he pulled them or not. Ollette remembered that she and Diana had to put their pokemon away because of the bikes.

    "Oh that's right, I need to let my Eevee out." remarked Ollette, afterwards Diana spoke,
    "Ooooh. I forgot I stuffed my wittle Azurill in there." They then pulled out of their bags, Ollette a regular red and white pokeball, and Diana a customized Pink and white Pokeball, and released their Pokémon, thus making a flash of light appear until forming the respective Pokémon, a female Eevee and Azuril.

    "Uivee." spoke the shy, girlish Eevee with the pink flower bonnet on the side of her head.
    "Azuzu!" happily cried Azurill as it bounced on her tail ball.

    Diego finally remembered that it was Haunter who helped both of them, so he held up a hand to grab his. Haunter looked surprised, as he was still laughing maniacally.

    "Hey, I know your his partner and all, but thanks for the help," spoke Diego grabbing Haunter's hand. Haunter smiled at this, and shook his hand...then he licked his new friend, thus paralyzing Diego. "Gaaah! Lick...ataaack." He then fell down, and Haunter started laughing maniacally again, this time pointing fingers at him. The laughing was beginning to annoy Toby, so he pulled out Haunter's Pokeball.

    "Okay, you've had your fun. Get in the ball." Haunter's ears fell in disappointment, and then a waterfall of tears came down. He was wailing because of the boredom inside the ball. "Look look, if you get back in I promise you'll get extra apples." The term "apples" caught Haunter's attention, as he loved them like his children, of course if he ate children anyway. Haunter immediately stopped crying, perked his ears up, and smiled.

    "Haunt Haunt!" Haunter then went into the ball, aggreeingly, like poisonous smoke, unlike the traditional laser transmission. "I....I know who you are....Sir." Ace muttered, then Diana also regained her power over speech, and began to say something too.
    "Oh...my...gosh. I've seen you battle on T.V.! You were so...so...AUSOME!!!!" Diana squeeled, Startling the old man, who had now caught Ollette's attention. The brunette, hands on her sides, looked at the old man's face, and noticed the pink Dratini around his neck. She begean speculating.

    "Oh, so you have a shiny Dratini! How rare! Let alone a drago-" It hit her, and she couldn't believe it either, though she didn't quite flip out as much as she just crowded around him. "Wow, so you're him!" Toby, Diego, and the Pokémon just wondered who he was. Suddenly, Toby remembered!

    "I-i-i-it's y-you! You're-you're the famous....the famous..." Toby was pointing at the old man, but his arm began to shake from the site of such a famous man. Diego was tired of being left out, so he shook Toby.

    "C'mon man! Who is he! Don't leave me in the dark dude!" Toby's eyes never left the old man's, as he was struggling just to say the words. He finally found the courage when Diego slapped him.

    "You're the famous Captain Drake! Hoenn Elite 4 Drake! the fourth strongest man from Hoenn!!!!" The secret was out, Drake had been had. so he came out with it, grasping his hat by the bib and looking with absolute calm in his face. The breeze picked up, almost as if it was just to make his damaged, black overcoat flutter in the wind.

    "Yes. I am that Drake. Hoenn Elite 4, number 4. Captain Drake of the S.S. Draxos!" Everyone was surprised! Diego finally understood who he was. Even Diego's Eevee was excited to meet someone like him on the shores of Olivine City, Johto.


    Much time had passed, it was already sunset, since they had been staring for so long. Drake was getting creeped put by his paparazzi. Even Diego, and Toby, whose clothes were still wet from the ocean, and Ace, who still reeked of sweat, was still staring. Drake began to speak up, as it was already 45 minutes of silence.

    "May I help you kids with something? Because if you want autographs, then I'm sorry but-" Drake said all of this with a nervous smile and a sweat drop, but was interrupted by Diego, who had dropped to his knees, balled his hands together, and began to beg.

    "Please, Captain Drake.....Train me!" Everyone stared at Diego's humbled request; even his Eevee stood next to him and kneeled. Of course, nobody was as surprised as Drake himself. Toby saw this, and thought to himself:

    *What does the idiot think he's doing? Resorting to begging for a teacher, the nerve! I would never sink that low,* however, this thought was interrupted by Diego speaking again.

    "Captain, I have obtained the eight Johto badges, each showing my power. But it’s not enough! If I'm to compete in the Johto League, I'll need way more training, and it doesn't start for another three months! Please, Captain, I and my team will do whatever it takes, whatever it takes, to get stronger!" Drake stood in shock at the Diego's request. Suddenly, five other Pokeballs shined from Diego's hip belt, releasing the Pokémon inside, each kneeling.
    "Quil." muttered the humble Quilava,
    "Croc!" spoke the kneeling Croconaw,
    "Grotle.." uttered the calm Grotle,
    "Meta Meta," said the nervous Metang,
    "Gabite!" cried the honored Gabite.

    Drake looked at the fourteen year-old, spiky haired boy wearing the blue hooded t-shirt and blue pants, along at his fellow partners, all kneeling before him. He was rather nervous, as the others were staring at him now, with the exception of Ollette, looking at Diego, waiting for an answer. He pondered, and turned towards the twilight, with his coat still flowing in the breeze. Drake began to speak, and Diego was ready to answer any question necessary.

    "Why would you want my help? I'm a total Dragon tamer, which means I train Dragons."
    "I've heard of your crew, they are supposed to be some of the strongest in the world! Even if you are a Dragon tamer, you can still train me!"
    "...............If I say yes, if I say yes, you will do everything I say? Regardless of how odd, hard, or dangerous?"

    Diego waited a second, as he pondered what he meant by "Dangerous". He then felt Ollette's hand on his shoulder, which helped his confidence,

    "I swear it! I will work my bones to dust if I have to!" Eevee even stood up to bark,
    "Ui! Ui!", followed by the other Pokémon. Drake turned around, stepped toward Diego, and put his hand on his shoulder, kneeling on one knee. Drake's hand spooked Diego, and he looked up at the old man's yellow eyes. Drake had finally come to his decision, and the others; Ace with fingers crossed; Diana with her hands together; Aipom, Azurill, and Ollette's Eevee waiting in shock; and Ollette squeasing Diego's shoulder, were patiently waiting. However, Toby was waiting for Drake to say no, and he had his arms crossed. Drake finally opened his eyes and spoke:

    "Very well, young man.... I shall train you!"

    Okay, that's it for today :) please comment. I know it looks odd, but advice does go a long way.
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  3. Chapter 3

    “Wait….you’re saying yes?” Diego had stood silent for a few seconds after hearing Drake’s answer, thinking it was just bad hearing. “You’re saying you’ll teach me?” Drake looked at the boy in the eyes and, with a stern look, and simply answered,

    “Yes.” Diego’s eyes were sparkling with excitement at the words, and a wide smile spread across his and his Pokémon’s faces. He then got up, grabbed Eevee’s and Quilava’s paws, along with the other four grabbing each other making a circle, and danced in a circle.

    “He said yes guys! He said yes! Awesome!” He smiled and continued dancing and singing, along with his other Pokémon following. Ollette smiled and laughed at the goofiness of Diego and his team, as to her, there was no team quite like them. Ace simply crossed his arms, and while closing his eyes, nodded his head. Diana was also happy, jumping up and down in glee at Diego’s happiness. Toby, however, was in complete shock, as he wasn’t expecting the honorable captain to actually say yes to this goofball.

    “Are you effing kidding me!?! You’re going to train this idiot? Seriously? Am I the only one who doesn’t get this?” protested Toby, throwing his right to the side. Toby was furious; he was gritting his teeth hard, all while his brows were sharply pointed. “Why? He’s not worthy of your training! You’re going to train a kid with the attention span of a rock! Scratch that, lower than the attention span of a rock!” Drake looked at Toby with a stern look, closed his eyes, crossed his arms, and calmly said,

    “And? You’re all coming. I’m short a few deckhands, and my crew can train you to be perfectly prepared for whatever obstacle there may be.” This sparked the interest of everyone, even the Pokémon. Ace raised a fist in the air and cheered with excitement, and Aipom jumped on his shoulder and smiled. Diana started jumping with excitement, and grabbed Ace’s hands. They both started jumping, while Azurill just smiled like she didn’t know what was going on. Ollette hugged Diego in excitement, and while the other Pokémon cheered, Diego started shaking from being hugged. Toby’s face turned from anger to surprise. He then got furious again,

    “WHY THE HELL WOULD I WANT TO TRAVEL WITH THESE NUTJOBS!?! I never said I wanted to go in the first place!” Steam was blowing out of his ears, and a vein bulged from his forehead. Drake simply answered,

    “Fine, stay; let your rival get ahead of you.” Toby’s face went from anger to a “WTF” face, with his jaw dropped and one eye twitching. Drake then continued, “Besides, if you come, you’ll definitely get stronger. Where we’re going is completely different from Johto’s common landscape, it’ll be new, and thus, challenging. The Pokémon and Trainers there are also quite different and powerful, so you’ll get stronger in no time at all.” Toby’s expression returned to normal, as he understood now that he could use the experience to defeat his brother. While Toby got his answer, the others had one common question, which Ollette asked for them:

    “Excuse me, just where are we going?” The others looked at Drake, and Toby lifted his head to look at him as well. Drake opened one eye, and began to speak.

    “We’re going south.” Then Drake uncrossed his arms, opened his other eye, and pointed towards the sunlit sea, then shouted loudly, “To the Sevii Islands!” Diego looked at his new master in wonder, and he, along with his Pokémon with arms, pointed to the sea, Eevee and Grotle just lifted and pointed their left front legs. Diego shouted,

    “To the Sevii Islands!” his face had a look that literally spoke his determination to get stronger, and his Pokémon shouted together, in their own words, the same thing. Toby just stood from the side with his head pointed towards the ocean, then smirked. Ace had flipped up and turned on the map feature of his Pokegear 2.0, which was green with a black pattern. Diana and Ollette, along with Azurill, Aipom, and Ollette’s Eevee who had gotten on their master’s shoulders, looked at the Pokegear’s top screen, which showed a map of Johto and Kanto. Ace then zoomed out, showing a small island country which connected Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and other regions. They spotted a patch of islands southward of this country, labeled as the Sevii Islands. Ace looked in amazement,

    “You mean we’re going all the way out there?” Ollette interrupted,

    “Well it’s not that far.” Followed by Diana,

    “Speak for yourself! How are we going to get all the way there?!” Drake interrupted, explaining how,

    “My ship may look old, but it would give the S.S. Sea Gallop a run for its money!” Diego hadn’t moved from that spot, as he didn’t care where he was going. He could already taste the adventure. Drake then spoke out, this time crossing his arms and closing his eyes again,

    “Now,” Drake opened one eye and looked at Diego and Toby, “You two are soaking wet, and you won’t be able to get any more clothes for a whole day.” He then looked at Ace’s sweat stained clothes, “Same for you, stinky.” Ollette, Diana, and Aipom smelled him, and while Diana nearly hurled, Ollette pinched her nose and tried waving her hand to blow it away.

    “He’s right,” said Ollette in a nasally voice, “You do stink.” And she looked at Diego and Toby, “And you two need to get out of those wet clothes. Toby scoffed, and simply stated,

    “Don’t worry about me, I’ll just run by the Pokémon Center and withdraw another set of clothes from there.” Toby then looked at Drake, “What time do we need to meet here?” Drake answered,

    “Sun up, and don’t be a minute late, or we’ll leave without you.” Drake looked at everyone else as well, “The same goes for all of you. Bring whatever you need to survive for three months, on and off sea. I am not your babysitter, so I’m not responsible if you forget anything.” Everyone looked at him and nodded. Drake then walked back to his ship, “If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be here waiting.” Dratini looked back and said goodbye in his squeaky voice. Diana then looked at Ace and Diego with an evil face, grinned, and grabbed both by the arms. Then she said in a cheery voice,

    “Welp, you heard the man, time t go…” Diego and Ace looked in fear at what was about to say, as they tried to escape from her grasp. Diana then pointed towards town and shouted, “SHOPPING!!!!!” Ace and Diego screamed for help, desperately trying to escape her grasp, with Diego getting loose.

    “I’m fine really! Well better go and find a place to crash!! Return guys! Let’s go Eevee!” The five Pokémon: Quilava, Croconaw, Grotle, Metang, and Gabite, all returned to their respective balls on Diego’s hip belt, and Eevee perched on Diego’s shoulder, clenching tight to get ready to cheese it. “Well thank you anyway gotta go bye!!!!” Diego shouted, Eevee then shouted his goodbye as well, “Uivee!” while nervously smiling. Diego then made a break for it, unfortunately, Ollette caught him by the ear, and while he was flailing about crying a river of “LOL” tears, Ollette told him, all while showing an upset face, this:

    “Diego, you’re going too, at least while I’m around.” Diego sat down, and Ollette grabbed his hood and started dragging him. Diego and Ace feared shopping with Diana; for she always bought so much that it would take a team of twenty Machamp to carry. Dusk had set, and time had passed to daylight, with another beautiful day.

    Diego, newly outfitted in a black collared shirt, orange cargo pants, a red bracelet on his left arm, a black bracelet on his athletic tape wrapped right arm, black Converse/Vans styled shoes with gray soles and tip, a blue hip belt with a light blue hip bag, and a dark, brown, leather backpack; Ace, wearing a new zip up short sleeve green jacket over a white hooded shirt, black wristbands, black cargo pants, navy blue shoes with a dark gray tip, and a new single-strap, silver backpack; Diana, wearing a black-jean jacket, a white mid-way dress, black socks, brown heeled shoes, and a pink shoulder strap bag; and Ollette, wearing a dark gray tank top, an orange mini-skirt, black thigh-high socks with a gray trim, black and pink Reebok-styled tennis shoes, a silver arm band and a black, red-bead bracelet on her right arm, and a blue waist bag; all arrived at the appropriate time. Diego had his Eevee on his left shoulder, Ollette’s on her right, Ace’s Aipom on his head with his tail wrapped around his shoulder, and Diana held her Azuril with both arms. When they walked up to the deck of the large ship, they were greeted by Toby, arms crossed, and Haunter, but to Diego’s surprise…

    “YOU’RE WEARING THE SAME FRICKEN THING YOU HAD YESTERDAY!!!! YOU JERK!” Diego was still furious at the five hours he and Ace were tormented at the mall, and to his surprise, Toby was still wearing his black long sleeved shirt, red vest, khaki pants, and black shoes. Toby seemed surprised, so he explained,

    “No I’m not. This is a different set of the same wardrobe.” Everyone’s jaw dropped, they couldn’t believe that he could possibly have that many copies of this wardrobe, but then he surprised them, “If it’s any consolation, I’ve got a new bag.” Toby held up a tannish yellow bag, much like the free ones you would see new trainers of Kanto carry, all while wearing a normal face, as if it was normal. Haunter couldn’t help but laugh at Toby’s face.

    “Haunt Haunt Haunt! *snort* Haunt Haunt!” laughed Haunter while pointing with his eyes closed. This made Toby irritated, so he held out Haunter’s ball.

    “You want back in the ball?” asked Toby, holding it up in a threatening manner. Haunter stopped laughing and nodded his head side to side, “Good, then stop laughing.” After Toby said this, Drake had appeared out of his quarters, still with his shiny Dratini around his neck, and looked at the kids.

    “You kids seem ready, but are you ready?” Everyone nodded in agreement. “Good, now, follow me, and I’ll introduce you to the crew.” Drake turned around and headed for the opposite side of the dark, wooden ship.
    That's it for today kids. I was afraid I may have used too much detail on what they were wearing, but I wanted it to be easier to visualize them. Anyway, we'll meet the crew next chapter.
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  4. Chapter 4

    The kids made their way to the back of the large pirate ship, where on the opposite deck, they saw only four other crew members. This shocked Diego, as he was expecting twenty or so eye-patched, pegged legged, and hook handed men, but there standing before him were three men and one woman. Drake moved to the middle of the four, and stood there. He then spoke,

    “Allow me to introduce to you, my elite of the elite, crew members,” said a very proud captain. He pointed at a young man, in his late twenties, with a brown bandana, black hair and brown eyes. He was dressed in a simple gray t-shirt and blue pants, along with black shoes. Drake began to speak, “This is my first mate, Charles.” Charles took a step forward, raised an arm and a salute, and spoke,

    “’Sup newbies? I’m in charge when the captain’s gone,” asserted Charles. Diana immediately found interest in his looks, making her blush, “Don’t be a stranger now, ya hear?” Charles winked at them, which made the woman laugh. This apparently irked Charles, as he turned around with a vein bulging from his head and growled. “Why don’t you tell them who you are? Or are you waiting for an introduction?” The woman laughed more.

    “Well fine, if you insist, Charlie,” spoke the beautiful, young, red head that looked like she was in her early twenties. She was wearing a black bandana; long, wavy, red hair; blue eyes; black tank top; black pants; and red shoes; along with a blue belt; and blue wrist bands. She stood up and walked towards Diego, held up his chin in a suggestive manner, and spoke in a beautiful voice, while looking directly in his red eyes, “Just call me Sarah, got that cutie?” then she winked. Diego blushed, Ace got jealous, and Ollette started steaming. She walked back over to where she was sitting, and while walking, she looked at Charles with a grin and said, “How’s that for an introduction? I doubt he’ll be forgetting my name anytime soon.”

    “Hmph!” scoffed Charles, standing cross armed. Drake just stared at the two like they were idiots, and then rolled his eyes. He then pointed at a juggernaut, almost seven ft tall. He looked like he was in his mid forties, had no head wear on, only short, spiky, brown hair and a beard to match, along with deep, blue eyes. He was wearing a white under-shirt tank top, green pants, and black boots. He seemed nervous, so the captain urged him on. He took a couple of steps forward, scaring Ace and Diana a little. Ollette seemed nervous but didn’t show it; however, Diego’s reaction was a little different.

    “Whoah! You’re huge! What’s your name?” Diego held out a hand waiting for the juggernaut to shake it, but his attention went to Eevee, who smiled when he looked at him. The tall man rubbed Eevee’s chin, making him feel nice.

    “Uivay!” spoke the furry Pokémon, waiting for his name. The man looked back at Diego, and shook his hand. He then spoke only a few words in a deep voice,

    “You may call me, Gerald. Would you allow me to groom your Eevee now and then?” Diego seemed surprised at the question, so he looked at Eevee for an answer, and gave a quick reply. Diego looked back at Gerald and said,

    “Sure, I think he’d like that.”

    “Thank you.” He walked back and sat down. There was only one more man, sorta in his mid twenties, with short orange hair, a beard, green blue eyes, and a blue bandana. He was also wearing a skin-tight black t-shirt, a green-jean muscle jacket, and blue jeans with black boots. He walked forward and shook Toby’s hand, who was in the back of the crowd. Then he spoke up.

    “Call me Jack. I’ll help with training, as well as the other guys, but I’ll be the one you’ll learn most from.” He held out his hand, and Toby shook it, which unfortunately made Haunter lick him. However, to Toby’s surprise, he didn’t fall down out of paralysis. “Ah, friendly aren’t you?” This shocked the others. “Relax, my Gengar used to do it all the time. It’s nothing new.” Drake then turned around, and spoke to the kids,

    “Okay, my crew has introduced themselves, now you do the same.” Diana, still wooed by Charles, stepped up first.

    “My name is Diana, nice to meet you!” She smiled brightly, then Ace stepped forth.

    “Call me Ace”, then he looked over to Sarah and winked, “You can call be whatever you want, Sarah.” Aipom got mad, and was about to punch him in the head, but Sarah already replied:

    “Maybe when you’re a little older, kid.” This broke Ace’s spirit, so he fell on his hands and knees, and just wallowed. Ollette then stood up,

    “My name is Ollette, pleased to make your acquaintance.” Toby then walked forth,

    “Name’s Toby. That’s all you need to know.” Then Diego introduced himself.

    “And my name’s Diego, good to meet ya!” Eevee then smiled and gave his own introduction.

    “Uivee Ui!” spoke the cheery Eevee. Charles walked over to Diego and stared at him, then spoke in a sarcastic manner,

    “You’re the kid the captain is going to train? You don’t look that tough.” This turned Diego’s face into a frown, but Sarah backed him up.

    “Look, it’s the pot calling the kettle black.” Charles looked back and glared at her, which just made her grin. Diego then got his attention again.

    “I bet I could beat you, that is, if it’s okay with Captain Drake.” Charles growled, then looked at his captain. Drake nodded in agreement,

    “Just wait til we’re further out at sea. Then we’ll watch you two on the poop deck." The ship then left port, going surprisingly fast for its size. About thirty minutes later, Diego and Charles gathered at the front of the ship, which was big enough for a battle to take place. Ollette, Diana, Ace, Azurill, and Ollette’s Eevee stood on the left side where Diego was, while Sarah, Gerald, and Jack stood on the other. Drake stood in the middle.
    “Can we get someone to ref?” said Drake, at which point, Ace stood up and walked to the middle, facing the side of the field. Ace held out both of his arms, then he spoke loud and clear.

    “The following match will be a three vs. three single match. The first person to win two times wins.” Ace then looked at Diego and winked for good luck, which made Diego grin in confidence, followed by Diana and Ollette, and surprisingly Sarah cheering for him. Ace then lowered both arms at once, “begin!”

    Charles grinned, then pulled out a single Lure Ball. Charles then threw his ball in the air, then shouted, “Thrash him! Poliwrath!” Suddenly, the ball opened, and a blue laser popped out, followed by shining bubbles, which then formed a medium height, muscular, blue Pokémon, with a black swirl on its body. The Pokémon then flexed its muscles, and cried its name,

    “Poliwrath!” Charles then grinned, thinking Diego would cringe at any minute,

    “So, ready to give up yet?” Charles asked, rubbing his finger under his nose. Diego smiled, and grabbed a Premier Ball from his blue hip belt.

    “You kidden’? We haven’t even gotten started!” He pressed the button on the ball, enlarging it. Then, it started spinning, the red lines began to glow orange. Diego threw the ball in the direction of Poliwrath.

    “Let’s go! Flame Wheel!” The ball opened with force, as flames began sputtering out, but the name caught Charles’s attention.

    “The hell kinda nickname is flame wheel?” Diego smirked,

    “It’s not! It’s an attack!” Suddenly the flames took the shape of a miniature fire wheel, spinning at Poliwrath.

    “Hydro pump!” Yelled Charles to Poliwrath, in which a torrent of water came bursting out of its belly’s center. “Heh! You’re all dried up!” However, much to his surprise, the flame wheel made a spiral around the torrent of water, making a Double helix of fire and water. The attack hit dead center of the Pokémon’s belly, making Poliwrath cringe. The flame then bounced back through the air, then passed behind Diego, making a breeze wave his hair, also making Diego grin. The Meteor landed back on the field, and finally revealed itself as the flames blew away, the blue and yellow Pokémon with the burning forehead and bottom then spoke its name in a cool, calm voice.

    “Quil.” Diego then pointed a finger at Charles, which made him growl in anger. Quilava also grinned at the enemy, awaiting further instructions. Charles shouted,

    “Dynamic punch!” Poliwrath rushed forth with a red, glowing fist. He swung at Quilava, but he stepped to the side, narrowly avoiding the hit. “Ugh! Dynamic punch Dynamic punch Dynamic Punch!” Screamed Charles, who was getting tired of being showed up. “Also use Aqua Punch!” Poliwrath’s fist began to glow random colors, which he then shouted and resumed punching again. Left, right, left, right; all was vain. Quilava kept dodging in the opposite direction of the punches, all while wearing a smirk on his face.

    “Like it? That’s Quilava’s Detect! I’m going to stop spamming it though, cuz it’ll fail eventually.” Diego remarked, with both arms on his hips, all while wearing a smirk. “Wanna see something else? Watch this! Quilava, use Swift!” Quilava opened his mouth, and glowing stars flew out, hitting the opposing water type. Poliwrath was really steamed now, and so was Charles, seeing a vein on as head as proof.

    “That’s it! Poliwrath, end it! Use Close Combat!” Poliwrath sped up the punches, which hit Quilava and knocked him back a few inches.

    “Quilava lets end this,” spoke Diego with a condescending voice, “Use Flare Blitz!” Quilava stood up, rushed towards Poliwrath, then became a rushing bullet of fire. Poliwrath countered with a Hydro pump, but when it hit, the water, it simply became steam as Quilava rushed through it! Quilava hit Poliwrath dead center, making a small explosion as it hit. The field was lit with smoke. None of the spectator’s attentions left the smoke ridden field. Toby watched from the other side in amazement at Quilava’s growth, while Diego’s expression stayed a smirk. Charles was furious, waiting for the smoke to clear. Finally, thanks to the ocean breeze the smoke cleared, with Poliwrath standing with scratches and bruises covering his body, while Quilava stood there in attack position, both flame sources calmed, revealing the red spots they come from. Poliwrath tried to stay up, but his vision was getting blurry, and he was hurt badly, so eventually he collapsed. Ace then raised his left arm, and declared victory.

    “Poliwrath can no longer battle. Quilava wins!” Ollette stood up and cheered,

    “Awesome job Diego and Quilava!” Diana broke in,

    “Keep it up Diego!” Toby looked at Diego with a neutral look.

    “Don’t lose now; you’re the man of the hour.” Diego looked at him and smirked. Then he looked at Quilava and smirked, winked, and gave the thumbs up.

    “Awesome job buddy! Go over to Ollette and rest up.” Quilava looked at his master and smiled.

    “Quilava.” He then ran over to Ollette’s lap,

    “Good job, Quilava. I’ll just spray your side with a Super Potion, so just relax, okay?” Quilava nodded and relaxed. Ollette started to pet him and spray his bruised side with the Super Potion. Meanwhile Sarah, Gerald, and Jack applauded, Drake nodded in approval.

    “Great job cutie, keep it up and I may give ya a kiss on the cheek.” Sarah winked at Diego, making him jump a little and blush, which irked Ollette a little to the point where a vein was bulging from her head.

    “Hey keep it up kid,” applauded Jack, then he looked at Charles, who was in shock. “Hey Charlie, you better pick up the pace, I mean, that was just pathetic man!” Jack and Sarah started laughing, which brought Charles to a boiling point,

    “Don’t cheer the twerp on you traitors! Come back Poliwrath!” Poliwrath became a bubble, and then returned to his lire ball, which made some bubbles as it entered. He then reached for a regular Pokeball, pressed the button, and threw it in the air. “Let’s go Shiftry!” the ball lit with an inner light, then popped open, releasing a bunch of leaves. The light transformed into a giant troll like Pokémon, covered with cotton, as well as a long nose. The Pokémon then spoke its name.

    “Shiftry Shift!” said the Pokémon, in a warrior like voice. Diego reached for a random ball on his hip belt, and then grabbed a Net ball, which was a blue and white ball with a net on the top portion. Diego pressed the button, enlarging it. Diego then spun it on his fingertips, smirking while showing off. Charles was getting irked,

    “Get on with it already!”

    “What’s the matter, nervous?” The ball began to bubble as it spun, it was preparing for launch. Diego then threw it high in the air. “Croconaw, let’s go!” the ball popped open, releasing a torrent of water, which showered a light, then when the water stopped, a midsized, blue, red spiked, ragged tooth crocodilian Pokémon came out with its arms crossed. The Pokémon then spoke its name when it open its red eyes, uncrossed his arms and yelled its name:

    “CROCONAW!!!” screamed the monster, looking at its opponent. Shiftry started laughing, but Charles advised against it.

    “Don’t underestimate the kid, Shiftry. That’s what let his other Pokémon beat Poliwrath.” Shiftry stopped laughing, looking at his opponent stern in the face. “If you don’t mind, I’ll start first. Shiftry, use Seed Bomb now!” Drake looked at Charles, and he looked back, assuring him, “Oh, uh, don’t worry Captain, Shiftry won’t damage to ship! Right, Shiftry?” Shiftry looked at the captain and rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment, while doing this a sweat drop fell off his head,

    “Shiftry…” said the nervous Pokémon. Then he commenced attacking, sending out large green bombs at Croconaw. Diego smirked again, as he already had a plan. He then pointed at the bombs and asked Croconaw to do something odd,

    “Croconaw, ya hungry, buddy?” Croconaw looked back and smirked. “Alright then, eat those bombs!” Croconaw jumped and swallowed one, two, three, one after the other, until Shiftry stopped. Croconaw then burped a seed. Shiftry got extremely mad because of this. “Hey, Croc, use Taunt, let’s get this guy mad!” Croconaw had been throwing the seed up and down in his palm; then threw it at Shiftry’s forehead, knocking him back some, which of course infuriated him. Shiftry grew so mad he started charging at Croconaw without Charles’s command.


    “No you dumbass! It’s a trap!” yelled Charles, but to no avail.

    “Croconaw, Ice beam!” yelled Diego.

    “ Crooooc...” inhaled Croconaw as he prepared his attack. Suddenly Shiftry used Leaf Blade, and was about to hit Croconaw head on, but Croconaw then exhaled an odd liquid. As soon as it touched Shiftry, it began freezing, and since it was so close range, it didn’t take long for Shiftry to become a frozen ice cycle. Ace then raised his arm again towards Diego.

    “Shiftry can no longer battle due to being frozen, so Croconaw wins, making Diego the winner of the match.” Charles looked at Ace with anger,

    “What? You said three Pokémon single match!” Toby cut in to correct him,

    “Technically, if the trainer wins two battles out of three, a third battle is not needed. You have no one to blame but yourself.” Charles got angry,

    “What’d you say punk?” Drake cut in,
    “Calm down Charles,” Drake looked at his first mate with sternness in his eyes, “Diego won, fair and square.” He then looked back at Diego and smiled, “Quite quickly, I might add.” Diego smirked, then gave Croconaw the thumbs up.

    “Great job buddy!” Croconaw raised his thumb as well. The others, including Quilava, got up and congratulated him, firstly by Eevee jumping back on his shoulder. “How’d I do buddy?”

    “Ui ui vay!” assured the Pokémon with a smile. Then Quilava congratulated Croconaw.

    “Quil,” spoke the flame Pokémon.

    “Croc,” replied the water Pokémon. Ollette then spoke.

    “I may not even have to heal Croconaw! That was great!” Diana then hugged Diego’s arm and started rubbing her head on it.

    “Oh I knew you could do it Diego!” Diego laughed nervously.

    “Not too bad dude. Quil and Croc did some odd things today huh?” said Ace.

    “It wasn’t too bad,” replied Toby, “But you were too cocky. It’s insulting to the trainer.” Diego replied,

    “Right, I’ll note that.” Drake walked over to Diego and patted his shoulder,

    “Well then, I know how you battle now. I can train you better now.” Diego smiled in excitement,

    “Ya really think I did good?!” Diego’s eyes were sparkling and his arms were bent up, just waiting for Drake’s approval.

    “Yes, but…” Diego’s face turned into a frown, “Toby is right, it’s an insult, a slap in the face, to act too cocky.” Sarah then walked over to Diego, bent over a little, and pecked him on the cheek, which made him blush, and also made Ollette boiling mad.

    “I said, if you won, I’d give you one,” Sarah winked at him, making him more nervous, and Ace jealous of how lucky Diego was. Jack was just laughing at Charles, who let a fourteen year old get to him. Gerald looked at Quilava and Croconaw, and they stared back nervously at the juggernaut. He then bent over and petted both of them on the head, which they seemed to enjoy. Gerald spoke to Diego again,

    “May I get rid of the dirt on these two?” Diego looked at his Johto Pokémon, seeing as how they got a little scuffed up from the fight.

    “Yeah, go ahead.” Gerald grabbed a brush and started brushing Quilava, while Croconaw patiently waited.

    Time had passed, and it was sunset again, only they were passing the Orange Islands now. Diego and Ollette watched the odd Butterfree flutter and make sparkles in the beautiful sky. Ollette broke the silence,

    “Sure is pretty, huh?”

    “Yeah, it is.” Diego was recalling fond memories of before he moved to New Bark in Johto, of a time when he lived on Cinnabar Island in Kanto. “Can you see it buddy?” said Diego to Eevee, who was still on Diego’s shoulder, “This is what I used to see every night before I went to bed when I was four.” Eevee looked in amazement at the sun-lit sea, how the orange skies blended so well with the blue waters and Butterfree glitter.

    “Uiui!” said Eevee. Drake came out on the deck to to get the two to their separate quarters,

    “We gotta get up early tomorrow, so go to bed early.” Ollette nodded,

    “Okay, night Diego. See you tomorrow.” Ollette made her way to her and Diana’s room, but Diego waited, as he needed to ask a question.

    “Captain, can I ask you something…About Gerald?” Drake understood, taking putting his hand on Diego’s shoulder. “What kinds of Pokémon does he have?”

    “He doesn’t, at least, not anymore.” Drake said this with s a solemn voice, and Diego was surprised. “Gerald had a Pokémon, a rare one too, an Arcanine. It was his only Pokémon, but it was almost as strong as three of two of mine combined. Gerald loved grooming that dog; it was his best friend and his most cherished possession.” Drake had to pause a moment to scratch his nose, and then resumed, “However, one day, many years ago, Gerald fell overboard.” Diego looked at the captain, who was leaning on the wooden rails, backwards from the sun with his arms crossed. “Arcanine are said to be some of the most loyal Pokémon out of the 493 there are, well, at least his was anyway. It jumped in to save him, keeping Gerald afloat for days until they landed on an island. According to Gerald, that island had a strange prism on it. He remembers it because that’s where his Arcanine died from too much water in its lungs.” Diego was horrified, but now he understood.

    “So, what happened to him?” Diego asked with concern in his eyes, looking at Gerald toward the back grooming his Grotle for no reason.

    “We found Gerald on that Island, holding his Arcanine, crying at the loss of a close friend. We gave him an honorable burial on One Island in the Sevii Islands. He hasn’t been quite as talkative since then. He also would never dream of replacing that dog, simply coping by grooming other Pokémon.”

    Diego was saddened by Gerald’s loss, but then thought that he would do the same thing if any of his friends died or perished. Drake began to speak again, this time, in a reassuring voice,

    “I learned a lesson from him. And you can too,” Drake petted the sleeping Dratini around his neck, “Always cherish your friends, human or Pokémon. They won’t be around forever.” Drake then stepped down from the observation deck, and looked back at Diego, “Hey, get some shuteye, official training begins tomorrow.” Diego stepped down, but then stopped, and petted his Eevee,

    “I promise, I’ll never replace any of you.” Eevee looked at Diego’s face, and simply smiled. They then headed to bed, so they can get ready for the training tomorrow.
    Yeah, this one of my longer ones, I've been typing since 12:00 today, so it better be worth it.

    This is the first chapter we actually see any battling, but don't worry, more to come.

    Next time: Training with Grotle! Keel makes his move! (realizes he sound like the announcer guy fro DBZ 8P)

    See ya next time!
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  5. Chapter 5

    It was early in the morning, so early the sun hadn’t even risen yet. The S.S. Draxos had made land on a small islet in the vicinity of Knot Island, or as most people call it, One Island. Diego is sleeping heavily in a small bed, along with Eevee next to his head on a pillow, Quilava next to Diego on the mattress, on the top bunk sleeps Metang; on the opposite bottom bunk sleeps Grotle and Gabite, and on the top slept Croconaw. Surprisingly, the ship was large enough to hold twelve shelter rooms, so everyone has their own room. And while Diego was sleeping like a Snorlax after eating two-thousand pounds of food, Gerald woke him up, upon Drake’s request. Diego didn’t appreciate it though.

    “G-Gerald?” Diego stretched his arms, surprisingly not waking the Pokémon, and yawned, then started scratching his eye. “What’s up? You don’t have to ask every time to groom my Pokémon ya know.” Gerald whispered, as he did not want to wake the other Pokémon.

    “Captain Drake wishes to see you and your Grotle.” Gerald got up and left the room as quietly as he came in. Diego got out of bed, being careful not to wake up the others, and struggled to quietly put on his clothes. After five minutes, Diego was fully dressed, and then he shook Grotle to wake him up.

    “Hey, Grotle, get up. The Captain wants to see us, and be quiet about it.” Grotle slowly got up and stepped off the bed quietly, then followed Diego to the deck. There stood Drake, waiting for the sun to come up without his Dratini around his neck. Diego was wondering why he and Grotle were woken up so early,

    “What’d you need, Captain? The sun ain’t even out yet.” Drake stood there; then finally spoke as his coat blew in the wind,

    “Grotle, from what I can see, seems to be the closest Pokémon in your team to evolution.” Diego was wondering how on earth he knew that, but then Drake threw back his trainer card, which nowadays are digital so it can keep up with team levels and Trainer Levels, which is a new system that determines rank among trainers. Diego noticed Grotle was at level thirty one, which meant that Grotle would evolve soon. Drake began to speak again, “Grotle also appears to be a slower Pokémon than your team is used to. That’s why I called you here so early. It will be precisely one hour before the sun rises, and until then I want you and your Grotle to train on this small islet near One Island. It’s too small to show up on the map, but large enough to train Grotle. If you can train until noon, I’ll give you permission to use the Hot springs that form from underground magma from Mt. Ember. Please leave when you’re ready.”

    Diego was feeling spry and energetic, and apparently so was Grotle, because they immediately jumped off the ship and headed towards the tropical jungle. However, Toby also saw him leave, and since he refuses to let Diego get stronger than him, he jumped and headed towards the mountain to train. However, far away, back in Johto, another rival makes his move, only his intensions are much, much darker.

    Back in Olivine City, A tall, sixteen year old boy with thick, slightly slanted, blonde hair and purple eyes is walking into town with one thing on his mind: power. He was dressed in a blue, orange trimmed, sip up shirt; a black jacket connected by a chain, khaki pants, black and purple shoes, and a black hip bag connected by a black hip belt and black and grey lower leg strap. He walked into a pub, one he had previously interrogated, to find answers. The men in there were half buzzed sailors, but even they remember what he did the last time he was there. One of the bigger ones stood up, and asked him a question.

    “Why are you here again? We had to deal with you six months ago, haven’t you found your man yet?” The sailor had a very intimidating look in his face, however this did not faze Keel’s pointed eyes as they glared back. He reached into his coat pocket and grabbed a picture of Drake and held it out for people to see.

    “See this man?” asked the boy with a dark, raspy voice, “I’ve heard that he was here yesterday. Now, unless you want the same butt kicking like you received last time, I’d suggest you or one of your drunken friends tell me where he went. You have one minute before I release a Pokémon to blow this place to he-“ midway through his sentence, a skinnier, bald sailor walked up to him to say something.

    “Please don’t destroy this place! This is the first drink I’ve had in months! I’ll tell you what you wanna know, just sit down and listen.” Keel put the miniature Great Ball away and sat down.

    “Bring me some black coffee.” Keel ordered the waitress, which she did in a split second. “Thank you.” Keel then stuck ten dollars in her apron. “Okay, talk.” The drunken sailor blabbed his mouth out, telling Keel about five kids; one with an extremely annoying Haunter, and two with Eevees. Keel’s eyes widened, and his pupils became needles. He grabbed the sailor by the collar and spoke in a threatening manner,

    “Did one of them have extremely spiky, black hair?” The sailor hesitated for a moment, as he was still shaking, “ANSWER ME DAMMIT!” The sailor gulped, then replied,

    “Y-yes, extremely spiky, he also had red eyes man, freaky.” Keel stood up, realizing that his chance to catch Drake to battle him would be harder than he thought.

    “Where did they go?” The sailor closed his eyes to focus; then tried responding,

    “Let’s see, Sova, no no, eh, Levii? No!” Keel was getting extremely irritated, until the Sailor made a breakthrough, “Wait! I got it! They were heading to the Sevii Islands!” Keel let go of his collar and charged out the door, running out of the alleyway and charging for the shore. He was gritting his teeth, just wondering if maybe Diego was being trained.

    “Dammit! How could I let this happen! If Diego is going to be trained by him; then that’ll mean more trouble for me.” Keel picked up the pace and finally made it to the beach. Without stopping, he jumped out to the sea, released a Dive Ball, and watched the bubbles form a large, missile like creature with large fins; it was big enough to man two people. Keel landed on its back, sat down Native American style, and commanded the Shark Pokémon.

    “Sharpedo, use Aqua Jet towards the south! Head towards Knot Island!” Keel slipped on his black and purple Pokegear 2.0 on his right wrist, opened it sideways, and opened the map feature, pointing where to jet.

    “SHAR!!!!” the shark then shot out to the ocean like a bullet, making Keel’s jacket and hair wave back in the wind. It wasn’t ten seconds until land was gone, which meant Keel was already on his way to trouble. A colony of Remeoraid was passing by, however the rabid Sharpedo hungrily tore one apart as it accidently came near its mouth. Keel’s attention never wavered though, his eyes were set southward.

    Back on the islet, Diego and Grotle wondered through the dark, which was lighted by the bushes on the turtle’s back, thanks to a move known as Flash. Diego and Grotle finally came to a clearing, which was covered in grass and vines, in the middle stood a lake with a waterfall coming from the rocks above. Diego knew this was the perfect spot to train, as no one would hear him and there would be a Pokémon coming soon. Grotle looked back at his master, awaiting orders,


    “Let’s just wait here, Grotle, this is the only source of water until the beach, which means something will come our way. Diego winked and gave a thumb up, “In the meantime, let’s practice what that Shiftry was doing. That’ll bring some attention; so, Grotle, use Seed Bomb!”

    “Groooooo,” Grotle’s bushes became a bright light, and as he opened his mouth, a barrage of multiple green orbs came flying out, and as each one collided with the trees, a small explosion took place, this scared Diego a little,

    “Yo hold up dude; let’s tone it down. We’re just trying to cause a little chaos not destroy the forest, ‘kay buddy?” Diego had shut his eyes as sweat fell from his face, while his arms were calming the semi giant turtle down. Grotle turned back, and laughed nervously, as a drop of sweat fell down his face as well. He then resumed, only shooting smaller orbs from his mouth, “There we go buddy!” The pellets make small crackling noises as they hit the trees making enough noise to draw out an Ursaring, which was mad for being woken up. “Alright, looks like we’ve got a training partner!” Diego said in confidence, “Ya ready to go buddy?” he asked Grotle, just to be sure.

    “Grotle!” nodded the Pokémon, ready to pounce.

    “Then, use Take Down!” Grotle rushed at the Bear Pokémon, but Ursaring dodged it, afterwards forming a ball of concentrated energy in his mouth
    as he growled. The orb turned black, and began to park with red and blue static,

    “Grrrrr.. RIIIII!!!” the bear launched a deadly attack known as Hyper Beam, which was heading towards Grotle,

    “Grotle, dodge it and hide in the forest!” yelled Diego,

    “Gro!” Grotle dodge rolled into the forest, almost eliminating him from sight,

    “Now, charge up, and use Solar Beam!” Not a sound was made, but light was filtering into a small section of trees, which tipped off the Ursaring, so he charged up his fist and ran toward the area with glowing yellow fist, an attack known as Focus Punch. Finally, the sun had risen out of the darkness, making the sky turn a dark shade of blue, which finally let him fully charge light into the shrubs on his back, Diego saw this and smirked, “Now, fire!”

    “GROOOO!!!” Grotle opened his mouth and a strong beam of yellow light, much like a concentration of the sun, shot out of his mouth, hitting the Ursaring dead center in the circle on its belly.

    “Urrr…sa….” The Ursaring fell down, and as he fell, blue pixie dust stayed in the air where he fell. Grotle’s shrubs began to shine, and the glowing pixie dust was absorbed into Grotle, which he had to relax to take it in. The dust is what makes Pokémon stronger; to humans, it’s known as Experience Points. Diego ran over to his Pokémon, touching the shrubs, and felt a warming sensation that made his hair wave.

    “Yeah, that feels cool; too bad I can’t use it, huh? Oh well, you deserve it buddy.” Diego started rubbing Grotle’s head, and he enjoyed it. Finally, all the Experience Points were absorbed, and Diego went over to see the fallen Ursaring. It was wounded, but it was alive. “Hey, let’s help this guy out. Use Aromatherapy, if you don’t mind.” Grotle’s shrubs began to shake, and small grains of pink, glitter like dust fell on the Ursaring’s wound, and as the smell of Cherries filled the air, the wound began to heal like it was never there. “Man, we’re lucky you got the cherry smell, huh?” Grotle nodded, laughing while doing so. Aromatherapy works differently for grass types, as depending on which one, they get a different smell. Grotle had gotten lucky, having a cherry scent; among what he could’ve gotten was the dreaded, rotten cantaloupe. The Ursaring slowly came back to consciousness, and slowly got back to its feet.

    “Urr..” said the calmed Ursaring, scratching his head. Grotle and Diego smiled,


    “That was a good fight dude!” Diego raised his thumb, and the Ursaring’s expression turned into a happy grin. The Ursaring went back into the forest, back to its family. “Well, what’re we waitin’ for? Let’s make more noise!” Grotle’s shrubs charged again, and then he fired another light round at the trees.

    Elsewhere, in the mountains, Toby continues with his own training, battling a Graveler with his trusted Munchlax, however, his Munchlax, a Pokémon that looked like a monster cat with snaggle teeth, appeared to be, what his species is known for, hungry.

    “Munchlax! Put down the rock right now! It’s not even lunch time yet!!” yelled Toby, who was rather annoyed, as one could tell by the bulging vein. Munchlax, who was sitting down holding a gigantic boulder with one hand, looked back at his master with bubbling eyes, and tears ready to pour.

    “Mun….Muyunch!!!” Begged the poor Munchlax, Toby slapped his face at the embarrassment, while Graveler just stood there scratching his head with one of his four craggy arms. Toby had had it, but then, he snapped his fingers at an idea!

    “Wait! Munchlax, if you defeat this Graveler for me, then I promise you a double portion of lunch for a week!” Munchlax’s eyes returned to normal, and he began to salivate at the idea of Tauros meat, along with fried Magikarp. “Eh, what do you think? Sounds fair, right?” Munchlax thought about it for a moment, then stood back up,

    “Munch!” Munchlax turned back around, still holding the boulder, and used Fling, a Dark type move in which the user throws a held item. “Maaaaaaayunch!” the boulder went flying, but Graveler narrowly dodged it, with a surprised look on his face at how strong the little fella was, but while the dust cleared, Munchlax began to wag his index fingers side to side, then they started glowing. Munchlax was using a move known as Metronome, in which calls upon a random move. However, unlike most Pokémon, Munchlax has learned the degrees in which you can stop for a certain type move. The fingers must stop on the left side for a Non-Physical type attack, the middle for a Status changing attack, or on the right side for a Physical attack. The Pokémon kept on wagging and wagging, and while doing so, Graveler got tired of waiting, so he connected both sets of arms together so he could have a balance while he rolled, and then he used the rock type move, Rollout. The rock Pokémon charged at the small Munchlax, still wagging his fingers, until Toby yelled,

    “Stop, now!” Munchlax’s fingers had stopped on the left side, and suddenly, a giant tidal wave appeared from the east, it was the water type move, Surf. The wave crashed down on Graveler, knocking the poor thing out, sending Experience points in the air. “Okay Munchlax, absorb!” Munchlax relaxed his breathing, and suddenly the Experience Points flew to Munchlax, absorbing into his skin. His fur began to wave in the air as he inhaled, until, pop! The points sputtered into three large, glowing sprites, then disappeared. “Excellent, you’ve gone up a level. Now it seems you’re…“ Toby had to pause a moment as he saw Munchlax pick up a flower and eat it “Ugh, you’re hopeless.” Munchlax closed his eyes, smiled, and gave a salute,

    “Munchlax,” then fell backwards, where he fell asleep. Toby crossed his arms, but smiled.

    “Yep, that little bit of comedy was why I captured you. That and to get revenge for you stealing my food.” Toby then pulled out a Heavy Ball, a regular Pokeball with a grey top with blue lumps, which was designed to capture heavier Pokémon, and returned Munchlax to the ball in a beam of red light.

    Back out at sea, it was close to noon, and Keel was halfway to Knot Island. On an Island, four tan men, wearing torn clothes, waved for help at Keel, but instead of pulling over to help, his Sharpedo just flew right by them, splashing them with a wave of sea water.

    “Nothing is going to stand in my way.” Keel opened his Pokegear again to check his location, and yelled over the wind so Sharpedo could hear him. “SHARPEDO, PICK UP THE PACE, WE’RE ALMOST THERE!” Keel has lost the raspyness of his voice when he yelled, but it returned to normal. Suddenly, Sharpedo’s pace nearly increased ten-fold. “At this rate, I’ll be there in one hour. One hour closer to my goal.”

    That's it for now, tune in nextime: Keel makes land, and he's pissed! The others are in serious danger, but what will Ollette and Gerald do when Keel confronts them?

    Next time!: Watch out Tyrouge! Houndour's Burning Bite!
    See ya soon ;) (ps., do you like the enthusiasm for the preview? Don't? Lemme know.)
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  6. Chapter 6

    It was already noon, and the others were up and about. Ollette, Ace, and Diana were looking for Diego on the main island, but to no avail. Diana suggested they all go to a one of the many Knot Island spas to look for him, but the message went in vain.

    “Oh please guys? We all know how Diego likes to adventure, maybe he went to explore!” persisted Diana, holding her Azuril.

    “You’re just using him as an excuse to go bathing in a spa. Then again, you’d say there was a whole parade of Pikachu somewhere just to go bathing in a spa.” replied Ace, arms crossed, looking down on Diana. Jack interrupted their little squabble.

    “Naw dude, Captain Drake sent Diego out in the forest on some islet to train.” Ollette was surprised, and then suddenly worried, however, Ace and Diana got two completely different responses.

    “Maybe Toby went training on some islet as well.” said Ace, while Aipom sat on his head looking at the apples in the tree. Diana was confused however,

    “Islet? I thought there were only seven islands in the Sevii Islands.” Diana cupped her chin with her heft thumb and Index finger. Sarah came up, and patted her on the head,

    “Who needs brains when ya got beauty, eh little girl?” Diana looked up, unsure of whether to be insulted or complimented, “Actually, I don’t blame you. Most foreigners have only heard the tale of seven islands, but officially, there are nine. Wait, scratch that, technically there are twenty eight, but those are only territories; that islet where those two got off wasn’t even one of those. It was just a small uninhabited, by humans anyway, island in the vicinity of One Island, so technically it’s still one part of One Island.” Diana started to understand, but Ollette’s concerns grew,

    “How will he get back? We have the ship here, and all of his Pokeballs except Grotle, so how will he make it here?” Ollette was carrying the other four balls on her belt, while she had both her and Diego’s Eevees on separate shoulders, with Diego’s Eevee’s ears down because he wasn’t with his master. Ollette started petting his little head to calm him down. Then Charles walked into the Pokémon center, with both arms crossed, in an irritated mood.

    “Let him figure it out, He’s the new “first mate” anyway.” Charles stormed into the fancy Pokémon center with a radio receiver on the roof. Ollette, Ace, and Diana were all appalled at his harsh words. Gerald just shook his head in disapproval. Jack then broke the silence,

    “He’s just upset that he lost to Diego yesterday. He was so mad, he gave up his position to Diego, and the captain didn’t speak against it, so I guess it took. Anyway, since neither the Captain nor Diego are here, that leaves me in charge, so let’s just go unload the stuff!” Jack pointed to the ship with his thumb, and Ace then snapped,

    “AHA! I knew there was a reason that Drake wanted all of us to come!” He pointed a finger at Jack, and he laughed nervously,

    “Relax kid, there are six of us here, discounting Charles, so we’ll all draw straws to decide who gets to lay off!” Jack held out seven different sized straws, bringing a sweat drop of embarrassment over the kids’ heads. “The two with the shortest straws gets to relax in a soothing, hot, and relaxing bath at Mt. Ember’s foot!” Diana’s face lit up with joy, as she made a kitten face and spun around once on one toe. “Okay, I’ll draw for Jack. Ready, go!” Everyone drew one straw, except for Jack, who drew two straws, Jack revealed his fate,

    “Well, looks like me and Charlie are working. What about you Sarah?” Sarah made a disappointed face, holding her straw for others to see, while holding her face away in embarrassment with her other hand on her hip.

    “Humph, I got the longest out of all of them.” Ace tried cheering her up, by showing his,

    “Hey, looks like I’m working too, so you don’t have to carry as much.” Ace made an interesting face at her, but Aipom knocked aside the head, leaving a knot as he landed. “O-or, you could carry your own, it’s up to you.” Diana, Gerald, and Ollette compared theirs, and then Diana started whining,

    “Oh come on! Ollette doesn’t even want to go!” Ollette was surprised that hers was the shortest of them all, followed by Gerald, who didn’t even blink.

    “Oh come on now Diana, rules are rules after all,” assured Jack, bragging for Ollette. “Gerald, make sure she gets there and back okay, got it big guy?” Gerald simply nodded, and picked up Diego’s Eevee and put it on his shoulder, where he just petted it.

    “Let’s go.” Spoke the silent giant.

    “Oh, Okay,” Ollette and Gerald headed to the Northeast of the island, while Jack called out for Charles,

    “Come on ya big baby, we’ve got work to do!” Charles yelled back,

    “Do it yourself, I didn’t draw.” Ace got extremely mad, but Sarah halted him, grinned, walked inside the air conditioned Pokémon Center, and grabbed his ears, “Ow ow ow! Let go of me Sarah! I said I wasn’t doing it!”

    “Oh, really? Would you rather have my Mismagius hypnotize you, or face the wrath of the captain’s Dragons?” Charles began sweating in fear, as on one hand, Sarah could make him do something he’d regret, but on the other, Drake’s dragon Pokémon were almost as strong as legendaries, so he stood up, tucked his hands in his pockets, and walked out sluggishly,

    “Alright already, yeesh, ya didn’t have to act like a”

    “A what Charlie? I’m quite curious to find out what you think I am. However, I’d sleep with an eye open if you so choose as to utter that word.” Sarah knew what he was going to say, and flashed back to when he called her the "b-word" last time.

    “Never mind.” He walked outside; then headed towards the ship, followed by the others. Meanwhile, about 15 minutes of walking later, the two reached the spa. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a dressing room, only a cave lit up by lights.

    “Oh, this is awkward. Ace would’ve loved to have drawn that straw. Now where to change…” Ollette started to look for a well hidden spot, and then saw a hidden spot outside on the other side of the cave, which was facing the ocean. Gerald simply blocked the way. About a minute later, Ollette came back with her clothes in a bag, while wearing a two piece orange bikini. “Thank you for making sure no one watched, but what about you?” Gerald simply took her Eevee off her shoulder, and while it was nervous, her grabbed a brush from his pocket and brushed her in his hand, which the girl Eevee seemed to enjoy. “You’re not going?” Gerald simply nodded his head side to side to say no. Ollette then shrugged and raised her bag, “Then can you hold my things?” Gerald took it and sat down, continually brushing Ollette’s Eevee, while Diego’s Eevee jumped down and lied down in the sand. Ollette smiled and bowed in appreciation; then walked in and found an appropriate bath without too many old people or guys in it; then sat down and relaxed.

    Back on the islet, Diego and Grotle was bathing in a small spring that was connected to Mt. Ember’s magma in an underwater passage, and they were both enjoying it,

    “Aaah. This feels so good! It’s like my muscles are being relaxed to cotton. What about you Grotle? Pretty nice, eh?” Grotle, who was on his back leaning against the rock wall, moaned in agreement,

    “Groooo…” They both closed their eyes to relax, but then Toby happened to walk up with his hands tucked in his pockets.

    “So, finished training?” Diego opened one eye without moving his arms from the back of his head.

    “Yeah, Drake said I could train til noon; then we could relax. Hop on in, there’s plenty of room.” Toby sighed, then replied,

    “That’s okay, I’d rather not with just you here.”

    “But we’re not alone! Grotle’s with us.” Toby face palmed himself, then turned around.

    “Even so, I think I’d better get back to the mainland. I saw Captain Drake’s ship at the main port. I’ll be riding Walrein up there, need a lift?” Diego pondered a moment, then decided against it,

    “Nah, I think we’ll just chill for a bit.”

    “You do realize that Grotle doesn’t exactly know Surf, right?”

    “You let us worry about that. I’m not leaving til I get some more training in.” Toby stayed for a moment, just to make sure Diego didn’t randomly change his mind, but since neither he nor Grotle budged, he started walking towards the shore.

    “Fine, just hope you know how to make a boat.” Toby then enlarged a Pokeball with a bubble pattern on it, after wards he tossed in in the water. A light formed in the water, afterwards a large, blue, walrus-like Pokémon popped up, throwing the ball back to Toby. “Okay, back to the mainland.” Walrein roared and began to swim,

    “Walrein!” said the giant blue Pokémon, and he began to swim. A few minutes after leaving, Diego decided to get out. He had gotten his pants, shoes, belts, and arm tape back on, but before he could slip his shirt or wristbands on, he spied a fast moving object out on the water. Grotle saw as well, trying to see what it was.

    “What on earth? That thing’s flying out there!” Diego dug in his hip bag; then he found a small telescope. He looked out there and spied a boy about his height riding a Sharpedo, but it wasn’t just any boy, Diego recognized the blonde, slanted hair. “Is that, Keel? What’s he doing out here?” Diego then looked a little to the west and saw the Captain’s ship, followed by a large blue object blocking the scope, which shocked Diego, “Wah!” He fell backwards, but Grotle’s expression didn’t change. He then looked up and saw why. A large, blue, four legged dragon Pokémon with glided red wings was levitating in front of him. “Oh look! It’s one of Drake’s Pokémon, Salamence!” Diego dug in his Hip bag’s front pocket for his black Pokedex with with an orange-red trim. It was designed like a PDA, and looked traditionally like the Pokedex from Johto, but Diego had his own custom Pokedex made when he was ten. He flipped it open, and once he did the small camera on the flipped lid focused in on the large dragon, then a small picture of the Pokémon appeared on the top screen, along with smaller options on the bottom touch-screen that read:

    “Dex Entries”, next to it a small Pokedex Icon; “Base Stats”, next to it a medicine bottle; “Move Pools”, next to it an egg icon; “Tutors”, next to it a
    small sprite of an old, bald man; “TMs/HMs”, which had a blue and orange CD icon, and “Locations”, which had a Pokeradar icon, out of all of which was aforementioned, Diego used the orange stylus to press the “Dex Entries” icon, After which, ten selections of info popped up. Diego pressed the selection labeled “Sapphire”. The Pokedex began to speak in a British-tongued accent that sounded like a woman.

    #373 - Salamence [ Bohmander ( ボーマンダ)]

    Dragon Pokémon

    Dragon/Flying type.

    Height: 1.5m Weight: 102.6kg
    Male: 50% Female: 50%
    Egg Group: Dragon

    By evolving into Salamence, this Pokémon finally realizes its long-held dream of growing wings. To express its joy, it flies and wheels all over the sky while spouting flames from its mouth.

    Diego was interested in the Pokémon, but also knew that Drake must’ve sent it to pick him up. Salamence then roared, moving his head to his back.


    “Sweet! Grotle, let’s go! If Keel’s here, there’s a good chance we’ll get a battle outa him!” replied Diego, as he climbed the Dragon’s back. Salamence then wrapped his front legs around Grotle, afterwards taking off towards the mainland.

    Back on shore, Charles, Sarah, Jack, Ace, and Diana, along with other Pokémon such as Machamp, Shiftry, Gengar, Ampharos, and Infernape were unloading boxes into the Pokémon center. Ace, who was helping Jack’s Gengar, was wondering what was in the boxes.

    “Hey *nya!*, Jack, what’s in these wooden crates?” Gengar looked back at his master, who was helping Diana move a box,

    “Oh, that’s medicine. We’re more than just a bunch of people sailing around ya know. We gotta make money somehow, right?” Diana, struggling with her end, frustratingly agreed. “Hey, just relax; this is our last box for this Island.” Diana then sighed a breath of relief.

    “Thank goodness! My arms feel like rubber!” Sarah shouted back at the girl, being sarcastic,

    “That’s because they are rubber, “cupcake”.” Diana got mad, and raised more on her end. Sarah turned back to talk to her Infernape, who was also a girl, “Gets them every time, huh?” Infernape nodded, agreeing with her. Charles looked out to sea and saw a fast moving object landing on shore towards Kindle Road, and dropped his box after making it inside the Pokémon center,

    “Hey, you guys see that?” Charles looked beyond the grassy land out at the ocean, where he saw something moving at over seventy miles an hour towards a canyon, “’The hell is that thing?” Jack looked, and gave his input,

    “Probably just some kid on a Pokémon. You know, showin’ off, like you did on your Gyarados back at home. Haha!” Jack laughed, while Charles remembered fond times. Diana and Ace got a little concerned, as they felt a familiar, dark presence.

    “Ace, get the telescope,” commanded Diana, but Toby then ran up the stairs in a hurry,

    “No need, it’s Keel.” Ace and Diana looked at each other in fear, wondering why he’d be out here. “I’m heading up that way, no telling what he’s after but we all know he’ll do anything to get it.”

    “Right!” replied both Ace and Diana, as they ran down the path towards the canyon, leaving Sarah, Charles, and Jack questioning,

    “What’re we, chopped liver?” said Charles. Jack replied,

    “Well, just let that Toby kid handle it, I’m pretty sure if that other kid’s that much trouble, they can handle it.” Sarah then stomped her foot,

    “Okay boys, quit messing around, we gotta help them unload stuff.” They all went back inside, meanwhile, further up Kindle Road, Keel made land. He hopped off his Sharpedo and returned it to its Net ball, afterwards he began running up the rocky canyon. About five minutes later, Keel made it to the Mt. Ember spa; there he spotted Gerald with both Ollette and Diego’s Eevees, petting them.

    “You, juggernaut,” rudely spoke Keel in his dark and raspy voice, he then pulled out his picture of Drake out of his pocket, “Seen this man? I wish to challenge him.” Gerald did not answer, but he was sweating at Keel’s presence. It felt like ten Pokémon with the Pressure ability. The pressure felt extremely evil, reeking of a black, stone heart. Gerald, with a sweat bead running down his face, nodded his head side to side. Ollette’s Eevee climbed behind Gerald’s back, as she was scared of Keel, but Diego’s Eevee stepped forth, and stared Keel in the face with an angered look. Keel began to laugh, “Mua ha ha ha! You think you’re intimidating don’t you? I know Diego’s somewhere nearby, so when you see him, tell him,” Keel grabbed a Great Ball from his belt, pressed the button, and enlarged it. The ball’s lining became red with heat and began to smoke, finally Keel let the bottom open, leaving a cloud of black smoke falling to the ground. A silhouette of a medium sized dog appeared; then the smoke cleared. There standing was a dog Pokémon about the size of Keel’s legs up to his knees. It was black, had three bone spines on its back, had a skull mask on its forehead, a red mouth, bone cuffs, and a stubby tail. It then started growling, and barking its name.

    “Hound! Houndour! Grrrr!!!” it had an angered look in its eyes, as its mouth began to fill with fire. Keel grinned and continued,

    “Tell him his friends had better stop lying! Or my Houndour will burn them to a crisp!” Keel’s face sharply pointed downward, as he frowned, cross armed. Eevee started growling at him, while Gerald stepped in front of him. He just stood there, overshadowing Keel by almost two feet. This, however, did not scare Keel. “What? You think you’re scary?” Gerald put his hand on his shoulder, and spoke,

    “Your heart, I feel its blackness just touching you. I doubt the captain would even want anything to do with someone as you.” Keel slapped his arm off, then after closing his eyes, turned towards the cave. Gerald began to fear his intentions, so he ran in front of him, blocking the cave.

    “Out of the way, loser.” Keel walked closer to Gerald, but he didn’t budge. “So be it.” Keel then raised his leg, and kicked Gerald in the groin, hardly. Gerald moved his hands toward the hurt area, and then fell over in pain. The Eevees went over to make sure that Gerald was alright, licking his face to calm him, while Keel and his Houndour, who was glaring Diego’s Eevee in the face with a determined grin, walked inside. Everyone was still enjoying their baths, until they saw the boy hold up a picture, followed by a commanding voice, “I need to know where this man is! I know at least one of you have seen him, so start talking. Anyone who doesn’t comply will be severely wounded by my furry little “friend” here.”

    All eyes were on Keel, most of them scared, while Ollette stepped out of the spa, feeling the coldness of the air. Keel raised an eyebrow at her, still with an intimidating look.

    “I suppose you’re here to say ‘You shouldn’t be doing this, this is wrong and blah blah blah’,” Keel sarcastically said, while looking at Ollette, who was a little scared while looking at the ferocious Dark type Pokémon. Ollette always had a fear over them, mainly because of how savage they were. A sweat drop fell down her face, as Keel walked over to her. He cupped her chin with his hand, and spoke into her ear, “Or, you’re here to give yourself to me, because you feel strangely attracted to me.” Keel said with a sarcastic, dark, and raspy voice. Ollette’s eyes sparkled, but in fear of his presence, she then slapped his hand away while blushing, and with an angered look in her eyes,

    “As if I’d hand fall for you! You monster!” Houndour growled, and prepared a Fire Fang, however Keel just laughed evilly,

    “Muahahahaha! As if I wanted you like that! Now, tell me where Drake is!” Ollette looked back in his dark, purple eyes, and swung her left arm down,

    “I don’t know! He didn’t tell us!” Keel pointed his left index finger at her, pointing with an agitated look on his face,

    “Wrong answer. Houndour, Fire Fang!” the dog growled and lunged at Ollette with a burning mouth. She stood in fear, eyes dilated, awaiting the inevitable. Suddenly a child sized, pink Pokémon with red pants, shoes, and athletic tape on his waist and arms lunged in front of her and kicked Houndour in the face, knocking him back. Houndour landed on his feet, and glared down his attacker. Ollette looked with joy at her Pokémon, who had chosen the right time to pop out of his Pokeball. The Pokémon looked back at his “mother” and ran towards her, hugging her with loving concern. Ollette bent over to hug the little Fighting type Pokémon around the neck in loving gratitude,

    “Thank you, my little hero.” Tyrouge snuggled up to her, showing his affection.

    “Ty….” Ollette looked up to see Gerald limping back in the cave. She and Keel were both surprised, Ollette because he was hurt, and Keel because he got up.

    “Gerald!” Ollette and Tyrouge ran over to assist him, sitting him down against the wall. “What happened to you?” She looked at the man with concern, realizing it was him who let Tyrouge out of the ball. Keel looked at the man with angered surprise,

    “Well now, up already? I would’ve thought a man your size would be down for ten minutes; looks like my calculations were heavily off.” Ollette looked back at Keel with anger in her eyes, Gerald took her shoulder and told her,

    “The two Eevee’s went for help, someone will be here soon. In the meantime, I’ll assist you with guiding Tyrouge.” Ollette looked back at him with surprise; then saw Tyrouge in a fighting stance. Keel scoffed at the words,

    “Oh please, you think that little “mama’s boy” can hurt my Houndour? Your sorely mistaken.” Keel’s Houndour growled in anger, awaiting a command from his master, “Houndour, Fire Fang!” Houndour lunged forth at the three; Gerald then called to the Tyrouge,

    “Mach Punch!” Ollette looked at her Tyrouge’s fist light up with a blue energy, waving like a blue flame; then saw her Pokémon lunge forth at the Houndour.
    Tha's it for now kids. Now you're looking at the Dark ambition in my character, Keel.

    Oh, and I want to thank 'Charms for the Pokedex, which, if you read it and got it, was heavily based on the website's pokedex.

    Anywho *coughs into his hand, preparing anouncing voice*,

    Next time on Pokemon, Sevii Island Adventure!

    It's Tyrouge vs. Houndour in a fight of Wits and Determination. With the help of Gerald's insight on Pokemon, can Ollette's Tyrouge finish the job? Or will they get burnt to a crisp by Keel's Houndour, blinded by Keel's dark ambition?

    Next time: Don't Give up Tyrouge! Keel's Black Ambition!

    See ya whenever I have the next chapter up. (Oh, and as a little bonus, I'm rewriting Keel's biography in the Character RP thread in the Pokemon RP characters, so be sure to check that out too.),
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  7. Chapter 7

    The two Pokémon collided, with Tyrouge managing to hit Houndour square in the stomach, sending him flying towards the wall. Ollette was excited, as she never knew Tyrouge knew that move. The other people in the spas were watching, some in fear, but most in excitement over a battle. The black hound got back on all fours, while Tyrouge got back on its feet. Gerald then yelled to the Pokémon, but not before Keel interrupted,

    “Houndour, Heat Wave!” Keel pointed, but such an attack could only be learned by a tutor, so it was still unexpected. Gerald, however, played through.

    “Vacuum Wave!” Ollette sat and watched her Pokémon move both hands to its right side. He hovered his left hand over his right, and while his eyes began to glow a bright blue, a sphere of wind formed, swirling like a ball. Meanwhile, Houndour’s mouth began to leak smoke; as he widened his stance to prepare the amazing attack, he closed his mouth; then inhaled. Suddenly his mouth bulged and smoke poured out of his nose. Keel and Gerald both shouted,

    “Fire!” Tyrouge’s move fired first, as he thrust both palms forward like a biting animal. The ball suddenly became a small tornado heading straight for Houndour, which made the people cheer in awe, but suddenly, Houndour barked, releasing an explosion of white fire from his mouth, which took the shape of a running wolf as it fired. The flames hit the tornado, creating a swirl of fire. The fire eventually climbed down to Tyrouge, as he stared with a surprised look. Gerald yelled back,

    “Counter! Now!” Tyrouge’s right hand became mirror-like, bending light all around it. He lunged towards the flaming tornado, fist first, and Ollette watched as the flames enveloped his hand, becoming a “Heat Wave Punch”. Houndour stopped, surprised at the Pokémon ahead, Keel called out,

    “Well, what’re you waiting for you stupid mutt!?! Deflect it with Dark Pulse!” Houndour’s eyes became a glowing, pitch black, as purple sparks flew around his body.

    “HOUUUUUNDDD!!!!!” Just as Tyrouge’s flying Heat Wave Punch was about to hit, a black sphere of dark energy burst from Houndour’s body, catching and suspending the Fighting type in midair, which shocked everyone in the cave, Ollette called out,

    “Use Brick Break!” Gerald looked at her and grinned in approval. Tyrouge’s left hand began to shine like light itself, which then the Scuffle Pokémon thrust at the Dark Pulse, creating small, purple cracks in it, which finally shattered. Which left the Heat Wave Punch an opening to attack, or, so they thought. Keel called out.

    “Let it hit!” Houndour gritted his teeth as the punch connected, which shocked everyone as to why he would let that happen. The smoke finally cleared from the massive attack, and while Houndour’s skull mask was cracked, he grabbed a hold of Tyrouge’s arm with his teeth, which shocked him, “Now, Reversal!” Houndour’s body became a bright white, and then he threw Tyrouge in the air, with his back to him, Ollette stood in fear, but then thought of something,

    “Bullet Punch Tyrouge!” Gerald looked at her with a panicked look, which she then called back, “Wait! Tyrouge!” It was too late, Tyrouge’s fist became metal and reflective; then in a blink of an eye, he disappeared, appearing next to Houndour, punching him in the face. Houndour grinned, as his body became engulfed in an inescapable light. His body exploded, engulfing Tyrouge in a bright white, filled with five times the power of the original Heat Wave. Tyrouge was knocked against the wall; then hit again by the light. People began to worry, so they ran out the back exit before it engulfed them, however Ollette and Gerald were still there, and as the light flew closer and closer, Ollette stared in fear. Keel pressed a button on his jacket, bringing up a green sphere, which was engulfed by the light, not even scratching him. As Ollette watched the light come closer, but suddenly, Gerald moved in front of her and the light, protecting her as it hit. The blast was so powerful, flashes of light cracked threw the cave, finally becoming too much for it to handle. The cave exploded, sending boulders flying.

    From a distance, Toby, Ace, and Diana saw the explosion, and feared the worse. Toby doubled his pace to get there in time. As the light faded, Tyrouge lied on the ground, still breathing, but in serious pain. Small cuts of blood were falling from his forehead. His eyes wouldn’t close until her saw that Ollette was okay, and over a few feet to the right on the sand, stood a battle scarred, crouching man. Gerald’s back was covered in second degree burns, but he was alive. He fell over from the pain, and Tyrouge saw that Ollette, who has shocked, staring at Houndour in fear, was okay. Once Tyrouge saw this, he closed his eyes to rest, returning to his ball. Ollette was relieved to know neither of them was dead, but just stared at Keel, as he brought down the shield. Suddenly, from Tyrouge’s Pokeball, three giant orbs of Experience Points shot towards Houndour. Keel then commanded his Houndour,

    “Absorb it.” Houndour, with a huge bruise on his side and a small cut on his lip, closed his eyes and breathed in. The three orbs swirled around him; then split into nine orbs. As they entered his body, Houndour began to glow a bright red. When the last orb went in, Houndour was engulfed by a blue flame, which scared Ollette so much her eyes turned into pins. Toby, Ace, and Diana arrived then, looking at the damage. Diana and Ace bent over to make sure Ollette and Gerald were okay, while Toby stared frightened at the blue flame, as the red silhouette grew taller and longer. Then it grew horns where its ears were, followed by the lengthening of its stubby tail to a long, slender tail with a devil’s point on the end. Ace and Diana looked in fear,

    “What’s happening to Houndour!?” said Diana. Keel stared as well, grinning with his arms crossed. Toby explained,

    “DAMMIT! It’s evolving!” Ace’s glasses cracked from the sheer pressure exerted from the flames, as Aipom and Azuril hid in his jacket.

    “What? But that thing just blew up the Mt. Ember spa! What’s it going to do now that he’s evolving? Blow up the island!?!” Toby stood, gritting his teeth; as a drop of sweat raced down his face. The Blue flames dissipated, revealing a tall hound with horns and a demon tail. It looked into the air and howled,

    “DOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!” he cried, and as he cried, a giant blue flame spurted from his mouth, which then formed a skull that howled with him. Keel’s face widened at the excitement, as goose bumps rose from his skin and his Purple eyes dilated. The others stared in fear at the black dog, as he looked completely new; not even a scratch on him. He then looked down, staring at the gang with dilated, glowing red eyes. He then bared his teeth and growled, “HOOOOUUUND!” Keel began to laugh evilly, staring at his new Pokémon.

    “MUAHAHAHAHA! I must say your transformation quite suits you, Houndoom. It makes you look more menacing.” Houndoom grinned, as small bits of blue flames spurted from his mouth. Toby looked at the Pokémon with fear on his face, just wondering what hell Keel would have it unleash unless it was defeated. Toby then reached into his pocket and grabbed a blue and white Pokeball. He pressed the button and released it, out of it appearing a tomb of sand, which then formed a medium sized Elephant Pokémon. Keel looked at the Donphan and laughed, “Ha! You don’t obviously think your pathetic Donphan has a chance against my Houndoom, do you?” the Donphan raised his trunk in the air and trumpeted,

    “DUA!!!!” Toby they looked at Keel with a menacing look on his face,

    “You didn’t honestly think your actions here would go unpunished, did you!?!” Toby’s eyes were like pins, staring Keel in the face. “YOUR REIGN OF DESTRUCTION ENDS HERE!!!” Toby had a vein bulging from his head, as he angrily stared down his enemy. Keel then grinned, and turned toward his opponent,

    “Well, at least this should be more of a challenge.” Toby and Keel stared each other down, as an aura appeared over each of them. Toby’s aura was blue, an aura of neutrality with light, while Keel’s was pure black; an aura of pure darkness, of pure evil. Donphan stared down his opponent with his teeth grit, while Houndoom snarled with fangs showing. Ace, Diana, and Ollette got up and ran to a safe distance, with the unconscious Gerald being carried by all three.

    Meanwhile, back at the Pokémon center; Diego and Grotle, who was riding on Salamence, landed on the grassy knoll in front of the Pokémon center, while waiting was Sarah, Charles, and Jack, resting on a bench. Diego saw them and ran over to greet them. When he got to the door, his and Ollette’s Eevee were standing there, both with a look of concern. Jack walked forth to greet them,

    “Hey Diego, or should I say, ‘first mate’? What’s up?” Diego and Grotle were shocked and excited at those words,

    “First mate! You mean Charles let me have the rank?” Jack was interrupted by the two Eevees.

    “Ui ui vay ui!” spoke his Eevee, who then jumped on his shoulder. The Eevee with the flower beret then spoke,

    “Vay vay vee vee Uay Vay!” her eyes glistening in despair. Diego looked at her, noticing that it was Ollette’s Eevee.

    “What’s Ollette’s Eevee doing here? And where’re they?” Sarah then opened,

    “Those two ran up here in a hurry, barking about something important. There was also an explosion over at the spa, so maybe” Diego interrupted,

    “Wait, an explosion!?!” Diego remembered that he saw Keel out on the water, “Keel!” He then picked up the female Eevee and rushed towards Kindle Road at a Doduo’s pace, which shocked the three,

    “Well, see ya later then, I guess?” replied Jack, still with his arm up from the greeting. Diego, rushing with his shirt waving in the wind while the two Eevee’s desperately tried to hang on to his shoulders, gritted his teeth and thought,

    “Dammit! I leave for a few minutes and already there’s trouble. Just hang on guys! I’m coming!” He then turned a sharp corner, running alongside the canyon at a breakneck pace.

    Back at the battlefield, Toby and Donphan stared down Keel and Houndour, ready to attack. Keel and Toby, throwing their arms to the front and pointing, yelled,

    “ATTAAACK!” both Donphan and Houndoom lunged forward, getting ready for an epic battle.
    _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Hoped ya liked today's installment. I tried to pack as much action as I could, so get ready to be blown away!

    So, on to anouncing *ahem*.....

    Will Toby be able to stop Keel and his newly evolved Houndoom with his Donphan, or will Houndoom's flame of Hell-like porportions burn them to ashes? Find out! On the Next installment, of Sevii Island Adventure!


    Next time on chapter 8:

    Donphan and Keel go all out in an explosive battle of Earthquakes and Hellflames, meanwhile Diego rushes to their aid with the two Eevee's and Grotle by his side. Can Toby hold Keel out long enough for help?

    Next time!: Donphan vs. Houndoom! A showdown of Disasters!

    See ya next time! ;)
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  8. Chapter 8

    Donphan and Houndoom lunged at each other for an attack, until Toby yelled:

    “Donphan, Superpower!” Keel’s face went into shock as the Donphan rolled into a ball practically on contact, sending Houndoom flying.

    “Smog!” yelled Keel, followed by Houndoom’s mouth sending out a poisonous smoke, which hid hit perfectly. Donphan landed back on his feet, but not before landing into the Smog. Suddenly several different Pokémon silhouettes appeared, slashing and pounding him as they passed, until finally the Smog cleared, and Houndoom launched a Heat Wave attack, straight at Donphan, but Toby didn’t let it end there,

    “Use Earthquake! Quickly!” Donphan rolled into a tire, and began rolling, staying in the same space as he rolled. The rolling sent the ground into frenzy, sending out waves of earth in a pallet pattern to hit the dog Pokémon, while doing so destroyed the blue Heat Have,

    “Jump and use Beat Up!” Houndoom’s eyes glowed a bright blue, as he jumped to avoid the waves, which had risen five feet in the air! However, just as the five silhouettes split from Houndoom’s body, Toby called out,

    “Use Earth power to hit him!” Donphan jumped as he rolled, sending a rock wave up the slope, which flew several feet in the air! Houndoom watched as the giant piece of earth headed his way.

    “Use Nasty Plot! Save yourself!” Houndoom closed his eyes, and as a black cloud appeared over his head, he got an idea. Suddenly his tail turned into chrome silver, which he then pointed down. As he fell, he sliced the rock in two down the middle, then caught Donphan by surprise by knocking him on top of his head, followed by an Icy slash by a small, black shadow, then a burning slash by a giant shadow with wings, hit by a shadow enveloped in water traveling at high speeds, then by a shadow that just exploded in darkness upon contact. Finally, a giant, dinosaur-like shadow launched and Earthquake, and since he barely used half his power, he followed it up with Ice beam. Toby stared down the sloping earth as the wave headed toward him.

    “Use Rollout to ride the wave!” Donphan rolled up into a wheel and rolled up the wave. Houndoom looked in the middle as Donphan headed towards him, then Keel yelled,

    “Dark pulse!” Houndoom’s eyes turned black, and then his body protruded a black bubble that curved the wave to the side,

    “Spin!” yelled Toby. Donphan began to spin to the side as he rolled. This made the wave curb to the side, in which left a opening to hit Houndoom, but Keel didn’t let it stop there,

    “Houndoom, use Roar!” Houndoom breathed in, then let out a howl that stunned the ears,

    “DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!” as he roared, Donphan lost momentum, and was sent flying backwards. Houndoom’s mouth then filled with a blue flame, as he ran forward and bit his prey on the trunk.

    “DUAAAAA!!!!” Toby had an idea,

    “Donphan! Now’s your chance! Use Rollout!” Donphan got through the pain and rolled into a ball, but Houndoom couldn’t let go! Donphan began to roll, slamming Houndoom into the ground with each rotation.

    “Use Reversal!” yelled Keel, and when he did, Houndoom’s last rotation landed him on his feet, where he then lifted Donphan off the ground by his trunk, and then began slamming him into the ground hardly. Toby, still using tricks up his sleeves, commanded Donphan,

    “Use Earthquake as you fall!” Donphan heard, then, as he connected with the ground, let out pulses through the ground, one hitting Houndoom, then as he struggled to stay balanced, Donphan fell again, escaping to safety using Rollout, then, using the same ramp he made before, turned around, Toby then shouted, “Use Giga Impact as you roll!” Donphan’s body became surrounded in a pink, pixilated aura, as he rolled toward Houndoom, picking up speed by two fold. Keel then pointed and shouted,

    “Houndoom, use Hyperbeam and Reversal!” Houndoom’s body became enveloped with that same white light as before, and while doing so, a black orb of energy sparked in his mouth, followed by the concentration being fired, waving force as the sheer pressure of the concentrated energy hit Donphan square on, but that didn’t stop him, as he just enveloped the Hyperbeam to strengthen his attack by double what it was,

    “Donphan! Upon contact, use Earthquake!” Donphan kept on rolling, blazing through the black energy beam, until he made contact, at which point the pressure caused an earthquake to hit, leaving a dent in the ground. However, Houndoom’s reversal was fully charged, an as Donphan made contact, the energy released from his body, making a giant explosion bigger than the last! As it enveloped the field, Keel threw up another shield. Donphan and Houndoom sustained way too much damage, and were forced into their energetic forms, or orbs of red light, and returned to their balls, all during the explosion. Toby saw it coming, and looked back to make sure the others were alright, which they were, all at a safe distance at the height of a cliff. Ollette, Ace, Diana, Aipom, and Azurill feared the worse for Toby, as unlike Keel, he had no protection against the explosion.

    “TOBY!!! RUUUNN!!!!” yelled Diana, while Ollette just stared in fear, and Ace knew the inevitable would happen,

    “This…This is it, Toby’s a goner!” Aipom and Azurill closed their eyes, for fear of what would happen. Back on the ground, Toby stared the light in the face, as it was seconds away from stealing his life.

    “Well, at least I died doing something I loved.” Said a solemn Toby, knowing even if he tried running, he would never make it. Just when all hope was lost, Toby felt two hands touch both shoulders, each with three fingers. Toby looked back and saw his rescuer, “Haunter!” yelled Toby in shock. Haunter then smiled, and went intangible. The light hit both the Ghost Pokémon and the boy, but neither was scathed! Haunter had saved him at the brink of death! The light disappeared slowly, and as the battle scarred beach became visible again. Ace, Diana, and Ollette looked down at the beach to see Toby’s dead body, but were surprised to see Haunter on his shoulder and Toby still alive! Diana hugged Ollette in excitement, while Ace cheered from above,

    “Woohoo! Way to show Keel who's boss Toby!”

    “Ah ah ua ah ah ah!” cried Aipom, as it jumped for joy. Toby looked back up, and gave a thumb up, then high fived Haunter.

    “Nice save man!” cheered Toby, as haunter cheered while smiling,

    “Haunter Haunt Haunt!” said haunter with a cheery face. Keel lowered his personal shield to see who had survived, and noticed Toby still standing, and his annoying Pokémon.

    “So, your personal shadow rescues you again? That thing is way too attached to you for your own good.” said Keel sarcastically. Toby remarked,

    “Yeah, well at least he WOULD save me! Yours would probably be better off without you!” Keel snarled, reaching for two balls this time. One was a Net ball, and another was a Pokeball with a green and dark green design. Keel threw the Net ball in the air first, releasing Sharpedo into battle,

    “SHARRRR!!!!!” growled the angry Pokémon, as it bit the air. Then Keel threw another ball, this time releasing a torrent of black energy, inside a silhouette of a large dinosaur-like Pokémon stood with glowing yellow eyes. The torrent of shadows stopped, and there stood a giant, green Pokémon with holes in its body. The Pokémon opened its purple eyes and roared towards the sky,

    “TYYYYYRRRAAANNNNIIITTTTAAAARRRR!!!!!!” roared the angry Tyranitar, the earth practically shaking from its voice. Ace looked down and freaked, running back to hide behind Aipom, shivering in fear. Diana and Ollette looked down to see Keel’s most ferocious Pokémon, Sharpedo and Tyranitar, staring down Toby and Haunter. Ollette frowned in disappointment,

    “That cheater! It’s two against one!” Diana agreed,

    “Yeah, well Keel’s never been one for rules, or laws for that matter.” Ace looked forward, seeing Ollette, still in her orange bikini, and Dian bend over. As he thought naughty thoughts, he raised both hands to touch them; however, Aipom punched him in the face, leaving a black eye. Diana looked back at Ace, then dragged his head and place his general direction of sight over the cliff so he could see, Ace flared up,

    “WHAT! TWO AGAINST ONE! YOU CHEATING BASTARD!” Keel looked up at Ace, then without missing a beat, Tyranitar launched a fireball up there. Ace panicked, as he was hit, scorched, and fell down to ground level. Diana looked down to see if he was okay, followed by Aipom jumping down to wake him up. While he was twitching, Ace weakly raised his hand and weakly said, “I’m okay!” followed by a rock from where the fireball hit landing on his head, leaving a knot. Ollette looked down nervously, but Ace, reassured them, “I’m…still…okay..” but then a bunch of other rocks fell on top of him, burying him in rubble. Ace stuck his hand out of the rocks, and gave another reply, “Okay….I’M NOT OKAY!” Aipom started digging his partner out, followed by Diana and Ollette, with a little cheering by Azuril, who had run down to assist him. Keel started laughing, followed by Tyranitar, at the stupidity of Diego’s friends. Toby glared at him, followed by a rare serious face by Haunter.

    “You think this is a joke? You could’ve killed us!” haunter growled in agreement. Keel scoffed, followed by a sigh by Tyranitar, sarcastically,

    “Actually, I find it quite hilarious. Your friends could’ve prevented all of this by just telling me where Drake was, but no. She had to play hero.” Ollette overheard, looking at Gerald’s unconscious body back on the hill. Then she began to cry. Diana stood up and yelled at Keel.

    “Look you jerk, Captain Drake never told us where he was going! Why would we lie about that!?!” Azurill nodded in agreement,

    “Hmph, lies. You do know where he’s at! Now tell me or” suddenly Toby stepped in front of them, followed by Haunter. Keel and Tyranitar laughed at him evilly, “Ha! You think I’ll stop if you’re standing there?” Tyranitar charged an attack with its mouth; then fired an orange light! “Think again!” suddenly, a hole appeared in front of Toby, where Grotle appeared, followed by a voice from behind Toby,

    “Grotle, Light Screen!” Grotle’s bushes glowed a bright white, and suddenly many gel-like orbs appeared in front of him, finally solidifying into a glass like shield.

    “GROOOOO!!!!” roared the giant turtle, as the shield blocked the attack, and reflected it towards the sky. Keel, Toby, Haunter, Tyranitar, Sharpedo, Ace, who was dug up; Diana, Ollette, Aipom, and Azuril all looked towards the canyon exit, and there stood the spiky haired boy wearing a the same black collared shirt, orange cargo pants, blue hip belt and bag, arm tape, black and red bracelets, and black and grey shoes they all knew: Diego! Ollette’s Eevee jumped from Diego’s right shoulder and ran to Ollette and hugged her with joy. Diego walked towards Toby with a smirk on his face,

    “Ah, started the party without me, huh?” Toby laughed; then looked at Keel with a serious face.

    “This wasn’t a party, more like a war. He destroyed that spa over there,” Toby pointed at the remains of the Mt. Ember Spa, where nothing but tubs of hot water and rubble remained, “And in the process, he severely injured Gerald.” Toby pointed at his unconscious body, laying face down on a grassy hill, with second degree burns on his back, “And while we’re at it, he also nearly killed Ace.” Diego turned and looked at his best friend, as he was rubbing his knot on his head. Diego looked at Keel with anger in his eyes,

    “Toby, he’s got two Pokémon, and we’ve got two Pokémon,” Toby nodded in agreement, looking at Haunter, who nodded as well; while Diego looked at his Grotle, who also nodded. “Let’s kick this guy’s ass!” Toby agreed,

    _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Diego finally made it to the fight, after Donphan and Houndoom's tie in the battle of brains. Now he and Toby are mad for him messing with their friends. Will their tag-team of Grotle and Haunter be able to take down the most dangerous duo on Keel's team? Find out next time in Chapter 9!!!!!!


    Next time!:
    Keel's pokemon are on the move, using the environment to their aide, while Haunter utilyzes his Gost type powers and Grotle utilizes his new abilities! But wait a sec....another Pokemon is evolving? Which one will it be? Will Diego and Toby's tag team overcome Keel's super powered Pokemon?

    Next Time: Tag Team match! Diego and Toby vs. Keel!

    See ya next time ;)
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  9. Chapter 9
    Keel stood before Diego and Toby, cross armed, with his back to the beach. He sees his two opponents, Haunter and Grotle, and just laughs,

    “Hahahahaha!!!! Sharpedo, put them out of their misery, Ice beam and Aqua Jet! Sharpedo charged at Grotle, turning into an ice torpedo, Diego started to attack, but Toby cut him out,

    “I got this!” Haunter touched Grotle, and made him intangible, “Haunter, Hypnosis!” Haunter’s eyes began to glow a bright red, and when Sharpedo went through them, He turned around, and headed towards Tyranitar, however, Keel didn’t let this stop him.

    “Hyperbeam” Diego and Toby were shocked, as the giant green dinosaur released an intense charge of black energy, which broke the protective ice and passed right through Sharpedo’s body! It kept going until Grotle put up another chloroplast Light Screen, which only redirected the blast to the ground, Diego and Toby were surprised,

    “You just killed your own Pokémon!” yelled Diego, but to their surprise, Sharpedo got back up, unaware of his previous actions, not even a hole in him.

    “What? But how!?!” yelled Toby, Keel was happy to oblige,

    “When it swims, water has to constantly pump through its body, making him swim so fast, in other words, there’s a tube going straight through him!” Keel’s face made that creepy smile again, but Diego had a plan, sorta.

    “Grotle! Use Seed Bomb!” while falling, Grotle straightened itself and fired away at the two enemies,

    “Tyranitar, Blizzard and Flamethrower!” yelled Keel, as the openings in Tyranitar’s body began to blow snow at Haunter and Grotle, and then Tyranitar let loose a wave of fire from its mouth, aimed straight for Grotle.

    “Haunter, use Spite!” yelled Toby,

    “Haunteeeeeeeeeerrrrr!!!!” Haunter’s eyes began to smoke as Tyranitar’s shadow passed through its body, holding a flaming ball, however this did not stop the Blizzard, as it hit both the Turtle Pokémon and the Gas Pokémon. The two fell to the ground, still intact. They both struggled to get up, but were surprised by Sharpedo,

    “Night Strike!” suddenly what looked like a shadow version of Aqua Jet was heading straight for them, but Diego had a thought,

    “Use Leech Seed!” As Sharpedo touched Grotle’s nose, seven seeds popped out of Grotle’s shrubs and stuck to Sharpedo’s skin, suddenly making him loose momentum, “Like it? That’s a new move we learned. Leech seed drains the body of all its energy, like a parasite!” Keel watched as Sharpedo’s energy drained out of him slowly, but then had an idea,

    “Tyranitar, Fire Punch!” The Armor Pokémon’s right fist became alit with flame, and then Sharpedo suddenly flew at the fist, which stunned everyone on the good side. Suddenly, the seeds on Sharpedo’s back burned off, and there wasn’t any trace left. However, Grotle and Haunter used enough of his energy to heal themselves. “Sharpedo, Surf! Tyranitar, Earthquake!” Diego looked back at Axe, Diana, and Ollette with fright on his face,

    “Get to higher ground!” Ace complied, grabbing the other two and dragging Gerald up the hill. It was that instant that Sharpedo roared,

    “SHARRRRR!!!!” causing a tidal wave to rise out of the ocean, followed by the thudding of Tyranitar’s tail on the ground, causing the ground to shake. The wave came down fast, but Haunter saved Diego, Toby, and Grotle by grabbing on to them, turning them into ghost. It wasn’t long until the field was covered in water, which hid Sharpedo.

    “Dammit!” yelled Toby, “Where’d he go?” Keel laughed, as they completely ignored the rampaging Tyranitar running their way,

    “Tyranitar! Outrage!” yelled Keel, as the Tyranitar’s eyes turned red. Grotle rushed towards the rushing monster, with his body glowing red. Diego then shouted,

    “Grotle! Use Superpower!” Toby was shocked that Grotle knew that move, which also irked Keel, Diego looked at Toby and Haunter, “I’ll deal with Tyranitar; you use Haunter to find Sharpedo!”Toby nodded in agreement. Grotle’s head made contact with Tyranitar, shoving him back a bit, even putting a crack in his armor, but Tyranitar looked down and started breathing an odd, orange burst of energy crackling with blue sparks. Grotle was hit, but wasn’t burning, “Grotle, just try to wait it out! He’ll get delirious soon!” Keel then looked over Toby’s direction, looking for Sharpedo, and began to think,

    *Dammit! Even though I’m on the verge of victory, I’ve only got one brain. I can’t keep up with their separate minds!* but then he had a break through, “Sharpedo, use Blizzard in the water!” Suddenly the water turned from the ocean sea to the Antarctic chill as the wet field turned to ice. Haunter was out of reach, but Grotle’s feet were frozen! Toby had an idea though,

    “Haunter, throw Will-O-Wisp balls down on Grotle’s feet!”

    “Haaaaun…ter!” Haunter’s hands became filled with fire balls as he threw four to unfreeze Grotle, who was now able to get a shot on Tyranitar while it was confused,

    “Grotle, while its teetering around, charge up Solar Beam!” yelled Diego, afterwards Grotle jumped back and started gathering energy in his shrubs to fire an attack while Tyranitar was teetering around, not being able to see straight. Meanwhile, Haunter searched for Sharpedo above water, when suddenly,

    “Use Super Fang!” Keel yelled out, as the Brutal Pokémon leapt out of the water and bit Haunter hard, which upset Toby,

    “HAUNTER!!!!” yelled the upset trainer, but suddenly, he had an idea, “Haunter, can you still move?” Haunter was still in the shark’s mouth struggling to get free, but he looked at Toby and nodded yes,

    “Haunter Haunt!” Toby then pointed,

    “Use Curse!” Haunter then grabbed Sharpedo’s face, and entered his subconscious. As Sharpedo stood there in the darkness of his own mind, he suddenly found a nail in his head. What spooked him even more was the giant Haunter that swept down, swallowing him into a dark abyss. As Sharpedo fell, he was slowly being tortured by several Haunters, until; finally, he fell, hard, on the dark floor. Sharpedo looked up, still with with the nail in his head, and saw the giant Haunter again, this time, with swirling eyes. The giant monster cackled at his pain, and raised a giant finger, then uttering these final words,

    “Bye Bye,” he thrust his finger at Sharpedo’s nail, which affected him back in the real world too,

    “SHAR! SHAR! SHAAAAAARRRR!!!!!!” Sharpedo fell down in the water, and then rose back, belly up. Sharpedo was down for the count. Toby grinned in excitement, while Keel growled, returning Sharpedo to the ball in a bubble. Haunter ran back to Toby and gave him a high five,

    “Way to go dude! One down, one more to go!” Haunter smiled, and the others cheered,

    “Way to go Haunter!” yelled Diana, followed by Ace,

    “You rock dude!” which was followed by Ollette,

    “Nice going Toby!” but suddenly, Tyranitar snapped out of confusion, which made Keel grin,

    “Finish it, use Hyperbeam!” But before Tyranitar had a chance to fire, Sharpedo’s experience points fell out of the Net Ball. Just as Tyranitar fired, Grotle had gathered enough energy as well for his attack, which was followed by Diego’s command,

    “Grotle, fire!” Grotle roared,

    “GROOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” as he fired the beam of light from his mouth, which caught Tyranitar’s black beam by surprise. The two beams were evenly matched, until,

    “Haunter,” said Toby, “Grab some experience points and throw them at Grotle!” Haunter grabbed two Exp. Orbs, leaving two for himself, which he swallowed whole, and threw the two in his hands at Grotle, mid Solar Beam. The orbs went inside Grotle, causing three flairs to pop from his head. Diego cheered,

    “Sweet! Thanks a lot Toby! Grotle’s gone up a level!” yelled Diego with an exited face. Suddenly, Grotle’s body became enveloped with a bright light, as the trees from the forest and swirled around Grotle. Keel became panicked,

    “Tyranitar, more power before that blasted thing evolves!” Tyranitar let loose another pulse of energy that traveled down the already existing line, which pushed back Solar Beam by a lot. Diana was confused,

    “What’s going on with Grotle?” Ollette cut in,

    “He’s already done this once already, you should know!” Ace then followed up,

    “Grotle’s evolving into…” suddenly, the leaves cleared, and there, where the smaller-giant turtle stood, stood a giant, massive turtle with three spikes on his left side and a tree on the right. His grey eyes transformed into red, and his body became bulkier, when Diego saw this, he knew what to do,

    “Torterra, use Hyperbeam!” the giant turtle let loose a red beam of light straight through the Solar Beam, which caused the flow of energy to bounce back and hit Tyranitar, as Torterra roared through it,

    “TOOOOOORRRR!!!!!” Diego and the others cheered him on,

    “Come on buddy! Just a little more!” Ace followed raising a fist in the air,

    “You can do it!” while the others cheered on their own cheers. As Tyranitar was enveloped by the light, Keel began to panic,

    *Dammit all! Just when I had them!* Tyranitar screamed at the light,

    “TYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!” and suddenly, he turned back into a dark orb, returning to his ball. With nowhere left to go, the beam of light flashed out into the ocean, hitting a small mountain, destroying it into rubble. The light faded away, and Torterra and Haunter were the only two Pokémon left on the field. Diego, Ace, Diana, Ollette, the two Eevees, Aipom, Azuril, Toby, and Haunter all ran over to congratulate the newly evolved Torterra. Diego hugged him in happiness, while the others, except Toby, jumped up down. Keel growled,

    “Well, I only lost because it was two against one.” Diego smirked, sitting on top of Torterra with his Eevee on his shoulder, and yelled back,

    “Yeah, well next time you’ll only have to deal with me and Torterra!” Torterra smiled in happiness,

    “Torterra!” while Eevee budged in,

    “Ui ui,” Diego was shocked, then raised his thumb,

    “And Eevee too!” Eevee nodded in agreement. Suddenly, a green, dragonfly-like dragon came flying from the tall Mt. Ember, as it settled down in the sand, and let its master down. It was Drake, long overcoat and all. Keel turned around to see the man standing, with his hat blocking the sun, wearing the same battled damaged pants tucked in his boots, his long overcoat, and his captain’s hat covering his gray hair. The old man, with the shiny Dratini around his neck, looked all around; then looked at his surroundings: A battle damaged beach, canyon, the remains of the Mt. Ember spa, a broken cliff, and Gerald, who was now getting back up, with his burns. He then looked down at Keel, who was bearing his fangs, with a stern look,

    “I don’t suppose you’re the one who caused all this damage, now are you?” Ollette ran up to him and explained everything, while Diego, Toby, and Ace grabbed Gerald and put him on top of Torterra. Drake looked at Keel, who was now walking away with his hands in his pockets, and spoke, “Well? I thought you wanted to battle.” Keel turned around, still with his annoyed look, and spoke,

    “I’m not ready yet,” Keel then looked at Ollette, then at Diana, and finally over to Diego, Toby, and Ace, “Not if I’m losing to these losers.” Drake watched as he made his way toward the canyon, releasing a giant, black bird with a strange, hat shaped head. Keel climbed on its back, and as the bird flapped its wings, Drake called out,

    “You better take your Pokémon to the Center. I’ll be waiting when you change your mind.” Keel looked forward, then commanded his bird,

    “Honchkrow! Fly to the island’s Pokémon Center.” The bird took off, cawing its name, attracting smaller black birds known as Murkrow,

    “HOOOOONCH!!!!!” followed by,

    “Murkrow Murkrow!” as they flew off.

    Drake walked over to Gerald, who was awake now, and looked at his back. Dratini then climbed off Drake’s shoulders, and began singing in a beautiful, child like voice,

    “Dratiini Dratini Draatee Drateenii Drateeeenee, Draatinee Drateeni Dratinee Drateee,eenee.” As the song ended, Gerald’s wounds lit up with a
    bright light, which shocked everyone,

    “What on earth?” said Toby, while Haunter stared,

    “What was that?” asked Diego, Ollette complemented the shiny Dratini,

    “It was beautiful,” Diana just stared at it, while Drake answered,

    “That’s Dratini’s odd gift. It may be weak in battle, but it has an odd ability to reverse things, just by singing that little tune.” As the light from Gerald’s body faded, his skin was completely normal, just as if nothing happened! Gerald got up to see Dratini, and patted its head,

    “Thank you, little angel.” The Dratini couldn’t smile, for lack of mouth, but he closed his eyes in a way that almost said, “you’re welcome”. Ollette went over to hug Gerald,

    “Are you hurt anywhere? Ooooh! It was all my fault too! I’m so sorry Gerald!” Gerald simply smiled, then patted her on the head, “Then you forgive me?” asked Ollette, with tears in her eyes, Gerald nodded in agreement. However, Drake interrupted them,

    “No, it’s my fault,” everyone looked back at Drake, who had his eyes closed and arms crossed, “I could have easily left a note to tell you where I was going. But instead I left you in the dark.” Diana was the only one brave enough to ask,

    “But, where exactly were you?” Drake opened an eye, then turned towards the tall mountain island towards the ocean.

    “There, Mt. Ember.” Gerald’s face lit up, as he knew why,

    “Captain, you” Drake interrupted him,

    “Oh but I did. Arcanine was just as much my friend as yours. And,” he walked over to put his hand on his shoulder, “you are my friend too.” While Ace, Ollette, Diana, and Toby had no idea of what he was talking about, Diego walked in front of Gerald to speak,

    “And, you’re ours too!” Drake and Gerald smiled, along with Eevee and Torterra.

    “Thank you, Diego.” Gerald stood up and walked to the shore line, realizing the bridge that was once there seven years ago was gone. “Captain, how are we going to get to Mt. Ember?” Ollette had an Idea,

    “Gerald, may I see my bag for a moment?” Gerald handed it back to here, when Diana commented,

    “Oh, I almost forgot you were still in your bathing suit.” Apparently so did Diego, as when he looked at her, he fell backwards, nose bleeding, and started twitching on the ground. Ace never forgot, as he kept staring, sorta drooling. Aipom took it upon himself to discipline his master with a punch, which knocked him down,

    “OH COME ON! I’ve been knocked down enough today!” Everyone started laughing, except for Diego’s Eevee, still trying to wake up his master.

    Ollette got dressed again, and reached for her Heal Ball, which was a pink Pokeball with blue patterns on it.

    “Lapras, I need you!” called Ollette as she threw the ball out into the ocean. When the ball opened, a chill could be felt in the air as the silhouette formed before them as a large, blue Pokémon with four flippers, a shell on its back, curled ears, and a horn. The Transport Pokémon then uttered a cry,

    “Laaaapras.” Drake climbed back on his Flygon, while Diego finally got his Pokeball back and returned Torterra to his ball,

    “Thanks a lot buddy, you helped out tons!” Torterra simply smiled, as he turned into a green, orb of energy and returned to his ball. Ollette, Ace, Diana, and Gerald, along with Diego’s Eevee, Ollette’s Eevee, Aipom, and Azurill all climbed on Lapras, and when Diego was about to, Drake stopped him,

    “Hold up!” Everyone looked at Drake for a moment, “Diego, I saw that your Croconaw was next on the list of Evolving Pokémon, so I’d suggest you start now.” Diego looked at him with a disappointed face, but opened up his net ball. Out of the ball came his midsized, blue, red spine, yellow bellied, crocodilian, Big Jaw Pokémon, Croconaw, who flexed his muscles as he said his name,

    “Croconaw,” Diego turned to the ocean with an annoyed face, and dove in,

    “Well Croconaw, if we’re going to swim all the way to Mt. Ember, we might as well start now.” Croconaw smiled, as swimming was his favorite sport. He jumped in the water, letting Diego grab his tail. Diego looked back at the others, and said, “See you all at shore.” Croconaw began to swim, rather fast, when Lapras took off, passing them up, followed by Drake and Flygon. “Aug!!!!” complained Diego, Ollette yelled back,

    “See you at the shore!!” Diego had a saddened look on his face,

    “Alright Croc, let’s kick it into overdrive!”
    So, Keel has been beaten, Grotle has evolved, and now the journey to the top of Mt. Ember begins just as Croconaw's training does, what will happen next? Find out next time, in chapter 10!

    *Prepares voice*

    NEXT TIME!!!!!: When the gang makes it to the foot of Mt. Ember, things get shaky as Team Rocket appears out of nowhere! Can Diego and Croconaw get stronger before they do something bad? And what's this about some burning, flying chicken?

    Next Time: Across the seas to the hottest Mountains! Team Rocket Strikes!

    See ya soon! ;)

    Oh, and I may not have the next one up as quickly as yesterday, so just be patient.

    ps: Here's another theme song, decided to do like the animes and add a new theme every so instalments. In this case, 10.
    Sambomaster ~ Hikari no Rock ~ Ending Bleach Movie 2 I do not claim any rights to this video, Sambo Master, nor Bleach.
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  10. Chapter 10

    Thirty minutes later

    Diego and Croconaw finally made it to the shores of Mt. Ember, where waiting was everybody else, having a picnic.

    “What!!! You’re having lunch!!!” said Diego, with an angry face, as he only had berries on the island. Croconaw barked in anger,

    “Croc croc!!!” yelled the blue crocodile. Everyone was sitting on a plaid blanket, sitting down, chowing down on sandwiches, which made Diego and Croconaw tear up. Eevee got up and ran over to Diego with a plump belly full of food,

    “Well, did you make sure they saved some for us?” Eevee nodded his head,

    “Ui ui!” Ollette dug in the picnic basket for four sandwiches, and as she held them in her hand, Diego’s mind filled with wonder, as she looked like a goddess holding food for him.

    “Here’s your and Croconaw’s share, two sandwiches each!” Ollette smiled as she looked at Diego’s eyes bubble up. He crawled over to the blanket, sat down next to Ace, who was sitting in a cross legged style feeding his Spinarak, and took a sandwich, followed by Croconaw, who grabbed both of his. Croconaw swallowed them both whole, falling backwards in delight. Diego chewed his sandwich slowly, cherishing the taste of the honey baked ham under the white bread. He looked at Ollette and said sincerely,

    “You’re too kind!” as he began to cry from sheer joy. Ollette laughed nervously, while Ace moved away, as he was creeped out.

    “Dude, watch the waterworks man!” which was followed by Diana interrupting,

    “We also saved some for the others too!” Diego had just finished scarfing down the sandwiches, and then released the other four Pokémon in the balls on his hip belt.

    “Gabite!” yelled a medium sized land shark,

    “Meeeeetang!” yelled a large, metal being in a cybernetic-Scottish brogue,

    “TOOOOORRRR!!!” roared the giant plant turtle,

    “Quil.” Somberly spoke the small, weasel like green and yellow fire Pokémon. All the others looked at Torterra as if they had never seen him before, Metang especially.

    “Metang?” asked the curious Pokémon, as he didn’t see his smaller, turtle companion.

    “Guys, this is Grotle. He evolved into Torterra!” Gabite, Quilava, Croconaw, and Metang all looked in surprise. Torterra simply smiled at his mechanical friend. Drake stood up, looking at Diego’s Pokémon.

    “Diego, how well do Croconaw and Quilava work together?” Diego stood up; then looked at his two mentioned Pokémon looking at each other with surprise, blinking each.

    “I guess they do fair. I know that they tend to work harder when they see each other compete.” Drake nodded,

    “I see.” Toby looked at Drake, wondering what he was thinking, while the other four moved on to chowder. “If what you say is true, then maybe you’d better off trying to train them both at the same time.” Diego seemed surprised at the proposal, but looked at Croconaw and Quilava, who looked up at him. They both nodded in approval. Ollette looked at the duo,

    “Yeah, they do work together well! Remember when they evolved last time?” The others closed their eyes to remember. Toby and Gerald weren’t there, so they didn’t know how.

    “Yeah I remember! It was a horde of Steelix!” said Ace, snapping his fingers.

    “Oh yeah, back at Mt. Mortar!” Diego recalled a moment of peril he and his friends encountered back in the cave, as two, giant, Steel Snake Pokémon were about to swallow them, when Cyndaquil and Totodile evolved at the touch of their hands. The newly evolved Croconaw took out one Steelix with an Aqua Tail, while the newly evolved Quilava scorched the other with the smashing power of Flame Wheel.

    “Alright; me, Croconaw, and Quilava will all work together to climb this mountain until they both evolve,” said Diego, smiling, with Croconaw on his left side and Quilava on his right.


    “Quil!” nodded both of the Pokémon. Drake smiled at this; then sat back down, waiting for the others to finish their luncheon. About ten minutes had passed when Ollette and Diana returned the items to their Item Balls, which were balls similar to Pokeballs, just meant for storage. Everyone was ready to roll, until…

    “WHAT!!!!” yelled Diego, as Drake was holding his other four balls while Gerald held his Eevee, “You want us to climb a different mountain trail!!” Diego was frustrated, as he was already separated from his friends once today. Drake looked at him with his stern face, which scared Diego and his water and fire type Pokémon.

    “I thought you said you would do anything?” sarcastically spoke Drake, as Toby grinned, while Ace and Diana laughed. Ollette went over to him and whispered,

    “Diego, you can do it! These two know a good majority of HM moves that will help you in the trail. Besides that, I’ll do something special for you if you do it,” softly spoke Ollette, which sparked the others’ attention. Diego’s ears perked at the sound of this,

    “What is it?” asked the curious fourteen-year-old. Ollette whispered an inaudible sound into Diego’s ear, which made him blush, “You’d do that for me?” Ollette smiled,

    “Of course silly!” Ace looked at Diana, and began speculating,

    “What’d she promise him?” Diana was just as confused,

    “I’m not sure, but Diego seemed to like the idea.” Ace’s face lit up, which was followed by a naughty expression,

    “Oooh….I think I know! Lucky bastard.” Diana heard him, but didn’t quite get it.

    “What? What’s she going to do for him?” Ace raised a hand over her ear, and whispered silently. Diana’s face blushed; then she hit him with her purse, sending him to the ground. “Ollette’s not that kind of girl and Diego’s not that kind of guy!” Gerald just stood in the background, petting Diego’s Eevee, with a sweat drop. Toby then walked up to them and corrected them,

    “You two are idiots. She didn’t promise him… “that”…she promised him two extra bowls of Chili tonight.” Haunter laughed the two, who were dumbfounded by Diego’s simplistic mind, and what scared them even more was Ollette’s understanding of it. Diego turned to the east side path, which was a craggy side that faced the ocean, and raised a salute,

    “Well, see you guys at the top!” Croconaw and Quilava nodded in agreement, as they ran off down the trail. Toby shook his head,

    “That guy is way too simple to read.” Ollette put on a smile,

    “He’s always been that way, ever since we met. Food’s always been the best way to bribe him.” Diana laughed,

    “That’s the best way to bribe any guy!” Ollette and Diana giggled, while Ace adjusted his glasses, making a glare with them,

    “It’s not the best way I know. Hehehe” with that, Aipom jumped from the ground and gave him an uppercut, “Okay, that’s good too.” Drake turned around and led the way up the mountain.

    Meanwhile, Diego’s trail leads him to a crossroad, quite literally in fact. Quilava and Croconaw are fighting about which way to go: left or right.

    “Croc croc croc!” yelled the water Pokémon, wagging his finger at the left,

    “Quil quil quil!” yelled Quilava, pointing to the right. The two Pokémon butt heads until…

    “Guys, settle down! They both go the same way.” Diego pointed out that whether they went left or right, the direction always looped back into each other, going straight. The duo raised their heads in the opposite directions, crossing their arms. Diego grabbed them both and walked left, “C’mon guys, we’re all friends here. Like it or not, the others aren’t here to bail us out, so we’ve got to be” Diego was interrupted by an explosion, which shocked Diego and his Pokémon. They ran over to see what it was, only to find a hole in the wall, still steaming from the explosion, and two men wearing black outfits with white gloves and boots. Diego overheard their conversation.

    “So, what are we looking for again?” asked the man on the left with blue hair,

    “Don’t tell me you forgot already! We’re looking for that gem, you know, the Ruby!” retorted the man on the right with red hair.

    “But what about those rumors about some burnin’ chicken?” asked the blue haired man, which caught Diego’s attention,

    “You mean a Blaziken?” asked the curious young boy, as if he wasn’t intruding,

    “No no no, this chicken could fly! Now what was it called…” spoke the red haired man, and with this, Diego popped open his black and orange Pokedex, looking up the characteristics of a fire and flying type, and only one came up that wasn’t in the Charmander line,

    “You mean Moltres?” asked Diego innocently, with Quilava and Croconaw looking up at him. Both of the men turned around, looking at the boy, acting as if they didn’t know he was eavesdropping,

    “Yeah kid! That’s it!” said the blue haired man. Suddenly they jumped, realizing he was a regular kid.

    “What! This guy’s not a member of Team….” The blue haired man covered up the red haired man’s mouth,

    “Hey dude, just run along now and… and…” the two men couldn’t stop looking at Diego’s Croconaw and Quilava. Diego also noticed the red “R” on their shirts.

    “Hey, what’s the R stand for? I think I’ve seen it before.” Inquired the oblivious Diego,

    “Oh that? It stands for…for…” the red haired man interrupted the blue haired man,

    “Recycle! That’s right, we’re proud members of R.A.P.!” nervously said the red head, who was sweating nervously. Diego tilted his head in confusion,

    “R.A.P.? You mean like ‘rap music’?” asked the innocently confused Diego, the blue head replied,

    “No no dude! It stands for…eh…. Recycle…..and……Populate?” That’s right! We work to recycle things so mankind can have better places to live!” said the blue head, as he began laughing nervously,

    “Yep! Nothing against the law going on here!” the red head nervously replied. Diego pondered for a moment, as he knew he’d seen the red R somewhere before,

    “Wait!” snapped Diego, which shocked Croconaw and Quilava, “I know who you are now!” this shocked the two, as they began sweating pools of sweat, “You’re Team Rocket!” said Diego, still smiling for a few seconds. This shocked the duo, as they stood waiting for his reaction, “Yeah!.....Hey wait a minute…. You’re Team Rocket!!! What’re you doing here in the Sevii Islands!” asked Diego, pointing his fingers, while Quilava’s flares went up and Croconaw growled.

    “Crrrrrrr,” growled Croconaw,

    “Quiiiill,” growled Quilava. The two men had enough, because at this point they released two Pokémon from two separate Pokeballs marked with the same red R. The first they released was a prickly sort. It was blue and yellow, and was in the shape of a ball.

    “Qwilfish!” cried the Balloon Pokémon. Which was followed by a fire type Pokémon, one that Diego and friends just had to deal with,

    “Hound Hound!” barked the black Houndour. Suddenly the Qwilfish jumped on the Houndour’s back, sticking to him like a turret. The two men in black sneered, as they revealed who they were,

    “That’s right! We’re Team Rocket alright!” yelled the blue haired man,

    “Damn straight! We’re the Loco brothers!” yelled the red haired man, with Houndour and Qwilfish in the center of their odd masters. “I’m Pyra! The master of flames that is Houndour!” yelled the red haired man, pointing in the sky, while Houndour, still with Qwilfish on his back, blew fire into the air,

    “DOOOOOUUUURRR!!!” roared the pup,

    “And I’m Aquo! The wielder of water that is Qwilfish!” yelled the blue haired man, as Qwilfish, still on Houndour’s back, blew water in the air,

    “QWIIIILLLL!!!!” cried the fish. As the two made an awkward stance behind them,

    “Together, we are the elite of the elite! The very best in Team Rocket! We are…” suddenly a drum rolled, “The Loco Brothers!” and from the same place the drums came from, a horn flared, as confetti flew into the air. Diego, Croconaw, and Quilava stared at the Rockets, all with a sweat drop on their head.

    “Yeah… That’s nice and all, but I’m gonna have to stop ya,” the duo jumped at these words, “You see, from what I heard, you guys are up to something bad, and unless you surrender, I’ll have to blow you away,” the duo smirked at these words, when they both yelled,

    “Houndour, Smog! Qwilfish, Poison Sting” the dog’s mouth leaked out a blinding gas, while the fish’s mouth blew out a lot of glowing needles, which caught Diego by surprise. When the smoke cleared, the needles were stuck in the ground, and the duo made their way inside the cave. Diego opened his eyes to see where they were at, and when he saw the two getting away, he and his two Pokémon gave chase,

    “Hey! Where do you two think you’re going!” yelled Diego as he ran into the darkness.

    A few minutes later, Diego was deep inside the cave that was lit with lamps along the walls. Diego had fought off many wild Pokémon with Quilava and Croconaw, and while he was annoyed, the duo were getting stronger.

    “Croconaw, hit Geodude with Water Gun!” the crocodile did as the master said and spat out a stream of water from its mouth, which hurt the small, craggy Pokémon. Exp. Orbs burst from its body, which was then calmly absorbed by Croconaw. As he absorbed them, three more orbs popped from his head, which Diego checked with the Pokedex. “Huh? That’s weird, according to the Pokedex, you’re at level thirty four, the same with Quilava; but you should’ve evolved four levels ago.” Croconaw looked back with a disappointed look on his face. Quilava went over to calm him down, as even though they were rivals, they were still friends. Diego spied a ladder that went down a level in the cave.


    “Quil?” inquired the two Pokémon.

    “Wonder where it goes?” asked Diego, suddenly grinning, “Let’s find out!” so they climbed down the stairs into a section of the cave with many
    boulders. “Huh. A strength puzzle eh? Haven’t had one of these in a while! Okay guys,” Diego looked at his two Pokémon with anticipation, and they looked back excitedly, “Let’s get pushing! Strength ahoy!” the trio began pushing on the boulder, which was rather easy to move thanks to Croconaw’s and Quilava’s Strength. They kept on pushing more boulders until they came to another crossroad. This time, they led in opposite directions. Diego thought for a moment about whether to go right or straight, “Hmm… What do you guys think?” Croconaw and Quilava thought for a moment; then ran to the right, Quilava on all fours, and Croconaw on his hind legs. “Okay, so right it is!”

    Meanwhile on the outside, the others felt an odd trembling underground. Diana was spooked, grabbing on to Drake’s coat, while Aipom, Azuril, and Ollette’s Eevee all grabbed Gerald, who stood there with a sweat drop on his serious face. Toby and Drake remained un-budged, while Ollette and Ace thought about Diego,

    “Wonder if he’s alright?” asked Ace, as Ollette corrected him,

    “Of course he’s alright! He’s Diego, the boy with a hard will and a harder head! Plus he’s got Quilava and Croconaw next to him, so he’s better than fine,” Ace stood there with a surprised look on his face while Diana just asked the obvious,

    “Okay, we get that Diego’s okay, but what about those tremors!” Drake turned around and patted the blonde girl on the head,

    “That was just the volcano. It always does that.” He said that as if that was supposed to comfort them, but it really made them more upset.

    “Besides that, we’re almost at the top, so if it was going to do anything, we’d be crushed by boulders already,” said Toby, followed by Haunter’s cheery smile,

    “Haunt Haunter,” which made Toby smile,

    “Well, at least you guys would. Haunter’s got my back,” said Toby, which comforted the others even more.

    “Gee, don’t I feel special,” sarcastically remarked Ace, who then became Aipom’s main ride again.

    “A ua a ua!” screeched the little monkey, wrapping his tail around his master’s shoulder. After a quick laugh, the others made continued their way up the mountain, while Ollette walked with Diego still on her mind.

    Back underground, more Wild Pokémon turned up as Quilava and Croconaw cleaned up.

    “Croconaw, Surf! Quilava, Lava Plume!” yelled Diego pointing at a horde of Slugma, which were lava like slugs, and also a horde of Zubat, which looked like eyeless monsters with wings.

    “Croc!!!!” yelled the Croconaw, as he poured a torrent of water at the fire slugs, causing hundreds of Exp. Points to fly about, after which being
    absorbed by him.

    “Quil!!!!” yelled Quilava as he summoned a wave of fire from his mouth, scorching the flying rats, creating more Exp. Orbs, which he then absorbed. But Diego still wasn’t satisfied with the results,

    “I don’t get it!” yelled Diego, looking at his Pokedex, “According to this, you’re both at level thirty-eight, which is eight levels above the time you,” said Diego, pointing at Croconaw, “should be evolving, and two levels above what you,” said Diego pointing at Quilava, “should be evolving. I don’t get it! Is there an Ever Stone stuck on you both?” Quilava and Croconaw checked themselves, but neither could find anything, which frustrated everyone. “Well, let’s keep walking,” solemnly spoke Diego, as he and his Pokémon walked forth, coming across another ladder. “Hey, shouldn’t we have run into those two yet? Oh well, not like they’ve got much Exp. Points anyway,” said Diego as they climbed the ladder into a room filled with stone tablets.


    “Quil?” inquired the duo, looking at a tablet.

    “What on earth are these?” asked Diego, “Hey wait a minute, this is Braille!” declared Diego with a finger in the air, which confused Quilava and Croconaw. “Oh, Braille is that writing that helps blind people read, except these are sketched into the side of the wall!” Diego then started counting the letters, which totaled up to twenty seven letters. “Wow, this must be a Braille alphabet!” declared Diego, as he dug for his Pokegear, which was orange with an orange with a black trim. He found it and started taking pictures of the wall to show to his friends. “There we go, all twenty-seven letters stored away!” then he heard Croconaw pointing at another ladder,

    “Croc! Croc!” yelled the persistent Croconaw, as he slid down the ladder, who was then followed by Quilava.

    “Quil!!!” yelled the Quilava as he slid down,

    “Hey guys, wait for meeeee!!!!!” yelled Diego as he slid down by holding on to the sides.

    And that's chapter 10. Will Diego catch up to the Loco bros? And just what is all the Braille for? Will Ace ever make a perverted comment and get away with it? (probably not) Find out next time in chapter 11!!

    *Cough cough cough* *hacks up a loogie, then spits into a spitoon*

    Next time! Diego's friends seem to have run into trouble on the surface, while Diego, Croconaw, and Quilava find something cool, but not before the Loco bros have anything to do about it. And what's with the fire and water show?

    Next Time: The Sacred Ruby! Typhlosion and Feraligatr are born!

    See you soon ;)

    also, I guess I'll sorta make an ending too I make no claims to this video or anything related to it
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  11. Here's a double feature :D

    Chapter 11

    While Diego continued his exploration in the cave, the others ran into trouble of their own. As they walked up the side of Mt. Ember, they came across two more Rocket grunts; these grunts were women, unlike the Loco Bros. They were both wearing long sleeve shirts with a red R on them, white elbow gloves, black miniskirts, a white belt, long thigh high boots, and the same black berets. Needless to say they were quite attractive, as Ace noticed.

    “Helloooo ladies!” yelled Ace, as he flirted, “I couldn’t help but notice you two were looking for something,” a glare came off of Ace’s still broken glasses as he adjusted them, “Do you need an extra set of hands? Cuz I’m extremely good with mine,” the two turned around looking at him with surprise, but not before Aipom knocked his lights out with a Focus Punch,

    “Aaaahhh!!!” yelled the flying monkey, as the glowing fist on his tail connected with Ac’s face, sending him into a wall.

    “Ya know what? I just remembered that my hands are sprained,” muttered Ace, while staring at their shirts. He then jumped up, still wearing his black eye, and pointed, “HEY!! YOU’RE WITH TEAM ROCKET!!!” the others jumped at this, as the two women stood up. The woman with curly, brown hair and amber eyes spoke up,

    “Yeah? So what if we are?” the other woman with short, wavy, black hair and emerald eyes then inserted,

    “What do you people care?” the two Eevees began to Growl at the two, which wooed the woman with brown hair,

    “Oh my! They are just,” the woman began to speak baby talk, “so cute, I could eat you up!” and while she wiggled her fingers at them, Toby’s
    Haunter finally decided he wanted attention, so he spooked her by flying through the ground right in her face and licked her, “GAH!!!” she shook for a minute, then fell down,

    “Haunt Haunt Haunt! Haunt Haunt *snort*” laughed the insane Ghost Pokémon, as he held his stomach. The woman with black hair then yelled at her partner,

    “Ugh. When are you going to realize, nobody, except other Rockets, like us?” the amber eyed woman looked back up at her emerald eyed partner with a puffed up face,

    “I can’t help it! You know I love cute Pokémon!” Ollette got tired of the babbling, and then stepped forth,

    “What are you Rockets doing here anyway?” asked Ollette, with an angered look on her face. Gerald just stood there, holding Azurill in his hands, with an angered look in his eyes, as he remembered when he was a child and his Growlithe had to ward off their Golbats. Diana then stepped forth,

    “Honestly isn’t one region enough for you idiots to terrorize?” asked the blonde girl, with an annoyed look on her face, while Drake stepped forth. He crossed his arms and looked at them with the same stern look that terrorized many; all while his Dratini was around his neck.

    “If I were you, I would drop out of Team Rocket immediately.” The two Rockets huddled up together out of fear, which for some reason made the black haired woman blush,

    “I know now’s an inappropriate time, but by any chance, are you single?” the others looked at her with a sweat drop on her face, while her partner yelled back,

    “Oh, I can’t look at cute Pokémon but you can go gaga over bad-asses?” they then began their senseless arguing, which made the others embarrassed. Toby got irritated,

    “SHUT UUUUPPP!!!!!” yelled Toby with his arms crossed and a vein bulging from his head. The others looked at him with surprise, as he walked over to grab the emerald eyed woman’s shoulders, “Name!” the woman blushed, but remembered that she was twenty-two,

    “Uh, Shara.” She nervously said; then Toby grabbed the amber eyed woman’s arms, looking at her with his dark, blue eyes,

    “Lira,” said the other woman. Toby then let go and walked back to where he was, with everyone looking at him.

    “Keel much?” asked Ace, which made the others laugh, while Toby acted surprised, as he flashed back at what Keel put his Houndoom through at
    the beach, then frowned. The two women smirked, then as they stood up, they released a Pokémon each. Lira released a midsized cat, purple cat-like Pokémon with a fork in its tail. The purple Pokémon looked up, and cried its name,

    “Espeon!” as it prepared for attack, while Shara released a midsized black Pokémon with red eyes and yellow rings on its body,

    “Umbreon”, cried the defensive Pokémon. The two women sneered at the gang, which only riled them up,

    “Ponyta, take care of these Rockets!” yelled Ace, as he released a Heal Ball. The ball opened and released a small horse like Pokémon with a flaming mane and tail. The Pokémon then neighed at her opponents,

    “Taaaaa!” cried the Pokémon, as it ran back over to her master, rubbing her head against his side. The flames didn’t even bother him as they touched his arms. “Pony….taaa.” purred the tiny horse,

    “Yeah, yeah I know, I love you too. Now can you do me a favor girl?” asked Ace as he looked his only female Pokémon in the eyes, “See those Rockets? They’re up to no good as usual. Can you get em?” the horse neighed in delight as she turned around in an attack stance. Toby simply grabbed a Pokeball from his belt and threw it in the air. As the wind blew the orb of light in the air, a brown bird fluttered down, tucking in its wings.

    “Staravia!” cried the bird as it landed. When the two women and their ‘eons saw the opponents, they sneered, then ran away.

    “Get back here you cowards!” yelled Toby as he, Ace, Ollette, Diana, Aipom, and the two Eevees gave chase, leaving Gerald, Drake, and Azurill behind.

    Meanwhile, back in the cave, Diego, Quilava, and Croconaw climbed down into another dark room. Diego shivered at the darkness, as he was afraid of the dark.

    “H-h-hey, Quilava? Do a buddy a favor and light the place up,” commanded Diego, holding his shoulders. Quilava then flared his two flame sources: one on his head, which looked like a Mohawk; and one on his would-be tail. “Ah! Much better buddy!” cheered Diego. As he looked along the walls, he noticed that they were covered in red crystals, which shocked him.

    “Croc!” yelled Croconaw in agreement. Quilava couldn’t help but touch one, which then started glowing.

    “Aaah! Quilava what’ve you done!” yelled Diego as he huddled together with his two Pokémon in fear. However, the light began to fade when five seconds had passed. Diego, surprised, stood up and touched another crystal, and watch as the whole wall lit up for five seconds before fading. “Whoah, too cool!” said the smiling boy, as his two Pokémon engaged in the same delight on the other side.


    “Crooc..” said the amazed Pokémon. Diego flipped open his Pokegear again and took more pictures. He then noticed that the crystals lit up a dark path, so Diego followed the red lights, with one hand on the wall, down the dark path. They walked and walked, noticing that they were walking upwards, until they reached a dead end, were there was a room with nothing but a wall with more Braille on it.

    “What? More Braille?” asked Diego, as he took another picture, using only the red light as a light source. He looked up, noticing that it apparently formed some sort of sentence. Quilava and Croconaw studied the walls, until they both had an idea.

    “Croc, croc!”

    “Quil!” yelled the excited Pokémon, as they pointed at the orange and black trimmed Pokegear in Diego’s hand.

    “Oh! That’s right! We took a bunch of pictures at that Braille alphabet wall!” Diego then opened his Pokegear and began searching for letters, also with a pen and paper.

    Ten minutes had passed, and Diego and his two partners seemed to have cracked it.

    “Well, if we did this right, it should say,” Diego paused for a moment, as he felt touched by its meaning. Croconaw and Quilava, who couldn’t read, pulled his pants leg to get him to read more. “Oh, right!” Diego gathered his breath, and began reading, “Everything has meaning, existence has meaning, being alive has meaning. Have dreams, use power.” As Diego read this, the walls lit up with each dot. However, Diego remembered back to when he was a boy, and remembered that his father told him and his brother, Joey, the same thing.

    *Everything has meaning,* said Joel, as he and his seven year old son, Diego, and his four year old brother, Joey, all stared at a sunset together on a grassy hill, *existence has meaning, being alive has meaning. Have dreams, use power. I don’t ever want you two to forget that, understood?* asked the older man, with a beard and brown spiky hair,

    *Yeah! We promise!* said the two cheerful boys, smiling at their father with their big, bright teeth.

    As Diego remembered this, he almost cried, as this brought back the painful memories of his dad leaving on his tenth birthday. Suddenly, the wall began to move, which made the cave vibrate,

    “Waah!” yelled Diego as he, Quilava and Croconaw fell on their hind ends. The wall began separating, as the two ends slowly retracted into the walls of the cave. Finally, the vibrations stopped, and as Quilava ran back over to the wall to light it up, the other two stood back up, staring into a pitch black room with a glowing ruby inside. “Whoah, look at the size of that thing!” said Diego, eyes widened, at the sheer size of this thing, which
    was almost as big as a football. Croconaw and Quilava both gazed at it, with their eyes twinkling red.

    “Well, thanks for helping us find it, kid!” yelled a voice from beyond the cave,

    “We could never solve that puzzle, but you did in only ten minutes! We’ll be taking that Ruby now!” yelled another voice, as the Loco bros, Pyra and Aquo, along with Houndour with Qwilfish on his back, walked forward. Diego and his two Pokémon stared at the duo; who then flipped a switch, lighting the cave with artificial light. Diego looked at them, then back at the Ruby, then at Quilava, hatching an idea.

    “Quilava, use Swift!” yelled Diego, pointing at the lights. Quilava stood on all fours and looked at the ceiling, as he then projected glowing blue, glimmering stars from his mouth, shattering the lights as they hit,

    “What!” yelled Pyra,

    “Dammit! They broke the lights!” yelled Aquo, as his hand reached for the wall. He then noticed that the Ruby was gone, along with a hole in the ground,

    “No! He’s got the Ruby!” yelled Pyra, as they turned around and climbed out of the crystal section of the cave. Diego, still in the hole, smirked, as they made their escape,

    “Okay guys! Let’s Dig our way up to the surface!” yelled Diego, as he kicked the top shut. He then bent over to help his Pokémon claw their way through the ground, as they moved inch by inch.

    Back on the surface, Shara and Lira were caught in a dead end, as they and their Pokémon were pinned by Ace’s Ponyta and Toby’s Staravia, who were then followed by their masters,

    “End of the line Rockets!” yelled Ace, as he, Toby, and the others caught up.

    “You’ve got nowhere left to run!” yelled Toby. Shara, Umbreon, Lira, and Espeon all smirked, as they then performed their entrance,

    “Hah! There’s no way you can pin us!” yelled Lira, followed by Espeon shooting a Signal Beam in the air,

    “How do you think we keep getting out of jail?” questioned Shara, holding an odd, green rose as Umbreon shot his own Signal Beam into the air.

    “We’re the Escapade duo! Not sisters, but closer than family!” yelled both women, standing in mirrored stances, as their Pokémon reared in front of them,


    “Umb!” yelled the two eons, as a horn blew in celebration of the duo. The others sweated in embarrassment, as they stood in their stance for ten seconds before finally commanding their Pokémon,

    “Umbreon, Espeon, use Shadow ball!” yelled the duo, pointing their fingers forth. Umbreon’s forehead ring and Espeon’s forehead jewel began glowing a dark purple, as they shot balls of pure shadow energy from their mouths.

    “Ponyta, Bounce!” yelled Ace. Ponyta then jumped high in the air,

    “Staravia, Sky Attack!” yelled Toby. Staravia flew high in the sky. Ponyta’s hooves blazed with fire, along with Staravia’s wings glowing a bright blue, as they both dropped down to attack the ‘eons.

    “Dodge and use Psychic!” yelled the duo, as their Pokémon jumped out of the way. Umbreon’s rings and eyes began glowing a bright blue, while Espeon’s tail began flaring with energy while his eyes glowed a bright purple. As Ponyta and Staravia fell, the psychic energy caught them in mid air. Ace and Toby glared at their helpless Pokémon, who was suddenly attacked by fire and water balls.


    “Via!!!!!” yelled the two Pokémon, as the others looked up, looking at two men, one with red eyes and blue hair, and the other with blue eyes and red hair, dressed in the same fashion as the two women.

    “Well well,” said Pyra sarcastically,

    “Seems like these kids are just crawling everywhere, eh?” said Aquo. Shara looked up at the two men and smirked,

    “So, what happened to the Ruby?” asked Shara, this made the Loco Bros. sweat with nervous looks on their faces, which just aggravated Ollette,

    “What’d you mean by ‘crawling’?” yelled Ollette, “Did you do something to a spiky haired kid and two other Pokémon?” she questioned.

    “Nope, he snuck away,” said Pyra,

    “Idiot got away from us, and he has the Ruby.” Diana’s eyes widened,

    “R-r-ruby? How big is it?” asked the curious girl, who was interrupted by Lira,

    “What!?! You let some kid make off with the Ruby!?!” yelled the amber eyed woman.

    “Don’t worry about it,” said Pyra, as he walked in-between the duo,

    “Yeah, he couldn’t have gotten far,” assured Aquo, as the conjoined Houndour and Qwilfish greeted the two female ‘eons. Suddenly, a small vibration could be felt from under their feet, and suddenly they were thrown backwards. As the dust lingered, the others saw three silhouettes pop up from the ground,

    “AAAAHH!” screamed Diana, as she grabbed Toby’s arm. Suddenly, the dust cleared, and then one of them answered,

    “GRRRR!!!!” playfully said Diego, who had scared Diana, Toby laughed,

    “Hah, it’s a mutated Dugtrio.” Sarcastically said Toby, as the others looked at Diego, Croconaw, and Quilava in the hole. Ollette went over to help Diego out of the hole,

    “Oh ha ha Diego. How did you get in that hole in the first place?” asked Ollette as she helped Diego to his feet.

    “That can wait,” said Ace, “right now we need to worry about these guys.” Diego looked at the other two, and was surprised that Ace wasn’t trying to help them. Suddenly, the Loco bros jumped forth and pointed at him,

    “There he is! That’s the punk who took the Ruby!!!” yelled the brothers, which was followed by Houndour and Qwilfish moving into position of duo fire. Croconaw and Quilava growled at their opponents, as they leered them in the eyes. Diego dug in his bag and got out the football sized Ruby, which glistened in the sun.

    “It’s beautiful!” said Ollette, who was then pushed aside by Diana,

    “Oh my gosh! It’s so big!” cried Diana, amazed at the hunk of red crystal in Diego’s hand. The Rockets stepped forward, and all at once, threatened the five teenagers,

    “Hand over the Ruby or face our wrath!” suddenly, Espeon and Umbreon gathered energy in their mouths, preparing an onslaught of Shadow Balls, while Qwilfish gathered a blue orb of energy in his, followed by a red orb in Houndour’s. Diego knelt down on one knee, and Croconaw and Quilava ran over to him,

    “I don’t know why this Ruby is so important to you Rockets,” said Diego, as Croconaw and Quilava touched the Ruby, looking at the Rockets with determination, “But I’ll be damned if I let you guys get this thing!” yelled Diego. Suddenly, the Ruby began to glow with a white energy, which caused Quilava to be enveloped with flames and Croconaw to be enveloped with water. As the two forces grew, they grew taller, and the silhouettes opened their red eyes. The fire and water cleared, revealing a tall, black backed and yellow bellied Pokémon, with a neck flaring with fire; and a taller, blue, crocodilian, red spined, yellow bellied and mouthed Pokémon. The black and yellow Pokémon blew fire in the air, roaring its name, followed by the blue Pokémon blowing water in the air, shouting its name,

    “TYYYPHLOOOOOSSSIIOOOONN!!!!!!!” roared the fire Pokémon, making an entrance for the ages,

    “FERALIGAAAAAATRRRRR!!!!!!” roared the water Pokémon, keeping his cool. The sudden evolution shocked everyone except Diego and Toby, who just smirked while everyone else, looked in awe,

    “Quilava and Croconaw evolved at the same time again!” pointed out Diana, while Ace dug out his green Pokedex with the black trim, which was the same Johto style ‘Dex that Diego had, meanwhile, Toby dug out his dark blue Pokedex, also the same kind as Diego’s, with the orange trim. Ace looked up Feraligatr while Toby looked up Typhlosion. Ace’s Pokedex began to speak in a French accent, while still retaining the cybernetic female voice:

    #160 Feraligatr
    The Big Jaw Pokémon
    Type: Water

    Ht: 7’07”
    Wt: 195.8 lbs.

    It is hard for it to support its weight outside of water, so it sometimes gets down on all fours. But it moves fast.

    Which was then followed by Toby’s blue and orange trimmed Pokedex, which began to speak in a Spanish accent, still retaining its cybernetic, female accent:

    # 157 Typhlosion
    The Volcano Pokémon
    Type: Fire
    Ht: 5’07”
    Wt: 175.3 lbs.

    It has a secret, devastating move. It rubs its blazing fur together to cause huge explosions.

    Ace looked over to Toby’s Pokedex, and began to ask for a copy of the accent, but remembered that there was a fight.

    “Ace, recall your Ponyta,” said Toby, as he brought back Staravia to its ball, “Typhlosion and Feraligatr got this.” Ace did as told, returning Ponyta to its ball. Diego stood in the middle of his two red eyed Pokémon, as they stared the enemy in the eyes. Suddenly, the Loco bros and the Mysterious Duo all shouted,

    “FIRE!” suddenly, a barrage of Water, Dark, Ghost, Fire, Psychic, and Poison type attacks fired from the four enemy Pokémon. Diego grinned, followed by the newly evolved dynamic duo, and then Diego pointed,

    “Typhlosion, you use Heat Wave, Feraligatr, you use Hydro Pump.” Said Diego, which shocked Ollette,

    “But Diego, I thought they always turned into Ember and Water Gun,” said Ollette, remembering that even when they were in their previous forms, that the two attacks turned into less powerful attacks.

    “Don’t worry,” said Diego, looking back with his red eyes, which was surprisingly comforting, “it’s like the old saying.” Diego looked forward again, quoting the stone wall and his father, “Have dreams. Use Power.” Ollette looked at Diego, thinking that he was wise, until Diego followed with, “Or something like that!” and started laughing, which made everyone except the trio fall backwards while he laughed. The duo the recharged their attacks, starting with Typhlosion firing a white hot flame from his mouth, aimed for half of Houndour, Qwilfish, and Umbreon, while Feraligatr aimed for the other half, along with Espeon, with a mouth gushing with water at extreme pressure. As they connected, the Pokémon tried firing attacks, but they were blown back at them, forcing them to fall back on their masters, sending them flying through the stone wall, falling into the ocean,

    “AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!” screamed the Loco bros. and the Mysterious Duo as they fell, which was followed by the four Pokémon’s screams as they fell.
    Back at the top, Diego patted his new Pokémon on the backs,

    “Nice going guys! We nailed it!” cheered Diego. Typhlosion flexed his muscles while flaring his fire.

    “TYYYYYYY!!!!!!!” roared Typhlosion, sending fire in the air, making his presence known, while Feraligatr crossed his arms and grinned,

    “Fer…” quietly spoke Feraligatr. Diego was confused, as when Typhlosion was a Quilava, he was always quiet, and while Feraligatr was a Croconaw, he was always excited. Typhlosion had turned into an outgoing, and cheerful Pokémon, while Feraligatr turned serious.

    “Oh well, I still love you guys!” said Diego, as he brought his matured Pokémon in for a group hug. Suddenly, a blue dragon and a green Dragonfly-like dragon flew up and landed in the opening of the stone wall. On Salamence, the blue dragon, were Drake and Dratini, and on Flygon, the green dragon, were Gerald and Azurill, who hopped down and jumped into Diana’s arms.

    “Oh Azurill! I’m so sorry! I didn’t know I left you behind!” said Diana, hugging her Azurill,

    “Azurill azu!!” cried the baby water mouse. Drake and Gerald looked at the two new Pokémon with smiles,

    “So, you did it. I was starting to doubt that you could pull it off with two Pokémon at once, but it seems I was right for telling you to do it,” said Drake, patting them on their faces. Gerald looked at the huge Ruby in Diego’s hand, which glistened in the sun.

    “May I see that?” asked Drake, looking at the gem,

    “Uh, sure!” cheerfully said Diego, as he handed the football sized gem to Gerald. Gerald looked at it, then looked back at Drake,

    “You must’ve found this in the cave, right?” asked Drake, looking at Diego,

    “Yeah! I’ve got a bunch of pictures I want to show you guys,” said Diego, digging for his Pokegear,

    “That’ll have to wait, cutie,” said an unknown voice, as Jack, Sarah, and Charles walked up the path behind the others, “We have other matters to attend to,” said Sarah. Gerald smiled at his friends for remembering the occasion.

    It was sunset, and the gang stood at the top of Mt. Ember, looking at a tombstone with a picture of Gerald and Arcanine. Gerald sat down in front of the tombstone, and talked to it like it was any other person.

    “What’s he doing?” whispered Diana, as even though they were briefed on what happened, she didn’t understand why Gerald was talking to the grave.

    “Gerald always talks to his Arcanine to tell him what’s happened since he came last,” answered Jack, “We come by once every year, so he has a lot of adventures to tell him.” Jack grinned, holding his flowers,

    “It’s been a tradition for ten years,” inserted Charles, “I swear he talks to Arcanine more than anyone else in the entire year.” Charles laughed a little.

    “It still seems odd coming here,” inserted Sarah, “Honestly, it still feels like Arcanine was a Growlithe just yesterday.” Sarah crossed her arms and smiled, remembering how the little puppy used to lick her face. Ace was tempted to say something out of line, but decided not to. Diego and Ollette stood there, with their Eevee’s on their shoulders, smiling at Gerald.

    “I’d like you to meet some new friends I made,” said Gerald. Drake put his hands on Diego’s shoulder,

    “Go, all five of you,” said Drake, “Introduce yourself.” Toby and Haunter stepped forth first; Gerald smiled, as Toby knelt down on one knee,

    “Toby, don’t be so formal!” said a cheery Gerald, “Act like yourself. Arcanine may not be here in body, but he is in spirit!” Toby was surprised, as until then, Gerald hadn’t even spoken two words to him, but he did as he said and stood back up, and as he did, he could’ve sworn he saw a spirit of a large, orange, black striped dog Pokémon with a mane and tail so furry.

    “Uh…” Toby was nervous, as Haunter went before him,

    “Haunter haunt haunt!” spoke the cheerful Haunter, as he danced around the illusion with a smile. Toby could’ve sworn he saw the Arcanine illusion smile, but decided that it must be the aura from the grave.

    “I’m Toby…. Toby Cray,” said the nervous boy, “I’m glad to meet you, Arcanine.” Toby started telling about himself, and showed his Pokémon to the illusion.






    “Haunter Haunt!” greeted the Pokémon, all, except Bonsly, happy to meet him.

    “Well, don’t wanna keep you waiting. It was very nice to meet you Arcanine,” spoke Toby, as the Illusion seemed to smile with his mouth open. Toby returned his Pokémon, except Haunter, to their rightful balls and walked back, patting Ace to go forth. “Well, your turn,” urged Toby, wearing a smile, “Now, don’t be too formal.” Ace cringed, but walked forth with Aipom, smiling at the illusion, sitting on his head.

    “Uh….” Ace looked down at Gerald, who was still smiling, “I…I’m Ace.” Ace confidently put his hands on his sides, “Austen ‘Ace’ Shikago!” Aipom jumped from his shoulder and danced around Arcanine’s spirit.

    “Ah uah uah uah!” cheerfully screeched the little monkey, trying to jump on Arcanine’s back, but falling through his non-existent body. Ace brought out his Pokémon to introduce them,






    “Ahu uahu!” cheered the dysfunctional family of Pokémon. Ace returned all the Pokémon, minus Aipom, to their respective balls. He then walked over to Diana,

    “Your turn,” said Ace, crossing his arms in satisfaction. Diana, cheerfully smiling, walked forth with her Pokémon already released.

    “Hi! My name is Diana Rigardo! And these are my cute Pokémon!” said Diana, cheerfully smiling at the illusion.



    “Dit…..tooooo,” there was a hint of evil in his voice, but it didn’t bother Arcanine,


    Diana continued talking about herself, then returned the three of her Pokémon to their balls. Ollette then walked to the grave, still noticing the smile on Diana’s face. Ollette released all her Pokémon from her balls, and nervously told about herself.

    “I’m Ollette, Ollette Iritaa,” began the girl, as she told about herself to the illusion, who remained silent, but stared contently into her eyes as if she was the most important person in the world for a moment. “I have to say, you found yourself a nice master. He saved my life you know.” Arcanine’s spirit tilted its head in a cute manner that made Ollette giggle. She then Introduced her Pokémon.






    As Ollette returned all but her Eevee to their balls, she turned back and smiled,

    “Rest in peace, Arcanine,” said Ollette, smiling, which made Arcanine smile in delight. Drake looked at Diego, waiting for him to go forth. Diego released all five of his Pokémon to meet Arcanine. Gerald looked at Diego with a smile,

    “He’s wanted to meet you, especially,” said Gerald, sitting next to Arcanine as if he was still present.

    “Can you see him?” asked Diego, curiously. Arcanine tilted his head, as if he didn’t know what he was talking about.

    “Diego, Arcanine has always been my loyal friend. He may not be here in body, but he’s here in spirit,” answered Gerald, hearing Arcanine bark with a spiritual voice, “I’m sorry Arcanine,” said Gerald, looking at the dog’s spirit with a smile, “Please, go on Diego,” commanded Gerald. Diego looked at the illusion; then finally spoke,

    “Okay, my name is Diego, Diego Argos, and these are my friends! Torterra,” Diego waved his hand over to his grass type.

    “Tor!!!” roared the giant turtle, as he smiled,

    “Metang,” as he pointed to his steel type,

    “Meta Meta!” cheerfully spoke the metallic Pokémon,

    “Gabite,” said Diego, pointing to the dragon of his team,

    “Gabiiiiteee!!!” yelled Gabite, happily smiling,

    “my newly evolved Typhlosion and Feraligatr,” said Diego, pointing at the duo,

    “Typhlosion!!!” roared the fire type, flaring up his fire,

    “Fer.” Simply noted Feraligatr, with his arms crossed,

    “And my best friend, Eevee!” cheerfully spoke Diego, pointing to his shoulder, where the Pokémon cheerfully smiled,

    “Uivee!” greeted the Pokémon. Arcanine smiled, as Eevee and Diego reminded him of when he was a Growlithe and was being brushed by Gerald. Arcanine lifted his head and howled,

    “Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr,” which made Gerald smile.

    “It was very nice to meet you, buddy.” Diego reached down to pet him, and actually felt his soft, luscious fur, “Hey, nice fur,” complemented Diego. Gerald was surprised; as Arcanine rarely let anyone, except a trainer of pure heart, touch him. Arcanine then barked, licking Diego in the face, “Hey! Hey! Watch it man! Ahaha!” laughed Diego as Arcanine tickled him. Arcanine calmed down and let Diego go. Diego returned his Pokémon, except Eevee, to their respective balls. Diego looked at him, then grinned, “Hey, get some sleep buddy. I’ll see you again one day,” said Diego, while Arcanine grinned. Diego walked away, as Drake, Sarah, Charles, and Jack all walked over to put food and flowers down. They all spoke to the spirit, giving their good and bad news, while Diego walked back to his gang.

    “It felt so real, didn’t it?” asked Ollette.

    “What’re you talking about Ollette,” said Diana, “Just because his body isn’t here doesn’t mean it’s not real.”

    “Yeah, felt as real as any Arcanine,” said Ace, while Aipom smiled like an idiot.

    “Yeah, guess you’re right,” agreed Ollette.

    “Though it make you wonder,” said Toby, while the others looked at him, “An old legend says that if you’re lucky enough to see its spirit, you’ll be blessed with a good life.” The others looked at the crew, still speaking to the spirit. Diego looked forward at the settling sun; then smiled as his clothes waved in the wind.

    “Well then, since Gerald’s practically owned him, I’ll say we’ll have very good lives.” Everyone nodded in agreement, as the moment was just perfect, until..

    “As long as that ‘good life’ ain’t with you guys, I’m good,” said Toby, which made everyone laugh. As Drake and his crew came back, the smiles remained on their faces, especially Gerald’s, whose face was lit with a cheesy grin.

    “Okay crew, time to head back,” said Jack, “by the way, Diego, the captain came to his senses. I’m the new first mate!” Diego’s mouth dropped in astonishment.

    “What?! But…but….” Everyone laughed as he acted surprised. As everyone walked down the trail, Diego turned back, still seeing the Arcanine, who smiled as he waved his paw at him, saying goodbye, as he faded away. Diego and Eevee had a smile on their faces, as they turned back and followed the others.

    Chapter 12

    The gang was back at the One Island Pokémon Center, healing their comrades before setting sail to Two Island. While waiting, Diego
    took time to show his findings to his friends, who were awing at the pictures in his Pokegear.

    “Wow! You took a picture of the entire Braille alphabet? That must’ve taken some time man,” applauded Ace, as he looked at the dots covering the tablets.

    “How’d you figure out that it was an alphabet anyway?” asked Diana, curiously.

    “Well, there’s twenty-six letters in the alphabet, right? Well, there were twenty-six sets of dots on those tablets,” replied Diego, “plus, I still remember a lesson from middle school, so I could relate something to it!”

    “Well, that’s impressive, but what about here?” asked Ollette, pointing at the picture of the ruby lit cave, “What’s happening here?”

    “Oh, Quilava, er, Typhlosion figured that out,” continued Diego, “He touched the crystal and it lit up, but it only stayed for a short while.”

    “Guess that means you had your hand on the wall at all times,” replied Toby, who was sitting at a Pokeball-shaped desk in the yellow room. Diego snarled, but remembered not to lose his cool.

    “Yeah yeah that’s interesting and all, but what about the treasure?!” asked Sarah, who was getting impatient. Diego dug in his brown, leather backpack to pull out the large Ruby. As he held it, everyone crowded around.

    “Whoah, nice find kid,” complemented Charles,

    “A regular Indiana Jones!” replied Jack. Sarah and Diana’s eyes never left the jewel,

    “So, cutie,” began Sarah, bending down a little to look Diego straight in his red eyes, “What’re you going to do with it?” Sarah winked as she asked this, which made Ollette flare up inside,

    “He’s going to give it to someone,” replied Diana, wrapping her arms around Diego’s right arm, “Right, Dee Dee?” asked Dian, using Diego’s pet name for when she wants something,

    “No way man!” spoke Ace, “He’s going to sell it to the highest bidder, and put some cash in our wallet!” said Ace, bumping Diego’s left arm with his elbow, “I mean, with that kind of money, we can afford to get our own ‘separate’ wallets,” commented Ace, holding a damaged, camouflage wallet with dust in it.

    “Or he could help pay the captain by using it to pay for damages aboard the ship,” commented Jack,

    “You know the captain doesn’t accept charity!” commented Charles, “However, I do.”

    “It’s mine!”



    Everyone began pulling on Diego’s shirt, fighting over their own selfish wishes, until Ollette resolved it by pulling Diego out of the crowd,

    “HEY!” yelled the brunette girl, “Calm down!” Diego looked at Ollette with a smile,

    “Thanks, you saved me!” applauded Diego, as everyone’s eyes were fixated on on the giant Ruby in his hand.

    “Hey! Up here!” yelled Ollette, stomping her foot on the black and white tiled floor, which brought everyone’s attention to her, “Thank you. Now, don’t you guys think that since Diego solved the puzzle, and since Diego found and kept the Ruby, that maybe he should decide what to do with it himself?” asked Ollette, raising an eyebrow at the crowd. The others were silent, waiting on Diego’s decision,

    “Well,” spoke Diego, “I’m not sure yet,” this shocked everyone, as he was holding a fortune in his hand, yet didn’t know what to do with it. Drake walked up to him and looked at the Ruby,

    “May I make a suggestion?” asked the captain, which sparked everyone’s attention, “I have a friend here named Celio, and he’s been looking for that Ruby for a special project of his,” suddenly, mid-sentence, a man dressed in dress pants, a white button up shirt, brown shoes, brown hair, glasses, and a black tie walked inside,

    “Sorry I’m late Drake, I’ll finish,” said the mysterious “geek”, “Allow me to introduce myself,” the man straightened his tie; then continued, “My name Celio. I run the Global Connection Project around here,” continued the man, as everyone looked at him, “I’ll cut to the chase. The Sevii Islands are kinda cut off from the rest of the world, and for years I’ve been working on a central routing system that will help link us to PC’s in other regions. I’ve almost got it complete, however,” the man went on, walking over to the giant computer in the room, “I lack a proper power source, and as you can imagine, this kind of PC needs an incredible amount of power,” the others stared in confusion, not exactly following him, “and it just so happens that two great energy sources are hidden away in these islands.”

    “Two?” asked Diego, trying to follow,

    “Yes,” answered Celio, “One is a Sapphire, hidden away somewhere towards Six Island,” the others still followed, “but another is that Ruby, right there in your hand.” Everyone jumped at the suggestion he was making, and jumped on top of Diego.

    “No way man! We’re getting filthy rich off this thing!” yelled Ace, as the others fought over it. Diego couldn’t take it anymore, as he pushed them off of him.

    “Enough! I found the Ruby, and I think we should help,” said Diego, which made Drake’s and Ollette’s faces smile, while the others wept at the loss of their dreams. “Besides, it’s helping someone else, so what harm could come from it?” asked Diego, as he handed the gem over to Celio,

    “Thank you very much Diego,” complemented Celio, moving the Ruby to a slot in the machine, “The islands are in dept to you,” as the Ruby clicked in the slot, it began glowing a bright red, which was followed by the lighting of the wiring on the left side of the giant computer. As the machine revved up, the screen came on, showing wireless signals to several other regions. “Excellent! Excellent! We’re now connected to the regions of Hoenn, Darco, and Oblivia!” Diego and Ollette looked at the screen as beacons began shining one by one.

    “Excellent, now we won’t have to mail things by ship anymore,” said Drake, still smiling. Gerald came out of the back room, helping the two nurses with the trays of Pokeballs, each carrying two trays.

    “Thank you sir, but you really didn’t have to help,” said the blue haired aide, as she carried Diana and Ollette’s Pokeballs.

    “We really appreciate it,” said the pink haired Nurse Joy, who was common in Pokémon Centers, as she carried Toby and Ace’s Pokeballs. Gerald simply smiled, as he carried Sarah and Diego’s Pokeballs. They sat down the balls, and saw the computer screen, “Oh my goodness Celio! You did it!” cheered Nurse Joy. Celio blushed at the praise, while the others got their Pokeballs. Diego released his Eevee and put him on his shoulder,

    “There we go buddy! My shoulder was getting cold without you,” said Diego to his trusted partner,

    “Ui ui!” replied Eevee, as he wore a smile on his face. The others released their small Pokémon and held them, while Toby released his Haunter, who was happy to see him,

    “Haunter Haunter!” greeted the happy Pokémon, who got Sarah’s attention,

    “Why do you let that Pokémon out of its ball? It’s not small like the others,” asked Sarah, putting her Pokeballs on her belt wrapped around her curved hips. Toby seemed surprised,

    “Well, even if I didn’t, he’s still get out somehow. He is a ghost after all,” answered Toby, while Haunter laughed. Sarah thought about it for a moment; then pulled out a Pokeball, releasing a raggedy; ghost Pokémon with a hat like head. Its eyes were yellow, and its body looked hollow. As soon as Haunter laid eyes on it, his tongue flew out of his head, as he made a wolf whistle at it.

    “Haunter haunter!” yelled the ghost, as he looked at Sarah’s ghostly companion, Mismagius.

    “What’s wrong with your friend there?” asked Sarah, as her Mismagius floated over to greet the Pokémon.

    “Mis mis,” spoke Mismagius in a light voice. Haunter pulled his tongue, making it retract back into his mouth like curtain blinds.

    “Haunter, Haaaaauuuuntt….” Slowly spoke the infatuated Gas Pokémon. Diego was confused,

    “Why did you let your Mismagius out?” asked Diego. Sarah seemed offended,

    “What? Little kids can show off their prized Pokémon but I can’t?” Mismagius seemed to agree.

    “You can show off anything you want!” said Ace, as he complemented Sarah, however Aipom asserted his discipline with a focus punch, sending him through the wall, landing into a large spa behind the center. “What, it feels so niiiiiceee!!!” said Ace, as he relaxed in the hot water. Diego and the others looked in the hole in the wall and thought about what happened to the Mt. Ember Spa, then Drake spoke up,

    “You know, back in Hoenn, a town known as Lavaridge has its own spa too, and it’s conveniently located just outside the Pokémon Center,” said Drake, looking at Nurse Joy and Celio.

    “Well,” said Nurse Joy, “I don’t see any reason not to…”

    Five minutes later, everyone was in their bathing suits, relaxing in the hot water.

    “Yep,” said Diana, “Nothing to worry about here.” Everyone relaxed in the pool, while Aipom held up a fist to prevent Ace’s eyes from averting to
    Sarah’s black tie-up bikini or Nurse Joy’s blue one-piece.

    Morning came, and everyone boarded the ship, but before Diego and Drake could board, Celio came running,

    “Waaaiit!!!” yelled Celio. Diego and Drake halted, waiting for Celio to catch up. “Diego, I need to ask you a favor,” said Celio, Drake reached out for Eevee, but Eevee didn’t want to, which made him grin, as he walked up the board back into the ship.

    “What’s up?” asked Diego, waiting for Celio to catch more breath. Celio brought out an inhaler and pressed the button, allowing him to breath,

    “You remember that Sapphire I mentioned? The one around Six Island?” mentioned Celio, now calm, “I was wondering if you could look for it, and maybe bring it back to One Island for the computer. So, will you?” asked Celio,

    “Sure! I could always go for another adventure!” agreed Diego, smiling at the task before him.

    “Thank you!” cheered Celio. He then dug in his pocket, and handed over a special, white and blue device, and pinned it to Diego’s brown, leather backpack, “Drake mentioned that he was training you, so this Vs Seeker will help you find trainers within the area who want to battle.” Diego looked at it, then made a weird face,

    “Eh, I guess I could paint it, then it’d be really cool!” Diego then grinned, as he shook Celio’s hand, “So, it’s a deal. I’ll bring you the Sapphire.” Celio shook, and waved goodbye as Diego boarded the ship.

    It was a bright morning. The sun was shining, and and the clouds shaped into all kinds of shapes, ranging from flowers to to dogs and kittens. The waves fluttered against the ship, as the horn blew and the ship took off. Diego and Eevee walked to the deck to wave Celio and the nurses goodbye, as Ollette, Ace, and Diana came up with Aipom, Azurill, and Ollette’s Eevee walked up to wave as well. Jack then walked up and grabbed Diego by the shoulders,

    “Okay buddy, time to train,” said Jack, as he smiled. Diego was surprised,

    “But we already left land,” said Diego, while Jack laughed,

    “Good thing we’ve got the entire ship, now isn’t it!” Jack laughed, while Diego pouted, as he knew that the real training was about to begin. The adventures on Knot Island were over for now, but a whole new adventure awaited his team tomorrow.

    And that's it for today. I guess technically we'd call chapter twelve a filler, but some of it will be canon to my story.

    And since this is the begining of my next Island chapter, no preview. Like in anime when a peaceful time comes.
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  12. Sorry about the wait, I had writer's block, but I finally found a good plot for Two Island.​

    Chapter 13

    East to Knot Island stand a small island in the middle of the tri-pass area. We enter the grassy island during a rain storm, following a tall man with brown pants, a blue collared-sweat-shirt, and spiky brown hair with a beard and blue eyes. As he braves the storm, he finally walks inside a Pokémon Center. He sits at the door, waiting for his body to dry off, as five other people look at him as if he was a swamp monster. He then walks across the black and white tiled floors to take a seat with an old woman in a red and white kimono. As the woman looks up, she sees the middle-aged man in front of her, and remembers who he is.

    “So, you finally came back, eh?” asked the old woman, clearly touched by age, squinting her eyes to look into the man’s glowing blue eyes, “It’s been twenty years today, hasn’t it?” commented the old woman. The man sat back in his char, and stretched his arms, which popped his back. “How’s Kary?” asked the old woman, who caused the man to look at her, then look out the window, remembering a beautiful young woman with short, black hair and red eyes. She was laughing, wearing a white shirt and blue jean pants. He then remembered that same woman in a beautiful white dress, holding a bouquet of beautiful flowers. He then remembered his three children they had together, and the same smile that she had on their faces, which then caused him to smile,

    “She’s fine. I visited her a month ago, and gave my son his first Pokémon. I also heard my little daughter’s first word to me,” said the man, staring out the window with a relaxed look on his face, “Though I did miss my eldest son,” continued the man, “but other than that, my wife and daughter are back in New Bark Town, while my youngest son is traveling Hoenn.” The old woman looked at the man; then sighed.

    “I would guess that your eldest son still ‘hates’ you, right?” said the old woman, swirling a cup of coffee, “Though I can’t say you picked a good day to leave.” The man looked at the old woman, then frowned,

    “Yeah, don’t remind me. His tenth birthday of all days,” said the man, “But I couldn’t help it…” The old woman raised an eyebrow; then sipped her coffee.

    “They’re still after you?” asked the old woman, which made the man’s face point with anger,

    “Damn right they are. Ruining my life as usual,” growled the man.

    “Did you think they’d let you get away with what you did to them, Joel?” asked the woman, finally revealing the man’s name. “Though, as they say, ‘no good deed goes unpunished’,” continued the old lady. Joel looked into his cup of coffee, which one of the nurses brought to him, and saw an image of his son, crying on his tenth birthday.

    “Diego…..I wish I could see you again,” said the man, “Joey and Mary understood, maybe you will too…” Joel grabbed his necklace, which had a pendant of an odd ring, very similar to what people would see in a picture of Arceus, “I wish I could get you to stop hating me.” Thunder boomed outside, as lighting crossed the black sky.

    Meanwhile, out at sea, the S.S. Draxos was sailing perfectly on open seas, not even a cloud in sight, as deep inside the ship a cry could be heard…

    “WHAT THE HELL!!!??” yelled Diego, staring at the inside of the ship in astonishment. It had wooden walls, but it was almost like a gym. It had an arena for battling, a treadmill, a punching bag, and other equipment that was meant for training. Jack smiled, as he loved the faces he saw when he brought people to the hull. “This place is huge!!!!” yelled Diego, as Eevee jumped off his shoulder to explore the gigantic room. Jack laughed as the little Pokémon tried to use the treadmill, but couldn’t get it to go.

    “Okay buddy, this is where you’ll train when we’re at sea,” said Jack, taking off his vest to hang it up. “Now, see that screen up there?” asked Jack pointing to a large screen hanging on the wall, which had a point gauge on display, “That is how you’ll train. You’ll use two Pokémon at once, using as many strong attacks as you can to fill up the gauge. If one of your Pokémon faint, you’ll have to start all over. You can only stop on four conditions,” said Jack, who had Diego’s total attention. Jack held up his index finger, “One, you can stop once that gauge is completely full,” Jack raised another finger, “Two, one of your Pokémon battling evolve,” Jack then raised another finger, “Three, if we make land, you will continue your session later,” Jack raised a fourth finger, “Four, if Captain Drake dismisses you himself.” Diego counted them all on his fingers; then shook his head,

    “Got it! Train ‘til either the gauge gets full, one of my Pokémon evolve, or we make land!” spoke Diego, as he ran to the middle of the arena, grabbing two Pokeballs from his belt, releasing one on the left side and the other on the right. Gabite and Metang looked at their master awaiting orders. “Gabite, use Dragon Pulse! Metang, use Hammer Arm!” With that, the land shark opened its mouth and released a small, blue tornado, which headed straight for Metang, who was charging his left arm, then dodged the attack, afterwards he charged at Gabite. The two Pokémon clashed, making the gauge go up by a small amount. “C’mon guys! We need more energy!” yelled Diego, watching the two clash: Metang’s metal arm against Gabite’s claw. The two then jumped away from each other and fired off Hyperbeams at each other, which caused a spike in the gauge.

    Back on the deck, things were getting worrisome, as the Pirate ship was heading into rough waters, while hanging above were black clouds. Drake remained in his spot, holding the ship’s steering wheel, making sure not to let the ship get off course. Dratini stayed around his neck, making sure he was never alone. Charles opened the door that led to the ship’s hull, and started waving,

    “Okay, we’re about to hit rough waters, that means things are going to get crazy up here, and unless you want to be swimming with the fishes I suggest everyone gets in!” yelled Charles, as Diana and Azurill, Ace and Aipom, Ollette and Eevee, Sarah and Mismagius, Toby and Haunter, and finally Charles entered the inside of the ship. Ace and Diana were shaking from fear,

    “I-I’ve never been on a ship during a storm!” said Ace, with his Aipom on his head, while Aipom tried comforting his master with his left paw,

    “Ahu ahu,” said a worried Aipom,

    “Why are we down here? And why are Gerald and the Captain still up there?” asked Diana, who was cuddling with her Azurill, who just seemed oblivious to the weather, and just seemed to be enjoying the love. Sarah was about to make a smart remark, but Toby stepped next to her, arms crossed, and leaned against the wall.

    “Relax, we’re just in case the storm gets hectic,” replied Toby, “Drake and Gerald also have to stay up there to steer the ship. Though I wouldn’t worry that much about them.” Diana was relieved, as she was worried that something bad was going to happen. Suddenly, a thud could be heard from a few levels below them, which made Ace, Ollette, and Diana jump on Toby in fear.

    “Oh really!?” asked Ace, shivering in fear, “THEN WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!!!!” asked a freaked out Ace, who just annoyed Toby, Charles laughed,

    “Haha! You people are girls,” insulted Charles, “That was probably just Jack having Diego train a couple of his Pokémon in the ring.” Ollette let go of the others, as she was relieved, but this didn’t help Diana any,

    “WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY ‘PROBABLY’!!?” asked Diana, still clinging to Toby. Haunter just laughed at his master, but then as a huge boom of thunder struck, he was in his master’s shoes as the other Pokémon clinged to him. Charles was so spooked; he grabbed Sarah in fear, and started shaking, which amused her,

    “Oh, hello there wittle girl,” scoffed Sarah, which made Charles stand back up, embarrassed at his own actions. Sarah simply walked toward her room, which was down the hall, the first door on the left, and then she called out, “Well, might as well take a nap, kiddies. We won’t reach Boon Island for another four hours.” Ollette was confused,

    “Boon Island?” she asked, “But I thought each island was named after a number?” Charles pointed to a map on the wall, which had all the islands listed, then pointed,

    “Boon Island is a nickname given to Two Island, just like Knot Island was to One Island,” replied Ollette, who understood now. Charles walked back to his room, which was on the right, right across from Sarah’s room. Ace let go of Toby, and everyone went back into their own rooms.

    Meanwhile, back in the ship’s hull….

    “Gabite, use Earth Claw!!!” yelled Diego, which caused his dragon’s claw to glow a bright red, which was heading straight for Metang, “Metang, block it with Protect!” Metang focused its mind, which caused a pink barrier to swirl around him. As Gabite’s Earth Claw collided, it made sparks, creating pressure in the air, blowing dust that had gathered on the floor towards Diego, whose clothes were waving from the wind. Just as the shield was about to crack, the gauge finally filled to capacity, then made a noise,

    “DING DING DING!!!” Diego was confused, looking at the monitor to see the gauge completely green. Jack then stood up and walked over to him,

    “Okay boys, that’s enough for now!” yelled Jack, as Gabite and Metang powered down, looking at Diego. Jack took a look at the monitor to see how long it took, and seemed impressed, “Well, you beat Charles’ time. It only took you two hours and forty-five minutes to fill it up, versus his three hours and thirty minutes.” Diego grinned; then gave a thumbs up to his two Pokémon, which made them smile. Eevee finally came out from behind the doorway to jump back on Diego’s shoulder.

    “Hey buddy, where ya been?” asked Diego, rubbing Eevee’s chin. Jack then shut off the lights, which spooked Diego and his Pokémon, which made him look back.

    “Alright, since we’re heading into a storm, you’re to head back to your room. Got it? It’ll be a few hours before we get to Two Island, so just nap it off,” commanded Jack, as Diego returned his two Pokémon to their balls and walked out. They walked up some steps until they reached the quarters. Diego stopped, wanting to know something,

    “Hey, Jack, why weren’t you first mate when we got on the ship?” asked Diego, as he knew Charles wasn’t that strong, and Jack just seemed to fit the bill better. Jack looked back, and rubbed his head,

    “Well, let’s just say he got blackmail on me and made me quit. I’ll leave it at that,” answered Jack, smiling nervously, as he walked to his room. “Hey, get some shuteye, got it kid? The captain’s got a friend he wants us to meet later, so be on your toes,” said Jack, which made Diego yawn, as he walked back into his room.

    Later on, a loud foghorn sounded, which woke everybody up while they were still in their pajamas. Diego was shirtless in a pair of blue sleeping pants, Ace had on a white t-shirt in his boxers, Diana wore a pink pajama set with a button up shirt and long pants with Pikachu slippers, and Ollette stumbled out with a bikini string, black tank top over orange sleeping pants. Toby simply walked out in his regular clothes, which made Diana’s face turn quirky,

    “You even wear those in your sleep!?!” asked the girl, still wearing her bed hair. Toby just looked with a normal face, and simply replied,

    “Well, I do take off my vest and shoes.” This made everyone fall on their backs. After a few minutes, everyone walked back on the deck, fully clothed in their average attire, awaiting shore. As they landed, the ship’s bridge dropped down, letting the crew walk to shore. Drake jumped from the deck to land, with his Dratini still around his neck, and looked at the others,

    “Everyone, welcome to Boon Island. We are here to pick up supplies, so take your time on the island, as we leave in three days. Are we clear?” briefed Drake, as the others nodded. Drake then walked over to Diego, “We have to visit someone. Make sure the others know what you need so they can get it.” Diego nodded in agreement, when Ollette stepped forth,

    “May I come too?” asked the young brunette, holding her Eevee. Drake raised a brow, then shrugged,

    “Sure,” simply put Drake, as he walked across the grass to the Pokémon center. Ollette looked at Diego, who had a weird look on his face,

    “Is there something wrong Ollette?” asked Diego,

    “Nope. I just had a weird vibe, like something may happen,” replied Ollette, which surprised Diego and Ace, as they believed, since childhood, that when she got “vibes”, something would happen.

    “What does it feel like Ollette? Is something going to happen to me?!?” asked a frantic Ace, as usually the bad stuff happened to him.

    “How should I know?” replied Ollette, “I get vibes, that doesn’t mean I know what’ll happen.” having said that, Ace began shivering in fear. Drake turned around,

    “Alright, let’s go,” spoke Drake, as Diego with his Eevee on his shoulder and Ollette with her Eevee on her shoulder followed. Jack then walked in front of the crew, then began to speak,

    “Okay crew, time to look for your supplies,” said Jack, and with that, Diana’s ears perked, listening for the slightest cash register in the vicinity, Ace knew what she was doing, as she then sniffed the air for perfume. Suddenly, she made an epic pose, pointing to the east of the Pokémon Center,

    “That way! I sense a small farmers market full of foreign objects!!!!” yelled Diana, wearing a smile on her face, as the tide hit the rocks in her favor, making her seem even more epic. She then grabbed Ace’s hand, and sped away to the curve, leaving a trail in her wake.

    While walking, Diego, Ollette, and Drake had managed to make their way up Boon Island, and found a small mountain trail known as Cape Brink. They traveled up the path, passing a river formed by a waterfall, and finally made it to the top, where there stood a lonely house. It was a regular, log cabin house with a red roof. Drake walked to the door and knocked on it.

    “I’m comin’, just hold yer horses!” yelled an old woman from the inside, who made Diego and Ollette nervous. After a few minutes, she finally cracked the door to see who it was. Her eyes popped when she saw Drake, as she then closed the door to remove the chain. She finally opened the door, revealing a short, old, dark-gray haired woman with wrinkles, and a kimono. She shook Drake’s hand in joy, “Oh my! Master Drake, how have you been?” asked the old woman. Drake smiled,

    “I’m just fine, Granny,” said Drake, which surprised Ollette and Diego.

    *Granny?* thought Diego

    *He’s old enough to be a grandfather, so how old is this woman?* thought Ollette. Drake turned back to explain,

    “No, she’s not my real grandmother,” said Drake, calmly. Diego and Ollette were confused, but “Granny” interrupted,

    “Granny is one of my nicknames,” said the old woman, still with her eyes closed. “My other nickname is the ‘Move Maniac’, but I don’t exactly like the term ‘Maniac’.” Diego nodded, as he and Ollette walked over to shake her hand. Ollette grabbed her hand first,

    “Hello Granny, my name is Ollette,” said the girl, who then let Diego shake,

    “Nice to meet you, my name is Diego,” as soon as the spiky haired boy said this, Granny opened her eyes, and looked at his red eyes. She realized who he was,

    “’Twas very nice to meet you two,” said the old lady, who then looked at Drake, “Drake, may I speak to you, alone?” asked Granny. Drake looked at Diego and Ollette, who just shrugged.

    “Yes. Diego, Ollette, please stay out here,” replied Drake, as he stepped inside the house, leaving the two with their Eevees. Granny walked to the back of her house to a small room, and knocked on a door. A tall man, about the same height as Drake, opened the door. When Drake saw who it was, he was shocked, likewise with Joel, the man inside that room. “Joel, it’s been a long time,” said Drake, with his arms crossed. Dratini, still around Drake’s neck, tilted his head in confusion.

    The captain and Joel sat at a table, with Drake drinking milk, and Joel drinking coffee, black, with absolutely no sugar. Joel finally spoke up,

    “What brings you out here, Captain?” asked Joel, sipping his coffee. Drake looked at Joel sternly in the eyes and answered,

    “Well, you know every year, I travel these islands with my crew.” Joel nodded in agreement, as the two took another sip of their separate drinks. “Only this time, I have a pupil,” said Drake, which caught Joel’s attention,

    “Really,” wondered Joel, “who is it?” The two took another sip of their drinks. Drake looked at him, and replied,

    “It’s your son.” Joel choked on his coffee as he struggled to breathe. Granny began patting his back, relieving the pressure. Joel looked at Drake with surprise, “He’s a very talented trainer,” continued Drake, who chugged the last of his milk, leaving a milk moustache on top of his gray mustache. “He’s also got some odd friends. One is a pervert, one is worrisome, one is a daddy’s girl, and another is his ‘rival’.” Joel recognized the first three, but not the last,

    “You mean, Diego, Ace, Ollette, and Diana are with you?” asked Joel, “And he has a rival!?!” asked Joel, who was getting excited, just hearing his son’s accomplishment. Drake nodded,

    “He also has another rival, traveling through the islands. He’s a bad apple,” said Drake, who only excited Joel further.

    “How is Diego!? Is he eating right? Does he still have that Red costume on? Has he gotten an Electric type yet!?!?!” frantically asked Joel, eager to hear about his son. Drake pointed towards the door, while his shiny Dratini curled around his arm,

    “Ask him yourself. He and Ollette are right outside,” said Drake, which shocked Joel. He stared at that door, and suddenly that day he left came rushing back to him.

    It was raining, and dusk had fallen upon the skies. A mother, holding a baby girl, a short, four-year old boy, and a short, ten year old boy were standing by the door, with the two boys crying. Joel, wearing a rain coat, walked toward the New Bark River. He looked back at his family, and tried holding back the tears, as a young Diego, wearing a red vest with a white collar, a black t-shirt, blue jeans, and red shoes, yelled at him, tears running down his face like a river.

    *I HATE YOU!!! I HATE YOOOOUUUUU!!!!!!* yelled the boy, as he threw a rock at Joel. Joey, the little boy with purple eyes and dark, brown, spiky hair, grabbed his mother’s dress, and cried into it. Joel couldn’t hold it back anymore,

    *I’m sorry! I’m doing this for all of you!* yelled the man, who saw his son’s eyes glow red like a demon’s.

    *SHUT UP!!! JUST GET OUT OF HERE!!!!* yelled Diego, taking his birthday hat from his head, throwing it to the ground, and stomping on it. *I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!!! I NEVER WANT TO BE LIKE YOU! EVEEEERRR!!!!!!* yelled the young boy, as he fell to the ground, crying his eyes out. Joel then snapped back to the present, suddenly feeling depressed.

    Meanwhile, Diego and Ollette are relaxing outside the house with their feet in the water, waiting for Drake to come back out. The two Eevees are swimming close to the shore, being careful not to fall down the waterfall. Diego looked back at the cottage,

    “Wonder what’s taking them so long?” asked Diego, patiently waiting for the move tutor to teach him those moves. Ollette laid down on her back, relaxing in the grass,

    “Maybe they have a lot to catch up on,” replied the girl, watching the clouds.

    Back inside the house, Joel is pacing the room, weighing his options. He then looked out the window, looking at the two teenagers enjoying the water.

    “Oh man have they grown,” observed Joel, “I mean, look at him. Handsome, like his old man! And he still has his mother’s eyes.” Drake stood up, and walked over to Joel, and put his hand on his shoulder,

    “Why don’t you go outside to see him?” asked Drake, with Dratini nodding in agreement. Joel closed the blinds, and looked at Drake with a nervous look,

    “I…I don’t know. He could still hate my guts for all I know,” said Joel, doubtfully. Granny walked over and looked up to him,

    “You did say that your other boy forgave you, and your daughter and wife did as well,” said the old woman, “so, who’s to say that Diego hasn’t?” asked Granny. Joel reached for the door handle, and nervously grabbed the knob. He was shaking, sweating at the outcome that may come. Drake then inserted,

    “Joel, I must let you know, I don’t want to pick sides here,” started Drake, “but I am here for Diego’s best interest.” Joel looked back at Drake, and smiled,

    “Good, that’s what I want,” replied Joel, who then turned the knob and opened the door. He stepped outside, making the door make a noise as he opened it. Diego and Ollette got up, and walked toward the house with their eyes closed. The two Eevee followed closely behind,

    “Yeesh, the heck were you talking about in there?” asked Diego, who stood with his arms crossed. Ollette opened her eyes, and stood there, frozen. She then shook Diego’s shoulder,

    “Diego, open your eyes!!” frantically shook Ollette, who got Diego’s attention.

    “ Yeesh, calm down Ollette, my eyes are,” Diego looked ahead, and saw the tall man in his collared, blue shirt, with brown pants and black mountain boots. He looked in his blue eyes that seemed to glow, and noticed the spiky brown hair and brown beard. The man smiled,

    “My, how you two have grown,” said Joel, complementing Ollette’s stature, and Diego’s height. Ollette stood there, looking at Diego, looking with a worried face. Diego gritted his teeth, and looked at this man with burning, red eyes. His pupils were like needles, as his eyes turned primal. Joel’s left eye began to twitch, as he smiled nervously at his son. Diego’s feelings apparently channeled into Eevee, as he bared his fangs and started growling. Diego then opened his mouth, and spoke in an angered voice,

    “What’s up…….dad?”

    And that's it for today. Joel has finally gained the courage to speak to his son, but what will happen next? Find out, Next time!

    *grabs microphone*

    Next time! Diego and Joel come to blows in an all out battle between father and son. Will DIego get revenge, or will Joel finally break through to his son? And will Ace be able to survive the shopping spree!?!?

    Next episode: Sparks fly! Father versus Son!

    See ya next time ;)

    Edit: I have an important announcement regarding this story: I will be postponing this story for another one, as I've grown tired of this story. I may finish this in the future, but for now, I will be working on a new story: The legendary Trio. If any mods want me to remove this, then I will, I have it all saved in my computer.
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