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Serperior Starter Planning

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Secad MS, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. Secad MS

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    Hello, I am planning a final moveset for my determined starter, Snivy. I won't worry about its movepool too much early game, though later game, it becomes more important. So far, I have this set:

    Species: Serperior
    Nickname: Raja
    Gender: Don't care
    Ability: Overgrow
    Item: So far, I think a Leftovers would be best

    Coil Around
    Leaf Blade
    Giga Drain
    Dragon Tail

    I still need advice on a decent nature. I am rather inexperienced with grass types as well, which is not helpful.

    For this set, I plan for it to be my normal starter sweeper. I want it to cover the majority of types and Pokemon, to make it easier for me to get through the game.
  2. Unless you're planning on using Dragon Tail to force switches I wouldn't use it. I would also pick Leech Seed over Giga Drain as well, since Snake Coil focuses on raising Serperior's attack stat. Your next best choice on attack is really up to you- go for Return, Aerial Ace, or Rock Smash depending on what the rest of your team needs. The best thing Serperior can really do unless it has a type advantage towards the foe is set up Leech Seed and switch out. Regardless, for the in game storyline, he will do just fine with just about anything you give him.

    Serperior @ Leftovers / Big Root / etc.
    Nature N/A (But would suggest neutral or Jolly (+speed), Impish (+Def), or Adamant (+Atk), all of which are -Sp. Attack)
    EVs N/A
    -Leaf Blade
    -Return / Rock Smash / Aerial Ace
    -Leech Seed
    -Snake Coil

    Despite Serperior's Special Attack stat being identical with his Attack stat, both movepools are lackluster, but he has more moves that cater to his Attack stat (you will only find Normal- and Grass-type attacking moves under Special Attack on him unless you breed for Twister). However, if you prefer Giga Drain over Leech Seed, by all means use it. In my opinion, though, Leech Seed takes merit over Giga Drain for the fact that it will heal my allies as well.


    Serebii also has feature Serpy as their Poke'mon of the week- so go ahead and check that out for more ideas, though they're aimed more at the meta game, they will still be helpful during gameplay.

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  3. Secad MS

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    Thank you, Andrew. I think I shall go with the Adamant, Giga Draining, Aerial Ace-ing Serperior. I choose these because they allow me to pick up some quick HP, allow me to hit non-adjacent Pokemon in triple battles (I chose Black), and boost my attack which is important for a sweeper. Serperior already has decent speed. :p

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