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Series Of Questions

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Dark Soul, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. Hello, folks!

    I’d like to introduce you to a little idea me and Jenova had the other day. If some of you have listened to the YogPod, or seen their animations on the Yogscast YouTube channel, you might remember one of them featuring a Series Of Questions.

    This quiz features 16 questions (Supposedly eighteen, but two have been left out.) about general life and love. The answers to the questions are the titles of the songs you get when putting your iTunes, Spotify or other music programme of choice on shuffle and skipping to the next song for each question.

    Both being major Yogscast fans, a few days ago me and Jen decided to take the quiz ourselves, which quickly turned quite hilarious- Both times. The logged results of the two interviews will be posted below, so beware- This post is rather large, but definitely worth it!

    Now the whole reason for this thread is the quiz itself, as a small-scale social project. The idea is; Hook up with one of your friends- Possibly a Charmsian, but it can be anyone you like- over chat or otherwise, and take the quiz yourself! Since every song in existence has a 50% chance of being incredibly out of context and 50% chance of being amazingly in context, I can promise you it’ll be quite hilarious xD

    Here’s a template of all the questions;

    1. If someone asks ‘Is this okay?’, you say…
    2. How would you describe yourself?
    3. What do you like in a boy/girl?
    4. How do you feel today?
    5. What’s your motto?
    7. What do your friends think of you?
    8. What do you think of your parents?
    9. What is 2 + 2?
    10. What do you think of me? (The other person?)
    11. What do you think of your secret crush?
    13. What is your life story?
    14. What do you think of, when you see the person you have a crush on?
    15. What will you dance to at your wedding?
    16. What is your biggest fear?
    17. What is your biggest secret?
    18. What do you make of this quiz?

    Of course, feel free to make up some of your own ^^

    If you like, post what you thought of the quiz and how much fun you had here. Optionally, you can add a log of your results here like me and Jen did. One last thing; We had two interviews, but you might find it more practical to take them at the same time- Aka, both state your results!

    Have fun!

    Me > Jen;
    DarkSoul 1. If someone says 'Is this okay?' You say...
    Jenova Lucifer
    Jenova ...
    Jenova PFFT
    Jenova This is the EXACT opposite of my previous answer
    Jenova XD
    DarkSoul ASK SATAN O:<
    DarkSoul ... xD
    DarkSoul 2. How would you describe yourself?
    Jenova Before this thing hits the one minute mark |D
    Jenova Naked Arms
    Jenova ...
    Jenova Err
    Jenova XD
    DarkSoul ...Sleeveless shirts are nice, just
    DarkSoul Not on girls >>
    Jenova Well excuse me >:T
    Jenova I look like a boss without sleeves
    Jenova ... Of course, they would need to be tank tops
    Jenova Not like, ripped sleeves
    DarkSoul Tank tops are nice. xD
    Jenova Although ripped sleeves look better on me than tank tops
    DarkSoul 3. What do you like in a boy?
    Jenova Four Seasons
    Jenova ...
    Jenova Err
    Jenova XDDD
    DarkSoul So you want a year-round relationship?
    Darksoul That's reasonable.
    Jenova ... Good point.
    Jenova No such thing as a summer fling with me o:<
    Jenova Let's go!
    DarkSoul 4. How do you feel today?
    Jenova We just wasted three minutes
    Jenova xD
    DarkSoul |D

    Jenova Oh Yeah
    Jenova ... pfft
    Jenova I guess I'm confident xD
    DarkSoul Awwwww Yeaaaaah
    DarkSoul xD
    DarkSoul Confident is good!
    DarkSoul 5. What's your motto?
    DarkSoul (This'll be good.)
    Jenova :D

    Jenova On to question 5!
    DarkSoul ...
    Jenova Tell Me
    Jenova ...
    Jenova Err
    Jenova What xD
    DarkSoul No!
    DarkSoul You have to tell /me/!
    DarkSoul xD
    Jenova xD
    DarkSoul You don't understand how this works, do you? xD
    Jenova XDDD
    Jenova Next question@
    Jenova *question!
    DarkSoul ...
    DarkSoul I just realized
    DarkSoul There's no question 6 |:
    Jenova :|
    DarkSoul 7. What do your friends think of you?
    Jenova Love Letter
    DarkSoul (Screw chronology, we've got humour!)
    DarkSoul ...That sounds pretty good xD
    Jenova XD
    DarkSoul 8. What do you think of your parents?
    Jenova Hello
    DarkSoul I'll love you forever if you get something along the lines of Be Gone or Burn
    DarkSoul ...
    Jenova xD
    DarkSoul That's rather vague

    DarkSoul 9. What is two plus two?
    Jenova Double Rainbow
    Jenova ...
    Jenova OH MY GOD XD
    DarkSoul ...
    DarkSoul CORRECT!
    DarkSoul 10. What do you think of me?
    DarkSoul ( :D )
    Jenova Mr. Taxi
    Jenova ...
    DarkSoul ...
    Jenova I said this last time
    Jenova o.o
    DarkSoul I was about to say! xD
    DarkSoul Deja vu much?
    DarkSoul So, easy to ride, comfortable but quite expensive to take?
    Jenova xD
    Jenova Or cheap as hell, but it's a bumpy ride and you might get conned out of your destination
    Jenova Either one
    DarkSoul 11. What do you think of your secret crush?
    DarkSoul ...
    DarkSoul xDDD
    Jenova Tell Yourself
    Jenova ...
    Jenova :|
    DarkSoul No, /you/ tell /me/!
    DarkSoul Goddamnit, Jen!
    DarkSoul We went trough this before!
    Jenova This is different! XD
    Jenova Tell yourself what /you/ would do if you were me thinking of my secret crush!
    DarkSoul ...
    DarkSoul That
    DarkSoul Ow
    DarkSoul My brain
    DarkSoul Argh
    DarkSoul Next question.
    DarkSoul >>
    Jenova :DDDDDD

    DarkSoul There's no 12 either.
    DarkSoul 13. What is your life story?
    Jenova Dem hos
    Jenova Love Song
    Jenova ...
    Jenova :|
    DarkSoul ...
    DarkSoul Do not want to know.
    DarkSoul Next question.
    Jenova Actually, it makes sense
    Jenova My life is a love song in many ways; I want to tell people how I feel but don't
    Jenova and use song to express myself
    Jenova thus being a giant pussy
    Jenova c:
    Jenova NO HO :|
    Jenova But do carry on~
    DarkSoul 14. What do you think of when you see the person you have a crush on?
    Jenova Flower
    Jenova ... Huh.
    DarkSoul You want to give them one?
    DarkSoul How sweet<3
    Jenova Apparently, when I see them, I think there are flowers in the background
    Jenova like a shoujo manga
    DarkSoul ...Especially compared to your apparent background and history of hoes and love songs
    Jenova :V
    DarkSoul 15. What will you dance to at your wedding?
    Jenova Wedding Dress
    Jenova ... XD
    DarkSoul At!
    DarkSoul Not in!
    DarkSoul LEARN
    DarkSoul THE
    DarkSoul RULES
    Jenova NO HO
    Jenova :|
    DarkSoul ...Deja vu again
    Jenova Next question!
    DarkSoul 16. What is your biggest fear?
    DarkSoul prays for 'You'

    Jenova Love is War
    Jenova ... xD
    DS ...Huh
    Jenova I guess it makes sense
    DS So you're afraid of relationships because they tend to go wrong and turn violent?
    DS That's deep.
    Jenova Yeah.
    DS ...Wow. xD
    DS 17. What's your biggest fear?
    Jenova You just said that
    DS ...
    Jenova ...
    Jenova :|
    DS >>
    DS <<
    DS 17. What's your biggest secret?
    Jenova In Flames
    DS You can't blame me for confusing those two.
    DS ...
    Jenova ...
    DS You're a pyromaniac?
    Jenova Or maybe it's another fear
    DS Or perhaps a pyrokinetic?
    Jenova Or maybe it means that my whole life has been in flames
    DS |D
    DS Last question!
    DS 18. What do you make of this quiz?
    Jenova Take it Easy!
    DS I will, thanks!
    Jenova ... That makes sense
    DS It's about bedtime, so, yeah.
    Jenova We're both taking our time xD
    Jenova See you, then :<
    Jenova hugglesmooshes
    DS Not that I actually /sleep/ anywhere near three hours after bedtime >>
    DS is hugglesmooshed, of which he is not sure if it's a good or a bad thing

    Jen > Me;

    Jenova OKAY
    DatSoul LET'S DO THIS
    Jenova 1. If someone says "Is this okay?" You say...
    DatSoul Hammer Time
    DatSoul ...
    Jenova ...
    DatSoul DUUU DU DU DU
    Jenova You can't touch it
    Jenova Therefore you can't shed a light on it
    Jenova I see your wisdom
    DatSoul Halt! The time of the hammer has cometh upon us!
    DatSoul It's actually Caspa and Rusko, not MC Hammer
    DatSoul It's dubstep, and really good dubstep at that.
    DatSoul ...Anyway
    Jenova ... Don't ruin it for me :<
    DatSoul NEXT o:
    Jenova 2. How would you describe yourself?
    DatSoul Sorry
    DatSoul Orient Express
    DatSoul ...
    Jenova ...
    Jenova kids
    DatSoul That sounds like a latino strip club/ Indian railway company
    DatSoul I think there's a food brand called that, too
    DatSoul ...Do continue
    Jenova 3. What do you like in girl?
    Jenova ...
    Jenova That should be /a/ girl
    Jenova But whatever
    DatSoul I have a grand and floral personality~
    Jenova ...
    Jenova What
    Jenova Is that the name of the actual song?
    DatSoul Music Is Trough~
    Jenova Oh.
    DatSoul No
    Jenova .... Trough?
    DatSoul Violet Hill joke, dangit!
    Jenova ah.
    DatSoul ...
    DatSoul Excuse my French.
    Jenova ANYWAY
    Jenova 4. How do you feel today?
    DatSoul *Through
    DatSoul King Cotton
    DatSoul ...We've been trough four questions and none of the answers so far have made any sense
    Jenova ... You feel like you're the king of the most common type of fabric there is?
    DatSoul Promising
    Jenova 5. What's Your Motto?
    DatSoul ...Uhm, I forgot to mention I have Dutch songs as well
    Jenova Doesn't matter as long as you can translate it
    Jenova |D
    DatSoul Shall I just translate it? |D
    Jenova Yep
    DatSoul I Want To Laugh With You
    DatSoul ...That's actually sort of sweet
    DatSoul ~
    Jenova ... D'aw~
    Jenova Number 6 is nonexistent, soooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Jenova 7. What do your friends think of you?
    DatSoul (The 6 is a lie!)
    DatSoul ...Dangit, inb4d
    DatSoul Somebody's Me
    Jenova ...
    DatSoul I am not a copycat o:<
    Jenova You're a poser!
    DatSoul Am not!
    Jenova WHy are you wearing my clothing!
    Jenova How do they fit you
    DatSoul ...Easy, tiger!
    DatSoul /YogPodreference
    DatSoul Next question |D
    Jenova 8. What do you think of your parents?
    Jenova Jeffrey Miller Interview 8.
    Jenova kids
    DatSoul The Raptor Attack
    DatSoul >>
    DatSoul <<
    Jenova ...
    Jenova Everybody
    DatSoul has several Jurrasic Park albums
    Jenova get on the floor
    Jenova everybody waqlk the dinosaur
    Jenova *walk
    Jenova Jebus, DS.
    DatSoul waqlks the dinosaur
    Jenova OPEN THE DOOR
    DatSoul It's good music!
    Jenova 9. What is 2+2?
    DatSoul Welcome To Jurrasic Park
    DatSoul |:
    Jenova ...
    DatSoul Honestly, I'm surprised I haven't had any Beatles songs yet
    Jenova I think mine was better
    DatSoul I have 142 of those.
    DatSoul Or one of my 97 Ed Starink hits.
    Jenova 10. What do you think of ME?
    DatSoul ...
    DatSoul Gold Digger
    Jenova ...
    Jenova Excuse me?
    DatSoul BUT SHE AIN'- Sorry >>
    Jenova 11. What do you think of your secret crush?
    DatSoul The best part; It's the Glee version
    DatSoul Isn't She Lovely
    DatSoul Wow
    Jenova ... Aw.
    DatSoul Two in context in a row!
    DatSoul And another G
    DatSoul ...
    DatSoul *Glee version!
    Jenova If you had She's Not You by David Archuleta, I would have died laughing
    DatSoul ...
    Jenova 13. What is your life story?
    DatSoul Awake My Soul
    DatSoul That's deep shit.
    DatSoul passes joint to Jen
    Jenova ...
    Jenova Why did you ruin the deep moment
    Jenova ._.
    DatSoul ...Ohwait it's not legal
    Jenova I'm not in California
    Jenova It ain't legal for me.
    DatSoul For /you/ it isn't
    DatSoul trollfaces
    Jenova I just said for /me/
    DatSoul ...Still
    DatSoul >>
    Jenova 12 died while serving our countries btw
    Jenova Also, 14. What do you think of, when you see the person you have a crush on?
    DatSoul Where did thirteen go?
    Jenova That /was/ 13
    Jenova I just forgot to address 12
    DatSoul Ah |D
    DatSoul No Letting Go
    DatSoul grabs secret crush and holds on until the police drag him away
    Jenova .... DS you sound like a rapist.
    Jenova KID YO KIDS
    Jenova *HIDE YO KIDS
    Jenova HIDE YO WIFE
    DatSoul ...
    Jenova YES
    Jenova 15. What will you dance to at your wedding?
    DatSoul Theme From Voltaic
    DatSoul Myst<3
    Jenova ...
    Jenova Huh.
    Jenova 16. What is your biggest fear?
    DatSoul Miniature Disasters
    DatSoul has a morbid fear of soft earthquakes and small tornadoes
    DatSoul KT Tunstall like a femine baws.
    DatSoul *feminine
    Jenova Or a really bad paper cut
    Jenova 17. What's your biggest secret?
    DatSoul I'm so masculine I can't spell feminine!
    DatSoul End Love
    Jenova Also I am falling in love with Usotsuki Lily-
    Jenova You want to end your relationship?
    DatSoul I take pleasure in ending relationships >: D
    Jenova In a way, Usotsuki Lily was also related to your masculine comment
    Jenova Because it's about a girl that has a crossdressing guy as a boyfriend
    DatSoul Wait
    Jenova Because he hates men and hates looking at himself as a man.
    DatSoul That defies all set rules of sexual orientation.
    Jenova Not really
    Jenova As Eddie Izzard said
    Jenova Crossdressing doesn't mean that you're a homosexual per say
    Jenova It's a rather male lesbian sort of thing
    DatSoul That's true.
    Jenova Also, last question!
    Jenova 18. What do you make of this quiz?
    DatSoul That should be a natural thing to do >>
    Jenova We went waaaaaaaaaaaay off topic
    DatSoul From Russia With Love
    Jenova ...
    DatSoul In Soviet Russia-
    DatSoul ...
    DatSoul DAMMIT!
    DatSoul That was a good ending
    Jenova Yes
    Jenova shall log this
  2. DS and I did one this morning.

    22:19 DatSoul silently hides his love for The X Files music
    22:20 Blazi is okay with that
    22:20 DatSoul I don't even know what that means >>
    22:20 Blazi Moving on~
    22:20 DatSoul I know it's Latin 8D
    22:20 DatSoul 3. What do you like in a girl?
    22:20 Blazi Out of Luck
    22:20 DatSoul Damn, you should've had Hit Me Up here xD
    22:20 Blazi That's what it means
    22:20 Blazi not the song I got
    22:20 Blazi xD
    22:21 DatSoul Don't worry, you'll meet a nice girl someday.
    22:21 DatSoul pats
    22:21 Blazi Man it's So Loud In Here
    22:21 Blazi ...
    22:21 Blazi So,
    22:21 Blazi I want a chatterbox?
    22:21 DatSoul I like Polythene Pam in a girl.
    22:21 DatSoul Or you like meeting them at parties!
    22:21 DatSoul nods wisely
    22:21 Blazi |D
    22:21 Blazi Point!
    22:21 Blazi Next question~
    22:22 DatSoul 4. How do you feel today?
    22:22 DatSoul Eight Days A Week.
    22:22 DatSoul ...Two Beatles songs in a row
    22:22 Blazi Ive Gotta Feeling
    22:22 DatSoul Not surprising- I have 142 of them.
    22:22 DatSoul ...
    22:22 DatSoul No shit, Sherlock xD
    22:22 Blazi xD
    22:23 DatSoul You're the least likely person I know to be called apatethic :p
    22:23 Blazi Next Question
    22:23 Blazi I know
    22:23 Blazi Actually, when you think about it
    22:23 DatSoul Stop hurrying me ;_;
    22:23 Blazi No. 2 was actually relevant to the question
    22:23 Blazi Despite the fact it was in latin
    22:24 DatSoul True!
    22:24 DatSoul 5. What’s your motto?
    22:24 Blazi All Star
    22:24 DatSoul Spiffy! xD
    22:24 Blazi was really hoping for Hakuna Mattata
    22:25 DatSoul Also the slightest bit egocentric.
    22:25 DatSoul ...
    22:25 DatSoul That would've been awesome, mang xDD
    22:25 Blazi I know xD
    22:25 DatSoul Lady Luck.
    22:25 DatSoul ...That's deep o:
    22:25 Blazi ...
    22:25 Blazi Wow
    22:25 Blazi That's...
    22:25 Blazi So Relevant :x
    22:26 DatSoul Only the lyrics are about Lady Luck /not/ being on my side, but, y'know
    22:26 DatSoul >>
    22:26 DatSoul <<
    22:26 DatSoul Also, amfg Jamie Woon.
    22:26 DatSoul Just throwing that out there.
    22:26 Blazi Ah
    22:26 Blazi Well
    22:26 Blazi It's the title
    22:26 DatSoul 7. What do your friends think of you?
    22:26 Blazi not the actual song
    22:27 Blazi Jack's Lament
    22:27 Blazi ...
    22:27 DatSoul Just One Of Those Things
    22:27 DatSoul I'm being objectified behind my back! o:<
    22:27 Blazi Funnily enough, I had a friend called Jack in my old school
    22:27 Blazi xD
    22:27 DatSoul That's scary xD
    22:28 Blazi I know |D
    22:28 DatSoul 8. What do you think of your parents?
    22:28 DatSoul Comprachicos.
    22:29 Blazi Somebody to Love
    22:29 Blazi ...
    22:29 DatSoul AAAAAAAAAAWW<3
    22:29 Blazi Ohgodsthatscreepy
    22:29 DatSoul ...Well, yeah
    22:29 Blazi Not when you read it my way bub!
    22:29 DatSoul What, your parent's aren't nice?
    22:30 Blazi But other than tha-
    22:30 DatSoul Nasty parents are pretty common >>
    22:30 Blazi no, my mind read that COMPLETELY out of context
    22:30 DatSoul ...
    22:30 Blazi My parents are extremely lovely
    22:30 DatSoul Ehm
    22:30 DatSoul shoots himself
    22:30 DatSoul 9. What is 2 + 2?
    22:31 Blazi Voodoo Child
    22:31 DatSoul Magical Mystery Tour.
    22:31 Blazi (Here come the drums, here come the druuuuuuuuuuuums)
    22:31 DatSoul We both got rather magical titles xD
    22:31 DatSoul Also, more Beatles!
    22:31 Blazi Mine was used in a doctor who episode :>
    22:31 DatSoul I haven't even listened to half the songs |D
    22:31 DatSoul ...
    22:32 DatSoul You win |:
    22:32 DatSoul 10. What do you think of me? (The other person?)
    22:32 Blazi Sk8ter Boy
    22:32 DatSoul ...I'm not sure whether that's a compliment or not
    22:32 DatSoul 'Maya Gold'
    22:33 Blazi Wouldn't it be creepy if we both got the same song on one of these?
    22:33 Blazi ...
    22:33 DatSoul I do treasure our relationship a lo-
    22:33 DatSoul is shot
    22:33 Blazi Awww, thank you!
    22:33 DatSoul You're welcome<3
    22:33 Blazi And I'm fairly sure mine's a compliment
    22:33 DatSoul And yerp, that would be rather creepy xD
    22:33 DatSoul I thought so :p
    22:33 Blazi 'Cause he ends up as a rockstar at the end
    22:34 DatSoul 11. What do you think of your secret crush?
    22:34 DatSoul hopes for He's You
    22:34 DatSoul That would be /too/ hilarious
    22:34 Blazi Tomorrow
    22:34 Blazi ...
    22:35 DatSoul SOON.
    22:35 DatSoul xD
    22:35 Blazi xD
    22:35 Blazi Oh god
    22:35 DatSoul Where Does The Good Go?
    22:35 DatSoul ...
    22:35 Blazi I actually have school tomorrow
    22:35 DatSoul Good goes /where/!?
    22:35 Blazi That's creepy :x
    22:35 Blazi They have no idea
    22:35 Blazi that's why they're asking
    22:35 DatSoul I am twelve and what is this?
    22:36 Blazi Waitwut?
    22:36 DatSoul 13. What is your life story?
    22:36 Blazi You're twelve?
    22:36 DatSoul Meme reference, dangit O:<
    22:36 Blazi Do it Again
    22:36 Blazi Ah
    22:36 DatSoul ...
    22:36 Blazi right
    22:36 Blazi ...
    22:36 Blazi So apparently,
    22:36 Blazi I'm a Timelord!
    22:37 DatSoul That...
    22:37 DatSoul Wasn't quite what I thought
    22:37 DatSoul These interviews tend to be quite innuendoic. |D
    22:37 Blazi Oh...
    22:37 Blazi They do don't they |D
    22:38 DatSoul Pipeline.
    22:38 DatSoul ...
    22:38 Blazi You're mario?!
    22:38 DatSoul Innuendo's galore!
    22:38 DatSoul ...Or that
    22:38 Blazi No
    22:38 DatSoul You have a really naive mind, don't you?
    22:38 DatSoul :p
    22:38 Blazi I got the other one
    22:38 Blazi I got the innuendo
    22:39 Blazi that was just the very first thing that came into my head
    22:39 DatSoul Exactly.
    22:39 DatSoul 14. What do you think of, when you see the person you have a crush on?
    22:39 DatSoul It's Only Love
    22:39 Blazi Beauty and The Beast
    22:39 DatSoul ...That's eerily fitting
    22:39 Blazi ...
    22:39 DatSoul ...
    22:39 DatSoul Who is the beast in that relationship?
    22:39 Blazi I know...
    22:40 Blazi I don't know
    22:40 Blazi I'm not sure if I do
    22:40 DatSoul I'm not sure if I want to know.
    22:40 DatSoul >>
    22:40 DatSoul <<
    22:41 DatSoul 15. What will you dance to at your wedding?
    22:42 Blazi I like to move it
    22:42 Blazi (move it)
    22:42 DatSoul We Will Rock You / Robot Rock
    22:42 DatSoul That's a bit hard to dance to |D
    22:43 Blazi ...
    22:43 Blazi xD
    22:43 DatSoul Look for it on YouTube, you'll see.
    22:43 DatSoul 16. What is your biggest fear?
    22:44 Blazi See My Vest
    22:44 Blazi I have a morbid fear of vests apparently :o
    22:44 DatSoul Moonshine
    22:44 DatSoul I have a phobia of the night |:
    22:45 DatSoul 17. What is your biggest secret?
    22:46 Blazi The lion sleeps tonight
    22:47 Blazi ...
    22:47 Blazi Right
    22:48 DatSoul I Want It All
    22:48 DatSoul Pffffft
    22:48 DatSoul AND I WANT IT NOOOW
    22:48 DatSoul *guitar riff*
    22:49 DatSoul 18. What do you make of this quiz?
    22:49 Blazi This is Halloween
    22:49 Blazi ...
    22:49 Blazi So basically
    22:49 Blazi Scary
    22:49 DatSoul You're Going To Lose That Girl
    22:49 DatSoul ...
    22:50 DatSoul Just a heads-up :>
    22:51 DatSoul has all this logged
    22:52 DatSoul Now go back to sleep. ^^
    22:52 Blazi Nu
  3. omigosh this was fun <333

    Me and Tobiichan asked each other the questions, so here are the results :'D

    Most of Toby's were random and funny while most of mine were just hipster and deep. I mean, others were ... weird. But almost all of them were hipster ;D

    So yeah!

    Me asking Toru:
    17:38:15: <Tun> Toru, Toru!
    17:38:19: <Tun> You should do this thing with me
    17:38:24: <Tun> and by "this thing" I mean
    17:38:24: <Tun> viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2642
    17:38:34: <Toru> Lol, was preparing to OOc
    17:38:55: <Tun> ... xD
    17:39:33: <Toru> Oh cool
    17:40:32: <Toru> I'll start with the music I guess
    17:40:39: <Toru> You can fire the questions
    17:40:55: <Tun> Mmkay!
    17:41:10: <Tun> QUESTION ONE
    17:41:17: <Tun> If someone asks ‘Is this okay?’, you say… ?
    17:41:29: <Toru> Come Together
    17:41:42: <Toru> Oh gods xD
    17:41:50: <Tun> ... xDD
    17:42:01: <Toru> Me just sitting there
    17:42:06: <Toru> "...Proceed."
    17:42:29: <Tun> Keekeekee~
    17:42:32: <Tun> okayokay next ooone~
    17:42:37: <Tun> How would you describe yourself?
    17:42:52: <Toru> Zanarkland
    17:43:06: <Toru> I'm sorry what |D
    17:43:14: <Tun> ... teeheehee
    17:43:34: <Tun> "Why yes dear sir, I do find myself to be rather Zanarkland at times!"
    17:44:03: <Toru> Karu gave me the bulk of this music, so yeah xD
    17:44:07: <Toru> Lots of Final Fantasy.
    17:44:07: <Tun> XD
    17:44:12: <Tun> but, er, yeah
    17:44:14: <Tun> next one~?
    17:44:17: <Toru> Yah
    17:44:25: <Tun> What do you like in a girl?
    17:44:31: <Toru> ...
    17:44:38: <Toru> Wrex Shepard xDDDD
    17:44:45: <Tun> ... ooololol
    17:44:54: <Toru> Jesus christ
    17:45:06: <Toru> I like my girls to have a hint of Krogan
    17:45:39: <Toru> Ohkay, next one
    17:45:52: <Tun> heeheehee |3
    17:45:54: <Tun> oh, oh
    17:46:02: <Tun> How do you feel today~?
    17:46:17: <Toru> ...
    17:46:22: <Toru> Battle Conditions
    17:46:35: <Toru> I FEEL
    17:46:37: <Toru> FUCKING
    17:46:38: <Toru> BATTLE CONDITIONS
    17:46:52: <Tun> ... yaaaay? xD
    17:46:55: <Toru> THIS MEME <-- RIDICULOUS XD
    17:47:08: <Tun> Bwahahaaah~
    17:47:16: <Toru> Tun: How are you feeling Tobiichan~? o3o
    17:47:22: <Toru> *Pulls out a spear*
    17:47:25: <Toru> YOU HAVE MY SPEAR.
    17:47:54: <Tun> xDD
    17:48:01: <Toru> Oh cool
    17:48:05: <Toru> Food 8D
    17:48:18: <Toru> (I'm still doing this music interview thing though)
    17:48:24: <Tun> Mmkay!
    17:48:28: <Tun> So next question~?
    17:48:36: <Toru> Yah
    17:48:45: <Tun> What’s your motto, good chap?
    17:48:59: <Toru> Itsumo Futaride
    17:49:09: <Tun> ... nice motto o 3 o
    17:49:15: <Toru> Which is Japanese for 'Always in my heart'
    17:49:18: <Toru> Which isn't like me
    17:49:24: <Tun> ... that is kinda cute, though :3
    17:49:30: <Tun> but um
    17:49:33: Tun clears throat
    17:49:35: <Toru> I'm not cute xD
    17:49:46: <Tun> I'm sure you could be, godammit D:<
    17:49:58: <Tun> ... I dunno where that godammit came from, but er
    17:50:15: <Tun> ready for the ... uh ...
    17:50:17: Tun counts
    17:50:20: <Toru> It's like you want me to be cute, Nyan~!
    17:50:30: <Tun> 6th quest- pfffff
    17:50:34: <Tun> xDD
    17:50:39: <Toru> YEs
    17:50:44: <Toru> Heart attack a go -go!
    17:50:49: <Tun> XD
    17:50:53: <Tun> here we go!
    17:50:54: <Tun> What do your friends think of you?
    17:50:59: Toru pulls off his cat ears and srsfaices
    17:51:15: <Toru> Proto Man's Theme.
    17:51:23: <Toru> I HAVE TOO MUCH GAME MUSIC
    17:51:25: <Toru> FUCK
    17:51:27: <Tun> ... XDD
    17:51:32: Toru opens up spotify
    17:51:40: <Toru> Imma get some normal songs
    17:51:43: <Tun> it's okay, when I do it it'll all be music you haven't heard of :x
    17:51:49: <Toru> (Still shuffling mind)
    17:51:56: <Toru> Yes but
    17:52:01: <Toru> Yours will have some normal answers
    17:52:09: <Tun> Well, yeah, but!
    17:52:21: <Tun> ... unless Fuck the World is one of them
    17:52:33: <Toru> xD
    17:52:35: <Toru> Right then
    17:52:39: <Toru> Question 6 please
    17:52:43: <Tun> Mmkay!
    17:52:56: <Tun> ... well no it's question 7, but
    17:52:58: <Tun> What do you think of your parents?
    17:53:10: <Toru> Chop Suey!
    17:53:19: <Toru> WHAT
    17:53:20: <Toru> NO
    17:53:21: <Tun> ...
    17:53:22: <Toru> WHAT IS THIS
    17:53:23: <Tun> xDDDD
    17:53:34: <Tun> your parents sound like great people
    17:53:47: <Toru> Yes, they are very...
    17:53:53: Toru pulls pedo face
    17:53:55: <Toru> DELICIOUS...
    17:54:04: <Tun> ...
    17:54:12: <Tun> why would you pull a pedo face for your parents?
    17:54:29: Toru swallows mother whole
    17:54:32: <Toru> Sorry, what!?
    17:54:34: <Tun> ... xDD
    17:54:44: <Toru> Next question, if you will.
    17:54:51: <Tun> e-erm, okay
    17:54:59: <Tun> WHAT IS 2+2?
    17:55:11: <Toru> Is that seriously it?
    17:55:13: <Toru> Alright
    17:55:16: <Tun> Yep XD
    17:55:18: Toru changes songs
    17:55:31: <Toru> Oh great
    17:55:33: <Toru> A fucking advert
    17:55:37: <Toru> Damn Spotify
    17:55:46: <Tun> teeheehee
    17:55:55: <Toru> Oh here we go
    17:55:58: <Toru> 'Sweepstakes'
    17:56:10: <Tun> ... 2 plus 2 is Sweepstakes
    17:56:19: <Tun> which maths class are you in, Tobiichan? :<
    17:56:28: <Toru> My own
    17:56:32: <Toru> Where anything goes
    17:56:39: <Toru> And you
    17:56:40: <Toru> WIN
    17:56:42: <Toru> AT
    17:56:44: <Toru> EVERYTHING
    17:56:53: <Tun> ... fair enough!
    17:56:56: <Tun> next 'un~?
    17:57:05: <Toru> Mhhhmm
    17:57:24: <Tun> What do you think of meee~? ;D
    17:58:18: <Toru> ...Oh god this is all mushy now
    17:58:21: <Toru> 'Dearly Beloved'
    17:58:37: <Tun> Awww yeeaaah
    17:58:47: <Tun> knowing my luck when you ask me that it'll be like
    17:58:59: <Tun> erm
    17:59:11: <Toru> Now I've just turned this whole conversation into a cliche Anime Plot
    17:59:12: <Tun> WTF?
    17:59:15: <Tun> ... xDD
    17:59:22: <Toru> And now I'm imagining Tunnu as a tsundere
    17:59:43: <Toru> And it's weird xD
    17:59:55: <Tun> ... heehee
    18:00:02: <Tun> Tsun tsun, dere dere~
    18:00:09: <Toru> "B-baka Toby! It's not like I like you or anythin - OKAY NEXT QUESTION.
    18:00:24: <Tun> teeheehee
    18:00:34: Tun huggles Tobiichan
    18:00:50: <Toru> |3
    18:01:11: <Toru> Alright let's roll
    18:01:14: <Tun> What do you think of your secret crush?
    18:01:29: <Toru> Rhinestone Eyes
    18:01:38: <Tun> ... d'aw :3
    18:02:06: <Toru> ...That actually sounds like some comment with some deep meaning o3o
    18:02:35: <Tun> either that or you're in love with some freaky deformed stone-lady
    18:02:49: <Toru> Well that would be expected of a geokinetic
    18:02:54: <Toru> It's a form of diamond simulant, apparently
    18:03:02: <Toru> So like, sparkly eyes?
    18:03:08: <Tun> oh
    18:03:19: <Tun> well I can't blame you for having a secret crush on Rhinestone Eyes gurl
    18:03:23: <Tun> sparkly eyes are pretty ;;
    18:03:30: <Tun> or should I say **
    18:03:37: <Toru> Pffft xD
    18:03:50: <Tun> ... oh I have to go get dinner >>
    18:03:56: <Toru> xD
    18:04:01: <Tun> BUT BEFORE I GO, I will leave you this question!
    18:04:02: <Tun> What is your life story?
    18:04:06: <Toru> Oh cool
    18:04:06: <Tun> (I'll bbs :3)
    18:04:12: <Toru> You can answer it later :3
    18:04:20: <Toru> ...
    18:04:25: <Toru> Superfast Jellyfish
    18:21:42: <Tun> KAYBACK
    18:21:54: <Tun> ... that sounds like a fun life story
    18:22:10: <Toru> Definitely
    18:22:27: <Toru> I don't know wether it would describe me as a person
    18:22:32: <Toru> Or my purpose
    18:22:37: <Toru> |D
    18:23:17: <Tun> XD
    18:23:24: <Toru> Waht do you think?
    18:23:40: <Tun> probably your purpose
    18:23:51: <Tun> I don't see you as being a superfast jellyfish-type
    18:24:00: <Tun> *type of person
    18:24:10: <Toru> Me neither o_o
    18:24:15: <Toru> Alright, hit me with the next one
    18:24:19: <Tun> Mmkay!
    18:24:20: <Tun> What do you think of, when you see the person you have a crush on?
    18:24:43: <Toru> I am The walrus
    18:24:53: <Tun> ...
    18:25:11: <Tun> does that give you some kind of confidence to think that you're the walrus or something?
    18:25:20: <Toru> I don't know!
    18:25:23: Toru sees crush
    18:25:26: <Tun> (or does she just scream kookookachoo~?)
    18:25:27: <Toru> ...
    18:25:28: <Toru> I
    18:25:29: <Toru> AM
    18:25:32: <Toru> FOOKING
    18:25:33: <Toru> FAT
    18:25:42: <Toru> AND HAIRY
    18:25:49: <Toru> AND I HAVE LARGE TEETH
    18:26:43: <Toru> The Koo Koo Kachoo bit sounds cool though
    18:27:14: <Tun> XD
    18:28:28: <Toru> what question are we on now?
    18:28:31: <Toru> 11/
    18:28:33: <Toru> *?
    18:28:45: <Tun> erm
    18:28:53: <Tun> 15 according to the list of questions
    18:29:00: <Tun> but two are missing out, so it's moar like 13
    18:29:10: <Toru> I see
    18:29:46: <Tun> so, um, next question!
    18:29:46: <Toru> xD
    18:29:49: <Tun> What will you dance to at your wedding?
    18:29:49: <Toru> Cool
    18:30:40: <Toru> The Beverly Hills Cop Theme Song
    18:30:55: <Toru> LIKE
    18:30:56: <Toru> A
    18:31:01: <Toru> MOTHERFUKCKIN'
    18:31:03: <Toru> BAWS
    18:32:41: <Toru> ...
    18:33:10: <Toru> Tun's just stopped talking
    18:33:12: <Toru> xD
    18:33:22: <Tun> ... oh sorry
    18:33:33: <Tun> Mibbit wasn't going "PEOPLE SAID STUFF" so I didn't look |3
    18:33:40: <Toru> I see
    18:33:51: <Toru> But yeah
    18:33:58: <Toru> I could see that happening
    18:34:10: <Tun> it would be pretty snazzy c:
    18:34:11: <Toru> *And now, the bride and groom will have their first dance*
    18:34:14: <Toru> FUCK THAT SHIT
    18:34:21: Toru flips some tables
    18:34:42: <Tun> xDD
    18:35:12: <Toru> Alright
    18:35:21: <Toru> Next question, if you'd be so kind~
    18:35:47: <Tun> Mmkay!
    18:35:48: <Tun> What is your biggest fear?
    18:36:01: <Toru> Township Rebellion
    18:36:15: <Tun> ... heehee
    18:36:47: Toru wishes he had luck and a song called 'Wasps' on his playlist
    18:37:35: <Tun> XDD
    18:37:48: <Tun> That woulda been cool~
    18:38:01: <Toru> Would've been very appropriate
    18:38:05: <Toru> So yeah
    18:38:11: <Toru> 2 moar questions now
    18:39:11: <Tun> What is your biggest secret~?
    18:39:29: <Toru> Some Kind of Nature
    18:39:43: <Toru> (Featuring Louie Reed)
    18:40:10: <Toru> Giving you some clues there xD
    18:41:32: <Toru> Tunnu?
    18:41:40: <Toru> You keep on disappearing
    18:42:17: <Tun> Muwaaah, sorry ;;
    18:42:28: <Tun> I was listening to HarDCore Dinosaur~
    18:42:31: Tun clears throat
    18:42:41: <Tun> AND FINALLY
    18:42:42: <Tun> What do you make of this quiz!?
    18:42:53: <Toru> ...
    18:42:55: <Toru> CHOP SUEY!
    18:43:02: <Toru> THAT WAS FUCKING TASTY BRO
    18:43:32: <Tun> ...
    18:43:54: <Tun> you think of your parents /and/ the quiz as Chop Suey
    18:44:10: <Toru> Yeah, totally

    Toru asking me:
    19:12:34: <Toru> Okay so
    19:12:36: <Toru> Here we go
    19:12:39: <Tun> yo, sup ma homie ♥
    19:12:52: <Toru> OH NOTHING
    19:12:55: <Toru> JUST INTERVIEWING YOU
    19:12:58: <Toru> ~♥
    19:13:09: <Tun> OHOKAY THEN
    19:13:11: <Toru> Okay then
    19:13:15: <Toru> Pfft
    19:13:21: <Tun> ... xD
    19:13:26: <Toru> QWESHTUN JUAN
    19:13:28: <Toru> 1. If someone asks ‘Is this okay?’, you say…
    19:13:46: <Tun> oh um two seconds I need to actually have my iPod, don't I
    19:13:56: <Toru> xD
    19:14:39: <Tun> okay okay
    19:14:44: <Tun> All We Have is Now
    19:15:09: <Toru> Really srsface answer there o_o
    19:15:18: <Tun> Nyaha |D
    19:15:28: <Toru> Sounds like some cliche Animu responce
    19:15:45: <Tun> XD
    19:16:00: <Tun> well, it /is/ on the album "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots"
    19:16:08: <Toru> Sounds like something your charrie from Negau Hoshi would say
    19:16:33: <Tun> it does a little o:
    19:16:41: <Tun> OKAY ASK ME THE NEXT QUESTION D:<
    19:16:53: <Toru> Sorry :<
    19:17:10: <Toru> How would you describe yourself?
    19:17:29: <Tun> Wrapped in Piano Strings
    19:17:42: <Tun> ... woah that's deep
    19:17:44: <Toru> ...That's...
    19:17:49: <Toru> ...Interesting, I guess xD
    19:18:08: <Tun> Nyeeheeh |3
    19:18:29: <Toru> I dunno
    19:18:34: <Tun> Yay for hipster music |D
    19:18:41: <Toru> It's either like
    19:18:49: <Toru> You're obsessed with music
    19:19:06: <Toru> Or someone has some really bad problems
    19:19:11: <Tun> xDDD
    19:19:13: <Toru> Anyway
    19:19:28: <Toru> What do you like in a boy/girl?
    19:19:53: <Tun> Gnik Nus
    19:20:03: <Tun> ... deeerrppp
    19:20:19: <Toru> You like Sun Kings in boys?
    19:20:31: <Tun> and in girls! D:
    19:20:45: <Tun> ... I mean um
    19:21:32: <Toru> Don't worry, I'm not going to push you further into this question xD
    19:21:45: <Toru> 4. How do you feel today?
    19:22:21: <Tun> Gadzooks
    19:22:33: <Tun> ... neeheehee
    19:22:45: <Tun> Gadzooks, gadzooks~ You're all such crazy cooks~
    19:22:47: <Toru> Tun
    19:22:52: <Toru> You're Scottish
    19:22:55: <Tun> (even though I'm not supposed to be spamming from the actual song but-
    19:22:56: <Toru> You should be saying like
    19:22:58: <Toru> OCH AYE!
    19:23:00: <Tun> xDDD
    19:23:04: <Toru> HAGGIS!
    19:23:11: <Tun> OCH AYE THE NOOOO
    19:23:13: <Toru> I DON'T WEAR PANTS! (Kilts innit)
    19:23:27: <Tun> ... I like pants though :<
    19:23:30: <Tun> ... noooot like that
    19:23:35: <Tun> I mean um
    19:23:36: <Tun> they just
    19:23:41: <Tun> They're comfortable, okay? D:<
    19:23:48: <Toru> xD
    19:23:57: <Toru> You know you're typing right?
    19:24:12: <Toru> You can change what you're going to say and stop it from being OOC :p
    19:24:21: <Tun> but I'm not good at that ><
    19:24:37: <Tun> my finger likes the enter button too muich
    19:24:40: <Tun> *much
    19:24:42: <Toru> At least you keep the OOC thread alive and kicking ♥
    19:24:49: <Tun> Well, yus ;DF
    19:24:53: <Tun> *;D godommot
    19:25:12: <Toru> What’s your motto?
    19:26:18: <Toru> SPEAK TO ME TUN
    19:26:26: <Tun> This Must be the Place
    19:26:48: <Tun> ... mine are so deep and unfunny ;;
    19:26:49: <Toru> I don't get how that can even be percieved as a motto x.x
    19:26:59: <Toru> Ah yes but
    19:27:02: <Toru> We can make 'em funny
    19:27:18: <Toru> This Must be the Place
    19:27:20: <Toru> FOR SEXY TIME HAHAHAHAHAH
    19:27:23: <Toru> SEX JOKES.
    19:27:24: <Tun> ... :|
    19:27:25: <Toru> HAH!
    19:27:39: <Toru> *shot*
    19:27:56: <Toru> OHKAY THEN
    19:28:04: <Toru> NECKT QHWESHTION
    19:28:06: <Toru> What do your friends think of you?
    19:28:55: <Tun> You're No God
    19:29:12: <Toru> ...Now that's harsh
    19:29:18: <Tun> ikr?
    19:29:19: <Toru> D:
    19:29:25: <Tun> my friends are mean ;;
    19:29:32: <Toru> This is turning intro a deep emo hipster interview xD
    19:29:36: <Tun> XDD
    19:29:39: Toru puts on hipster shades
    19:29:43: <Toru> Blueeeh.
    19:29:55: <Toru> Underground Geokinetics
    19:29:56: <Tun> and Laura Marling can never be too bad c:
    19:30:00: <Toru> ...Yeah.
    19:30:01: <Tun> ... don't start this D:<
    19:30:05: <Toru> xd
    19:30:07: <Toru> *xD
    19:30:22: <Toru> Alright then
    19:30:22: <Toru> What do you think of your parents?
    19:30:36: <Tun> Super Effective!
    19:30:46: <Tun> ... oh crap that's from Pokemon: The Missingno Tracks
    19:30:47: <Toru> At doing what?
    19:31:30: <Tun> ... don't take that somewhere it shouldn't be >;O
    19:31:41: <Toru> I wasn't trying to!
    19:32:07: <Tun> I had to warn you though, just in case
    19:32:14: <Tun> I know how you can be at this ... time
    19:32:15: <Tun> um
    19:32:17: <Tun> I dunno
    19:32:28: <Toru> ?
    19:32:34: <Toru> Ah, I see
    19:32:51: <Toru> What is 2 + 2?
    19:33:13: <Tun> Andy Warhol
    19:33:16: <Tun> ... yeeeaaaaah
    19:33:24: <Toru> xD
    19:33:46: <Tun> darn David Bowie, making me suck at Maths!
    19:33:47: <Toru> That's great |3
    19:34:03: <Tun> keeheehee
    19:34:33: <Toru> "Do you love me?"
    19:34:36: <Toru> ANDY FUCKING WARHOL
    19:34:51: <Toru> "What's next lessson?"
    19:34:56: <Toru> ANDY WARHOL
    19:35:12: <Tun> Aaandy Warhooooool
    19:35:17: <Tun> Andy Waaaarrhooool
    19:35:19: <Tun> ANDY WARHOL
    19:35:30: <Toru> Okay.
    19:35:32: <Toru> Calm.
    19:35:34: <Tun> ... wow, I've looked at that name so much they don't look like /words/
    19:35:37: <Toru> What do you think of me?
    19:35:49: <Tun> Start Wearing Purple
    19:36:08: <Toru> ...
    19:36:10: <Toru> YES XD
    19:36:16: <Tun> ... eeeeheeee~
    19:36:51: <Tun> Well, purple is a great colour~
    19:37:06: Tun throws purple at Toru o:<
    19:38:31: <Toru> xD
    19:38:57: <Toru> Right then
    19:38:58: <Toru> What do you think of your secret crush?
    19:39:05: <Tun> You Give Love a Bad Name
    19:39:25: <Tun> ... teehee
    19:39:31: <Toru> ELISE
    19:39:32: <Toru> THE
    19:39:37: <Toru> RUDE HIPSTER
    19:39:47: <Tun> Muahahah c':<
    19:39:54: <Tun> keep in mind this is a gypsy jazz version so that makes it like 20x better/more hipster, too!
    19:40:30: <Toru> |D
    19:40:39: <Toru> N-n-n-n-n-next question, dood!
    19:40:54: <Toru> What is your life story?
    19:41:09: <Tun> To Be Objectified
    19:41:25: <Toru> This hipser stuff is actually working
    19:41:34: <Tun> I know right? XD
    19:41:35: Toru puts on his lawer suit
    19:41:41: <Toru> OBJECTION!
    19:42:01: <Toru> Your Honour, can you really belive Miss Prentice is telling the truth about her hipster origins?
    19:42:05: <Tun> #Tun'slifestory
    19:42:35: <Toru> xD
    19:42:39: <Tun> B-being believed is too mainstream D:<
    19:42:59: <Toru> Okay xP
    19:43:29: <Toru> NEXT!
    19:43:31: <Toru> What do you think of, when you see the person you have a crush on?
    19:43:50: <Tun> Clint Eastwood
    19:43:55: <Tun> ... yay? o - o
    19:44:11: <Toru> I didn't know you were into cowboys!
    19:44:21: <Tun> Who /isn't/ into cowboys? ;D
    19:44:31: <Toru> Well
    19:44:42: <Toru> Tobias looks like a cowboy with his fancy outfit
    19:45:13: <Toru> So yeah
    19:45:17: <Toru> I guess I am o:
    19:45:26: <Tun> neeheehee >:3
    19:45:52: <Toru> What will you dance to at your wedding?
    19:46:11: <Tun> creepy
    19:46:31: <Tun> ... I will dance to creepy, and I will enjoy it D:<
    19:46:47: <Toru> WHEN THE GROOM GOES UP
    19:46:50: <Tun> (see, that song's so hipster the title's in lowercase ;D)
    19:46:53: <Toru> AND ASKS YOU FOR A DANCE
    19:46:55: <Toru> DO THE CREEP
    19:46:58: <Toru> AND DO THE CREEP
    19:47:24: <Tun> ololol
    19:47:29: <Tun> Do the creep, haaaah~
    19:48:00: <Tun> but um
    19:48:03: <Tun> next question? |3
    19:48:20: <Toru> Of course ♥
    19:48:28: <Toru> What is your biggest fear?
    19:49:03: <Tun> Diablo Rojo
    19:49:39: Toru opens up google translate
    19:49:45: <Tun> red devil, right?
    19:49:49: <Tun> if so, that's kinda valid |3
    19:49:49: <Toru> YEah
    19:49:57: <Tun> I mean
    19:50:06: <Toru> You fear ending up in hell?
    19:50:10: <Tun> I ain't afraid of no devil D:<
    19:50:10: <Toru> But you're a really nice person L3
    19:50:13: <Toru> *:3
    19:51:23: <Tun> Well
    19:51:31: <Tun> the devil is pretty scary, even if you're a nice person :<
    19:51:46: <Toru> You'd deal with him
    19:52:00: <Toru> Anyways
    19:52:02: <Toru> What is your biggest secret?
    19:53:19: <Toru> HMMMMMMMM?
    19:53:21: <Toru> HMMMMMMMM?
    19:53:23: <Tun> Hearing Aid
    19:53:40: <Toru> xD
    19:53:42: <Tun> ... oh of course
    19:53:46: <Toru> I didn't know you were deaf
    19:53:58: <Tun> that's why it's a secret, silly!
    19:54:03: <Toru> At least this explains your slow replies, pffft xD
    19:54:08: <Tun> Nyaaah |D
    19:54:17: <Tun> I thought people would think I was weird and old if they knew I had a Hearing Aid ;o
    19:54:33: <Toru> Alright then
    19:54:37: <Toru> Last question
    19:54:41: <Toru> And then you can log this up
    19:55:29: <Toru> What do you make of this quiz?
    19:56:12: <Tun> Maxine the Teenage Eskimo
    19:56:15: Tun nods wisely
    19:56:20: <Toru> ...
    19:56:25: <Toru> Okay we're done here.
    19:56:39: <Toru> BAM
    19:56:45: <Tun> :'D~
    19:56:45: Toru breaks the camera and stuff
    19:57:00: <Toru> Noice one
    19:57:07: <Tun> ... hey, you'll have to pay for that!
    19:57:17: <Tun> Maxine the Teenage Eskimo can't afford everything, ya know D:<

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