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Sequel's Super Special Sprite Show (Now with 5 S's in the name!) Requests closed

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Sequel, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. With a little motivation from a user whom I can consider a friend, Juan, I've made my own sprite thread. So far all I have is trainer sprites, but I will come up with more eventually. Please give meh some feedback.

    DP NPC's
    [​IMG][​IMG]-Riley and Buck[ACCEPTED!]
    [​IMG][​IMG]-newer Riley and Buck
    Regular Pokemon Cosplayers
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]-cosplayers of Hitmonlee, Salamence, Probopass, Houndoom, Bagon, and Flygon
    Legendary Pokemon Cosplayers
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]-cosplayers of Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf.
    Battle Revolution Sprites
    [​IMG][​IMG]-Marina and my custom character
    Sprites From The Anime
    [​IMG]-Pokemon Hunter J[ACCEPTED!]
    Sprites From Other Games
    [​IMG]-9-volt (WarioWare)
    Custom sprites
    [​IMG]-Yours truly[ACCEPTED!]
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]-Slowpoke and Salamence fusion, Pikachu and Bidoof fusion, Numel and Riolu fusion, Flygon and Yanmega fusion
  2. lol ;D that mixed pikachu is funny good luck dude(friend).
  3. Ha, thanks. Plenty more will be on the way.
  4. Do you take request?Me a friend thanks.
  5. Sure. What would you like me to make (it'll probably get done tomorrow morning)?
  6. Thanks and sweet Im a trainer(when did that happen)(now what to request)?
  7. All of these sprites are wonderful, but the one I love to death is the Salamence/Slowpoke fusion. That seriously made my day...goofy-looking, fat, yet believable. I love it. I can't wait to see more! :)
  8. Thank you. Sequel's Super Sprite Show is open currently to Pokemon fusion requests. Let me know if you want another funny fusion. :)
  9. lol,the slowpoke/salamence made me fall of my computer chair laughing.FUNNY REQUEST:diglett/slopoke
  10. Nachoman's request. It came out a bit... strange:[​IMG]
  11. They are all cool can I request a squirtle and espeon together,nachoman already did umbreon.
  12. Sure, I'll make in an hour or two. I have a bad headache right now. I'm only on to add something to the first post. But I'll do it. :p

    Headache is gone, I'll get to work.
  13. Did someone order a Squirtle and Espeon fusion?
  14. dude that is FUNNY.thx*looks for something to stick it on*
  15. I'm glad you like it... 'Cause to me it looks like a premature-born Slowpoke.
  16. wow, that thing is cool, can i request something? a slowbro/tyrannitar fusion?
  17. Sure. Which would you like to be the base?
  18. Thanks Im going to put in my avatar.
  19. No problem Juan.

    Here is KoR's Slowbro and Tyrannitar fusion:[​IMG]
  20. Nice and you can request from me anytime.Can I request again if I can,can I get a slowpoke/squirtle...squirtle rocks.
  21. Right, I'm on it!

    Here it is:[​IMG]
  22. Man yours are good and funny you put that in your sig like Nachoman.Make any trainer lately?
  23. just got back from vacation 2 days ago and i just got on the net yesterday and still catching up, but...this is just the kind of thing to cheer me up after a long day of unpacking. i think ill put it in my...uh...avatar...so, uh...thanks a lot for it
  24. Hey, no problem. It's my pleasure.
  25. Yeah, for a few days it wouldn't let me into the site. It said something about the site maker reaching their bandwidth limit. While it happened I thought no one could get in. :p
  26. Well I guess you are wrong :p
  27. I'm pretty sure that only happened on the main site. It stinks, as Teh Doc is doing the update for the TC Maker right now... I hope he posts what sprites he put in, like he did one time.
  28. I know mine didnt get in...
  29. C'mon, have faith in yourself! You're a good spriter!
  30. People always say that and no they didnt get in because the arent trans...
  31. If you won't listen to me and G_M, listen to Sequel. ^^

    And, if Oak wants a sprite to get in, he tranparents it.
  32. I do listen to you guys...
  33. Okay, let's all quit being morose here. Transparency isn't something that will completely hold you back, and we're getting off-topic.
  34. Then how come you keep belittling yourself? Here, in nice bold letters:


    Mmkay? ^^
  35. I dont know what morose ;D?Belittling?
  36. By morose I mean feeling sorry for ourselves. At least that's the impression I got out of you saying your sprites wouldn't make it.
  37. Well he always says if you want your sprite to be trans then do it yourself I think
  38. Yes, but if the person is incapable of transing a sprite, he'll tell you to get somebody to make it trans, or he'll do it himself.
  39. Fine but this is Sequel topic so he thinks we should stop going off topic...

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