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Sequel Suckage

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by KoL, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. KoL

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    I'm sure we've all experienced it. You see a game that looks pretty cool, you play it, enjoy it and think to yourself after you've beaten it "I hope they make a sequel, that game was awesome!" Then they announce a sequel, you feel the excitement and anticipation, the sequel comes out, you play it...and it absolutely fucking sucks.

    Or maybe it's one in a long line of games you've played, you've enjoyed the first three entries and you're loving the series, and then the fourth game comes out and you wonder what the hell happened, because this fourth game is complete trash compared to the previous three and only tarnishes the series.

    In any case, here's the place to talk about those games that were great themselves, but their sequels really, really weren't.

    5. Final Fantasy X-2 I honestly thought was a hoax when it was first announced, I mean the name alone sounded ridiculous for one thing. Also, the way Final Fantasy X ended wrapped up every plot thread in existence so tight that the idea of a sequel seemed inconceivable from a plot perspective. The fact that they tried at all was surprising, the fact that they ultimately failed shouldn't have been surprising at all. I say "shouldn't" because I still bought this game for full price. The reason why this is only No.5 is because while it disappointed me greatly (I loved FFX when I first played it,) as stated there wasn't really any way for them to extend FFX's plot in a way that wouldn't just feel like a stapled-on extension, and ultimately what we got was a stapled-on extension that came almost right the fuck out of nowhere and was buried under about 10+ subplots involving most of the characters you met in the previous game, assuming they survived. Problem there was that there was so many subplots that they all but choked the life out of the one main plot since you couldn't avoid said subplots without losing out on good items and being horribly underlevelled. The game came up with many great ideas such as the Dressphere mechanic and the lighter, more humourous tone which is an interesting variation to the usual grim, dark plots FF is known for, but I've said it before and I'll say it again: This game would have been great if it had nothing to do with FFX. The fact that it's a sequel at all is ironically what makes it a sequel that sucks.

    4. Super Smash Bros. Brawl YEAH I WENT THERE AND WHAT!? Seriously, the amount of people who blindly defend this game is infuriating because apparently no-one is allowed to say anything bad about the holy SSBB without being considered an evil, bile-spewing heretic. The point is that SSBB was a fun game, and I won't deny that. Problem is that being fun does not equate to being well-designed, and if you're not convinced look no further than Super Metroid; brilliantly fun game no doubt, but it was released in 1994 and you could write a book about how many glitches there are in that game and people are still discovering glitches in it now, almost 20 years after its release! Anyway, SSBB was a fun and very glitchy game with some serious balance issues once you dug down deep into the game. Problem was, SSBM was more fun and less glitchy and far more well-balanced, therefore SSBM is superior. What bugs me is the fact that SSBM was brilliant as it was and the formula was bang-on, all SSBB needed to do was add more characters, more music, more stages, polish up the graphics and perfecto. Instead, they overhauled the entire physics system and all the mechanics, slowed down the speed of the fighting (which to me is stupid because Smash's insanely fast pace is what makes it fun and what makes it stand out, why take away from that?) and the game was far worse off for it. End result: I played Melee right up until Brawl's release. I stopped playing Brawl ages ago. Moral of the story: Don't fix something that ain't broken. Brawl is fourth since it was still fun and would have been good in its own right if Melee hadn't existed or hadn't been as good as it was, the problem was that Melee did exist and Brawl naturally will be compared to it... and not in a favourable way for me.

    3. Devil May Cry 2 is probably a game that'd appear on most lists about bad sequels, and lo and behold. You've probably heard or experienced the story before, so here's the cliff notes: Bought Devil May Cry 1, loved it, couldn't wait for Devil May Cry 2, bought Devil May Cry 2, hated it because it sucked ass. Why? Well, first off DMC2 was way too easy. Almost all the bosses had some stupid trick or glitch that let you beat them without even breaking a sweat, and the regular enemies were just punching bags to give you something to do as Dante roamed around the mostly bland levels. Secondly, DMC1 had an interesting if simple variety of weapons that at least felt a little different, such as the swords, fiery gauntlets, and a variety of projectile weapons. In DMC2 you get: Short fat sword, regular sword, long thin sword, all of which control the same. Then you get a pair of submachine guns in the second game that are far more powerful than any other projectile weapon in the game (even the god-damned rocket launcher!) thus rendering all other projectile weapons obsolete. Finally, if you somehow did find yourself near-death despite how easy this game is, guess what? Majin Devil Trigger, which basically turns you into an unkillable machine of death for a limited duration that allows you to utterly decimate whatever hurt you in the first place, even if it was the final boss. Overall DMC2 is not challenging, it's not rewarding and it's definitely not fun, which is a shame because its prequel DMC1 was all of those things. At least DMC3 made it all better again, but I doubt anyone will forget DMC2 for how much of a disappointment it was.

    2. Hexen 2 is one most people probably won't have heard of. Basically, Hexen 1 was made in 1995 by id Software using the same engine as Doom 1. Hexen 1 was unique at the time compared to other first-person shooters for providing multiple character classes to choose from each with unique characteristics and weapons as well as having more of a focus on exploration and puzzle-solving rather than combat, although combat was still very prevalent. The non-linear level hubs all had a great and dark atmosphere, and while the final two level hubs were a bit lacking compared to the first three Hexen 1 was still a game I greatly enjoyed. Then I got Hexen 2... and my GOD did Hexen 2 suck. It's hard to emphasize on one point with Hexen 2, because every aspect of it is worse than Hexen 1. Hexen 2 used the Quake engine instead of the Doom engine, and the end result is a hideously ugly game that has none of the environmental immersion of the previous game. Hexen 1 has great music, Hexen 2 doesn't have music at all as far as I know. Hexen 1's hubs and combat are fun, fighting through ogre-like reptile soldiers, demon serpents and gargoyles. In Hexen 2 you're beating up on spiders and archers. What the hell happened? It's unthinkable that a sequel to a good game could somehow manage to do absolutely everything worse than its prequel did when the building blocks were right there to expand upon, but Hexen 2 did exactly that, and as a result it absolutely sucks not just as a sequel to Hexen 1, but as a standalone game as well. Fuck. This. Game.

    1. METROID OTHER M. You knew this would be No.1, it's me, it was bound to happen. After all, not only does it manage to be an absolutely horrible sequel to Super Metroid, but also an absolutely horrible prequel to Metroid Fusion that in an attempt to close the plotholes Fusion created ended up making its own plotholes due to Yoshio Sakamoto's staggering inability to write a story. This game has the single-worst story writing I've ever seen in a video game and possibly ever in my life, Samus's internal monologues take up an offensively large amount of the game and despite how much she yammers on about the events in the game, she somehow manages to explain absolutely nothing the player would have questions about, instead choosing to talk about things the player already saw happen and about how Adam Malkovich is such a kind, caring and talented general... all of which we see none of throughout the entire game as Adam instead comes off as an incompetent asshole. Combine that with extremely forced symbolism about motherhood and babies that gets very annoying very fast, horrible cliche'd plot twists (betrayer in the military squad, government is secretly evil etc.) the overwhelming stupidity of the characters in the story (sure, let's try and assassinate the bounty hunter who wipes out entire armies and destroys planets for a living, that's a good idea) and just as a final, brutal kick in the balls the game seems to feel like it's building up to an awesome climax, the end of said buildup seemingly being the confrontation with the Metroid Queen, the final boss from Metroid 2... and then you realize the Metroid Queen was the final boss and the buildup was for a 40 minute long ending cutscene showing the single-worst ending of any video game I've ever had to endure in my entire life. Oh, and if that wasn't enough, beating the game unlocks THEATRE MODE. Yes, they were so proud of this fucking abomination of a story that you can watch all the cutscenes over again in the form of a feature-length movie! Bottom line, Metroid Other M is the single-worst game I've ever played in my entire life. The story completely and utterly ruins every single aspect of the game in such a way that it harms every single other game in the series as well, and may very well have killed the series dead due to its poor reception. Well fucking done.

    ...it felt good to get that all off my chest. If you have any sequels that made your brain break from the horrors and disappointment, then you can post them here too and let out all your frustration and rage at these horrible games.
  2. I would argue in a couple points you've made but I'm not here to argue besides it's all opinionated anyway so there's no right or wrong. Here is my number one game and I'll stick to this one only for now.

    Assassin's Creed III is the sequel in which it sucked so hard I couldn't stand it. This didn't even play up to AC Revelations, the graphics were obviously superior however the following reasons as to why it is worse off. This was also the only game in the series in which I preferred to remain as the ol' boring Desmond. The gameplay was obnoxious, the characters weren't explored nearly as much as prior games, and the only LIKEABLE guy isn't to be liked. Connor didn't get much character development, at least with Ezio, we saw him go through a LOT in AC II which made it a longer game than AC Brotherhood. We got to see him learning many new things because he was a new assassin with everything thrown at him at once especially life and death.

    Quick menus have been removed. That's right, the quick wheel in Revelations and before have been removed, you gotta go into the manual menu to really swap around things and you gotta do it more often than not. The Menus aren't nearly as neat and orderly as prior either.

    Maps are hard to read. They made every icon smaller, they removed the wanted posters' icon, and they removed the safe hide out icons as well. I've found myself running around recklessly trying desperately to find a hiding spot while getting shot at by armies of Red Coats.

    Red Coats on roof tops? I understand back in Ezio's trilogy and Altair's games due to the fact that assassins were notorious then as well as thieves who utilized the roof tops, but seriously, what is the point of a Red Coat on the roof top in ACIII? Seriously, how can they get up there to begin with?! You need to cross roof tops for quicker travel time across the colonies but it doesn't help with even shorter tempered Red Coats hollering then shooting at you. What's worse is that when they spot you, it alerts all the ground troop with rifles as well, so good luck in traveling off the streets.

    Combat is more stale, frustrating, and repetitive.
    What pains me the most is that in ACII, Brotherhood, and Revelations, they fixed up the combat system from prior as well as experimented. There are folks who would argue that ACII is better than Brotherhood's combat system but I would back up Brotherhood's due to the fact there are more ways to kill a guy than in any other game. There are more kill shots as well which make it more fun to watch Ezio kick butt. What I don't understand is why ruin all of that in ACIII, literally all but one kind of guard is impervious to counter attacks until you knock their health down to the last square and even that is a gamble. It's ridiculous because I found it fun to harass guards and be able to have killing streaks but here you can't even do that. There are no killing streaks or at least a decent amount when you've got firing lines as well as guards everywhere who can't be countered. Using a human shield is tricky if not the worst bit of timing required to pull off. I found myself running around trying to remain incognito this entire time as opposed to the prior games, some can argue that's the point of an assassin is to remain in the shadows but in ACIII, Brotherhood, and Revelations, we're not entirely sticking to the shadows. In these games we're trying to liberate as well.

    Glitchy and questionable programming.
    Prior games there's always going to be glitches. I was enjoying Ezio's Trilogy on PS3 and in Brotherhood, I was running around the Mercenaries' barracks with Eagle Vision on and lo and behold, I fall through a building and outside the boundaries of the game, no way out other than leaving the animus which fixed it. Now, I can understand this game can be glitchy but I've come across several different scenarios that shouldn't even be glitchy. I've found myself in limbo in MAIN STORY QUESTS for whatever reason and forcing myself to restart my console and start it all over again because there's no further action that can be done. This also makes me wonder why the Red Coats in their own camp would be questioning a guy straight from Britain dressed in their uniform. They didn't have ID cards back then, they went by discrimination and commands. Why on Earth would they be questioning this guy who says he's a Red Coat, looks like a Red Coat, and sounds like a Red Coat? I've been desynchronized several times when I shouldn't even need to hide since I'm hiding in plain sight. Another bit that got old, you need to pickpocket at times (though rarely) and they removed the fast walk technique that Ezio had. Sure, we can say because they keep their wallets and coin purses within their own pockets as opposed to strapped on like back then, but if you're going to pick pocket someone, you're in public and there's rarely if any opportunity where you can do such without grabbing attention. Another thing, I understand they want us to go through historical events such as Paul Revere's ride but seriously, why do we have to ride on the same horse with him shouting commands? Why do we need to remain out of sight? Why does Paul Revere have to fight for his life? Why do we have to fight/lead armies in wars for men who don't even trust us and shouldn't trust us? It was questionable and wasn't well executed at all.

    Overall, the game looked beautiful, I wanted it above all other games last year, I was better off waiting another year just for them to patch the game up. Paul Revere's ride becoming a limbo wasn't exactly what I wanted to experience since he's constantly yelling "Yes, this is EXACTLY where we need to be!" Gotta make historical events obscured just to fit your own story, this wouldn't be SO bad but some things are laughable and painful to experience. George Washington could be a templar and he could've done many questionable things as he's fighting a war against the Red Coats? I dunno...
  3. I'll take KoLs DMC2 and raise with DmC.
    Its an insult in videogame format and I would rather play multiple DMC2s over that.
  4. Phanes, I want to hug you right now. Personally, I've never played an Assassin's Creed game other than 3, and when I tell my friends that I just didn't like it because of those reasons, they give the obvious "You just aren't used to the game style" excuse. Even with that, I just could not enjoy it >_<

    But as far as games that I have actually played with a predecessor, I'll state an obvious one:

    Star Wars: Forced Unleashed II. FU was an awesome game, it was a complete story on its own, and it was actually lengthy enough to be its own game. FU:II, on the other hand, just should not have been made. For one, it, like KoL says with FF X-2, FU really didn't need a sequel. Really, what they did was find a crowbar to wedge in a useless addition to the series. I mean, yes, it is interesting to think that Starkiller was able to be cloned...but that was pretty much the entire surmise of the game. The script was entirely repetitive. "I'm just a clone!" "NO YOU AREN'T JUST A CLONE!" etc etc. Not only that, but, while I can understand lack of funding, they added in Yoda for maybe 5 seconds, and then "what the hell when did we leave Dagoba?" I mean, yeah, I didn't expect to play as him or possibly fight alongside him, but...that just felt incomplete to me. After a certain part of the game, I had to literally grit my teeth to get finished with this game because I was bored to death of it. Then, the studio effs up even more. They promised that our choices would change the game in some form, but the only REAL choices you had was either to stop playing the game, or choose at the very end to "attempt" to kill Vader, only for him to say "Oh remember when I said you were the only successful clone? Haha roflcoptor I lied." and be killed by a stronger, evil clone of yourself, or to spare him and for him to be imprisoned. EITHER WAY, the game just leaves a cliffhanger for the series, like operating on some guy's heart, who was okay the first time, but then they wanted to add something extra, and they couldn't sew him up because they ran out of funds. Now we can safely say that any good ending to the FU series is the canon one that could fit into Star Wars, but because they lost the funding, now its just... really, the only way to fix what they screwed up in the story would be to add a third game, but they can't.

    Sonic Free Riders: Now, I know that many people familiar with the Riders series will usually rank it something like 1. Riders, 2. Free Riders, and 3, Zero Gravity, but I HIGHLY disagree. I'll skip personal preferences and just explain why I didn't like this game. For one, they took a series that was perfectly fine with normal controls and made it Kinect exclusive, not even giving us an option to play with a regular controller. -_- Now I'm normally very forgiving of the Sonic franchises, and hell, I love Sonic 06, despite its flaws, but this game just... I couldn't even play it because my Kinect takes my slightest twitch and thinks I'm doing something I don't want to (hence why I stay away from those type games). However, I decided to just watch a walkthrough on Youtube, since I just suck at the game. I was then angered because here you have a better system than PS2 or the Wii, with by far better graphics and junk, but the story mode was just cutouts. Not actual cutscenes, just cutouts. There wasn't even much to the story, it was literally "I'm gonna beat ya!" all the way through. I mean, at least the other Riders games had that and the Babylon story, but this game just had no excuse. Of course I'm always loyal to the Sonic franchise, but it would be wise to make a proper Rider's game, preferably with regular controls, perhaps similar to Zero Gravity? Yes, I liked that game because I could actually control it, unlike the other 2.

    There are others I don't like either, but to be honest, I don't really think I can give a fair review to a game that I'm not too familiar with the series, such as Fable III, Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, etc.
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    I've yet to play DmC so I can't comment on it yet, but if it's as bad as you say then good God almighty...
  6. JadaDoesArt

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    I only have one sequel that I just can't stand at the moment, and that would be Fable3. Seeing as I've played both of the it's predecessors, I don't like the story line. I understand that you have to save the kingdom from your brother and the horrible darkness, But after you complete that you have NOTHING to do. At least in fable 2 you had a some side quest you could do after you finish the plot.
    I don't like the fact that you don't have a health bar anymore. It makes it nearly impossible to tell how close you are to death you don't have anything to measure your damage besides the red lining that pops up around the screen, i would understand that for a FPS but not a third person RPG!!
    Another thing is the guild seals. Why on earth would you take a good set up were you actually level up and can place experience where you want it, in place for something where you have to unlock everything! Even your weapons don't get any better unless you buy the stupid chest for the up grade. You have to go and buy dye packs for change your clothing instead of just going to a store and buying the dye you wanted.
    Another thing is the potions. Why take away the spells like raise dead and slow time which were staples in the previous games, and make it so you have to buy a potion that last for about 15-30 seconds(depending on what you got) just so you can do something you could have done for free before?
    The Co-Op mode? Don't even bother with it. It's not like in fable2 where you could pick how you look, your weapons or your alignment. You get stuck as a generic sword wielder with one spell. You cant even place the stupid guild seals to upgrade what you do have. There is no point to it!!

    I will give the game a few points for having a relatively good storyline, finally letting you combine spells, and the great graphics, but that doesn't make up for all the crud you had to deal with when you actually had to go fight.
  7. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    First thing that comes to mind is instantaneously Halo 4 - although honestly, that's more from a lore/plot perspective. I haven't played the game so I really don't know what its gameplay is like compared to the rest of the series (but seeing how it's Just Another Generic FPS gameplay-wise, I wouldn't imagine it would be /too/ different - although I hear they shoved in quicktime events because THAT cancer seems to be infecting all sorts of games these days?)... But seriously, fuck 343i with a chainsaw for what they did to the story. Mind you, they started even before Halo 4 with the Forerunner Trilogy (never let bears named Greg write your universe) - but it culminates in Halo 4 into a ginormous clusterfuck of wrong that manages to make it almost but not quite to Other M levels. And that is a whole new level of wrong.

    Other things that come to mind include:

    Chrono Cross. Yes, I am one of those people. I really loved Chrono Trigger (barring a few bits that make me want to punch infants) and honestly, Chrono Cross does not even begin to do it justice. For a game that is partially based on the text-adventure 'sequel' to Chrono Trigger, it feels like the connection to CT was kind of really haphazardly thrown together at the last minute and honestly? Some of it is just plain fucking stupid.

    Mind you, the game did have an incredible soundtrack. I suspect that I may have possibly appreciated it more if it was released as its own game, without trying to be Chrono anything (It's not like time travel and alternate timelines are exclusive to CT!). It may not be a terrible game, but it's a god awful sequel.

    Wild Arms: Alter Code F. Technically not a sequel but a remake of the first Wild Arms - but it's such a terrible remake, it warrants a spot here (because honestly, there are not enough godawful remakes to warrant their own thread).

    So what was so godawful about ACF? For one, the game was fraught with completely unnecessary redesigns to the characters (some of which make utterly no sense, such as the sword-wielding character NEVER ACTUALLY DRAWING HIS GODDAMN SWORD TO ATTACK, rather thwacking opponents with the thing while it is still sheathed - and let us not even get started about what they did to poor Emma). This applies to both their appearances and their personalities to an extent. Some of them really don't feel like themselves anymore, and others have had their negative traits SO OVER-EMPHASIZED compared to the original it makes me want to punch them in the fucking face (poor Cecilia gets the worst of it, from what I saw).

    Also. Skills, tools and techniques were completely redistributed in a truly stupid way - making the game MUCH more annoying to play than the original. Some of this was done to give "new" skills to a few secondary characters, a few of which become optionally recruitable after a certain point. While one of these characters SHOULD have been playable in certain segments of the original as well (I've always wondered why she wasn't), the other two just don't -quite- make sense as playable. To make matters worse, the one character that should have been playable is the reason why one of the main character loses her incredibly useful Mystic ability - the new character gets it instead in spite of there being UTTERLY NO REASON FOR HER TO HAVE SAID ABILITY.

    It doesn't help that some really annoying artificial limitations (yoinked wholesale from the third game of the series, which is, honestly, to me, the weakest title of the bunch in every way) were forced upon the game - mainly the limitation on encounter cancels, which in this game feels particularly terrible because of the godawful random encounter rate. I presume it was thrown in to add a sense of challenge, but really, all it did was make me want to shoot Media.Vision even more.

    And lastly is the matter of translation. The first WA game, being a Playstation title, was fraught with silly translation fuck-ups because at the time, localizations didn't know how Japanese works. Most of these mistranslations made it into ACF as well because apparently they kind of became a part of the Wild Arms lore and fan following and shit and they didn't want to mess with things that gave Wild Arms its unique feel. Unfortunately since they fucked everything else up (maps, skills, characterizations, the list goes on and on) the game doesn't really HAVE that feel anymore so the least these derps could do is fix the damn translation issues that destroyed a lot of internal references (such as WHY Jack's assumed name is what it is, or a subtle thing about Rudy's grandfather's name that makes a later revelation even more interesting!) even if they did keep some of the mistranslated terms (such as 'Holmcross' which is a mistranslation of 'Homonculus' and 'Malduke' which should have been 'Marduk' - or even Sieg Zwei's mutation into 'Zeik Tuvai' - which I don't mind all that much because it's an awesome, albeit meaningless name). After all, they DID fix the Quarter Knights names (at least Berserk and Alhazard's - Zeikfried remained Zeikfried even though it really should have been Siegfried).

    Either way, ACF can go suck it. I'll get back to this thread later. All this vitriol that I have towards ACF utterly exhausted my ability to think of something worse that wasn't already stated. Like Other M. FFFF.
  8. I can never resist a chance to bash the hell out of Halo 4. It has been mentioned, yes, but the devil of this game is in the details, some of which I already touched on in the "Disappointing Games of 2012" topic. I've thrown them into bullet points, with care not to spoil anything too badly.

    Quicktime events: They are indeed a thing in Halo 4. It only happens twice overall, once at the beginning and once at the end, but it's twice too much. It interrupts the gameplay and is terribly un-Halo (a recurring theme in this trilogy it seems). My favorite is the one at the end.

    Common sense? What's that?: There are multiple points in game where common sense is just thrown out the window. Man, there's a crazy gravity portal sucking ENTIRE SHIPS in? Well clearly Chief can just walk around on the outside of the ship even as EQUIPMENT IS RIPPED FROM SAID SHIP BY GRAVITY. How does he stay on? Magnet boots? How is he not ripped in half? Magnet boots? He can jump perfectly fine? Magnet boots? And let's not even talk about "I Only Exist To Counteract Common Sense: The Character" (I don't know his name even, just that he was some sort of commander who was so dumb he didn't even want RECON ON AN UNKNOWN WORLD at one point)(I mean seriously how do you get anywhere beyond Private with a mindset like that?)(UNSC promotion protocol has gotten really crappy since the Chief went AWOL).

    It's beginning to look a lot like 2005: Aaaand we were fighting the Covenant again? Give peace a chance.

    Was that canon before? Naaaah we like butterflies better: Amazing storyline concepts ruined by a terrible new company, thou name art Forerunner. I mean, I already knew it was going to be rough riding with Cryptum and the rest of the Forerunner trilogy out on the market, but c'mon guys. You have three different concepts of AI that all conflict. You couldn't even make ONE GAME without retconning your own crappy canon.

    I'm a totally unimportant smart AI gone rampant! Can I touch your haaaandddd?: Oh Cortana, you poor, poor character. The ending really was one of the worst parts of this game, and I can't even fully rant on it without spoiling. Let's just say that it would be far more fitting if I found it in the worst pits of fanfiction.net. I'm sorry, I didn't know that 343i's storyline department was made up of 15 year old girls.

    Chief walks a lonely road, the only one that he has ever known: You can't ruin Cortana and not ruin Chief, that wouldn't be fair. They legit had a line in that game that was "DO YOU THINK THE CHIEF SUCCEEDED BECAUSE HE WAS, AT HIS CORE, BROKEN?". Like in the opening cutscene, so you know the direction this game is going. It is going One Direction, because as mentioned the writers must all be teenage girls. Also I had to put the entire quote in caps for emphasis, because that's how ridiculous I found it to be.

    Okay one spoiler tag about that terrible ending scene. If you've played or seen the scene, it'll make sense.

    Worst part is, I can go on for hours on this game, but since a lot of it requires spoiling the ending, I've got to stop short.
  9. Doctor Oak

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    Sonic Free Riders can't be a terrible sequel. That would imply that the games before it were any good to begin with. All the Riders games are terrible in every way.
  10. Yoshimitsu

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    I don't have loads to say about it but Golden Sun: Dark Dawn probably tops my list of blah sequels.

    Not to go into too much detail, but possibly my biggest complaint is how often the characters react to things. At first it isn't too bad, when you're running around with three, maybe four characters. All of the characters get a line or a couple of words in reaction to 'serious' plot developments, ranging from "!!!" to "Are you sure?" and stuff like that. It's mildly annoying at first, but late game when you're running around with 8 playable characters and then Kraden gets in on the action too, you then have to sit through up to a minute of character reactions that basically give nothing to the plot. It got to a point where I was dreading anyone else joining my party because I couldn't bear to stand another x amount of time with characters giving such gems as "..." and "Can it be?". Similarly, many of the new characters are brand new with little-to-no backstory and thus no reason to ever feel interested in what they have to say. Amiti was the only character to come close to being interesting but characters like the female Venus adept who was so unremarkable that I can't even remember her name, or Rief who's so inconsequential that he's very easy to ignore, it got boring quickly watching them spout one-word responses that did nothing for either their character development or the plot.

    The plot itself is kinda lackluster. Psynergy Vortexes are portrayed as a defining element in the plot early on, only to be shoved to one side just as quickly as they're introduced and ignored for the rest of the game. The plot instead is aimless until around mid-game, the main driving force behind it being "You are the children of the Warriors of Vale, it must be destiny!" with villain of the week coming from nowhere to do some 'bad stuff' and basically talk too much. Around mid-game, half of the previously explored map becomes completely inaccessible and filled with demonic spiders that make it a strain just to get anywhere in a timely manner with anything even resembling decent health. Finally, Psynergy Vortexes are brought back in the stinger as a sequel hook, but it feels cheap when so little attention was given to them.

    The gameplay hasn't changed much, which isn't necessarily a bad thing (and the new Djinn designs are cute) but certain aspects become nearly unbearable. Late game, I was running around with two fire adepts, one earth and one wind due to the fact that the other characters were lagging behind way too much as far as damage output in battle went. Most of my healing was done through Djinn instead of spells, meaning that anyone not in my active party lagged behind even further in levels and stats. The Psynergy used out of battle was similarly once it's initial demonstration was shown (the Slap Psynergy springs to mind) meaning there was even less reason to bother with characters I either didn't like or didn't know.

    As much fun as I had playing it, it promised a lot and simply failed to deliver. Hopefully the next Golden Sun game will be more engrossing than this one.
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    That would be Spyro 4. Eh, it's long enough ago now that I can't even remember what its subtitle was, which says a lot considering that I can still remember that Spyro 3 was called Year of the Dragon.

    Spyro 3 was absolutely innovative. Despite being a Playstation 1 game, it was able to detect how good you were at the game and adjust the difficulty. It was fairly simple stuff, simply increasing or decreasing the number of monsters in an area, but it made a difference to people like me who are not naturally good at games which require co-ordination. Spyro 4 had none of that, and despite appearing on next gen platforms (I have a vague feeling that I had it for the GameCube rather than the PS2 for some reason), it was slow, buggy, and unresponsive.

    There is one very good reason why Spyro 4 sucked. Insomniac, who'd made Spyros 1-3, moved on to develop Ratchet & Clank, leaving some other developer (I don't remember who) to pick up the pieces. They ruined it.

    While I'm here I could rant similarly about Guitar Hero 3, but it's pretty well known that I'm a Harmonix fangirl :). I gave it a fair chance, because how much can you screw up a well-developed game when you add new content, but Activision ruined it. The stupid, compulsory "guitar battles" in GH3 - ARGH! GH4 and its various spin-offs are even worse because of the "stupid purple lines" when you play bass, which I always do. Not content with the standard 5 buttons, they added "open strumming". But the purple lines strobe horribly in my field of vision as the notes scroll down the screen, leaving me dizzy and nauseated. They even affect me if I play guitar while someone else plays bass. It's very frustrating, because I really like some of the songs in Guitar Hero: World Tour, and the Guitar Hero: Metallica games.

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