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Private/Closed Sensō: War of Conquest [Discussion Thread]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by kyuukestu, Oct 17, 2019.


What should the name of the region be?

  1. Sensō

  2. Sakusen

  3. Kakushitsu

  1. This might be a lot of explaining so let's jump right into it:

    The world of Sensō is one based on Pokemon Conquest side-games. For those of you unfamiliar with Pokemon Conquest, please read through this brief description.

    Conquest is a turn-based strategy game built around 『Warlords』 and the 『Warriors』 that serve them. Rather than conventional trainer battles, Conquest has groups of 『Warriors』 led by a 『Warlord』who battle with other 『Warlords』for territories. Upon defeat, a 『Warlord』 will be removed from His/Her castle, which will be granted to the victor.

    For those of you already familiar with Conquest, great!

    This RP will be structured just like the main storyline for Conquest. Your character will be a medieval『Warrior』or 『Warlord』 residing in your very own castle, and your aim will, of course, be the Conquest of all other Castles in the region. Wielding both your partner Pokemon & trusted arm/weapons, you'll set out to unite the continent!

    Map of the Sensō Region:


    Basic Rules:

    • Please follow all Pokecharms Rules.
    • Romance is allowed in moderation.
    • Swearing allowed in moderation.
    • Violence allowed in moderation. Please put any serious acts of violence under an appropriately tagged spoiler.
    • You'll be allowed up to three (3) characters, but only one (1) of them can be a Warlord.
    • The other two characters will have to be Warriors, but they can't belong to the same nation as your Warlord. They can either serve another Warlord or be roaming warriors in search of a Warlord to serve.
    • Each Warrior/Warlord will have specific types of Pokemon they specialize in (Up to 2 types)
      • While your typing doesn't limit the Pokemon you can get, it does affect how easy you'll be able to tame & raise Pokemon, as well as their overall strength.

        E.g. A grass-specialized Warlord would have an easier time raising a Grovyle than a water-specialized Warlord.
    • You may start with one (1) Pokemon and may catch up to four (4).
    Rules about Battle/War
    • Battles between Nations will be done with a 'Duel System' with up to 6 combatants on either side. (6 vs 6 at max)
      • It should be noted that you can only attack nations right next to you.
      • Duels are held in the defender's territory.
    • Due to the medieval setting Pokeballs, Pokecenters, etc. don't exist. This means after each battle you'll need some time to rest and recover. While you're allowed to start as many battles as you want, it wouldn't be advised.
      • Duels are a sacred undertaking, and to take advantage of a weakened warrior would bring great shame to your family's honor.

        That's to say attacking someone right after they've gone through a duel is frowned upon unless they attacked first.
    • Defeated Warlords/Warriors will have the option to either:
      • Join the side of the Warlord who defeated them.
      • Leave their territory to join some other Warlord.
    • Unlike in Conquest, the Warlords/Warriors will be able to fight together with their Pokemon.
    • You can only bring one (1) of your Pokemon into a duel.
    • While not outright banned, underhanded tactics will hurt your reputation as a Warlord and may hurt your chances of recruiting other Warlords or Warriors.
    • It should be noted a Warlord can only start with a maximum of two (2) retainers.

    | | Warlord Character Sheet | |

    Preferred Element:
    Special Ability:
    Partner Pokemon:

    | | Nation/Castle | |

    Description: (A basic description of the Nation/Castle. The environment, climate, what types of Pokemon live there, etc.)

    Battle Terrain: (This part is important. When you're attacked, the duel will take place at your chosen battle terrain. You'll want to give yourself an advantage when it comes to the terrain here.

    A quick example would be, a Water Type Warlord would want to fight in an area with lots of water.)
    :( No more Warlords are being accepted at this time. :(

    | | Warrior Character Sheet | |

    Preferred Element:
    Special Ability:
    Partner Pokemon:
    Warlord: (Which Warlord you serve under; if any.)

    Notable Things:

    • Special Skills can either be ones use in Conquest, or you can create your own. Of course, don't create anything incredibly overpowered.
    • Warlord 'Evolution' will be a thing in RP, though they are rare, so keep that in mind.
    • Regarding Egg moves. You'll be allowed 2 per Pokemon.
    • TMs don't exist due to the time period.
    • Move Tutors exist, but a Warlord/Warrior won't be able to attack someone while they're learning a Move. Move Tutors will also come with a hefty price or some sort of limiter on it.

    and...I think that's everything @~@


    | | Warlord Character Sheet | |

    Name: Wyosyna Aestas Haust L'Hiver
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Preferred Element: Normal/Grass

    Description: Wyosyna, known simply as Syna or Wys to the people of her Kingdom, is the newly crowned Lady of Raithean Castle. She takes pride in the unique environment of her homeland, a sentiment shared by most of the citizens. She's of modest height, standing at 5"4 and her build is rather slender. She focused on a flexible fighting style utilizing a mixed martial art that possesses four different styles aimed to reflect each of the four seasons.

    Wys has eyes the crisp brown of Autumn leaves, hair like the flames of summer and highlighted with white edges to symbolize the fleeting winter. The circlet that rests on her head is composed of metallic strands woven into the appearance of a flower crown. embedded in its sides are small amounts of emerald, the entire circlet symbolizes spring and the fertility and prosperity of her nation.

    When apart from her regalia and marching into combat, Wys generally wears light leather armor, a set of breast-plate, slacks & greaves, gloved-gauntlets, and boots. Her primary weapons are fitted comfortably on her fists, while the length of her secondary weapon is wrapped loosely around her waist.

    Weapon: Gauntlets & Kyoketsu-Shoge

    Special Ability: Maiden of the Seasons (Rank I)

    Applies the elemental form of her Pokemon to her weapon.

    Summer Form = Fire
    Winter Form = Ice
    Spring Form = Grass
    Autumn Form = Ground

    Partner Pokemon: Persephone (Deerling)

    | | Pokemon| |

    Name: Persephone
    Species: Deerling
    Ability: Chlorophyll
    Egg moves: Agility, Odor Sleuth

    | | Nation/Castle | |

    Name: Raithean Castle

    Description: Raithean is an oddity, a castle to the far North built into the side of a dormant Volcano. It's positioning grants it a unique climate as the heat from the volcano combats the perpetual winter, giving rise to a seasonal gradient across the Territory. The furthest reaches from the Volcano in the north are covered with ice and snow, however, the southern reaches closest to the volcano are locked into a hazy geothermal summer. The central areas waver are the more temperate climates of Spring and Autumn.

    Raithean is home to Fire, Grass, Ice and Ground-type Pokemon who prefer to live in the areas that suit them most.

    Battle Terrain:

    A special 4-terrain battlefield based on Raithean's unique climate.

    The southern sector of the battlefield is a snowy-covered land susceptible to snowfall and sudden blizzards.

    The northern sector of the battlefield is a volcanic playground of hot-springs and heated geysers. Occasionally, lava flows rise to the surface, but this is extremely rare.

    The western sector of the battlefield holds a sparse forest of withering trees and caverns.

    The eastern section of the battlefield is lush with vegetation, forming a dense forest.

    Interested Parties:

    @Grand Master Koop
    @Merciless Medic

    We won't start right away, of course, people need to describe their nations and whatnot, which could take some time.

    If I've missed anything, or if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

    Big thanks to @Hecotoro and the guys and gals at Pokemon Warcraft for allowing us to adapt a few of their rules~

    The name of the Region and the RP will be put to a vote later. too lazy to think of one right now.

    Here's a list of Links to assist:
    https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Warrior_Skill (Warrior Skill - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia)

    Link to RP Thread:
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  2. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Anyway, So excited to join this, I have high hopes for this rp right off the bat.
  3. Ah yes, I was supposed to tag you as well. I'd forgotten. @Mechanist Gamma

    I didn't think the rules were gonna add up to so much though ~w~

    And I'm not even sure if I jotted down everything we discussed in discord. Rip.
  4. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    I'm pretty sure you got the essentials of what we discussed, I believe everything else is going to boil down to decisions made by the rpers themselves.
  5. More discussion can be had here to flesh out the world more.
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  6. At this point fleshing out the world would require the Warlords to be made, so I can see how many nations we have and etc.
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  7. I have a character I usually use for medieval RPs but I'm not too sure if she'll be okay to join. She's more akin to being bought like a merc or a sword-for-hire with her Salazzle. They do dirty work so the warlords dont have to, but she tends to keep secrets of who bought her and who she has sworn allegiance to. If the price is right, she will stop her attack on a warlord just as quick as she would fight another warlord just because some other warlord (possibly the one who she almost defeated) wanted to pay one jewel more than the last bidder.
  8. Yeah I’ll get to it when I can.

    As for thread name I suggested this on Discord but I don’t think you noticed. Conquest of (insert region name)
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  9. Well, a Mercenary type Warrior wouldn't be bad. Personally I'd prefer if she started with a Sandalit...but regarding the character, the concept for her is fine. I'd even encourage more like her lol.

    What I'm most worried about at the moment is too many Warlords and not enough Warriors. I'd like to have at least 3 RPers in a Kingdom at any one time so that even when battles aren't happening, there'll still be character interaction to be had.
  10. We'd still need to decide a name for the Region itself, and we'll put that to a vote once some more ideas come in.
  11. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    I could see that kind of character being incredibly useful in this style of rp, seeing as the warlords themselves would try to keep their own image as honorable and not underhanded, but then we would have to flesh out a monetary system wouldn't we? hmmm...
  12. I have a Warlord and a Warrior in mind.
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  13. Definitely interested, in just going to wait to see your example sheet before I do mine!
  14. These why I put that place holder name.
  15. Right, you've brought up a good point. We'd need a monetary or some sort of exchange system for a 'mercenary'.

    I'd considered adding the whole Castle-Development aspect of Conquest, but I didn't really see it coming into play in the RP. It seems I might be wrong though lel.
  16. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Let's just hold off on that until we settle the important stuff, that's definitely a secondary issue lol
  17. Warlords are usually rich right? They are the lords of a castle.
  18. Righto lol


    I knew I was forgetting something. I forgot to put in the List of Warrior Abilities in Conquest and Conquest specific abilities.

    I'll edit that and then get right to working on my Bios.
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  19. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    I'm definitely going to have three characters, I think I'm going to have a warrior with an oshawott (samurai type warrior very loyal), a warrior with a mimikyu, and my warlord will probably have a shinx.
  20. I found the list on Bulbapedia, we using those of are we making custom ones?
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  21. Like that electric lady?
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  22. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Well it still is important to know how much money the warlords are talking about, especially for mercenaries who sell their services to the highest bidder.
  23. Ginchiyo is a favorite Warlord of mine, her Warrior Skill is so good lel

    I don't like Luxray's attack range though, Thunder can be pretty hard to aim correctly on certain maps. I usually try to switch out to another electric type Like Galvantuala or Amphrose.
  24. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Honestly I was just doing it because I love the shinx line, I was debating between Shinx, trapinch, or goomy to start. honestly saying it out loud... Goomy
  25. I only got her to a Luxio by the time I finished the story.
  26. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    yeah she stayed at luxio for me too lol
  27. Kyuu are we just using the listed skills?
  29. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    *makes special skills that negates any attack from an opposing army*
  30. I call hax!
  31. My special skill is going to be called foresight, it will allow my warlord and Pokémon to dodge an incoming attack and then land a critical hit
  32. I feel like that’s a real skill that exist in the game.
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  33. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    So basically Shulk Down-B
  34. Oh maybe xD. Either way I’m claiming it.

    Haha yes I love Shulk.
  35. I'm not really of the mind to allow special skills to grant dodges or 'invincibility frames' since that could be a real game-changer. However, Warlords do have the capacity to evolve, and their special skills usually evolve along with them. So while I dislike that kind of skill I'm not gonna stop you from using it lel. For something like an evolved skill, this would be fine, minus Landing a Critical Hit.

    That could be taken as auto-ing, so I'll have to reject that part, particularly the landing. A higher chance of critical hit or something in that vein would be more within Charms rules.
  36. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Willpower もののふのいじ Warrior's Spirit Increases chance of critical hits and allows the Warrior's Pokémon to move twice for 1 turn.

    This is the closest thing I've found to that ability
  37. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Keep in mind this is a rank two ability, So Kyuu is completely correct in that being a little too strong for a starting warlord
  38. Oh whoops. What I had in mind was he would dodge an incoming attack and then strike where the opponent was vulnerable. It would only work once per battle as a sort of trump card, I guess people could always write that their character dodged if they wanna be like that.

    Edit: new ability, Weighted Dice. The Warlord’s evasiveness and Critical hit rate increase
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