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Ask to Join Seiken Academy (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Schrift, Jul 2, 2020.

  1. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    In this world three worlds exist: Earth, Tengoku(heaven), Jigoku(hell), the Zero Plain(I'll explain more later). When humans are born, a millionth of the population are born with their soul being partially possessed by a demon or angel( though angel born are really rare). Nobody knows why this happens, some say it's passed down from parents others say it's when angels and demons pass through their world. But one thing is for certain, these people are much more special. They have the ability to see through the three worlds, meaning they can see demons and angels. These people are called Splits.

    For those who's Splits are strong they can become exorcists. Unlike stereotypical exorcists, these exorcists fight demons. From purified guns to summoning demons around you. All these great exorcists train at Cross Academies. These schools teach Splits how to use their abilities. Luckily you are talented enough to be given a place in Seiken Academy, one of the best Cross Academies. On the outside they look like a castles, with many sub buildings inside and around. But on the inside, they are highly prestigious schools. And at night, the doors open to the exorcists in training.

    Dear young Exorcist,
    I am pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into Seiken Academy. I am personally curious to see which path you choose, young exorcist. Just remember demons can wear smiles and angels can bare scars. Below I am entrusting you with a key, on September 21st between 3pm and 5pm you will need to go to your nearest church and open it's doors with this key. You will not need to bring your belongings. Till then I wish you well,

    Sir Percival Midnight.

    Character sheet-
    Age: (16-17)
    Meister type: (2 max)
    Split: (Demon or Angel)
    Abilities: (Any meister or bloodline abilities)
    Weapons: (if you're meister type needs one, you can acquire one later in the rp)

    -As usual follow pokecharms' rules

    -Romance is allowed (maybe encouraged)

    -Don't take violence too far, if you do add a warning

    - This is not going to be mainly focused on fighting, though there will be a lot of it.

    - You can't have both an angel and demon split

    - Your bloodline abilities are not always going to be really powerful

    Meister Types-

    Knight- These people use blessed and purified weapons or sometimes demons merged into their swords, they rely on their raw power to overcome demons. They are great for taking out demons one on one, but get out matched when swarmed by demons.

    Dragons- These exorcists are all about fire power, using firearms with purified bullets and explosives these guys are all about speed and destruction. They can work well against both hoards and singe demons, but are in rouble if up against regeneration demons.

    Summoner- This class of exorcists are highly brave exorcists, being born with either a particularly strong splits, or multiple ones. These people summon their splits into the Earth world, by simply using their blood. The only downside to this class is that they draw their bravery and dominance and if their split senses the user's fear they will turn on them.

    Casters- These people recite verse, that act like spells. These are the most common type of exorcist, yet it makes them no less powerful. There spells can be used for offensive purposes, and sometimes defensive or in some rare cases healing purposes. Imagine them like Harry Potter spells, but with more power. The only downside, is that these only work on demons, and their incantation has to be memorised till they can remember it by heart. Any doubt, fear or bad intent can lead the incantations to fail or be weak.

    Demons Splits( 5/5)
    - @Night's Shadow
    - @Martin Pine
    - @Shadow_Pup
    - @Pinch
    - @Killerbunny the god

    Angel splits(1/2)
    - @Spoiled Bread

    deadly sin split (1/1)
    - @Schrift007

    -God (Highest)
    - Pope
    - Paladin
    - Ascending exorcist
    - First class exorcist
    - Second class exorcist
    - Third class exorcist
    - assistant exorcist (Lowest)

    Name: Chester Tamashi



    Chester stands at 5'9, and weighs around 130lbs. He is not the most muscular but he isn't the largest either. His frame is small and thin, his hair is dark brown and his eyes are deep green. Most times he does not have the most pride in his uniform, often hanging a loose tie(sometimes no tie at all), his blazer and shirt are scruffy and some buttons are missing. When not in uniform, he normally wears a black hoodie with black shorts and white shoes. Under his hoodie he wears a white T- shirt. At all times he carries a sword with him, but the strange thing is that nobody has seen him use it. With his sword draw, he gains an aura of blue fire and one horn above his left eye. Finished off with a black tail and one black wing.

    Most times he tries his best to be open and playful. But until you get to know his protective caring side, you first have to meet his aggressive side. In class he will be the one to break the rules, is it for attention or just because he feels like it? Nobody knows, not even himself. Chester is easy to annoy and that's putting it lightly, when he really gets annoyed he can deal some serious damage to those around him. To demons he acts the exact opposite sometimes even being nice to them.

    Meister type:


    With his complex bloodline, he is the descendent of the Sin of wrath himself. This might explain his anger, but with every fall comes a rise. He has gained partial powers of the Sin or Wrath, allowing him to use a small amount of pyrokinesis. He has greater strength, speed and stamina with his heritage. But Sadly most of his power is sealed into Ikari(his katana), whenever he draws it he will be given a part of his full power. However with each use, he loses more control of himself and if he uses it too much he can't go back to who he was.

    Later on he will acquire Taimukuro, these legendary blades allow the user to skip forward in time by a couple seconds. These claw blades are perfect for close range and they even have an ability to rewind the user back a couple seconds. The only issue is that constant use can shorten the user's life span.

    Weapons: Ikari is his katana, but later on he will acquire Taimukuro.

    Backstory: (I'll write one later)

    Other: He is the great great great great great grandson to the Sin of wrath.

    If you have questions feel free to ask me


    Q)The words for caster: Are they preset? Or would we have to make them up?

    A)Some of the incantations you can make up, but there will be a few that will be preset.

    Q)Would we be able to make a character for the demon (if they were a summoner)

    A)Yes, just add it below your characters'
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  2. This RP isn’t what I’d normally go for but it looks really interesting xD

    Two questions: Would we be able to make a character for the demon (if they were a summoner)

    The words for caster: Are they preset? Or would we have to make them up?
  3. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    1. Demon splits can be summoners

    2. Some of the incantations you can make up, but there will be a few that will be preset.

    @Martin Pine
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  4. I think I worded my first question wrong xD
    Like when they summon a demon can that demon have its own personality and what not?
  5. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    Ah now I get what you were trying to say XD.

    Yes you can make a character for your demon if you're a summoner, just add it's personality and obedience below your charcters'.
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  6. I’ll work on something when I get home
  7. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Name: Reila Kurosen
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Long, dark red hair, almost purplish, one eye clear blue with a normal sclera and the other solid black sclera with a red iris. Four batlike wings the color of her hair extend from her back, two large ones near her pelvis and two smaller ones just below her scapula. Her clothes (black leather, mostly) are altered to accommodate them. Her hair covers her more demonic eye.
    Personality: See backstory, that’ll tell you everything
    Meister type: Dragon
    Split: Demon
    Abilities: The demon Split she possesses has wings, allowing her to fly. Her red eye can locate weak spots in her opponents’ bodies, and sees in black-and-white except for those areas, which glow in a scale of blue to red based on how vital they are (though her blue eye sees in full color).
    Weapons: Bow and arrows—both incendiary and explosive type
    Backstory: Seen as a freak pretty much her whole life due to her demon’s wings, Reila harbors intense rage for those who shunned her. This has made her into a solitary, defensive person who barely trusts anyone. Fierce in battle, she is also loyal to her friends, few though they may be. Sometimes loses control over her demon and starts blowing things up in a rage.
    Other: Drawn!
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  8. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    2 questions
    1. Are the firearms modern models?
    2. What are bloodline abilities?
  9. I might join. I don't have time to read through everything right now but I will when I get home
  10. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    1. Yes

    2. Imagine abilities you get because of your demon, from above average strength to wings.
  11. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    @Night's Shadow accepted nice character!

    For the backstory, normal people can't see what splits see, so is she shunned by exorsists?
  12. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Yeah, let’s say that
  13. Name: Harrison Tokochi
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Harrison is rather tall for his age, standing at 6 ft and weighing in at 150lbs with a slim and almost skinny build. He has a relatively normal skin tone though it is definitely more paler than it is tanned. This makes the bags constantly underneath his light blue eyes ever more noticeable. Other than that he has no more distinguishing features on his soft face but long face. Smooth stark white hair reaches past his shoulders and usually clashes with his black style. Despite his tired appearance he's always well dressed, either in his uniform or his casual clothes which consist of skinny jeans, thin turtle neck jumpers and trench coats, usually in the colour black.
    Personality: Harrison comes from a rather strict household and thus he is a hardworking, rule following, stern and serious individual ... though others would use the word a kill joy. He tries his best in everything, pushing himself as much as he can but always having an air of professionalism around him. Socially he can be a little awkward and sometimes even mean if people get off on the wrong foot with him, however it is possible to uncover a kinder more relaxed side of him He shows the up most respect to superiors and mutual respect to piers. He's cunning in battle, paying close attention to every detail and being quick to make decisions.
    Meister type: Summoner/Caster
    Split: Demon (The demon Garon)
    Abilities: Whilst he doesn't gain any ability from his demon he is rather easily able to summon him through the use of rhyming. Controlling his demon is not too easy as whilst it is intelligent, can talk and understand people it yearns for nothing but battle and will not return to Harrison until the fight is won. Harrison has to be careful as when to summon his demon as if he puts it in a fight he can't win or when he needs to retreat he'll create a real problem. Due to this he rarely summons Garon, instead using his power to cast spells.
    Weapons: Words, he's a caster and thus uses spells and magic to support his allies and his demon when summoned.
    Backstory: Harrison was born into a wealthy British-Japanese family who owned a fair few companies. Originally Harrison's family wished for him to follow in their footsteps, start his own enterprises and businesses but upon learning their son was a split they took a different approach. Whilst they didn't exactly shun him for his abilities they did treat him differently, very differently. Under his families command and at a very young age, he was to dedicate himself to becoming an exorcist. From the age of 7 he was trained, his family sometimes hiring tutors to give him an edge in his exorcism education. He started to spent less and less time around his siblings and soon his own family. Originally he thought of himself as only a caster but at around the age 12 he accidentally summoned Garon leading to a little problem with his tutor at the time.
    Other: Harrison prefers taking a much more supportive role but can go on the offensive if need be.
  14. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Kaito "Nogi" Nogitsune
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Kaito is tall and lean, standing at 6'5" with brilliant yellow eyes and dark grey hair in a short well kept style. He has a tattoo of a rose on his neck with the thorny stem of the rose running along his shoulder and down his back ending at his tail bone. He has a small scar under his right eye from falling over as a child. He wears his uniform mostly in a proper fashion, his trousers and shirt are well kept, his tie is an appropriate length and his shoes are very clean, he does however tend to have his blazer slung over his shoulder instead of on his body. When not in uniform he wears nice grey trainers, dark trousers, a shirt with the top buttons not done up and a sleek black overcoat. He also wears a crescent moon medallion.
    Personality: Kaito is generally well mannered and likes to make sure he is of use to people. He is very smart and kind and makes sure that others are ok before he checks on himself. He likes to chill out as well, whether it be messing around with friends, playingnhis guitar or drawing. He doesn't like bullies and finds 'bad kids' annoying. He has a fear of heights and hates to be pushed around.
    Meister type: Dragon
    Split: Demon
    Abilities: Peak superhuman accuracy and the ability to turn his body into a black smoke he can only keep up his smoke form for about 15 minutes and he can still be frozen in this form. He also has the ability to combine his accuracy and smoke abilities into a powerful area of effect move that he has to rest fir a few minutes after using. This move involves him repeatedly switching between smoke and solid and firing his weapons in every directions (kind of like Reaper's Death Blossom from Overwatch).
    Weapons: Dual IMI Desert Eagles
    Backstory: Kaito was raised in a particularly well off house hold. He usual had plenty of money on hand and got along well with his life and school in general. His parents hadn't wanted him to become an exorcist despite it being Kaito's dream job and instructed him to keep the fact that he was a Split a secret. This went on for a while until he was 14 and told some if his friends hoping they would keep it a secret..they didn't. His parents caved after that and helped Kaito prepare to become a student at a cross academy.
    Other: N/A
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  15. Name: Fletcher Blackwood
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Fletcher is 5’10 and has messy, relatively short black hair with vibrant green eyes. He normally wears a black puffer jacket over a plain green T-shirt, with black baggy pants and green sneakers. Additionally, he has black gloves that he wears most of the time and vibrant purple sunglasses that he only wears outside.
    Personality: Fletcher tries to be a charismatic and understanding person, he’s most certainly extroverted and loved going to parties with his friends when he went to normal high school. He’s also usually a middle ground for when an arguemenr breaks out between two of his friends, and although he carries himself as a confident, outgoing character, he has some insecurities about this whole exorcist thing, and whether he’s really up to the task.
    Meister type: Dragon/Summoner
    Split: Demon
    Abilities: Fletcher’s split gives him the ability to light fires with just his right hand. He can control the flames anyway he pleases, though only within the confines of his hand. He typically uses it to light his katana ablaze to give him an edge in battle. It’s believed Fletcher’s ability to do this is but a flicker of power inherited from his Demon, Apollyon, who has the exact same ability as him though at a much greater scale, meaning a trigger can probably draw out a lot more of it’s power.
    Weapons: .357 Magnum Revolver and Katana
    Backstory: Fletcher was born into a relatively normal family, although his mother was an exorcist. At the age of 5, it was discovered that Fletcher had a split when he said the demons name after his mother read him a book on Greek Mythology. Since then, his own mother trained him in the ways of an exorcist, and his abilities as a Dragon, along with his ability to manipulate flame, were discovered when he was 9. At the age of 10, his mother gifted him two weapons. A Katana, and a Revolver with a special attachment, that allowed it to spew molten liquid instead of bullets if he loaded it with fire instead of actual ammo. Other than the whole split thing, Fletcher lived a pretty normal childhood although having to keep the secret of his split from others. His mother pulled some strings when he was 15 to get him accepted into the Academy, which he’s very excited about going to, since there he won’t have to worry about his split since everyone has one.
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  16. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    @Martin Pine Nice, you're accepted, I like your backstory

    @Shadow_Pup Can you tone down the smoke ability? Like maybe a time limit or a weakness. Otherwise you're accepted, I like you're character I have a feeling our Ocs are gonna hate each other. XD

    @Pinch Accepted, I like your small fire ability :D
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  17. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    I thought I had added the time limit, it has now been added.
  18. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    I drew Reila, was getting bored
    What? Of course she has legs. No I’m not lazy. Shut up.

    And Schrift also told me to do the uniforms:

    Attached Files:

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  19. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

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  20. How religion-related would this RP be?
  21. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    It's not gonna be factual because my intelligence when it comes to religion is topsiturvie, for spell casters I'm still trying to come up with what they have to say. But on a scale of 1-10 I'd give it a 7 or 8
  22. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    Actually scrap that, I'd change it a bit lower to a 3 because if I mess up I don't want to offend anybody
  23. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Well I'm an Atheist so no offense to be had here :up:
  24. I'm not even christian XD
    I'm just a bit into occult stuffs, and Toaru Index.

    Name: Elisa Crowley (Cabal name: Ascensus93- The lamb who approaches God)
    Age: 16
    Gender: female
    Appearance: 5'2, long neatly-combed black hair with a streak of white on her bang, green eyes and wears a 4-leaf clover hair clip. During angel-chant a halo would appears above her head. Glimmers and glitters of light can be occasionally seen on her face to accentuate her emotion, but she's most of the time is unaware of this.

    Personality: Elisa longs for freedom. After growing up in such confined space she sees the world as a big big playground ready to be explored. However she's also trained to be obedient and would put order above her desire.
    Meister type: Caster
    Split: Angel
    • Angel-chant: Elisa is able to sing in an angelic voice. Different people would hear the voice differently (beautiful song, gibberish, static buzz, bell chime, painful screech. Just to name a few.) depending on their view on God while angel and demon would understand it immediately. Using the angelic voice, she's able to sing multiple spells in rapid succession but she wouldn't be able to do anything other than singing.
    Weapons: -
    Backstory: Elisa's world used to be so small, confined within the base of a secret cabal that tries to find a way to ascend themself into higher being. She's one of the child who were forced to bound with an angel through an ancient ritual for experiment purpose, and she's the only one who survived through it. She wasn't able to ascend like the cabal expected but she became an artificial split instead. After she becomes a split the cabal started to treat her nicely and even let her have a rather normal life, like entering a cross academy.

    • Likes apple
    • Carries a camera everywhere
    • Sometimes chats with an AI called Kerokero on her phone.
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  25. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    Tokyo ghoul vibes intensifies.

    @Spoiled Bread Accepted, I like your split's ability.
  26. I'm hella hyped for this, definitely a change from what I usually write
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  27. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    We just need one more person to join and I think we will be ready to start :D
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  28. Like I said, I'll be joining. Sorry I haven't made an OC yet. I didn't have the time. I will soon
  29. Name: Sokka Nakamura
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Sokka has a tanned body and an athletic build. His eyes are ice-blue. He is 6'1. He usually wear a blue hoodie with a polar bear logo and jeans. His hair is short, messy and brown. He has one blue and one green eye and the green eye have a snake pupil.
    Personality: He's pretty coolheaded and knows when to back down and when to stand up. He would prefer to not fight but would do it if he has to. He can joke around like a normal teenager but prefer to keep to himself.
    Meister type: Knight, Summoner
    Split: Demon
    Abilities: Cryokinesis. His split is an ice demon.
    Weapons: A short sword which he can use to freeze part of his opponent from just a single cut and a dagger.
    Backstory: He was born prematurely because of the demon possessing him when he was in the stomach. That caused complications with the pregnancy and his mother died at childbirth. His father had "gone out to buy milk" so he had to live with his aunt. But when his aunt saw Sokka make ice out of nothing at age 7, she got scared and gave him up for adoption. He was adopted by an elderly couple who had never managed to get a child. They treated him well and Sokka was happy with them. For a few years. When he was 12, the man of the house suffered a heartattack and died not long after. Sokka kept up a happy facade as to not make the elderly woman worry about him, and it eventually became a part of his identity. He started training some Tae Kwon Do and kenjutsu at the age of 13 and was a prodigy. He gained black belts in both sports not long before he enrolled in Seiken Academy.
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  30. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

  31. Name: Ash Wats
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Ash has red hair that goes down to his neck, light brown skin, yellow eyes and sharp teeth his quite muscular and stands at 6,2. He usually wears track suit pants and crimson red jacket. He likes wearing sandals as well
    Personality: Ash is extremely confidant and happy go lucky he doesn't follow rules He seems overly confidant but usually follows a strict moral compass of only bragging about what he can actually do his extremely ambitious and wishes for the power to surpass even the gods, through all these things Ash is extremely awkward around girls.
    Meister type: Dragon,Knight
    Split: Angel
    Ash can make whatever he touches detonate including his body so for example he can make his fists release explosion to punch harder. The ability if used to much drains Ash's stamina but also make his body heat up and make Ash lose lots of water in his body which can possibly kill him so he hast to drink 5x the amount of water a normal person has too a day if his using his ability often.
    Ash also is a bit stronger than a human would be.
    Weapons: Ash fights with a large spiked metal ring which is around 6 feet tall, he can throw it like a boomerang or slash the enemy.
    Backstory: Ash was born in India his dad was Pujari and Mom a diplomat when his Mom moved backed to her home country his dad came with her from a young age it became clear that Ash was different from normal kids he could walk and speak early at the age of 10 it became apparent that Ash wasn't normal on a trip to India he was taken to the head temple were it was decided he had the abilities of an Diva (Indian Angel) He then trained in India for a couple years were he then moved back home and told his dad he wanted to become a exorcist his mom was against it but his dad accepted to hopefully strengthen relationships with the different religions internationally so they could work together, more.
    Other: Ash Really likes cooking, he cooked for the temple.
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  32. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    @Thomas the trainer if you could change it from demon to angel then it's Accepted( Sorry there is only room for one more angel)
  33. That, and the age of 10 is not an early age for learning to speak and walk :p

    The age of 1 is almost late for learning to walk
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  34. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    The dorm rooms are made to your preference, like how you would like it. Also if a boy tries to go in a girl's dorm room(which is unlikely), they will be electrocuted from a charm placed there. But girls can go in the boys' rooms. (I got the idea from harry potter)
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  35. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Sooo... do all the characters get into the academy the same way? They all got their keys and the door eats them? Just to be clear before I make a post.
  36. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    You can make up how the door let's you in, sorry if I didn't make that clear.
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  37. @Schrift007 Is there a list of spells and stuff or do we make shit up XD
  38. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    There will be some spells that I will make for everyone else to use (I'll introduce them in lessons)

    But you can make some up, no planet destroying.XD
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  39. At work atm and possibly going bowling for a short bit afterwards. I’ll respond ASAP ;p
  40. Oops sorry I forgot about you @Thomas the trainer. Also, the soda in that one is completely frozen so you can't drink it unless you melt it

    I'll edit my post when I have time

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